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WWE RAW Live Results (February 27, 2023): Brock Lesnar answers WrestleMania challenge, Lita and Becky Lynch get a title shot

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 28, 2023 04:03 GMT

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04:03 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

04:03 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

04:02 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

04:02 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Thanks for joining Sportskeeda's live coverage of WWE RAW. We'll be back for NXT tomorrow night.

04:01 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

04:00 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

04:00 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Lita tries to head up top but Bayley tries to stop her. Trish takes Bayley out. Lita nails Io with a moonsault and covers her. 1-2-3! WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS.

Becky Lynch and Lita def. Damage CTRL

03:59 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Trish takes out Bayley at ringside and evens the odds. Lita and Trish hug it out before Lita heads to the top rope. Io takes Lita down and goes for a monsault. She misses. TWIST OF FATE!

03:57 (GMT)28 FEB 2023


03:57 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Double clothesline, both women are down. Bayley slides the title belt into the ring to distract the referee. She now pulls Lita off the apron as Becky goes for the tag.

03:56 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

IYO SKY strikes back with a dropkick and Dakota gets a quick two-count. Becky is still alive in the match-up but now she's getting isolated in Damage CTRL's corner.

03:54 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Lita tries to check on Becky but Io sends her face first into the announcer's table. Sky now takes out Becky with an Asai Moonsault.

03:54 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Becky tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her but Io Sky breaks it up with a dropkick.

03:53 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

We're back from the break. Becky and Lita are still on top. Becky hits a double DDT to both members of Damage CTRL. She heads to the middle rope and nails a Diamond Dust for a two-count.

03:52 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:49 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Lita heads up top but Io Sky rolls out of the ring. The Man wipes out Io and Dakota with a canonball at ringside.

03:48 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Another tag. Becky and Lita hits armdrags to Dakota and Io. Flying clothesline from Lita in the corner.

03:47 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Io Sky and Dakota Kai (C) vs Becky Lynch and Lita [TITLE MATCH]

Becky Lynch and Io Sky start things off. Becky takes control of the match but both women tag out. Lita attempts a Twist of Fate but can't hit it and she tags out.

03:43 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:35 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:35 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:35 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:33 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:29 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Paul Heyman is backstage. He says Cody will be confronted by Roman Reigns this Friday night on SmackDown.

03:27 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Gargano takes control of the match after the distraction and spikes Otis with a slingshot DDT. 1-2-3! Gargano picks up the win.

Johnny Gargano def. Otis

03:26 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Gargano on top now. He takes Otis down with a superkick and he crashes out to ringside right next to Maxine. Gargano leaps over the top rope and Otis catches him in midair and takes him down. Dexter Lumis is HERE. He drags Ma.ce into the crowd.

03:25 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Otis vs Johnny Gargano

Otis squashes Gargano with a splash before crushing him in the corner. Otis charges again and Gargano catches him with a boot to the head. Otis charges again and crashes into the ring post.

03:19 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Otis is out next for his match against Johnny Gargano. He's flanked by the Maximum Male Models. Could we see Otis leave Alpha Academy and join MMM?

03:17 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:16 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

As Lashley is making his way up the ramp, we get a Bray Wyatt vignette.

03:15 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Lashley takes the mic and says he's proved his dominance over Brock Lesnar already and he doesn't want to play Bray Wyatt's 'kid games'. He warns Bray to keep his name out of his mouth.

03:14 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Back in the ring, Lashley cuts Elias in half with a Spear and locks in the Hurt Lock. Elias submits in a matter of seconds.

Bobby Lashley def. Elias

03:14 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Bobby Lashley vs Elias

Bobby Lashley is all over Elias as this match begins. We see Rick Boogs backstage studying the match as it spills outside the ring. Elias turns it around and hits Lashley with a running knee.

03:06 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Theory walks up and says he will confront John Cena next week when the Face That Runs The Place returns next week on RAW.

03:06 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Bayley is backstage with Cathy Kelley. She calls Io and Dakota the best champs in WWE today and says they are ready for Lita and Becky.

03:04 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

03:03 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Rollins calls Logan Paul. He takes a shot at Jake Paul's loss to Tommy Fury and calls him down to RAW next week. Logan Paul accepts the invitation. Miz starts to crawl over to his phone and Rollins nails him with a Stomp.

03:01 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Miz refuses. He says Logan Paul is Rollins' problem and not his. Rollins takes Miz out with a superkick and picks up Miz's phone. He opens Miz's eye and uses the retina scan to unlock the phone.

03:00 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Seth Rollins says he's been trying to get a hold of Logan Paul but hasn't had any luck. He says since Miz is friends with Logan Paul, he wants Miz to call Logan Paul for him.

02:56 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Seth Rollins interrupts the proceedings and gets a massive pop from the fans.

02:55 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Miz takes a shot at Logan Paul, saying its WrestleMania goes Hollywood and not WrestleMania goes YouTube.

02:54 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

The Miz promises a special celebrity guest who will also be hosting WrestleMania. However, the announcement is quite a letdown as it turns out that Miz's special guest is himself.

02:50 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

The Miz is out next for a special WrestleMania edition of Miz TV.

02:49 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

02:47 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Johnny Gargano is backstage with Byron Saxton. He says Otis ran up to him saying he wanted some "Hot action". Judgment Day crash the interview. Priest says that the last time he saw Gargano, he took him out inside the Elimination Chamber. Balor says if Otis doesn't flattenb Balor tonight, he'll see Gargano inside the ring next week.

02:45 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Candice heads to the top rope but Niven pushes her off and out to the floor. Niven also tosses Nikki Cross into the barricade. She heads back into the ring and Candice LeRae rolls her up for the win.

Candice LeRae def. Piper Niven

02:43 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Piper Niven vs Candice LeRae

Piper Niven immediately takes Candice down with a shoulder charge. She goes for a senton but nobody's home. Candice goes for a running elbow to the corner but gets slammed into the mat.

02:41 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

Candice LeRae is out next to face Piper Niven and Nikki Cross is following Candice to the ring.

02:37 (GMT)28 FEB 2023

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