WWE Raw Results 14th November 2016, Live Updates!

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23:21 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: Mick Foley and Stephanie in the ring with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are already in the ring as we return from commercials. Stephanie says that they have unfinished business as  she gets cut off by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan making their entrances. 

The two get into the ring. Stephanie calls the "Yes" chants goofy. Shane McMahon informs them that they weren't there to promote the 900th episode of Smackdown, hyping up the return of the Undertaker. Daniel Bryan adds that they weren't there to hype up the "Cutting Edge" segment either. Shane McMahon says they were there only to promote the Survivor Series clash between the two brands. 

Stephanie says that Raw was the dominant show. Shane tells her that Smackdown was the better show and had better content despite the odds being stacked against them. He accuses Stephanie of running her show with fear and intimidation. Stephanie calls Shane a hypocrite and accuses him of taking a spot away from a superstar on the team. 

Stephanie then predicts that Smackdown was going to lose because of Shane McMahon making everything about himself. Daniel Bryan interjects by saying that Shane McMahon was a real leader who knew how to bring people together. Daniel Bryan then thanks Mick Foley on putting the Cruiserweight division on the line. Mick Foley cuts him off by saying that he believed in Sami Zayn and Brian Kendrick.

He then goes on to state that unlike Smackdown, Raw actually does a good job at promoting the Women's division. He lists Raw's accomplishments with the Women's division including the Hell in a Cell match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. 

Stephanie accuses Shane of glory-hounding. Shane McMahon says that he leads the team by example by being in the team with them. Stephanie then introduces Shane to his opponents and the 5 members of Team Raw namely Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns walk out together.

The five surround Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring. Stephanie and Mick Foley leave the ring leaving Shane and Bryan to fend for themselves. Bryan then proceeds to bring out Smackdown's superstars as their backup. Smackdown's stars walk out from the middle of the crowd in blue singlets. James Ellsworth, the Smackdown mascot, accompanies the team as well. 

Kevin Owens welcomes Team Smackdown to the "Kevin Owens show", he tells AJ Styles that Styles' title meant absolutely nothing on the show. AJ Styles tells Kevin Owens that Owens was a "paper champion" and calls himself the "Champ that runs the camp", Owens accuses AJ of stealing someone else's catchphrase and says that his Universal title made him better than AJ. Owens says that he was going to prove that he was better at Survivor Series. 

AJ Styles says that Kevin Owens was still stuck on to Chris Jericho. Styles tells Owens that he will get backstabbed by Chris Jericho and he might even be put on to the list. Chris Jericho says that Kevin Owens was his greatest friend ever and the two embrace. 

Chris Jericho then puts AJ Styles on the list after calling him a stupid idiot. He then puts AJ Styles' "stupid soccer mom hair" on his list as well. He then points out Ellsworth at ringside and announces him as a "lost child" and says that he was a "weird looking guy", he then puts James Ellsworth on the list as well. 

Bray Wyatt then accuses Braun of abandoning him after Bray gave him "everything", he then threatens Strowman by saying that the team will destroy the monster that he created. Randy Orton and Strowman come face to face as Seth Rollins interjects and hypes him and Roman being on the same page. Dean Ambrose then throws a punch which results in an all-out brawl between the Raw and Smackdown superstars.

Braun takes out several Smackdown superstars by himself. Ambrose and AJ Styles team up on him and Shane McMahon takes him over the top rope. Dean Ambrose also clotheslines Seth Rollins outside. Inside the ring, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho battle it out as Jericho delivers a double dropkick, sending AJ outside. 

Randy Orton takes a gloating Chris Jericho out with an RKO but gets taken out immediately himself by a Superman punch from Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt attempts to overpower Roman Reigns with a Sister Abigail but fails as Roman Reigns throws him out of the ring. AJ Styles tries to finish Roman Reigns off but Seth Rollins comes in to help as the two former Shield members throw him out with their signature Powerbomb.

