WWE Raw Results 10th October 2016, Live Updates

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Updated: 11 October 2016 08:50 IST - Published: 11 October 2016 05:44 IST

With that, a scintillating and eventful episode of WWE Raw comes to a close. However, there is just so much to look forward to as Goldberg returns to the Red Brand next week to respond to Brock Lesnar's challenge for a rematch.

Will he accept The Beast Incarnate's challenge? Will we witness Goldberg in action once again? Tune with us next week to find out.

For now, adios and take care!


Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

If The Ayatollah of Rock n' Rolla wins tonight's clash against The Architect, he will be added to the Hell In a Cell main event for a triple-threat match against Rollins and Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship inside the cell.

Y2J is first followed by Rollins and the two men start tonight's main event. Rollins rubs Jericho's scarf on his ass before the two exchange uppercuts.

After some back and forth and Jericho rolls out of the ring, Rollins charges on him with a sliding kick before sending him shoulder first into the barricade twice.

The Architect then sends him crashing into the steel steps before the two make their way back into the ring and Kevin Owens' music hits and the WWE Universal Champion walks out.

Jericho takes advantage of the situation and drops Rollins ribs first onto the top rope.

We go to commercials.

Back from the break and Rollins has the advantage but Jericho fights back. He continues the assault on the ribs of Rollins before slapping him and Rollins slaps him back.

Jericho then locks Rollins in the abdominal stretch but The Architect fights back and sends Jericho face first into the turnbuckle.

Rollins then nails the Enzuigiri and gets the momentum back on his side. KO, who is ringside, is seen encouraging his "Best Friend".

Rollins then lifts Jericho but is unable to complete the move due to his ribs. Rollins with a kick to the spine followed by a 2-count.

The Architect goes up top but Jericho interferes and joins him for a Superplex but Rollins counters and follows it with a Five Star Frog Splash but Jericho dropkicks him into the ribs.

Jericho continues to work on the ribs of Rollins and attempts the Code Breaker but Rollins is able to counter it. The Architect is distracted by KO but he takes him out before attempting a springboard on Jericho but Y2J counters and locks him in the Walls of Jericho.

Rollins looked set to tap out but he somehow makes it to the ropes. As Jericho distracts the referee KO nails a Superkick on Rollins and Jericho pins him for a nearfall.

Rollins gets back up and goes flying to take out KO and botches a springboard on Jericho. But Y2J kicks out at 2 from the resulting pin.

Rollins goes for the Five Star Frog Splash but Jericho moves out and hits a moonsault for a nearfall.

The crowd start chanting - "This Is Awesome".

As Jericho makes his way to the top rope Rollins nails an Enzuigiri. Rollins then goes for the pedigree but is rolled up by Y2J. Rollins then reverses it for the 3-count against Jericho.

Result: Seth Rollins defeats Chris Jericho via pinfall

It was one hell of a match and as soon as it gets over, KO attacks The Architect but he fights back and attempts to nail the Pedigree only to be stopped by Jericho.

However, Rollins overpowers Y2J and nails the Pedigree as KO watches from the ramps.

So it will be a Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship inside the Cell at Hell In a Cell.


Update: Goldberg has responded to Paul Heyman's comments and has announced that he will be there next week on Raw to answer Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. It is on Folks. A rematch 12 years in the making is finally going to happen...... 


TJ Perkins vs. Ariya Daivari

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion is the first to enter the ring followed by Daivari, who is the younger brother of former WWE Superstar Shawn Daivari.

Daivari attacks Perkins as soon as the bell rings but the champion fights back and gains the momentum. He then locks Daivari in the knee bar but his opponent makes it to the ring.

Daivari then locks the champion in a sleeper but Perkins powers out of it. Daivari then nails a neckbreaker. He then takes Perkins to one corner and start to work on him but the champion makes a comeback after driving his opponent Face First into the mat. He follows it with a neckbreaker and an enzuigiri before climbing to the top rope.

Daivari joins him up top but it does not result in anything exciting. Perkins then hits an enzuigiri but is welcomed by a Superkick from Daivari.

