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WWE RAW Live Results (January 2, 2023): The Bloodline attacks again, Street Fight, US Championship on the line

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 03, 2023 04:04 GMT

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04:04 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Thanks for joining us for our live coverage of WWE RAW. We'll see you on Wednesday night for AEW Dynamite. And, have a happy new year!

04:00 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Theory hits a low blow but the referee misses it. He follows it with a chop block to the injured knee. Rollins seems to be in trouble here. Theory hits the A-Town Down and retains the title.

Austin Theory def. Seth Rollins

03:59 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Rollins tries to finish Theory with a Stomp. The referee is taken out in the melee. Rollins hits the Pedigree but the referee is down. Another official is out but Theory kicks out!!

03:58 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Seth Rollins goes fo the Curb Stomp but Theory manages to avoid it. Theory is trying to walk out with the title but Rollins follows him and rolls him back. Theory tries to hit a belt shot but is caught with a superkick. Rollins is up on the top turnbuckle in a flash and hits a Frog Splash but it's only a nearfall.

03:56 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

03:55 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Theory is on the top rope. We have Rollins down in the middle of the ring as Theory tries to balance himself. Rollins is back on his feet in a flash. He hits a superplex and Theory immediately hit back with a modified neckbreaker.

03:52 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Seth Rollins is back in control of the match. He hits a dive through the ropes, taking out Theory and quickly rolling him back into the ring. Rollins goes for the Pedigree bu Theory blocks it. Rollins ends up hitting a backbreaker instead but Theory kicks out.

03:48 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

03:47 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

The match spills out to ringside once again. Theory has the challenger grounded and strikes him as he yells that Rollins will not dethrone him.

03:45 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Theory and Rollins are now trading punches. Rollins is caught with a backbreaker and Theory gets another 2-coun off the cover. The champ now has a bulldog choke locked in and Rollins is fading as he gasps for air.

03:43 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

We're back from the break. The Superstars are still at ringside as Rollins wildly chops Theory across the chest. Rollins rolls Theory back into the ring and hits a springboard knee strike. Theory hits back with a guillotine and follows it up with a dropkick for the nearfall.

03:38 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Austin Theory (C) vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins starts off strong. He sends Theory crashing out to ringside and catches him with a flying knee off the apron. Rollins then climbs onto the announcer's table and hits Theory with a knee strike.

03:31 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

03:27 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

UP NEXT: Austin Theory will defend the US title against Seth Rollins.

03:26 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

We get a recap of Dominik getting arrested at Rey Mysterio's house on Christmas. We then get a video update from Dominik who says that prison changes people.

03:24 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Byron Saxton catches up with Alexa Bliss backstage. He asks her if she lost control earlier tonight. Bliss denies it and says she gained control and will be ready to win the women's title from Bianca.

03:16 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Becky will be bitterly disappointed in how that turned out. It was a big mistake taking her eye away from the ring to assault Bayley, leaving Mia Yim in the position where she was 2 on 1 against Io and Dakota.

03:15 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

03:14 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Mia Yim is about to pin Dakota Kai but Bayley puts Kai's foot on the rope to break the count. Becky sees it and just loses her cool. She assaults Bayley at ringside but this gives Io and Dakota the opening to pin Mia Yim. Io hits the Over The Moonsault for the win.

Dakota Kai and Io Sky def. Becky Lynch and Mia Yim

03:12 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Becky rolls Dakota into the ring and hits a shotgun dropkick off the top rope but its only a nearfall. Bayley looks very concerned at ringside and rightfully so. Becky and Mia hit Dakota with a superplex off the top rope. Dakota breaks up the count at the last second.

03:11 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Mia Yim hits back with a neckbreaker to Io Sky. Dakota tries to stop the tag but fails spectacularly as Becky sends her face-first into the ground and then the ring-post. Becky is literally beating Dakota from pillar to post here. 

03:10 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

The match is now a tag-team match. Mia Yim has been isolated by Damage CTRL. Dakota and Io dish out stereo offense and Io has a stretch locked in on Mia Yim. She maneuvers it into a crossface and Yim is trapped in the middle of the ring.

03:08 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

The odds are well and truly stacked against Becky Lynch here but Mia Yim comes out to even the odds.

