WWE Raw Results 12/12/16, live updates

Updated: 13 December 2016 09:39 IST - Published: December, 12 2016 10:30 PM IST

Big Cass vs Rusev is added to the Roadblock:End Of The Line Kickoff show.

The New Day(c) vs Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

The New Day comes out looking visibly upset. Owens & Jericho then make their way out, with both seeming to be temporarily being on the same page. Rollins and Reigns then make their way to the ring.

Rollins and Xavier Woods go first. Xavier Woods gets the early offence on Rollins.  However, Rollins hits Woods with a sling blade and then tags in Roman who gets a polarising reaction. Xavier then tags in Big E and the two muscles of their teams  face off. Big E shows off some of his athletic ability. Jericho tags in Big E when Roman got some offence on him. Jericho and Kevin Owens use teamwork to attack Big E. Jericho hits an elbow off the top rope to Big E. 

Big E collided into Owens which gave him the opportunity to tag  in Xavier Woods. Woods, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Chris Jericho are on the top ropes, and Roman Reigns and Big E give powerbombs from the top rope respectively.

After the commercial, Owens has the advantage over Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods manages to tag in Big E while Owens tags in Jericho. Big E hits Jericho with 3 consecutive Belly-to-Belly's.  

Rollins tags Big E and then hits Jericho with a suicide dive. The action goes outside while Reigns is tagged in. He hits Jericho with a powerbomb but Jericho kicks out. 

Roman hits Owens with a superman punch, allowing Jericho to hit the small package, which Roman kicks out of. Xavier Woods tags Jericho and gets offence on Reigns, even hitting him with a flying dropkick. 

Rollins tags Roman and hits him with the knee, followed by a superkick to Owens. While he tries to hit a flying elbow, Jericho sweeps his legs pushing him down, which allows Owens to hit the cannon ball. Jericho hits the lion sault on Woods but he kicks out. 

Jericho then has Xavier Woods locked into the Walls Of Jericho in the middle of the ring. Woods manages to convert it to a small package, which Jericho escapes. 

Kevin Owens then hits Owens with a pop up which Jericho converts to a code breaker. Owens tries to hold Rollins but Rollins pushed Owens to break the pin.

A misunderstanding ensues between Owens and Jericho when Jericho thought Owens broke up the pin intentionally. Rollins then comes in and pedigrees Jericho while Owens is pushed out of the ring. 

Rollins too is brought out while Big E holds Owens' leg, and Xavier Woods places his hand over Chris Jericho to pick up the win and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.

After the match, Owens and Jericho get into an argument, and while Jericho leaves, Roman Reigns hits Ownes with a spear, and holds both the United States and Universal Championship high to close the show.


Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal

This match is being teased as Zayn's possible last match on Raw. He is crushing Jinder Mahal but the commentators are focusing more on Zayn, his potential and everything BUT the match. Jinder Mahal gets some offence on Zayn, and the commentators continue to only talk about Sami Zayn possibly leaving. Jinder Mahal puts a rest hold on Zayn for a while, but Zayn counters and hits Jinder Mahal with a clothesline.  Zayn then hits Jinder with an exploder suplex and then a Helluva kick, pinning him and being victorious on his possible last match on Raw.

Foley's music hits, and it goes to commercial break. After the break, Foley says that he spoke to Bryan and they traded him for a talent of "equal value". Zayn once more asked if he could get the match with Strowman, but  Foley refuses. He then says that the talent he traded him for was Eva Marie, which infuriates Zayn. Zayn says that he is worth a 100 Eva Maries, a 1000 Eva Maries.

A heated conversation exchange happens, and then Sami Zayn demands Braun Strowman. And Foley gives it to him. Foley then revealed that there was never any trade, and he wanted to see how bad Zayn wanted it. Foley says that he has ten minutes on Roadblock: End Of The Line to prove to Foley, Stephanie and the WWE Universe to beat Strowman and prove why they should all believe in Sami Zayn.

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn is set for Roadblock: End Of The Line


Kevin Owens is backstage complaining to Jericho about Foley's decision to add Roman & Seth into the Tag Team Championship match and says that it's just another team they have to overcome, just like its been and always will be. Jericho questions Owens' "always will be" statement and tells him to focus just on the match tonight.

