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WWE RAW Live Results (April 17, 2023): Cody Rhodes confronts Brock Lesnar, The Bloodline and Judgement Day join forces?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 18, 2023 03:03 GMT

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03:03 (GMT)18 APR 2023

03:03 (GMT)18 APR 2023

03:03 (GMT)18 APR 2023

03:02 (GMT)18 APR 2023

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03:02 (GMT)18 APR 2023

What a chaotic end to Monday Night RAW. This probably isn't the last we've seen of this faction warfare. 

03:00 (GMT)18 APR 2023

The Usos attack KO, Sami and Riddle after the match. LWO are out led by Rey Mysterio! There's mayhem and chaos here at ringside as the factions battle it out in an all-out war.

02:59 (GMT)18 APR 2023

KO tags in and heads up top. He goes for a Swanton Bomb but Dom gets the knees up, Balor tags in and now he heads to the top rope. He misses with the Coupe de Grace! KO hits Priest with a Stunner and Sami follows it up with a Helluva Kick to Balor. Riddle now hits a Floating Bro and pins Balor.

KO, Sami Zayn and Riddle def. Judgment Day

02:57 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Dom now hits a Frog Splash to Sami Zayn but Sami kicks out. Sami clears the ring and goes for a dive out to ringside. Rhea Ripley grabs his leg and the referee sees it this time and ejects her. Dom tries to roll Sami up but its a two-count. Zayn nails Dominik with a Blue Thunder Bomb... nearfall!

02:56 (GMT)18 APR 2023

We're back from the break. Riddle was in a spot of bother but he takes Dominik down with a German Suplex and tags out. Sami Zayn is in and all over Dom. Zayn sends Balor and Priest crashing out to ringside. He heads up top but Dominik cuts him off. Zayn nails Dom with a sunset flip bomb off the top rope. That looked pretty nasty but Dom tags out. Zayn heads up top again but Ripley pushed him off!

02:51 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:51 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Balor takes out Zayn from the apron. KO capitalizes and hits him with a superkick and Riddle tags in. Riddle clears house but gets DESTROYED by Damian Priest. Priest chokeslams Riddle into the apron and he crumples out to ringside. That was NASTY!

02:50 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:49 (GMT)18 APR 2023

KO is sent crashing out to ringside and Ripley smashes into him with a clothesline. She sends KO inside out. KO rolls back into the rting but it's all Judgement Day now.

02:48 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Owens and Priest go back and forth. KO fails with a shoulder tackle and takes Priest down with a dropkick. He follows it up with a senton. Balor is back in but KO takes his down with a backbreaker.

02:47 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Judgement Day vs KO, Sami Zayn and Riddle

Finn Balor and Sami Zayn start things off. Dominik tags in but immediately tags out. Priest is in. Sami tags out and KO is the legal man.

02:45 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:43 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:37 (GMT)18 APR 2023

The Usos are backstage and they call out the LWO. They predict the same result at Backlash when they take on KO, Sami Zayn and Riddle.

02:34 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:32 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Chelsea Green now nails the Unprettier and picks up a big win for her team.

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville def. Mia Yim and Candice LeRae

02:30 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:29 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Green takes LeRae down and gets overconfident. She missed with an elbow drop and LeRae tags out. LeRae and Michin dish out dropkicks and take control of the match. Yim hits Deville with a sunset flip bomb for a two-count.

02:28 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Mia Yim and Candice LeRae vs Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville

Mia Yim and Chelsea Green start off. Michin takes control and tags out. Green is all over Candice and the heels go to double team her but she counters it with a double DDT. Nikki Cross is in the front row.  

02:23 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:19 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Cody Rhodes is backstage for an interview. He says he's happy he gets to face Brock Lesnar at Backlash. He's also confused that he was held back by security. Cody says he's ready for Brock despite losing his cool earlier tonight.

02:16 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Trish Stratus says that she isn't a nostalgia act, and she's one of the most important superstars in WWE history before dropping the mic and walking away.

