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WWE RAW Live Results (8th August, 2022) AJ Styles takes on The Miz

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 09, 2022 03:02 GMT

RAW returns to Cleveland, OH


03:02 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

03:01 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

03:00 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

AJ Styles is celebrating his win as Dexter Lumis is spotted. He is made note of very briefly by the commentary team but is then glossed over as Styles returns to celebrating

02:58 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

AJ recovers and hits a Styles Clash on The Miz to pick up the win.

AJ Styles wins via Pinfall

02:57 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

AJ Styles connects with a phenomenal forearm and almost gets the pin but Ciampa pulls Styles out of the ring. AJ sends Ciampa through a table. He goes for the Phenomenal Forearm again but a chair shot from the Miz is enough for a counter. He follows it with a skull-crushing finale but Styles still kicks out

02:54 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Styles gets his payback soon enough as the kendo stick lands in his hands, which he uses to demolish The Miz

02:52 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

As we return from the commercial break, we see Styles pulling out a table and the Cleveland crowd is hot for a table. However, as Styles made his way over to the Miz, he was blindsided by a kendo stick attack right to the mid section 

02:48 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Styles rallies back with a forearm shot and drapes him over the announce desk. He primes him up for a Styles Clash on the table but The Miz counter and chucks Styles over the barricade

02:47 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Styles introduces a Kendo Stick into the fray but seemingly opts for something else. He decides to go for a table but is attacked by The Miz. The A-lister uses the Kendo Stick as his weapon of choice, using it on Styles

02:46 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Styles and The Miz go right at it. AJ doesn't take long to clear the announce table, but The Miz shoves Styles into the steel steps to buy time for himself

02:44 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Following their scuffle during Ciampa vs Lashley, The Miz and AJ Styles make their way to the ring to settle their differences in the main event in a No DQ match

02:40 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:39 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:36 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

The ankle lock saga continues, as Gable demands a tap out from Dolph. However, Ziggler manages to roll out and avoid an angle slam giving him enough time to snipe Gable with a super kick out of nowhere for the win.

Dolph Ziggler wins via Pinfall

02:34 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Gable is in control for the most part of the match but Dolph turns the tide with a spike DDT to get a near fall. Gable recovers with an ankle lock but Ziggler rolls out of it, only for Gable to lock it in again

02:31 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

The technical wrestling continues between the two, which is welcomed warmly by the Cleveland crowd which is completely into such a variation in performace

02:29 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Ziggler and Gable kick off with some mat-based wrestling as the two return to their Greco-roman wrestling roots

02:25 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:24 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:24 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:24 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Chad Gable makes his way to the ring as he's set to take on Dolph Ziggler one-on-one

02:21 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Seth Rollins is caught maniacally laughing backstage - nothing out of the normal here. He is upset that Kevin Patrick is asking him about Riddle since he has put that entire feud in the past. Rollins does a spot-on Riddle impression before saying he's the gatekeeper of this industry. The visionary insists that Riddle is used to flush his potential down the toilet "just ask Dana White"

02:18 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:17 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

It doesn't take long for Omos to make quick work of these two stars whose names are even glossed over by Graves.

Omos wins via Pinfall

02:15 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Omos marches to the ring to beat up some local talent in a 2-on-1 handicap match

02:09 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:09 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

02:07 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Lashley finally manages to sinch in the Hurt Lock leading to a tap out from Ciampa. 

Bobby Lashley wins via submission

02:06 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Styles runs The Miz off from ringside but The Miz reenters the ring, distracting Lashley enough for Ciampa to ring Lashley's head against an exposed turnbuckle followed by a knee strike for a nearfall. Ciampa then nearly avoids the hurt lock to lock in the gargano escape. Even that doesn't end the match so he goes for Willow's bell but Lashley still kicks out

02:03 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

As we return from the commercial break, Ciampa now seemingly has some semblance of control over the match as he resorts to using his size to his advantage. However, after going back and forth for a while Lashley connects with a spear folding Ciampa in half. As Lashley pins Ciampa, The Miz places his apprentice's foot on the rope

01:57 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:56 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:56 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Miz tries to distract Lashley but he takes care of two birds with one stone as he chucks Ciampa onto the Miz, putting both of them out for a while

01:55 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Lashley starts off the match by asserting his physical power and seemingly has Ciampa's number. However, the former NXT Champion tries to shift the tide but his flattened by a stiff elbow from Lashley

01:49 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:49 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:47 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Ciampa is even sporting Harley Race's gown, who was the first ever US Champion

01:46 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Ciampa comes out to a huge ovation after a promo package is aired, recalling the prestige and the history of the United States Championship.

01:42 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Kevin Owens is interviewed backstage. He threatens Kevin Patrick to begin with and tells everyone that tonight was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that this is still the Kevin Owens show

01:39 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:37 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:37 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Despite control taking full charge of the match, Tamina gets in a hot tag and unloads her aggression on Io Sky and plants her with a Samoan drop. She almost gets the win before the pin is broken up by Kai. Nonetheless, Kai and Sky outperform their opponents and win the match.

Io Sky and Dakota Kai win via Pinfall

01:33 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Control has some level of *control* pun intended on this match at Tamina and Dana Brooke are barely getting any offense in, in this Women's Tag Team Championship tournament match

01:31 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:07 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

01:07 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Rey again uses his athleticism to even the odds but it's still too much for the luchador. He sets Balor up for the 619, but Priest gets in the way, becoming the sacrificial lamb

01:05 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Rey almost steals one over Balor with a sunset flip. However, with Priest present at ringside, it has somewhat become a 2-on-1 affair with Dom out the picture

01:03 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Rey fights back and gains some momentum. However, Rey is consistently looking for Dominik who isn't present at ringside despite saying that he would be

01:02 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Balor gains the early advantage off the bell. With Balor out to destroy Edge and Mysterios, he isn't holding back in this match

01:00 (GMT)9 AUG 2022

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring for his match against the former Universal Champion. However, he's coming down the ramp alone. His son isn't by his side tonight and he turned down Edge's offer on being ringside with him
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