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  • WWE RAW Results 11th September 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights; Brock Lesnar, John Cena destroyed on Raw

WWE RAW Results 11th September 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights; Brock Lesnar, John Cena destroyed on Raw

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 12, 2017 03:08 GMT

What does RAW have to offer with only episodes until No Mercy?


03:08 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

That's it for tonight's edition of Raw. Here are the results:

Roman Reigns defeats Jason Jordan 
Sasha Banks defeats Emma
Bray Wyatt defeats Goldust
Elias defeats Kalisto
John Cena wins via disqualification against Braun Strowman
Enzo Amore wins via disqualification against The Miz
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and The Hardys defeat Sheamus & Cesaro and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

03:04 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

03:04 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Ambrose is once again looking for the tag but Cesaro stops him; Ambrose throws him out of the ring and tags Rollins. Rollins lands a spinebuster and then kicks Anderson; he goes to the top rope and lands a clotheslines and a huge kick. Covers, but just the two count. The two Hardys land a Twist of Fate each on Gallows.

Rollins lands a huge knee on Anderson and Ambrose gets a Dirty Deeds.

Rollins covers and wins.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and The Hardys win

03:01 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Anderson then tags in Sheamus who in turn tags Cesaro; covers Ambrose, but just the two count. Cesaro has Ambrose in a chinlock and Ambrose looks to be done. Ambrose tries to fight back but Cesaro lands a few punches. Ambrose tries to get a backslide but Cesaro kicks out. Matt Hardy gets into the ring but he's thrown out. 

Anderson is tagged in and Ambrose recovers with a few punches and a neckbreaker. Ambrose looks to go for the tag but Jeff Hardy is thrown out of the apron.

Ambrose clotheslines Gallows and looks to his corner to get a tag but all his partners are down and out.

02:58 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Back from the break, Ambrose and Gallows are in the ring; on the apron, Gallows lands a huge kick on Ambrose who is thrown out of the ring. 

Gallows brings Ambrose back into the ring and a huge shot to the head. Sheamus tags in and Cesaro and Sheamus double team Ambrose. Sheamus covers, but just the two count. Sheamus gets Ambrose in a headlock; Ambrose tries to recover but is hit with a huge knee.

Gallows is tagged in and lands a huge splash; Anderson is tagged in and covers, but just the two count.

02:52 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

In the 8-man tag match, a brawl ensues even before the match starts. Jeff Hardy and start off the match against Cesaro. Matt Hardy is tagged in and the Hardys double team; Matt covers and just the two count. 

Cesaro lands a huge upper cut and then tags Sheamus. Sheamus is thrown over the top rope and Cesaro tries to interfere but is thrown out of the ring, too. 

Jeff lands a Poetry in Motion on Sheamus & Cesaro who are outside the ring.

02:47 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Backstage, a visibly hurt Enzo Amore is laughed at Cruiserweight Champion Neville.

02:43 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:41 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

At the start of the match, The Miz is in control of the match and moves out of the ring. Enzo gets out of the ring and gets on the mic and tells Miz that he's 'A-list but his wrestling is going to DVD'. 

The Miz lands a huge clothesline on the outside and mockingly asks him 'how you doin?'. The Miz then lands a few shots into the apron. And as Miz goes to the top rope and is about to say something on the mic, Enzo hits him and The Miz falls into the turnbuckle. 

Enzo taunts The Miz and asks Miz 'who's your daddy' which incensed The Miz. The Miztourage give Enzo a beating and the match ends in disqualification. Axel and Dallas give Enzo a good beating and throw him back in the ring where Miz lands a Skull-Crushing Finale.

02:36 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:34 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:34 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:33 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Enzo says that he has everything to fight him right now. 

It looks like Enzo and The Miz will face off in singles action next!

02:32 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Enzo doesn't look pleased about Miz's little speech. Amore then says that people didn't like him because he copied WWE Legends and calls him a 'carbon copy of other people'. 

Enzo calls Miz a 'paper champion' and that he'll come back to face The Miz after he defeats Neville at No Mercy. 

02:30 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

The Miz says that he's angry with Enzo's interruption. The Miz says that he doesn't show respect and that's why he's kicked out of WWE tour buses and the locker room, and that no one in the WWE locker room can stand him.

The Miz also offers him help and that he's 'been in his shoes', and that he can help him, but he ruined his precious moment. 

He goes on to take shots at Enzo's wrestling pedigree and that the rest of the 205 Live run rings around him.

02:26 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

The Miz says that he and Maryse are to make a special announcement tonight. Maryse announces that The Miz and she are having a baby!

The Miz says that unlike Kurt Angle he'd be in their baby's life from day one. 

The Miz was to read out a speech but Enzo Amore's music hits, much to the displeasure of Miz.

02:22 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Backstage, Rollins & Ambrose are scouting for two tag team members and Dean Malenko and Jamie Noble were spotted backstage! 

They also meet the Hardy Boyz and ask them if they are doing anything tonight. It looks like the Hardy Boyz will be fighting today!

