WWE Raw Results 12/5/16, live updates

Updated: 06 December 2016 09:43 IST - Published: December, 05 2016 09:32 PM IST

Charlotte Apologizes To Ric Flair
Charlotte comes out and apologises for what she did to Ric Flair last May which she realised last week on Raw. She calls herself a cold-hearted bitch of a daughter. We cut to footage from last May as we see Charlotte berate Ric for the 3rd time tonight.

Charlotte says that it was hard losing her title last Monday night but it was harder for her to see Ric come raise Sasha's hand after the match. She adds that it made her feel like she failed as a daughter and no one other than her knew what it was to be Ric Flair's daughter.

She then proceeded to invite Flair out to the ring.

Charlotte then feinted a hug to Flair as he came out to the ring before slapping him across the face and calling him a son of a b*tch for turning his back on his own daughter.

Sasha came out to defend Ric but Charlotte completely destroyed her, beating her black and blue from pillar to post before depositing her limp body at Ric Flair's feet as Raw went off air. 


Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Club (for the #1 contendership to the WWE Raw Tag-Team Championships)

Karl Anderson and Cesaro start us off as Cesaro starts off well. he tags in Sheamus who hits a midrope spear to Karl Anderson, who tags in Luke Gallows. Sheamus hit a backbreaker on Gallows who rolls out of the way and are distracted by New Day, who are partying at ringside.

Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a couple of uppercuts before tagging in Cesaro as we head to commercial.

We come back from commercial to see Karl Anderson in control as he hit Cesaro with a Spinebuster. Anderson then tagged in Gallows who knocked Sheamus off the apron as Anderson hit a backbreaker on Cesaro.

The Club went for a Magic Killer but Sheamus intervened and  spun Cesaro into hitting a DDT. Cesaro then finally tagged Sheamus in who went right to work on Karl Anderson before hitting a Luke Gallows with Fireman's Carry followed by another to Anderson.

Chaos broke out after this as all 4 men went at it and we had a brawl at ringside as New Day also got involved in the melee. Things just majorly broke down as Cesaro and Sheamus Powerbombed Kofi Kingston into his mates as we have to wait to find out who the #1 contenders are.

Match ended in no result


Rusev vs Big Cass

Big Cass came to the ring but Rusev was nowhere to be found. He called Enzo on the phone to warn him as we cut to footage of Enzo cutting Cass' call and entering Lana's hotel room. Lana covinced Enzo into taking his clothes off before it turned out to be a trap. She called out Rusev who destroyed Enzo completely while he was in his boxers. He ended the beatdown by breaking a glass flower vase on Enzo's head.


Roman Reigns (C) vs Chris Jericho (for the WWE US Championship)
Jericho came out of the block really quick as he looked to take the fight to Jericho. Roman fought back quickly however as he looked for an early Superman Punch but Jericho countered with a dropkick, driving Reigns outside the ring as we head to commercial.

We come back from the break to see Jericho all over Reigns as he had Reigns locked up in a headlock. Reigns tried to fight back but Jericho sent him crashing out to ringside which he followed with a springboard dropkick as Roman got up on the apron.

Jericho followed  Roman out but got hit by a Drive By for his troubles. Back in the ring, Roman looked to hit a Superman Punch but Jericho countered and hit a Lionsault on a downed Roman Reigns.

Jericho went to deal further damage but Roman hit a Samoan Drop out of nowhere followed by a Superman Punch. Roman went for a cover by Jericho kicked out at 2 as Roman gestured for a spear. Jericho countered and went for a Codebreaker but Roman countered the counter and hit a huge Powerbomb for the nearfall.

Roman then went for a corner Spear but Jericho dodged it and Roman crashed into the corner as Jericho rolled Roman up for the nearfall. Jericho followed this up with a failed Walls Of Jericho attempt, after which he hit an Enzeguiri and finally locked in the Walls Of Jericho.

After struggling, Reigns finally reached the ropes. At this point, with the referee's back turned, Owens hit a Superkick which Jericho followed up with a Codebreaker for the nearfall.

Owensand Jericho argued on the apron as Jericho screamed at Owens to leave. Owens left and Jericho got Speared almost as soon as he turned around. Roman Reigns went for the cover and picked up the win.

