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WWE RAW Live Results (October 10, 2022): Brock Lesnar RETURNS, Gallows and Anderson make surprise return, D-Generation X's 25th anniversary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 11, 2022 03:01 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the season premiere of WWE RAW!


03:01 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

What a way to end the season premiere of WWE RAW! Join us on Friday night for our live coverage of SmackDown. Thanks for joining us.

03:00 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

02:59 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Shawn Michaels now has the mic. He wants fans to put them out of their misery if they are back out 25 years later for a 50th anniversary.

02:57 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Road Dogg does the New Age Outlaws intro but does not mention 'Daddy Ass' Billy Gunn who's currently signed to AEW. X-PAC gives a shoutout to the late Chyna.

02:54 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

DX's 25th anniversary celebrations are next! Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-PAC are in the ring to a massive ovation from the WWE Universe.

02:52 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Back in the ring, Riddle hits Sami Zayn with an RKO and that was enough to put him away. Another big in for Riddle.

Riddle def. Sami Zayn

02:51 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Riddle catches Zayn with a boot to the face but the Honorary Uce responds with an Exploder Suplex. Zayn goes for a Helluva Kick but Riddle reverses it into a suplex. Sami then dumps Riddle out of the ring and follows him out to ringside. Jimmy Uso goes to help Zayn but is stopped by Jey, who seems to be enjoying himself as Riddle booted Zayn across the chest.

02:45 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Jey Uso goes to boot Riddle again but Sam stops him and says he doesn't need Jey's help. Riddle rolls Sami up before rolling him out of the ring. He follows it up with a moonsault and wipes out Zayn.

02:44 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Zayn is still dominating the match. He hits Riddle with a Michinoku Driver and heads to the top rope. Riddle is back on his feets and joins Sami on the top rope. Zayn with a headbutt and he goes for a dive. Riddle catches him with a knee on the way down and gets a two-count off it.

02:38 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Zayn sends Riddle crashing facefirst into the apron before hitting a Asai Moonsault out to the floor as we cut to a break.

02:38 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Riddle is in control during the opening stages of the match. A good start from the Original Bro but Zayn gets back on the match. As the ref's back is turned, Jey Uso hits Riddle with a cheapshot. Zayn tells Jey he can handle it himself and says he doesn't need help. Riddle sends Zayn crashing out of the ring.

02:35 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Riddle vs Sami Zayn

The Usos walk down to the ring with Sami Zayn for his match against Riddle. Reigns personally asked The Usos to come down to the ring to back up the Honorary Uce.

02:29 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

We got a cryptic Bray Wyatt vignette at this point with Wyatt saying "Revel in what you are"

02:23 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

02:23 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

02:21 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Lashley is down on the mat and Rollins is looking to finish the champ off. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp and that's enough to put Lashley away. Seth Rollins is your new WWE United States Champion.

Seth Rollins def. Bobby Lashley

02:20 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Bobby Lashley charges at Rollins who immediately hits a Pedigree. Lashley kicks out at the last second. Bobby Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock but Rollins attacks the injured arm and follows it up with a superkick.

02:18 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Seth Rollins calls Lashley a disgrace to the US title and a disgrace to his country.

02:17 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Seth Rollins is out and he wants Bobby Lashley to still go ahead with their match for the WWE US Championship. Rollins is trying to goad Lashley into the match despite Lashley looking like his left arm is injured after the attack at the hands of Lesnar.

02:12 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

02:11 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

02:10 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Lashley didn't see that coming and Lesnar followed it up with a German Suplex before locking in a Kimura Lock on Lashley. What does this mean? Is Lesnar going after the US Championship?

02:08 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Brock Lesnar gets a massive ovation as he walks down to the ring but Bobby Lashley doesn't look perturbed and he doesn't back down. Brock laughs as he gets in the ring and hits Bobby Lashley with an F5!

02:05 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Bobby Lashley will be in action next. Lashley takes the mic and says he has beaten some of the best in WWE like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. He invites Rollins down to the ring but it's Brock Lesnar who comes out instead!

02:03 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

01:59 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

We get a recap of Bray Wyatt's return at WWE Extreme Rules on Saturday night.

01:52 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Omos vs Joey Ace and Chico

Omos took on two local competitors and made short work of them. Omos pinned Chico but still wasn't done.

Omos def. Joey Ace and Chico

Omos continued to destroy both men after the bell.