03:07 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

03:06 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Becky Lynch vs Io Sky and Dakota Kai

Becky starts the match strong but the numbers game soon proves to be too much for The Man as Io and Dakota take control.

02:55 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Becky calls Bayley a coward who hides behind Io Sky and Dakota Kai. She also says she sees Damage CTRL breaking up with Io and Dakota turning on Bayley. Becky wants a match against Bayley tonight but Bayley turns her down.

02:52 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Bayley calls out Becky Lynch. She says she beat Becky Lynch before claiming she did it all on her own. Bayley continues to sing her own praises when The Man's music hits.

02:51 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Bayley and Damage CTRL are in the ring. She wishes the fans in Nashville a happy new year before calling their hometown Trashville. She;s not really getting a lot of heat here.

02:50 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Could Cody Rhodes be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns after he returns?

02:46 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:45 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:44 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

We now get a vignette hyping up Cody Rhodes' impending return.

02:42 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Otis tries to get involved at ringside but goes crashing into the ringpost. Lumis then quickly rolls up Chad Gable and picks up the win.

Dexter Lumis def. Chad Gable

02:40 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Gable quickly takes control of the match after a distraction from Otis. Gable is working over the arm but Lumis takes him down with a series of clotheslines and a bulldog.

02:38 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Chad Gable vs Dexter Lumis

Chad Gable runs out of the ring as soon as the bell rings and he just wants to be as far away from Lumis as possible.

02:35 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Bray Wyatt will wrestle LA Knight at the Royal Rumble

02:33 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:29 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Sami Zayn hits Jimmy Uso with a Helluva Kick out of nowhere and pins him to win the match.

The Bloodline def. KO and Street Profits

The Bloodline try to continue the beatdown after the match but get attacked by Sheamus and the Brawling Brutes along with Drew McIntyre.

02:28 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Montez Ford finally comes to life and he's all over The Bloodline. Ford takes Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso down with a crossbody and almost pins Zayn. Ford hits a Frog Splash but Jey Uso breaks up the count. Dawkins follows it up with a pounce at ringside. Meanwhile, Montez clears the ring and takes out the two of them.

02:19 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

The Bloodline are now trading tags and working over Angelo Dawkins. KO comes in and hits back, taking Jey down with a shoulder charge. He then trash talks Sami while trying to make the tag. Montez Ford, whose wife was injured earlier tonight, can't get his head in the game and tag in. The Bloodline takes control of this match.

02:17 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:17 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Sami Zayn and The Usos vs Kevin Owens and Street Profits

Montez Ford is all over Jimmy Uso as this match begins. Dawkins tags in but Jey catches him with a cheapshot from the apron. This gives Jey the chance to tag in.

02:13 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

It's The Usos and Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens and Street Profits up next.

02:12 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:08 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

02:04 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Hardy leaves the ring before Solo can destroy him. Elias catches Solo with a knee strike. He then heads to the top rope but Solo catches him with a Samoan Spike. Solo then hits Elias with an Uranage into a piano at ringside. That's it for Elias, big win for Solo.

Solo Sikoa def. Elias

02:02 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Hardy, the man behind the Royal Rumble theme, hands Elias his guitar. Elias brings it into the ring but Solo catches him with a superkick. Hardy then enters the ring and hits Solo with the guitar but he barely flinches.

02:01 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

We're back in the ring. Elias smashes Solo with some sort of keyboard but Solo kicks out at 2. Solo charges at Elias but runs into the ring post. Elias hits back with a tambourine before hitting multiple running splashes in the corner. Elias follows it up with more tambourine shots.

01:57 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

We're back from the break and the fight has spilled up to the entrance ramp. Solo smashes Elias into a cabinet before hitting him with a superkick. Elias is trying to get back to the ring but Solo is close behind.

01:52 (GMT)3 JAN 2023

Elias vs Solo Sikoa [Music City Street Fight]

Elias hits a nasty series of chops early on but Solo takes him down with a lariat. The match spills out to ringside and Solo gets hit with a cowbell. Elias then goes for a guitar shot but ends up hitting the ringpost. He then sends solo into a drum kit before hitting him with cymbals.
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