Roman Reigns def. Chris Jericho


Mark Henry vs Titus O' Neil
This match literally lasted less than 10 seconds as Mark Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam as soon as the match started and got the 3 count.

Mark Henry def. Titus O' Neil


Alicia Fox vs Bayley
The basis of this match was the fact that Bayley gave a 'Bayley Bear' to Cedric Alexander, Alicia Fox's new love interest. Alicia Fox started off strong taking the fight to Bayley. However, Bayley weathered the earlly storm and hit a Bayley-To-Belly Suplex for the win. This one was a glorified Squash.

Bayley def. Alicia Fox 


Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins
The new Cruiserweight Champion and the first Cruiserweight Champion start off at a frantic pace as the crowd go nuts. The pace is so frantic that its almost hard to keep up as they go back and forth. Swann hits a Russian Leg Sweep followed by a Rolling Thunder. Swann looks more over than Kendrick or Perkins were as champion as he locks in a modified standing surfboard.

Perkins breaks out and hits an atomic drop followed by a couple of right hands before he hit a low dropkick. Perkins now has Swann hung up on the turnbuckle as he hit a running dropkick for the 2-count. Perkins then went for a kneebar but Swann reversed it into a cover for a 2-count. Perkins followed it up by tripping Swann onto the middle rope and hit his trademark wrecking ball dropkick to Swann.

Perkins looked to have Swann right where he wanted him and tried to follow it up with some sort of springboard move but Swann caught him with a Rich Kick as he came down, nearly taking off Perkins' head in the process. A cover from Swann as he continued his momentum by picking up a huge win. Great match.

Rich Swann def. TJ Perkins


Sasha Banks in backstage with Charli Carruso and she challenged Charlotte to a Ironman match at Roadblock End Of The Line. Will Charlotte accept? We'll find out later tonight!


Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens start off by trading punches as Owens looks worse for wear from the Pedigree he received earlier in the night. Owens rolls out as Zayn follows him and drives him right  into the barricade.

Zayn then rolled Owens back in the ring but Owens got up and hit him with an enzeguiri as he was getting back into the ring and followed it up with an over-the-top-rope senton. Zayn replied with a tope codheiro of his own as we headed for the break.

We came back to see Zayn in a headlock but Sami broke out and hit a clothesline. He followed it up with a tornado DDT on the apron as he lay Owens out at ringside. Zayn rolled Owens back in but the wily Owens just rolled out again as Zayn hits the Tornado DDT through the turnbuckle before rolling Owens back into the ring again.

Sami followed it up with a half and half suplex after which he took Owens to the top turnbuckle and attempted a superplex. Owens blocked it and countered it into a top rope Fisherman Suplex for the nearfall. Owens followed it up with a cannonball on Zayn which he followed up with a second. As Owens attempted a third, Zayn blocked it and hit another tornado DDT.

Zayn followed it up with two Exploder Suplexes before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb. Owens barely kicked out of it and rolled out again but Zayn followed him. Sami hit another Exploder Suplex at ringside before rolling Owens back into the ring. As Sami rolled back into the ring, Owens hit a Pop Up Powerbomb out of nowhere! Owens pinned Zayn for the win.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn


Jack Gallagher vs Ariya Daivari
The 'extra ordinary gentleman' Jack Gallagher makes his Raw debut against Ariya Daivari. The two start off with by trading lock ups and Jack Gallagher escapes Daivari's headlock in the most unique way I've seen. Daivri reaches for the ropes but takes advantage as Gallagher backs off and sends him neck first onto the top rope.

Gallagher mounts a comeback with  devastating headbutt on Daivari which he followed up with a running dropkick to the corner and goes for a cover. 1 - 2 - 3! This one is over!

Jack Gallagher def. Ariya Daivari

Gallagher goes for a handshake after the match but Daivari attacked him instead, laying out Jack Gallagher.


Seth Rollins vs Big Show
The returning Big Show is all over Seth Rollins in the opening stages as he tosses Rollins around the ring, much to Kevin Owens' joy. Rollins goes for a suicide dive on Big Show after stunning him for a second but Big Show caught Rollins by the throat and threw him face first onto the barricade.

