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  • WWE RAW Live Results (November 7, 2022): Secret footage emerges of The Miz, Former Superstars returns after 1 year, Open challenge for US Title

WWE RAW Live Results (November 7, 2022): Secret footage emerges of The Miz, Former Superstars returns after 1 year, Open challenge for US Title

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 08, 2022 04:02 GMT

Catch all the live action from WWE RAW right here!


04:02 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

04:02 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Wow RAW ended hot! A fantastiic end to a show that started a little lackluster. Thanks for joinng Sportskeeda's live coverage of the show. We'll see you guys Wednesday night for AEW Dynamite.

04:00 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Theory is down at ringside. The ref is back i nthe ring and he almost counts Theory out. Theory just makes it back in the ring but Rollins hits him with the Curb Stomp! He retains the title! Epic fail from Theory tonight! Rollins retains.

Seth Rollins def. Theory

03:58 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

The referee is down and Lashley is destroying Theory. Face first into the ring post for a second time! Lashley has the Hurt Lock at ringside and he's out cold.

03:57 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins hits a powerbomb and follows it up with a superkick. He takes Theory down with a forearm to the head. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp but Theory hits the A-Town Down. Theory is about to pin Rollins but Lashley is back and pulls the referee out. Theory calls Lashley and idiot, bad move. Lashley pulls Theory out and sends him face first into the ring-post!

03:56 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Rollins goes for a Pedigree but Theory counters it and hits a Pedigree of his own. Rollins still kicks out!

03:55 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Theory wants to cash in! He's cashing in!

Seth Rollins (C) vs Theory [for the WWE US Championship]

Rollins can barely get on his feet. Theory takes him down with a right forearm but Rollins kicks out. Theory hits an Ushi Gorosi but Rollins still kicks out.

03:52 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

As Bobby Lashley is heading out of the ring, we see Theory walking down with the MITB briefcase in hand. Is Theory cashing in?

03:52 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

03:50 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Nasty from Bobby Lashley as he sends Rollins head-first into the ring post. Lashley then launches Rollins through the announcer's table.


03:49 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins (C) vs Bobby Lashley [for the WWE US Championship]

Bobby Lashley doesn't even wait for the bell to ring and clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. He beats Rollins from pillar to post at ringside. Lashley goes for a Spear but Seth stops Lashley in his tracks with a superkick. Rollins sends Lashley head-first into the steel steps  before hamering him with right hands. Referees are out here to stop this but Lashley refuses to relent.

03:41 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

03:41 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Ali appears on the screen and is about to accept the challenge but is attacked and destoyed by Bobby Lashley. It's going to be Rollins vs Lashley for the WWE US Championship.

03:39 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins says that since beating Bobby Lashley, he's made the WWE US Championship THE title to hold on RAW. He then invites his challenger to come down and take a shot at his title.

03:38 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

03:37 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins is out to defend the US title. He says that he promised to defend the title and he will keep it despite the interference early on. Rollins points out that this month marks 10 years of Seth Rollins in WWE. The fans in Philly seranade Rollins who smiles and continues, talkng about highs and lows and how the fans have been with him for it.

03:35 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

03:34 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

03:32 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins will defend the US Championship in an open challenge... NEXT! Who will answer this time?

03:28 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Nikki Cross hits a neckbreaker off the top rope and that's enough to put Dana Brooke away. Nikki Cross is the new WWE 24x7 Champion.

Nikki Cross def. Bayley

03:27 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Dana Brooke (C) v Nikki Cross [for the WWE 24x7 Championship]

Bayley is on commentary for this one as Nikki immediately takes Dana Brooke down. Cross hits a shoulder charge to the corner locks in a submission hold. Brooke looks in trouble already but she suddenly hits back with punches and kicks. Nikki takes back control again and clubs Dana Brooke.

03:24 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Nikki Cross comes down to the ring accompanied by Damage CTRL.

03:20 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Nikki Cross challenges Dana Brooke for the WWE 24x& Championship...NEXT!

03:19 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

As The Miz is celebrating his win, Dexter Lumis smashes him with a steel chair. He's then chased out of the arena by security.

03:18 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

The Miz gets pulled under the ring. He makes the referee look. With the referee distracted, Miz hits Gargano with a turnbuckle connector and takes him out. Miz then covers Gargano for the win. It looks like The Miz was pretending that he was getting pulled under the ring. A bit of genius from him.

The Miz def. Johnny Gargano

03:15 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Gargano dodges it and hits another superkick. Only a 2-count.

03:14 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Back from the break, Gargano hits a Spear through the middle rope and gets a nearfall. Miz hits back with the It Kicks. Gargano dodges the last one and hits an enziguri. Both men hit Superkicks, Gargano goes for another Spear and The Miz hits a knee strike for a nearfall of his own.