Perkins then locks Ariya in the knee bar and Daivari taps out. Perkins wins yet again as he prepares to take on Brian Kendrick at Hell In a Cell.

Result: TJ Perkins defeats Ariya Daivari via submission


Paul Heyman responds to Bill Goldberg

After Goldberg admitted that he owes Brock Lesnar a rematch last week in an interview Paul Heyman is in the middle of the ring to respond to those claims.

Heyman starts in his usual manner and hypes up WWE 2K17 and a preview of the game is shown with Brock and Goldberg going head-to-head.

He then hypes up Goldberg's return and starts a chant of the former World Champion.

He adds that every superstar who ever came up against Goldberg was victimised and conquered. He says that the career of Goldberg and his client Brock Lesnar have been similar.

But he adds that Goldberg is currently one-up against The Beast and remains the only blemish in his illustrious and dominating career. He then announces that he has been authorised to challenge Goldberg for one more match against his client Brock Lesnar.

Heyman then cuts a typical excellent promo before insisting that Goldberg is no longer Goldberg he is the next one to go to Suplex City.

THIS IS IT.. This is it... The biggest rematch in recent history, if only Goldberg accepts the challenge and why wouldn't he?


Best Friends - Kevin Owens and Jericho are seen discussing The List backstage before they cut a promo with KO insisting that he will walk out of Hell In a Cell as the WWE Universal Champion whether it is a singles match or a triple-threat match.

It will definitely be a triple-threat match at Hell In a Cell and expect Y2J to turn on his good friend at the pay-per-view. For now, they are still friends.


Charlotte and Rusev (with Lana) vs. Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns

Charlotte is the first to make her way to the ring followed by her partner Rusev, who is accompanied by his wife Lana.

The Boss enters to a huge pop and the WWE United States Champion is next, who as always is welcomed by boos.

Rusev and Reigns start the match after The Bulgarian Brute asked Charlotte to get out of the ring.

However, just before they could start, Charlotte tags herself in only to anger Rusev. Sasha follows suit but before the two could engage Rusev tags himself in.

Rusev and Reigns finally kick off the match with Rusev dropping Reigns with a spin kick. He then takes The Big Dog to one corner and starts to work on him.

Reigns tries to fight back and lands a few right hooks before taking out the Bulgarian with a clothesline.

The crowd starts chanting, "We Want Sasha".

Reigns then lands a boot on Rusev and sizes him up for the Superman Punch but is interrupted by Charlotte. Sasha then takes out Charlotte before Rusev attempts to land a clothesline on Reigns but is instead thrown out of the ring.

We cut to commercials.

Back from the break and Rusev has Reigns locked in a sleeper with the US Champion attempting to power out of it. He succeeds but Rusev nails a dropkick for a nearfall.

"We want Sasha" ring around the stadium once again.

Some more back and forth and Reigns nails the Superman Punch. Both men are down and as Rusev gets back up, Charlotte tags herself in.

Sasha follows and absolutely launches herself on the Queen. She hits dropkicks, clotheslines and what not for a 2-count before locking Charlotte in the Banks Statement.

Reigns hits a thunderous Spear on Rusev to take the Bulgarian out of the game as Charlotte taps out.

Result: Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns defeat Charlotte and Rusev via submission


A vignette hyping Royal Rumble is featured next with the Pay-Per-View set to return to San Antonio, Texas after 20 years on 29th January 2017.


Back from the break and Sasha and Roman Reigns are backstage discussing their match against Rusev and Charlotte later tonight.

Sasha insists that she can handle the Queen and asks Reigns to take care of Rusev. Believe That!


2 on 1 Handicap Match: Braun Strowman vs. Splash Brothers - Steven and Clay

The Splash Brothers cut a promo with The Mountain standing ringside. The Splash Brothers attack Strowman with a series of kicks but Strowman fights back displaying his brute strength.

He takes out the two with a Double Dropkick before following it with a Power slam and a Slam Dunk for 1..2...3...!

Result: Braun Strowman defeats Splash Brothers via pinfall

Following the match, Strowman then addresses Foley and warns him that he wants some serious competition next week and if his request is not granted there will be consequences.


TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick are seen cutting a promo backstage. The Cruiserweight Champion reminds Kendrick of the good times they have shared earlier in their careers when they were good friends.

He then insists that it is time his former friend becomes what he was supposed to - The Brian Kendrick. The two then shake hands and as Perkins was about to leave Kendrick attacks him but the champion responds and takes him out.


R-Truth vs. Titus O'Neil

Following their backstage segment, Titus O'Neil came head to head against one-half of Golden Truth. R-Truth raps as he and Goldust enter the ring.

R-Truth and Titus kick things off in the middle with the former having all the moment early on in the fight.

He tackles Titus before hitting him with a kick and pinning him. However, Titus fights back with a boot and follows him with a barrage of attacks for a nearfall.

Titus then nails a couple of rib breakers but Goldust comes to his partner's aid and climbs up the apron.

Truth takes advantage of the situation to roll Titus for the 3-count.

Titus cannot believe that he has lost.

Result: R-Truth defeats Titus O'Neil via pinfall


Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Enzo Amore and Big Cass

The underutilized duo of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel seems to have formed a tag team and are in action up next against the most over team in the WWE, Enzo and Cass. A backstage segment of Bo and Axel vowing to destroy the tag team division airs and we cut to see the team in the ring.

Out come Enzo and Cass to a solid pop. The fans in California are treated to the trademark entrance and the genius of Enzo on the mic. As the two enter the ring, they're blindsided by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Club administer a merciless beatdown on the team and deliver the Magic Killer on Big Cass while also laying Enzo out at the same time with the boot of doom.

The referees force the heels to stop and we cut to a commercial  break as they retreat backstage.

Sami Zayn and Neville replace Enzo and Cas

Back from the break, a relay of the beatdown airs and Axel and Bo are still distraught about not being able to face Enzo and Cass.

Axel demands a team to come out as they deserve to be in action. Guess who turns up? The Underdog from the Underground, Sami Zayn's music hits followed by his tag team partner for tonight, Neville.

The match kicks off and the heels dominate the early goings as Axel and Dallas wear Zayn down. Axel with a beautiful dropkick. He looks pumped up and plays to the crowd.

But that was all the offense the heels get in as Zayn slams Axel into the turnbuckle with an exploder suplex. A Helluva kick and Axel is all laid out for the most beautiful thing in the WWE to unfold.

Neville goes up top and delivers the Red Arrow on Axel. Pinfall, 1-2-3!

Zayn and Neville pick up the win and the California fans love every bit of it, while Bo Dallas looks on his frustration.

Result: Sami Zayn and Neville def. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas


Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in the middle to address the Hell In a Cell proposition for a WWE Women's Championship rematch inside the cell at Hell In a Cell.

The Raw General Manager insists that Banks and Charlotte have deserved this opportunity and announces that for the first time in the history of WWE two women will be competing for the title inside The Cell at Hell In a Cell.

Roman Reigns and Rusev were already set to compete inside the Cell for the WWE United States Championship at the PPV. However, that is not it, Foley one ups it and adds a third Cell match for the Pay-Per-View, between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship.

The decision is appreciated by Stephanie but Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho interrupt.

KO reveals that he intends to have a long and successful career unlike Foley himself and does not want to participate inside the Cell. He adds that Rollins does not deserve another shot at his title.

Jericho then enters the fray and accuses Foley of disliking him for 19 years. He then adds him to HIS LIST.

Y2J wants the Raw Commissioner to take care of Foley but she instead backs the GM and yells at Jericho.

She then announces that if Jericho wins his clash against Roman Reigns later tonight, he will be added to the Universal Championship match at Hell In a Cell.

Foley then makes it official.


Drew Gullak and Tony Nese vs Sin Cara and Dorado

It's time for some cruiserweight action as Gulak and Nese team up to go up against Sin Cara and Dorado. Gulak and Sin Cara kick things off and jockey for position. Dorado tagged in and Gulak takes advantage with a gutwrench transitioning into a Gory special. Gulak tags Nese in, but Dorado takes both Nesse and Gulak down to make the tag to Sin Cara.