Sami Zayn is walking out for a match, in what the commentators teased as his possible last match on Monday Night Raw

Sami Zayn is set to face Jinder Mahal


Lana introduces Rusev with a jab at Enzo Amore saying "He is my husband, which means, as Enzo Amore found out means that he is the only one that can have me"

The crowd starts chanting USA. Rusev says that he has destroyed all American heroes, but last week was different, but last week he took out "American Trash". He said that the "G" in "Certified G" sounds for "Garbage". He says that after he dumped Enzo Amore out, he and Lana "took care of business", and asked the crowd if they would like to see it, which was met with "Yes!" chants. 

Rusev says that the video is edgy, and Lana says that children should close their eyes. The video highlights the beating Enzo received last week from Rusev. The camera cuts back to the arena, and Rusev and Lana start laughing. Lana asks the crowd if they actually thought that they were going to show what they did behind closed doors. 

Lana calls the crowd gullible, just like Enzo Amore, and calls him delusional and pathetic for thinking that he had a shot with her.  Rusev says that if anyone disrespects his wife then he will Crush them, and Lana spells out "C-R-U-S-H" mocking Enzo & Cass.

Big Cass then comes out to a huge pop. Big Cass says that Enzo is recuperating, and then starts attacking Rusev. However, when they take it out, Rusev gives Cass a kick to the head and then slams his head against the ring post before groggily walking away.


Rusev and Lana walk to the ring. Their "Behind Closed Doors" segment is up next.


Bayley vs Alicia Fox

A backstage video clip is shown of Alicia Fox once again insulting Bayley over Cedric Alexander and calls Bayley's victory over her last week a fluke. The match starts off with Bayley dominating. Alicia Fox then begins to get more offence and even gives Bayley a Northern Lights Suplex. But Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly out of nowhere to pick up the win.


Michael Cole once against hints that the Sasha Banks-Charlotte match will culminate at Roadblock: End Of The Line. Corey Graves emphasises that there is no rematch clause in the contract, so the feud will end no matter who wins.

A video package is shown highlighting the feud between Charlotte and Sasha Banks and the history they made together. Incredible video package highlighting the incredible 5-and-a-half-month feud. 

Bayley is up in action next


Backstage, Mick Foley runs into Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns walking together. He says that Roman and Seth remind them of a young brash tag team from many years ago, referring to "The Rock N' Sock Connection" and says that tonight's main event will be another Triple Threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championships, with Roman and Seth being added to the mix.

Tonight's main event - The New Day(c) vs Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championships


TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick
TJ Perkins makes his entrance followed by The Brian Kendrick. The Brian Kendrick tried to extend his hand but Perkins buys none of it.

A lot of back and forth between the two rivals. Perkins tried looking for the Detonation Kick but Kendrick avoided, and TJP then sent Kendrick out of the ring, giving TJP the advantage

Back after the commercial break, Kendrick has the advantage. TJP Perkins counters with a spinning pick.

Rich Swann is watching the match from the back.

TJP gets the momentum with multiple modes of offense on The Wizard Of Odd.  He hits Kendrick with a drop kick from the top rope and tries to pin him but Kendrick kicks out at 2. 

Kendrick begins to get frustrated, and when he tries to go for Captain's Hook, Perkins counters to a knee bar, which Kendrick  breaks after reaching the ropes. 

Kendrick then manages to hit the sliced bread onto Perkins and pinned him for the victory.


A preview of Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Iron Man Match at Roadblock: End Of The Line is shown and the commentators said that it will be the conclusion of their feud.

Up next is TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick.

Rich Swann is backstage being interviewed by Charly Caruso. They show a highlight of the 205 Live match between Rich Swann and Brian Kendrick and the finish and post-match brawl. It is mentioned that Rich Swann defends his title against both The Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins in a Triple Threat match at Roadblock: End Of The Line. 

The Brian Kendrick says that he lost because of TJ Perkins on 205 Live and that there are no alliances in the match. Swann notices that he is trying to drive a wedge between the two. 


Rollins makes his entrance. He once again demands Triple H. He says that his path to getting to him means he'll need to go through Owens and the Universal Championship. While he needs to do that, he also needs to get rid of his "maybe" best friend Chris Jericho. He introduces Kevin Owens, his guest for the night, who he says he has lots of unfinished business with

Kevin Owens walks out and then walks back in to get his own chair and places it on the entrance ramp and sits. Rollins asks if he can't get there without holding Chris Jericho's hands. Kevin Owens says he doesn't care about the Rollins Report and has an announcement to make. Rollins asks how his friendship with Chris Jericho. Rollins keeps cutting him off, but Owens threatens him.

