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WWE RAW Live Results: Sami Zayn betrayed by returning star, 47-year-old legend comes out of retirement (March 6, 2023)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 07, 2023 04:06 GMT

Check out all the action from tonight's WWE RAW.


04:06 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

That was our coverage of Monday Night RAW! Hope you enjoyed it, and until SmackDown this Friday, see you!

04:02 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

04:02 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

The Bloodline backs down as Cody Rhodes makes the save! The show ends with Cody Rhodes standing off as Sami Zayn faced a MAJOR BETRAYAL from Jey Uso!

04:01 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

04:00 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

The Usos engage in a beatdown of Sami Zayn, and no surprise that Solo Sikoa is back. But Cody Rhodes interferes!!

04:00 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Jey Uso lifts his finger, and Sami Zayn does as well, telling Jimmy it's not too late. But Jey then superkicks Sami Zayn and asks him "You thought I was going to choose you?"

03:59 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Jey Uso hugs Sami Zayn and embraces him, while Jimmy Uso sits in the ring knowing what his fate is about to be

03:58 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Jey Uso just walks past his brother and there's still no answer. Jey Uso has a stand off with Sami Zayn, and nobody knows what's going to happen

03:57 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Jey Uso goes to his brother, who looks disillusioned with everything that has happened. We don't know what's going on in Jey Uso's head right now, and a break up is seemingly being teased.

03:56 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:56 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

JEY USO is standing on the announcer's desk and Jimmy Uso seems thrilled.  He avoids a Helluva Kick but nobody's home. Sami Zayn counters and gets a PIN ON JIMMY!

Sami Zayn defeats Jimmy Uso

03:55 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

The two men are neutralized and JEY USO IS HERE! 

03:52 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:52 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:52 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Sami gets stopped in his tracks by Jimmy Uso, who takes charge. He hits a hellacious blow to the face and Sami Zayn. Solo Sikoa tries to attack Sami outside the ring but the referee catches him and SENDS HIM OUT! No Solo Sikoa at ringside! Sami Zayn hits a blue thunder bomb but it's only two!

03:50 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

The crowd is rallying for Sami Zayn, who hits a crossbody, but it's only a 2-count

03:49 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Jimmy Uso is still being dominated by Sami Zayn, who has a big chip on his shoulder

03:47 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:46 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

A hot start from Sami Zayn, who goes right after Jimmy Uso and takes him out of the ring. Jimmy Uso is riled up as we go to break

03:43 (GMT)7 MAR 2023


Jimmy Uso vs Sami Zayn

03:37 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Bayley gets surrounded and taken out before being saved by IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. Another match is official for WrestleMania.

Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus vs Damage CTRL

Trish comes out of retirement after over 3 years!

03:36 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Trish Stratus teases coming out of retirement for WrestleMania 39. She challenges them to a six-woman tag team match at WrestleMania and they accept. The Hall of Famers take out IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, with Bayley going face-to-face with Lynch.

03:35 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Bayley says all the "dumb-dumbs" might cheer for the legends, and calls them selfish. Trish and Lita might be the reason why they're in the ring, but she says that the three of them is the reason why they won't return

03:34 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Trish Stratus comes out and starts talking, but she's quickly interrupted by Damage CTRL, with Bayley saying that the "idiots" like showing up when it's convenient for them

03:33 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Lita thanks Becky Lynch as a friend and a tag team partner. She introduces the "equalizer" - her best friend Trish Stratus

03:30 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Women's Tag Team Champions Becky Lynch and Lita are out!

03:30 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul is official for WrestleMania 39!

03:26 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:22 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Corbin flaunts for a bit too long and Gable grabs his ankle and gets the ankle lock. They're in the middle of the ring and that's all! Corbin taps!

Chad Gable def. Baron Corbin by submission!

03:22 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Corbin halts Gable's momentum with a backbreaker. 

03:21 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Baron Corbin has Chad Gable locked in the air, but Gable flips him back with a good throw. He then rolls him over with a BEAUTIFUL German Suplex!

03:21 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Baron Corbin's objective is to get rid of Chad Gable so that Maximum Male Models can recruit Otis. Corbin gets a chance at MMM if he wins, but Otis is the object of their affection

03:20 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin

03:18 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:16 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Sami Zayn acknowledges what happened at WarGames in the same arena, and says that everything has changed. He tells his "DAWG" Jimmy Uso that he isn't holding back tonight

03:14 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

John Cena says Austin Theory just made the biggest mistake of his life. 


Cena says that Theory doesn't have it there (head), there (heart), or there (crotch), and tells him to work on the last part. He then introduces Cody Rhodes!

03:12 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:12 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

He asks if they want to see Austin Theory vs John Cena at WrestleMania, and there's a resounding "Yes!" response from the crowd.

03:11 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Cena says he'd rather be bald than have WWE pipe in crowd chants because nobody cares. He says Theory is not ready. He says if Theory loses to him at WrestleMania, he loses everything. He says that even if he WINS against him, the post-WrestleMania crowd will eat him alive. He says Theory is full of crap, but leaves him with no choice. Cena has a big question for Boston

03:09 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:08 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Austin Theory points at Cena's "Never Give Up" shirt, and asks if he's giving up.  He points at the hat that says "respect" and says he has no respect for the audience 

03:07 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:07 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Austin Theory says he's not going anywhere the same way Cena's bald spot isn't going anywhere.

03:07 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

03:06 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Cena says in THEORY, Austin should be great. He's everything a WWE higher-up looks for. In THEORY, everybody should be there to see him, but no one cares. And that he's wasting everybody's time, so on behalf on Boston, he gives Austin Theory a gift. He tells him to shut up, turn around, and get out of the ring, and he will get to walk out in one piece 

03:05 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Cena says that Austin Theory has the best name in WWE history

03:05 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

John Cena points out that he gets opportunity after opportunity and doesn't believe in himself. He essentially describes him as a jabroni

03:04 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

John Cena says Theory is in the Ruthless Aggression Era phase, and that Ruthless Aggression almost got him fired.

03:04 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

Cena says he's a generic kid and points to a sign that says "Austin Theory is a John Cena wannabe"

03:03 (GMT)7 MAR 2023

John Cena says he doesn't care, and neither does anybody else. He says they don't care about him because he doesn't believe him. 
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