02:15 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Trish accuses Becky Lynch of beliving her own hype and not once did she thank Trish Stratus. Trish now accuses Lita of being Becky's sidekick and adds the she, Trish Stratus, is no one's sidekick. She confirms that she was the one who attacked Lita backstage last week. She says she needed Lita out of the picture.

02:13 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Trish explains why she attacked Becky last week. She says she was the one who made fans "give a ***p" about women's wrestling first. She adds that she was the one who changed the game and fans should be chanting "Thank you Trish". Trish says that Becky Lynch said the Four Horsewomen brought the women's revolution but Trish calls that statement a joke.

02:07 (GMT)18 APR 2023

We have a Hall of Famer out next and it's Trish Stratus. Maybe we'll find out why she attacked Becky Lynch last week.

02:04 (GMT)18 APR 2023

02:04 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Reed takes out Lashley at ringside before dragging him back into the ring. Lashley tries to hit back with a Hurt Lock but Theory dropkicks Lashley. Reed now hits a massive Samoan Drop and heads to the top rope. He squashes Lashley with a Tsunami off the top rope.

02:03 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Lashley has Theory in his crosshairs and goes for the Spear but Theory rolls out of the ring. Lashley drags him back in and goes for the Hurt Lock. Bronson Reed comes out of nowhere and attacks Lashley.

Match ends in DQ

02:01 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Theory stomps Lashley and the All Mighty is struggling to get back to his feet for the moment. Theory hits a running shoulder tackle in the corner and goes for a second. He misses and goes shoulder-first into the ring post. Lashley takes Theory down with an elevated slam.

01:58 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:58 (GMT)18 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Austin Theory has finally managed to take control of the match. He has Lashley down and is trying to do as much damage as possible. Theory has a headlock locked in, trying to cut off Lashley's oxygen supply.

01:52 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory

It's all Lashley early on. Lashley shows of his incredible strength as he has a front facelock locked in. Lashley now sends Theory crashing out of the ring but Theory quickly gets back up and hits back with a Guillotine. Lashley isn't phased and he hits back with a Flatliner. Lashley tries to lock in the Hurt Lock but Theory breaks free and lands a superkick in the corner.

01:45 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:32 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:29 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Seth Rollins is caught in The Miz's Figure 4 leglock but manages to reach the bottom rope and hold on. The Miz is in total control and spikes Rollins with a DDT but can't put him away. Seth Rollins shows us why he's a former world champion as he fights back and nails The Miz with The Stomp and pins the A-Lister.

Seth Rollins def. The Miz

01:27 (GMT)18 APR 2023

The Visionary is in control early on here. He's taken the fight to The Miz and taks him down with a Slingblade. It's only a two-count. Rollins now looks for the Buckle Bomb but Miz counters! The former WWE Champion nails Rollins with a Codebreaker for a nearfall.

01:23 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Seth Rollins vs The Miz

The Miz takes the initiative early on but his momentum doesn't last long. Seth Rollins takes him down at ringside with a tope suicida.

01:11 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:10 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:10 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:10 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Cody Rhodes takes the mic and says he's been around Cowboys all his life, and Brock Lesnar is no Cowboy. Instead, he calls Brock Lesnar a coward.

01:08 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Brock Lesnar's music hits and Adam Pearce implores him to stay away from Brock tonight. Pearce says Cody Rhodes will get his match against Brock at Backlash in Puerto Rico. That isn't enough for Cody Rhodes and he fights through security to try and reach Brock.

01:05 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Adam Pearce says that Cody Rhodes isn't medically cleared to be on RAW and politely asks him to leave the building. Cody seemingly agrees and is set to leave, but he reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair instead. Pearce implores him to put the chair down and has security come out to get Cody to leave.

01:03 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Cody Rhodes is out next and he immediately calls out Brock Lesnar! Adam Pearce comes out instead.

01:02 (GMT)18 APR 2023

01:00 (GMT)18 APR 2023

Judgment Day is backstage. Paul Heyman walks up to them and asks them if they are satisfied with the job The Usos and Sikoa did earlier tonight. He wants them to handle their business in the same way The Bloodline did so they don't fall into debt with the Tribal Chief.
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