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WWE Raw Results 12th September 2016, live updates

Will Roman Reigns force himself into the WWE Universal Title picture with a victory over Champion Kevin Owens today?
Updated: 13 September 2016 08:46 IST - Published: 12 September 2016 23:38 IST

Rusev isn't done though, as he delivers a nasty Superkick to Reigns before locking in the Accolade as Lana looks on from the ramp. A highly entertaining episode of Raw goes off air with Roman Reigns unconscious and trapped in Accolade, with the crowd chanting for Rusev. 

Thank you for joining us in our live coverage, and we will see you tomorrow for SmackDown! SK Out \m/


We come back from commercials with Owens in control of Reigns, with a headlock in the middle of the ring to the floored Roman.

Reigns eventually staggers back to his feet, and punches Owens to create separation, before sending him against the turnbuckle. He follows up with a spear which Owens sidesteps.

Owens then whips Reigns into the barricade on the outside, before gloating to the crowd! Wait! It's Seth Rollins who attacks Owens from behind! The bell is rung for disqualification, as an irate Mick Foley comes out and screams at Rollins to go back inside, before restarting the match!

Roman utilizes the shift in momentum to take the attack to Owens. He converts an attempted superkick by Owens into a Samoan Drop! Cover! Near fall!

Reigns still has the upper hand as he looks to stomp on Owens in the corner, before elevating him to the top of the turnbuckle. Reigns looks to be setting up a superplex, but Owens fights him off and positions himself for a Frogsplash.

Reigns this time disrupts him with a right hand, before setting up another Superplex that Owens converts into a Fisherman's Suplex from the middle rope! Cover! 1-2-Kickout!

Owens lands a Frogsplash next! Cover! Near fall again!

Owens seems to be at his wits end, as he tells Reigns to stay down. Reigns tries to fight back but runs into a Superkick! Owens with a Cannonball but nobody home!

Reigns sets up the spear but Owens kicks him in the face. Roman though, hits the Superman punch! Owens is down. Cover. 1-2-Near Fall! What a match this is!

Owens rolls outside and rests against the apron, and is met with a Drive-by from Reigns. Reigns gets him into the ring but Owens Superkicks him out of nowhere and gets him slumped against the bottom turnbuckle. 2 back-to-back Cannon Balls follow!

Kevin Owens then sets up Reigns for the Pop-up Powerbomb, but Roman evades it and rolls-up Owens into a Sit-up Powerbomb. Cover! 1-2-Near Fall! Wait! Wait! It's Rusev! Rusev is here!

Roman Reigns goes after Rusev with a Superman Punch to send him spiralling from the ring apron. Kevin Owens makes use of the distraction to land a Pop-up Powerbomb to Reigns!

Cover! 1-2-3! Owens wins! What.A.Match!


The match begins as Kevin Owens slips outside the ring, refusing to engage. Reigns goes after him with strong right hands and headbutts outside the ring. 

He pushes Owens into the ring, where the Champion finds his feet again and attacks Reigns with kicks and elbows. He has Roman reeling, as he decides to trash talk him. Bad move.

Reigns responds with huge right hands and base ball slides Owens out of the ring. Outside, he tries to pile on the Champion, only for Owens to reverse the tide and create separation by sending Reigns into the barricade.

They take the fight back into the ring, as Owens gains control again by grounding Reigns and keeping him on the mat with stomps, kicks and a chinlock. Something Michael Cole describes as 'classic Owens'.

Owens tries to keep Reigns in the Chinlock, but Reigns gets to his feet and drops Owens before gaining momentum and landing a couple of heavy clotheslines off the rope to him.

He looks to get ready to land a Superman Punch, but Owens rolls outside wisely. Roman follows him running, but is met with a kick to the midriff for his troubles. He then sends Roman facefirst into the ringpost, before getting back into the ring as we cut to a break.


Kevin Owens cuts an EPIC promo backstage when Rollins gets into his face. It's just too good to put into words. If you get footage of it, I suggest you watch it for yourself.

Roman Reigns is out next to a chorus of boos. Kevin Owens is out to really loud cheers. Gotta love the WWE crowds nowadays.


The Main Event of Raw, Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Title is up next!


They cut their usual promo announcing themselves, a the crowd duel between chants of 'How you doin?' and singing 'Oh Enzo Amore'. Enzo then proceeds to rip into the Shining Stars and Cass joins in with his S-A-W-F-T routine.

Shining Stars are out next, holding their hibiscus flowers and distributing brochures promoting tourism to Puerto Rico  to the audience at ringside. LOL if there was ever a time to say it.

Epico starts off with Enzo, and pretty much ragdolls him, slamming him against the turnbuckle before landing a German Suplex and a Vertical Suplex. Into the cover, but Enzo kicks out.

Enzo then recovers sufficiently to get in some offence of his own, flooring Epico with a one-two before going up on top of the turn buckle. Primo tries to distract him from outside the ring but is met with a big boot from Cass. 

Epico hits a suicide dive on Cass from through he second rope, and Enzo goes to the top rope and lands a cross body on him. He gets back into the ring, bur Epico manages to get inside and pin him near the ropes, while Primo holds his legs to prevent Enzo from kicking out.

1,2,3! Shining Stars defeat Enzo and Cass for the second week running! Golly.


Enzo and Cass are out to a huge pop! 


