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WWE RAW Live Results (May 22, 2023): 6-man tag team match in the main event of RAW

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 23, 2023 03:07 GMT

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03:07 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Thank you for joining us today! Join us again for NXT tomorrow! 

03:02 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

03:02 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

03:00 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

03:00 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Triple H meets Cody Rhodes after the main event to discuss the nature of his injury and the status of the Night of Champions match. Hunter claims he cannot let an injured Rhodes compete, as The American Nightmare argues his case that he is fine to go up against Brock Lesnar. 

02:57 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:56 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:55 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Zayn hits Vinci with a Helluva Kick as KO tags in and hits him with the Swanton bomb and defeats him for the win.

Kevin Owens, Sam Zayn, and Matt Riddle def. Imperium.

02:54 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

KO hits Vinci with a stunner. Kaiser throws him out of the ring, followed by Zayn throwing him out of the ring. Gunther gets Sami Zayn in a chokehold which is broken up by Riddle from off the top rope. Vinci is tagged in and charges toward Zayn, who suplexes him into the turnbuckles. 

02:53 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens gets back up on his feet and goes up the top rope hitting a drop on Ludwig Kaiser. Sami Zayn is tagged in and attacks Gunther. Zayn attempts the helluva kick but Kaiser dodges. Gunther is tagged in and trash talks Sami Zayn while hitting him with vicious chops to the chest. 

02:50 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:49 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens is tagged in, while Giovanni Vinci is from Imperium. A charged-up Owens hits his opponent with a series of hits and punches and sets up Kaiser for a powerbomb on the apron but receives a dropkick from Vinci. 

02:47 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Back from the commercial, Matt Riddle has Ludwig Kaiser in the middle of the ring as he attempts to tag in the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. 

His opponent is able to pull him back and tag in Gunther. The Ring General tries to intimidate Sami Zayn before Riddle pulls him aside. As Matt Riddle tries to tag Zayn into the match, Ludwig Kaiser pulls Sami Zayn's leg off the apron. 

02:42 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Gunther is tagged in and has a stare-down with Riddle. The original bro attempts to attack the IC Champion's leg but is able to counter. He hits Riddle with a series of chops that knock him off his feet. 

02:41 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle vs. Imperium

Ludwig Kaiser and Sami Zayn start off the match. Kaiser pushes Zayn into the corner while throwing punches. Zayn turns it around and tags Matt Riddle. Kaiser is able to escape his hits and tags in Giovanni Vinci.

02:37 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:24 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:24 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:24 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:23 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Rhea Ripley prevents Crews from hitting Dominik Mysterio before slamming him into the post outside the ring. The referee starts the ten count, and Crews makes his way back to the ring. The young Mysterio hits his opponent with a frog splash followed by a pin.

Dominik Mysterio def. Apollo Crews. 

02:22 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Dominik Mysterio holds him in a headlock in the middle of the ring as struggles to get out of it. The former gets up to his feet and knocks Mysterio off his feet. 

He then hits him with a dropkick from off the second rope and sets him up for a suplex which the Judgment Day member turns into a 619. As he is gearing up to hit his opponent through the ropes, the former Intercontinental Champion dodges the move and slides outside the ring. 

02:20 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Apollo Crews vs. Dominik Mysterio

The returning WWE star displays his strength by holding Dominik Mysterio over his shoulders as a concerned Rhea Ripley looks on. As Crews gets up to the top rope, the Judgment Day member trips him. The young Mysterio then proceeds to hit his opponent with the three amigos. 

02:14 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:12 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Cody Rhodes is spotted talking to someone on the phone backstage, claiming that Cody Rhodes is not letting his injured arm get in the way of his feud with Brock Lesnar. 

He further notes that The American Nightmare's arm is in severe condition and is unsure of his ability to compete in the ring anytime soon. 

02:10 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:09 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

The Man responds that she overcame Trish Stratus's career and wrestling contributions. The Man continues that her Night of Champion's opponent has nothing on her and says, 'Welcome to the big time, b**ch' before overturning the table, but Stratus manages to escape the ring. 

02:04 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

02:03 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Trish Stratus claims this is her first contract signing. The Hall of Famer believes Becky Lynch should thank her for being able to be a part of contract signings owing to her contributions to WWE. 

01:54 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:53 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:51 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Chelsea Green launches an attack on Raquel Rodriguez as Deville gets back on her feet. 

The two work together to assault Rodriguez as Shotzi makes her return to assist the former Women's Tag Team Champion. 

01:50 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Sonya Deville

Rodriguez stomps on Deville's sunglasses, which causes her to go into a rage and attack her opponent. She flings her opponent into the turnbuckle, followed by a series of punches.

Raquel Rodriguez kicks Deville in the face and hits her with the Tejana Bomb, followed by a pin.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Sonya Deville

01:45 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:41 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:39 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Finn Balor climbs up the top rope for the Coup de Grâce, but Shinsuke Nakamura rolls out of the way. Priest pulls Balor out of the ring.

An irate Nakamura attacks Damian Priest at ringside and throws him over the barricade as Balor hits him with a dropkick to the back. He drags him back into the ring and hits him with the Coup de Grâce for the win.

Finn Balor def. Shinsuke Nakamura 

01:37 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Back from the commercial, Finn Balor trash-talks his opponent before attempting a superkick. Shinsuke Nakamura blocks it and gets up to his feet but Balor is able to counter. 

Balor hits his opponent with a swing blade as Priest cheers him on ringside. Nakamura counters with a kick and gears up for the knee strike but is met with a double stomp by Balor.  

01:33 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

As Nakamura gets up to his feet and suplexes Balor from the apron, Damian Priest distracts him before hitting him with a vicious clothesline. 

01:30 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor

The two WWE stars attack each other as soon as the bell rings to hold each other down in submission moves. Balor gets the advantage and holds his opponent down in the middle of the ring. 

Nakamura dodges multiple hits with a few nimble, athletic moves. He flings Balor onto the turnbuckle before hitting him with a sliding dropkick outside the ring.

01:22 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:22 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:20 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

The Viking Raiders work together and knock Chad Gable out before Erik attempts a pin. Erik and Ivar continue to keep Gable on their side of the ring to avoid Otis being tagged into the match. Chad Gable is able to break the hold, and a pumped-up Otis is tagged in and hits The Viking Raiders with a vicious clothesline before doing the worm.

As he attempts to slam Ivar, Valhalla pulls him out of the corner. An unhappy Maxxine walks over to Valhalla, who chases her off. Meanwhile, Chad Gable pins Ivar in a bridge pin for the win.

The Alpha Academy def. The Viking Raiders.

01:16 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

The Alpha Academy vs. The Viking Raiders

Erik and Chad Gable start off the match with Maxxine Dupri and Valhalla present ringside. Gable mocks his opponent by switching moves. 

His opponent hits him with a clothesline as he attempts to tag Otis in the match. Ivar tags himself in and beats down Gable. 

01:07 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:07 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

01:05 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Cody Rhodes takes off his sling and removes the ice packs from his arm. Brock Lesnar attacks him and puts him in the Kimura Lock, and attacks his injured arm before walking out of the arena. 

01:03 (GMT)23 MAY 2023

Brock Lesnar claims Cody Rhodes will not be able to compete at Night of Champions and lays out an open challenge. The American Nightmare makes his way to the ring with an injured arm and has a stare-down with The Beast. 
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