Owens says that The New Day, after what they did earlier in the night to Stephanie, will have to defend their titles once more tonight against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Jericho comes out to chants of "Y2J" and asks Owens if he's crazy, and that if he really thought he would agree to tag with him ever again.

Owens says that they need to move on from the past, and Stephanie made the match whether he likes it or not. He says that they have a chance to win the tag team titles. Rollins' once again tries to drive a wedge between the two and calls him a "Stupid Idiot" to a huge pop. 

Jericho is about to put Rollins on the list but stops before he says that he made the list, and says that he will put him on the list of disabled people. Owens and Jericho then circle the ring and start attacking Seth Rollins together.  


The Rollins Report is next!


Ariya Daivari vs Lince Dorado

Ariya Daivari makes his entrance, and a highlight package is shown of Daivari attacking Jack Gallagher after their match last Monday. His opponent, Lince Dorado makes his entrance.  Daivari puts some rest holds on Dorado to start, but Dorado counters with flips.

Dorado hits Daivari with strikes but Daivari hits Dorado with a clothesline, which Dorado sells like anything. Jack Gallagher comes out. Gallagher says that he intends to interfere in the match, and calls Daivari a "scoundrel", and Daivari is met with chants of "scoundrel".

Gallagher then says that he intends to give Daivari a thrashing. Daivari comes out to get him but Gallagher gets the upper hand when in the ring and dropkicks him out.


The commentator's tone changes when highlighting Sami Zayn's obsession with fighting Braun Strowman and highlight his beating by the giant and also his confrontation with Mick Foley two weeks ago.

Braun Strowman vs Curtis Axel
Braun Strowman makes his entrance

After the commercial break, it goes backstage with Stephanie McMahon wiping herself. Kevin Owens comes in and tells Stephanie that what The New Day did was disgusting and that they do not deserve to break the record. He tells Stephanie that he has an idea, and Stephanie says that she will get to him.

Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring, and the match goes as expected, with Strowman squashing Curtis Axel in under two minutes. After the match, Byron Saxton asks Strowman  what he thought of Sami Zayn's tweet towards Strowman earlier that evening. Strowman says that from where he is standing, Sami Zayn looks just like Curtis Axel, squashed on the floor.

Backstage, Mick Foley is watching and Sami Zayn storms in, and keeps demanding a match with Strowman, and tells Foley that he wouldn't be who he was today if someone held him back. Foley responds that sometimes he wishes someone was there to save him. Zayn, distraught, says that his hero and boss doesn't believe in him, and that maybe he should go somewhere where he will get an opportunity, and that he shouldn't be on Raw. The crowd pops big hearing this.

Foley tells Zayn that he'll call Daniel Bryan and work out a trade. 


Backstage, the party begins for The New Day, and some WWE superstars including Bayley, Darren Young, and also Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. Stephanie toasts to The New Day and when they open the champagne, it pours over Stephanie, who is drenched and furious and topples the big bowl of Booty Os before storming out.


The New Day vs Gallows & Anderson vs Sheamus & Cesaro

Monday Night Raw opens with The New Day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Big E says that tonight The New Day joins "The Immortals".  Xavier says that it is a chance to propel not only themselves but everyone who wore a New Day shirt. Xavier Woods dedicates the night and breaking the record to his grandma, and the crowd starts chanting "Grandma". 

Xavier says that they have one obstacle left, the triple threat against Gallows & Anderson, and Sheamus & Cesaro.

Cesaro and Kofi Kingston start the action, with power spots from The Swiss Superman and high flying spots from Kofi. Cesaro tags in Sheamus and he begins to dominate Kofi in the early part of the match. Kofi manages to get the tag to Big E, and the momentum falls on The New Day's side. Big E then tags Kofi back, and when pushed back by Kofi, Karl Anderson tags Sheamus in. 

Anderson gets some offense on Kofi and promptly tags Gallows in.