01:48 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

DX are backstage with Joey Ace and Chicko who are set to face Omos. The Miz and Maryse then show up and ask where Triple H is, saying he's tired of Dexter Lumis. Road Dogg says if The Miz can beat Dexter Lumis next week, he will be gone from WWE for good. The Miz accepts the offer.

The Miz will face Dexter Lumis for the first time ever next week on RAW.

01:43 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Lumis is back from the other side of the ring and tries to choke out Miz. Maryse tries to grab his leg but goes face-first through the cake. The Miz breaks free and runs away leaving Maryse in the ring. Maryse is back up, her face full of cake. Seeing herself alone in the ring with Lumis, Maryse leaves the ring in tears.

01:40 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

The Miz removes a present and Dexter Lumis' head pops up before he disappears!

01:39 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

The Miz and Maryse are in the ring and we have to admit it, Maryse went all out to set this up. The Miz has already got a signed baseball bat and there are still a number of other presents for him to open.

01:39 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

The Miz's birthday celebration is taking place live on WWE RAW next.

01:32 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Back from commercial, Candice LeRae is still in control, hitting a senton off the middle rope. Out of nowhere, LeRae rolls up Bayley and that's enough for the 3-count. Bayley can't believe it.

Candice LeRae def. Bayley

Damage Control attacks Candice as she makes her way up the ramp. They continue to punish her in the ring but Bianca Belair comes out as backup. Belair gets double teamed and taken out. Bayley then boots LeRae before Damage Control takes out Belair.

01:26 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Bayley vs Candice LeRae

Bayley will try to put Extreme Rules behind her as she takes on former NXT star Candice LeRae. LeRae dominates the opening stages of the match and seems to have surprised Bayley a bit. LeRae is on top as we cut to a commercial.

01:14 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson easily clear the ring and force Judgement Day to make a quick exit. The OC stand tall in the middle of the ring to end the segment.

01:12 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Gallows and Anderson are back in WWE! The OC are back together!

01:12 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

AJ Styles said that at this point of his life he needed friends. He then bowed down and it looked like Styles may be joining Judgement Day. Finn and Styles then hugged. However, Styles had baited Balor in as The Good Brothers made their WWE return!

01:09 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Judgement Day showed us footage of what went down at WWE Extreme Rules where Edge was forced to say "I Quit" and Rhea destroyed Beth Phoenix with a Conchairto. Dominik then takes the mic and cuts a promo on his father. The fans are livid and are booing Dominik during his promo. Finn Balor then takes the mic and sent out an ultimatum to AJ Styles who didn't take long to come out in response.

01:07 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

01:03 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Judgement Day are still in the ring once we come back from the commercial break. Rhea says that the Judgement Day run Monday Night RAW. Priest then congratulates Finn Balor for his massive win over Edge at WWE Extreme Rules where he forces Edge to say "I Quit".

00:57 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Rhea Ripley then holds Rey Mysterio in place as Dominik wipes out his own father with a 619. What new low will Dominik and Judgement Day sink to next? Tune in next week to find out.

00:55 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

00:55 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

The rest of Judgement Day are out and Rey takes out both Damian Priest and Finn Balor. He goes for a 619 on Balor but gets wiped out by his own son.

00:54 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Dominik confronts his father in the middle of the ring after the match. Rey isn't interested but is blocked off from walking away by Rhea Ripley. Dominik pushes his own father and tries to goad him into hitting him. Dominik slaps Rey Mysterio across the face and urges his father to hit back!

00:53 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Rey sends Otis face-first into the barricade and creates an opening for himself. He follows it up with a 619 to Chad Gable and pins him for the win.

Rey Mysterio def. Chad Gable

00:52 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Back from the commercial break, Chad Gable hits Rey Mysterio with a German Suplex as Dominik and Rhea Ripley look on. Gable then locks in an ankle locks but Rey quickly uses his experience to break free.

00:47 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Rey Mysterio finally gets some offense of his own, sending Gable crashing out of the ring. The Judgement Day's music hits and Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio walk down to ringside.

00:46 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Rey Mysterio vs Chad Gable

Both men lock up as the bell rings. Gable with an early leg trip, taking Mysterio down. Rey bounces back to his feet but is taken down again with a shoulder tackle. This is a good start from Gable who locks in a side headlock.

00:44 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

Rey Mysterio will wrestle former SmackDown Tag-Team Champion Chad Gable up next on WWE RAW!

00:39 (GMT)11 OCT 2022

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