02:20 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:17 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:16 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Backstage, Reigns is asked about his reaction to the match to which he said, "the Monster didn't show mercy, neither will I".

02:15 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Both men are on the outside; Cena goes towards Strowman but the Monster Among Men hits Cena with the steps. Strowman throws the steel steps into the ring and powerslams Cena into the steps.

John Cena wins via disqualification against Braun Strowman.

02:13 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Cena again goes for the AA, but Strowman is too big and too heavy for him and doesn't land the AA. Strowman covers Cena, but just the two count. Strowman runs into the post and Cena lands a suplex. Cena tries to go for the five knuckle shuffle, but Strowman gets on his feet and landed a huge spinebuster. Both men are on the ground. 

Strowman again goes to the post and Cena lands the AA, but Strowman smartly moves out of the ring.

02:11 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Back from the commercial break, Strowman still in control of the match. Cena somehow gets Strowman out of the ring using the ropes. Cena recovers and throws Strowman into the post. 

02:09 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

02:07 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Cena tries to fight back with a few shots and then goes for the AA, but Strowman is too big for him. Strowman pushes Cena to the ground and then lands a big right hand. Cena is in the corner and Strowman tries to go for a splash, but Cena gets a boot on The Monster Among Men; but Strowman recovers quickly and quickly throws Cena to the ground once again.

02:05 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Cena tries to counter and lands a dropkick but Strowman doesn't flinch; Strowman does the unthinkable - he lands a huge dropkick of his own and follows it up with a huge splash on Cena.

02:04 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Strowman lands a huge splash on Cena in the corner and then headbutts him to the floor. Cena already looks a little tired; Strowman clotheslines Cena once again. Cena hasn't been in the competition yet. Strowman seems like he's too big, too strong for Cena.

02:03 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Strowman and Cena now! The two lock horns and almost immediately Cena is pushed out of the ring. Cena dodges Strowman multiple times and then gets him in a headlock; Strowman then lands a huge clothesline.

01:59 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:58 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:53 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Elias then lands a Drift Away and the three count.

Elias defeats Kalisto

01:53 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Kalisto somehow counters and goes for a roll-up cover, but just the two. He then lands a dropkick and a tornado DDT; covers, but just the two count. Kalisto goes to the top rope but Elias is not there. Elias grabs Kalisto and lands a huge powerbomb.

01:51 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Elias lands a few kicks on Kalisto and then clotheslines him, covers and just the two count. 

He then works on Kalisto's left arm and then uses his power to lift him over his head and drop him to the floor. Elias again goes to work on Kalisto's arm. 

01:50 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Kalisto lands a few shots on Elias' knee; he then goes to the top and lands a crossbody and then a huge kick. Kalisto then goes over the top rope and lands another crossbody. Elias uses is his power to throw Kalisto on the apron - that was hard!

01:48 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Elias is in the ring with his trusted friend - his guitar. He sings his usual tirade against the city the event is in and he is interrupted by Kalisto. 

01:47 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:40 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

The commentary team have confirmed that NXT's Asuka will now move to the Raw roster!

In the locker room, Bliss is complaining to Nia Jaxx about a number of things. 

Bliss asks Jax if they can be best friends again, but Jax drops a bombshell by saying that she asked Raw GM Kurt Angle about a one-on-one match and that the two will face off next week!

01:38 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Backstage, Ambrose & Rollins asks Kurt Angle for a match against all of them. Angle says that they can face off against Gallows & Anderson, and Sheamus & Cesaro, if they can find another tag team for a four-man tag team. 

01:34 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:32 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:31 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Even before the start of the match, Sheamus & Cesaro and the current tag champs assault each other, and Anderson & Gallows join in -- all this happening near the commentary table. They didn't even get to the ring!

01:30 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are to take on former tag champs, Sheamus & Cesaro in tag action right now, with the current tag champions, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose on commentary.

01:25 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro are interviewed as they are asked about Gallows & Anderson, and the former tag champs say that Gallows & Anderson are more of a threat than Rollins & Ambrose. 

The two also say that Rollins & Ambrose are 'selfish' and that they will regain the title back in No Mercy. 

01:22 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Wyatt has, what looks like a piece of cloth and rubs the paint off Goldust's face and looks at the camera and says, "he's just the man, just like Finn Balor." 

Balor's music hits and he runs to the ring to get a piece of Wyatt, but Wyatt moves out of the ring.

01:21 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Wyatt takes control once again and throws Goldust into the steel post. The Eater of the Worlds then lands a huge Sister Abigail and gets the three count.

Goldust humiliated on Raw.

Bray Wyatt beats Goldust

01:20 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Goldust goes at Wyatt immediately; the fight goes outside almost immediately and lands a huge clothesline. Back in the ring, Wyatt counters with a huge clothesline of his own and then a few right hands. Wyatt goes for a huge leg drop but Goldust moves away. Goldust lands a crossbody on the outside.

01:17 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

01:17 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

Goldust is now to take on The Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. Wyatt then has a video promo before he makes his appearance. 

01:13 (GMT)12 SEP 2017

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