Back in the ring, Show went for a chokeslam but Rolllins broke out and worked on Big Show's left left which he followed by a DDT. He followed it up with an apron Enzeguiri followed by three flying knees which finally got the Big Show off his feet. Rollins tried to follow it up with a Pedigree but Big Show countered with a back body drop.

Owens got on the apron at this time and screamed instructions to the Big Show which ticked off the big man. He caught Owens by the throat and chokeslammed him before leaving the ring and leaving Owens to Rollins mercy.

Rollins won the match by count out after Show walked away and followed it up with a Pedigree on Kevin Owens.

Seth Rollins def. Big Show


Seth Rollins kicks off the show
Seth Rollins just came out and said that he had something to get off his chest - he wanted Triple H. Rollins said life was about choices, like when he started the Shield. Similarly, Triple H chose to back Kevin Owens intsead of himself.

Rollins said that to get to Triple H, he would have to beat Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship! 

Kevin Owens came out at this point after Rollins said he wasn't ready for the primetime. Owens tells Rollins that he didn't have to worry about his relationship with Jericho and last week was just a disagreement. In fact, Owens added that he was such a good friend that he got Jericho 3 gifts for the holiday season.

Owens went on to announce that he wouldn't defend the title against Rollins tonight. He added that Jericho would face Roman Reigns tonight for the US Title while he had a surprise in store for Seth Rollins.

Owens then proceeded to introduce Rollins' opponent - The Big Show.



The Queen and The Boss

Sasha Banks shocked Charlotte last week on Raw in her
hometown, Charlotte, NC. Sasha and Charlotte’s rivalry has been one of the most
intense rivalries in wrestling this year, not just in the WWE. The two of them
have helped elevate women’s wrestling to the highest point that it has ever

Their feud seemed to be over at Hell In A Cell when
Charlotte beat Sasha in Sasha’s hometown. However, Sasha beat Charlotte last
week after making her tap in their Falls Count Anywhere match as they main
evented Raw again.

However, it looks like their rivalry won’t be over anytime

The New Champion

Rich Swann enters Raw as the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion,
having beaten Brian Kendrick in their championship match on the main event of
the debut episode of 205 Live, last week. Raw’s Cruiserweight division has been
a failure so far and it looks like WWE management are looking at Rich Swann to
carry the division forward in his immensely talented shoulders.

Swann’s real life story is one of the most heart wrenching amongst
the WWE roster and Swann has fought all the odds to get to where he is today
and the talented high-flyer won’t fail at this challenge either.


Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn and Mick Foley had a heated argument on Raw last
week with rumours flying around that Zayn would soon be departing Raw and
heading to the blue brand. The story was fueled further by SmackDown Live GM
Daniel Bryan’s comments on Twitter and it will be interesting to see what
happens with Zayn tonight.

Sami Zayn is one of the most talented wrestlers on WWE’s
roster right now, which he has proved time and time again. However, the former
NXT Champion has been criminally underutilized since the brand split and has
recently been in a one-sided programmed with Braun Strowman.


All Roman Everything

Rumours have been flying around all week that Roman Reigns
will beat Kevin Owens at WWE Roadblock and become a double champion similar to
Conor McGregor. Whether or not that is true, Roman beat Kevin Owens clean on
Raw last week to add another nail to Owens’ failed championship run.

Making Roman double champion is a fatal mistake that Vince
McMahon should avoid but if history is a guideline, Vince may just push Roman
down our throats again.

With that being said, expect Roman to be all over Owens
tonight on Raw.

A huge debut?

Emma finally seems set to make her re-debut as Emmalina. WWE
have run vignettes hyping up her return for weeks and it will be interesting to
see what character tweaks she has when she returns to television.

The Aussie is an immensely talented wrestler and it will be
interesting to see whether she finally gets a well-deserved push. Emma has all
the tools required to be a top female Superstar on Raw and it will be
interesting to see who her first feud will be upon return.


Seth Rollins attacked Chris Jericho in the parking lot last
week and Pedigree-d him on the hood of a car, reportedly sending Y2J to the
hospital. It will be interesting to see whether Jericho will be on Raw tonight
and what his state of mind will be. 

Jericho also appeared to have a falling out with “best-friend”
Kevin Owens last week so it will be interesting to see where that goes.

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