03:07 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Gargano hits back with a rolling kick to the head followed by a neckbreaker. He rolls Miz up and tries to lock in the Garga-No-Escape. The former NXT Champion hits a superkick that sends Miz crashing out of the ring and follows it up with a leap over the top rope. He follows The Miz out but the A-Lister plants him on the barricade and superkicks Gargano off it.

03:04 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Back in the ring, Gargano follows it up with dropkick. He then hits Miz with a kick to the left arm before wrenching it and forcing Miz back into the corner. The Miz hits back with a vicious kick to Gargano's head. He rakes Gargano across the eyes and continues to boot the former NXT Champion. Miz with a boot to the midsection and gets a 2-count.

03:02 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

The Miz vs Johnny Gargano

The Miz is clearly enraged but Gargano gets the better of him early on in the match. A dropkick takes The Miz down and Gargano follows it up with a senton from the apron. Gargano chops The Miz at ringside as Corey Grave implores from commentary "Stop hitting him".

02:58 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

02:56 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Gargano plays footage and in it, The Miz admits he orchestrated the whole thing, even confirming that he stopped paying Dexter Lumis. He says that he stopped paying Lumis because WWE management and the police got involved.

02:55 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Johnny Gargano says he hired someone to get to the bottom of the story. He says the Hollywood producer Miz had dinner with was a PI who was wearing a hidden camera. He adds that he also has the footage. Gargano brings out a universal remote and plays it on the titantron.

02:52 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Miz says that a Hollywood produce contacted him and wanted to tell his story. He adds that he's spoken to his lawyers and they're going for a defamation suit. Johnny Gargano's music hits at this point.

02:51 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

The Miz is out next. He says Johnny Gargano's interview was false, calling it a "smear job". He says that he has to defend himself against the media and friends and even his own father believed Johnny Gargano.

02:45 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Theory vs Shelton Benjamin

This match started off pretty even, Benjamin briefly locked in an ankle lock and followed it up with a German Suplex for a 2-count. Theory is reeling in the corner. He charges at Shelton Benjamin and hits a guillotine. He gouges Shelton Benjamin's eyes and hits the A-Town for the win. He made quick work of the former WWE IC Champion.

Theory def. Shelton Benjamin

02:42 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Mr. Money In The Bank Austin Theory is out next to face former IC Champion Shelton Benjamin. Theory called Shelton "Mr. Irrelevant" earlier tonight.

02:34 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Damage CTRL come out to confront Bianca, Asuka and Alexa Bliss. The babyfaces attack Damage CTRL and send them scurrying out of the ring. Bianca says that this isn't a fight anymore, this is war and says it will end at WarGames. Nikki Cross comes out from behind and attack Bianca. Damage CTRL go back in and attack the babyfaces. Nikki Cross clubs Asuka across the head before charging at Asuka in the corner. Asuka gets tossed into the ring post as Cross hit Bliss with a neckbreaker. Bayley accepts Bianca's challenge and says she will see them at WarGames.

02:31 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

WWE showed us footage of a parking lot confrontation

02:30 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Bianca Belair makes her way down to the ring accompanied by Asuka and Alexa Bliss. WWE also show us footage of a parking lot confrontation between Damage CTRL and Biana, Asuka & Alexa.

02:27 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

02:23 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Judgement Day are backstage with Byron Saxton. They are asked if OC had found a solution to the Rhea Ripley problem with Mia Yim. Rhea says that she wouldn't care even if The OC brought in an army to face her. Rhea and Bianca Belair briefly face off backstage as Judgement Day make their exit.

02:21 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Elias goes for a bodyslam again but can't get Otis up. Otis now has a claw hold locked on Elias' shoulder as Gable cheers him on from ringside. Otis charges at Elias who sidesteps him. Otis goes crashing into the ringpost and Elias immediately hits a knee strike. Elias heads to the top rope and catches Gable on the way down, as he got on the apron. Otis uses the distraction and hits the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Otis def. Elias

02:19 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Otis vs Elias

Otis and Elias lock up in the middle of the ring and Elias gets pushed back into the corner almost immediately. It's all Otis in the opening minute of the match. Elias hits a couple of chops but they bounce off Otis. He goes for a bodyslam but totally fails and Otis catches him with a massive headbutt. 

02:17 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Otis will be in action next against Elias.

02:15 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

Cathy Kelly catches up with Seth Rollins backstage on RAW. Rollins says that there will still be an open challenge later in the show.

02:14 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

02:12 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

02:11 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

02:10 (GMT)8 NOV 2022

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