We come back from commercial break and The Club still has the advantage over Kofi Kingston. Gallows hits Kofi with an Elbow, and Big E comes in to interfere but The Club double team slam him.Kofi finally gets an advantage when he pushes Gallows towards Cesaro(who Gallows punches out), and Kofi uses the ropes to dropkick Gallows. Sheamus tags in a fatigued Kofi, and gets Gallows onto the ropes where he starts pounding his chest. He gets Gallows in and tries to pin him but Big E saves it. Gallows and Anderson then hit "The Boot Of Doom" on Sheamus, and Cesaro manages to make the save for his team. The Swiss Super man then gets in and becomes a one man army, first hitting Anderson with a "Swiss-One-Nine"(619), before knocking out every single opponent outside as well. The Swiss Superman holds Anderson and Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick. However, Kofi hits Sheamus with a Trouble in Paradise, while Big E holds Cesaro's leg, allowing Kofi to pin Sheamus, and picking up the win.And the new longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE History - The New Day!


Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman planned for tonight's RAW?

Sami Zayn could face Braun Strowman tonight WWE has been teasing the mammoth David vs. Goliath match for this evening's RAW and if all goes according to plan, Sami Zayn could in for a rough ride. Check out WWE's preview below that points towards the match happening, which was most likely set to go down at Roadblock:



The New Day look to make history in tough Triple Threat Match

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day are on the cusp of becoming the longest reigning tandem titleholders in WWE history — in fact, they tie Demolition’s record at midnight after Monday’s Raw — but first they’ll need to get past Sheamus & Cesaro and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E have beaten the odds before, sometimes by bending the rules.

However, with a record on the line, the stakes have perhaps never been higher for the Booty-O’s chomping trio. Can The Power of Positivity propel The New Day into the record books?

Iron sharpens iron as Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair aim to settle the score

One week after Sasha Banks dedicated her third Raw Women’s Championship victory over Charlotte Flair to Ric Flair — The Queen’s father — the bitter former titleholder used a faux “public apology” to humiliate her dad, leading to a brawl that left The Boss battered in the middle of the ring.

The incident came just moments after we learned that Sasha will defend her title against Charlotte in a 30-Minute WWE  Iron Man Match at Roadblock: End of the Line, a bout that will serve as the decisive and perhaps final battle of one of The New Era’s most personal rivalries.After being laid out by The Queen Monday night, will The Boss retaliate this week, live in Philadelphia?

“Best friends” no more?

The saga between Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has taken some strange turns as of late, but after The Prizefighter inadvertently cost the curator of “The List” a potential United States Championship win against Roman Reigns, it’s hard to believe that reconciliation is in the cards.

Six days before Owens defends his title against The Big Dog atRoadblock: End of the Line, and as Jericho goes into battle against Seth Rollins at that event on Sunday, Dec. 18, will “The Kevin Owens Show” bring us a cast reunion, or is Jeri-KO finished?

The Emmalina makeover is here!

After weeks of speculation, Emma’s makeover to Emmalina will finally premiere on Raw! Although it’s difficult to extract anything concrete from the promotional videos that have recently aired during Raw, it’s easy to assume that Emma’s transformation is something the WWE Universe won’t want to miss. How will the debut of Emmalina impact the Women’s division on Team Red?

Enzo Amore checks in, but he doesn’t check out

Thinking he was in store for an amorous hotel room rendezvous with Lana — whose relationship with her husband Rusev was seemingly on the rocks — Enzo Amore instead fell victim to a savage beating by The Bulgarian Brute, who mauled the unsuspecting Enzo and left him barely conscious in the hallway.How will “Muscles Marinara” and his partner, Big Cass, respond to this sinister sneak attack this coming Monday night?

Will Mick Foley give Sami Zayn his match with Braun Strowman?

Showing utter disregard for his own wellbeing, Sami Zayn continues to defy Raw General Manager Mick Foley in pursuit of a match against the imposing Braun Strowman. 

However, thus far he’s been unsuccessful in convincing The Hardcore Legend that’s he is up to the task — especially given his recent encounters with The Monster 

Among Men.After suffering defeat at the hands of longtime foe and reigning WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens last Monday night, The Underdog from the Underground is undoubtedly more determined than ever to get what he wants, despite the risks it presents. Will we soon see Zayn go up against The Abominable Strowman as he has previously demanded? Is Zayn’s desire courageous or, as Foley has suggested, foolish.


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