Sin Cara comes in and goes on a rampage by taking Gulak down with a spin kick.  Sin Cara shows some of his power with a powerbomb for a two-count. He launches himself on Gulak on the outside with a suicide diva. Dorado tags himself in and goes up top to deliver a shooting star press. Pin, 1-2-3! The Luchadors pick up the win. A great start for the newly former tag team and Sin Cara, who made his first cruiserweight appearance.

Result: Sin Cara and Line Dorado def. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese


Bayley vs. Cami Fields

Bayley is taking on an enhancement talent in what is expected to be a squash match. She receives a decent pop from the crowd as she makes her way to the ring.

Bayley has all the early momentum but Fields tries to fight back. Bayley then nails the Bayley-to-Belly before pinning her opponent for the win.

Result: Bayley beats Cami Field via pinfall


Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro

The New Day are first to make their way to the ring and they cut a promo for their Hell In a Cell match against Sheamus and Cesaro. The reigning WWE Tag Team Champions vow to show Cesaro and Sheamus why they are the best.

Cesaro then makes his way to the ring and his never-ending battle against Sheamus continues as the Celtic Warrior comes out and walks straight to the ring.

The Swiss Superman and Kingston kick off things with Cesaro ringside and busy streaming live on Facebook, he is not paying attention to what goes inside the ring. We go to commercials.

Back from the break and Cesaro has the upper hand. However, Kofi fights back and nails the crossbody before hitting the Bomb Drop.

He then tries to deliver the Trouble in Paradise but fails as The Swiss evades. Cesaro then nails a couple of uppercuts before rolling up Kofi for the 2-count.

Some more back and forth and Cesaro attempts to lock Kofi in the Sharpshooter but he escapes. Kofi then attempts the springboard but lands on the mat instead.

Sheamus and the rest of New Day get entangled ringside with The Celtic Warrior taking out Xavier Woods before Big E runs him over.

Cesaro was lining up for the Cesaro Swing but Kofi takes advantage of the distraction and rolls the Swiss for the 3-count.

Cesaro is shocked and he cannot believe what just happened.

Cesaro and Sheamus are involved in a heated argument with the latter storming off before calling his partner a Loser.

Result: Kofi Kingston beats Cesaro via pinfall


Seth Rollins is set to take on Chris Jericho later tonight while Paul Heyman will be appearing to address Bill Goldberg's comments on Brock Lesnar last week at ESPN. 

Sasha Banks will also be teaming up with Roman Reigns to take on Rusev and Charlotte while Lana will be ringside.


WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks is the first to make her way to the ring and chants of "you deserve it" ring around the stadium. The Boss addresses the Oakland crowd and reveals that she feels on the top of the world before adding that she had big dreams since watching Eddie Guerrero wrestle as a kid. 

Fans chant for Eddie and Sasha then wishes the former World Champion. She then goes on and cuts a promo and proposed for a Hell In a Cell rematch against Charlotte at the pay-per-view.

Charlotte's music hits and she walks out but before she could reach to the ring, Rusev's music hits and the Bulgarian Brute and Lana march out. Rusev takes the mic and insists that no one cares about the women's division before Charlotte snatches the mic back. 

The Queen then accepts Sasha's challenge for the Cell match. Rusev interrupts but is stopped by Sasha before Lana gets in the middle of the argument.

Lana then cuts a promo but is taken down by Sasha and Charlotte with the two double-teaming to take out the Bulgarian Brute. Rusev was looking to get back at the two when Roman Reigns' music hits and he comes out to a mixed reaction.


Paul Heyman to appear on Raw
Paul Heyman is scheduled to appear on tonight's episode of the red brand. We will see what he has to say about his client - Brock Lesnar.

With WWE 2K17 poised to take millions of gamers to Suplex City when it's released tomorrow, Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman will be appearing live on Raw tonight.

Will the audacious associate of The Beast Incarnate reveal Lesnar's next move, or perhaps his next opponent? There's been rampant speculation on social media about when The Anomaly will re-emerge and who will face his wrath. Tonight, we just might get an answer.


WWE Raw comes to us live from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

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