Jinder Mahal is out next! The excitement in the crowd is palpable -.-

He gets a microphone as well, to tell the people that he felt rage in his absence, which has now been replaced by inner peace. And he continues to put people to sleep when he is interrupted by the returning Jack Swagger.

Mahal cheap shots Swagger to begin the match before choking him against the ropes with his foot. The crowd, predictably, chant for USA as Mahal is dishing out all the early offence.

Swagger manages to create some separation by rolling out of the ring, and meets an oncoming Mahal with an elbow before sending him into the ring again. Mahal gets in a shot meanwhile, that sends Swagger to the mat, and tries to pin him twice, both times unsuccessfully.

Swagger recovers to hit a back body drop on Mahal before hitting him with a belly to belly as well. Mahal fights out and hits a pull-in Neckbreaker on Swagger. Cover! 1,2,3!

Jinder Mahal picks up the victory over Jack Swagger! Mini push for the heel?


Anderson and Xavier lock up, as Woods runs the ropes before hitting a dropkick on Anderson! He then wrenches Anderson's arm, before hitting it with his forearm to the beat of the crowd chanting 'New Day Rocks!'

Tag made to Kofi! Kofi tries to beat Anderson up against the turnbuckle, but he escapes to tag in Gallows. Gallows mows down Kofi before dumping him of the ring, and leaving Anderson to take the attack to him outside the ring.

Kofi gets sent back into the ring, for Gallows to help himself to seconds. He clamps on a chin lock on Kofi and weakens him a little before tagging in Anderson again.

Anderson dumps Kofi against the turnbuckle before nailing him with a picture perfect Spinebuster and covering him. Near fall! He then tags in Gallows, who sends Kofi reeling out of the ring with a huge kick to the face.

Kofi makes his way into the ring to try and beat the count, but falls into a double team from the Club, who land a double atomic drop on Kofi. Ouch.

Anderson takes over and isolates Kofi from his corner before tagging in Gallows, who lays Kofi out in the middle of the ring before attempting a senton from the second rope. Nobody home! Hot tag made to Xavier Woods as Gallows writhes around in pain!

Woods runs roughshod over the Club momentarily, before a stiff forearm from Anderson stops him in his tracks. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring, before Woods lands a springboard DDT on Anderson.

He then goes up to the top turnbuckle and hits an elbow drop on Anderson. Gallows breaks up the pin, only for Kofi to come into the ring. Gallows sends him out and the Club hit the Magic Killer on Woods!

Cover! 1,2,3! Club wins!


They rip into the Club, and how tasteless the 'Old Day' segment that they pulled last week was. Cue, the Club! Anderson and Gallows are out, and say that they will take the Tag Team titles from them at Clash of Champions.

Tonight, though, they are facing the team of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a SummerSlam rematch. 


Line of the week from Corey Graves : " It's Byron's favourite day of the week when he gets to transform into Booty Saxton" :D


New Day are out next, to a big pop from the crowd!


Alicia Fox is out next to face Nia Jax. Looks like Nia has progressed from jobbers to Alicia Fox I guess. Not much of a difference anyway. Nia Jax comes out with a very scary look on her face. Let's see how long this match goes on for.

Nia starts off by pushing Fox into the ropes and then carrying her and slamming her on the turn buckle. Alicia tries to fight back with a forearm but Nia clothesline her out of the ring!

Fox kicks her in the face as Nia comes out! Bad move. Nia Jax looks like she has snapped! She swings Alicia Fox by the hair into the barricade repeatedly, before spearing her through the barricade and leaving her lying motionless near the timekeepers area.

The crowd chants "Holy sh*t!" as Nia Jax is ushered to the back by a referee, as a group of other referees tend to a near-unconscious Alicia Fox.

That was the most impactful moment in Nia Jax's WWE career thus far, without a doubt. Wow.


We usher back to action with Sheamus in control. He get Cesaro tangled up in the ropes before targetting that injured back. Cesaro fights back and slams Sheamus' head against the turn buckle before attempting a high risk move from the top rope. 

Sheamus tries to intercept him but is met with heavy punches from Cesaro that creates separation, before landing a cross body into the pin! 1, 2 , Kickout!

Cesaro whips Sheamus into the corner before landing multiple uppercuts, and whips him into the opposite corner, only to run into an Irish Curse backbreaker from Sheamus.

Cesaro kicks out from the resulting pin attempt and takes Sheamus down and attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter, but his back prevents him from sustaining the pressure. Sheamus looks to land another backbreaker, but Cesaro takes him down and tries to lock in the Cesaro Swing!

Again, his compromised back gives way half way through the move as Sheamus makes his way back up to his feet before attempting an Irish Cross, which Cesaro fights out of before rolling Sheamus up.

With a little help from the rope, Cesaro pins Sheamus 1-2-3!

Cesaro wins!


Sheamus starts with a clubbing forearm to the small of Cesaro's back. Cesaro returns fire with a couple of blows to his face followed by a clothesline. Cover! Kickout at 1!

Sheamus seems to be shook into wakefulness by that, as he sends Cesaro from one turnbuckle to another and follows up with a spear into the corner. He goes for the third Irish whip and runs into a thudding European Uppercut!

The fight spills outside as Cesaro hits another uppercut from the apron, before hauling Sheamus into the ring, as we cut to a break! More action on the other side of this break.


Cesaro and Sheamus are out next, for the 5th match in their 7 match series.

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