Team RAW stands tall in the middle of the ring while members of Team Smackdown make a hasty retreat as the show comes to an end.

In Shane McMahon's words, things just got very interesting!

22:45 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Tag Team Match: Enzo and Cass with Gallows and Anderson vs. The Shining Stars (Primo and Epico) and Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth)

Enzo and Cass make their entrance. Their promo gets interrupted by the entrance of Gallows and Anderson. Shining Stars make their entrance next. They come out holding brochures. Golden Truth are the last to come out as R-Truth hypes up the crowd with his rap.

Enzo and Epico start things off as Enzo gets the upper hand from the very beginning itself. Cass gets tagged in and press slams Epico. He then sends both Primo and Epico flying outside the ring with help from Enzo.

Golden Truth take out Anderson and Gallows on the other end when the two try to interfere. Enzo and Cass come face to face with Golden Truth in the middle of the ring as we cut to commercials.

Back from the commercials, Anderson gets taken out by the Golden Truth in the middle of the ring. R-Truth lands a hip toss on Anderson and accidentally takes out Epico. Anderson takes R-Truth into his corner and lands a series of kicks.

Gallows gets tagged in and suplexes R-Truth. He then connects with an elbow on to a downed R-Truth and takes him back into their corner. R-Truth starts to fight back but Gallows overpowers him. Karl Anderson gets tagged back in. Anderson goes to work on Truth with a chokehold.

R-Truth counters him with a kick and makes the tag (accidentally) to Primo as Cass gets tagged in on the other end. Cass takes out everyone on the opposing team and slams Primo before taking him out with a big boot and a diving elbow. Epico tried to interfere but his own teammates Golden Truth took him out. Anderson and Big Cass work together to take Primo out with a combination of moves. Gallows gets tagged in and the two connect with a magic killer onto Primo.

After teasing a tag to Enzo and Cass, Gallows ends up pinning Primo himself. Much to the dismay of Enzo and Cass who appeared to be fired up to finish the match themselves with their Bada Boom Shakalaka move. Gallows and Anderson retreat as we cut to commercials.

Result: Enzo and Cass with Gallows and Anderson defeat The Shining Stars (Primo and Epico) and Golden Truth (R-Truth and Goldust) via Pinfall

22:25 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: Mick Foley backstage with Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman

Mick Foley tells the five members of the team that he's proud of them and that he believes in them. He then asks the five to stick around for the showdown with Smackdown's Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan later that night.

22:28 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Tag Team Match: Charlotte (with Dana Brooke) and Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax and Alicia Fox

Charlotte makes her entrance with Dana Brooke. Bayley is at ringside on the commentary team for this match. Sasha Banks comes out next. Her entrance is followed by Alicia Fox. Nia Jax is the last to come out to the ring as she makes her slow, intense entrance to the ring.

Charlotte and Alicia Fox are the two women to start things off in the ring, but before any action could begin, Nia Jax tags herself in. Charlotte, as a response to her new opponent, tries to tag Sasha Banks in but Sasha jumps out of the ring, thus denying her the opportunity to do so.

Charlotte gets taken out by Nia Jax with a clothesline as she finally makes the tag to Sasha Banks. Sasha gets in the ring and tries to get a bit of offence in. After some back and forth, Sasha almost gets the upper hand but nia Jax takes her out with a dropkick. Sasha Banks gets thrown out of the ring as Charlotte approaches her at ringside, expressing her discontent with Sasha's performance as we cut to commercials.

Back from the commercials, Charlotte and Alicia Fox are in the middle of the ring, Charlotte takes Alicia to her corner as Sasha tags herself in. Sasha Banks breaks Alicia down and is about to continue her offence as Charlotte tags herself in with a slap across Sasha's back.

The two get into a shoving match which becomes a full-on brawl as Nia Jax gets tagged in on the other end. Sasha tags herself back into the match as Alicia Fox lands a crossbody off the top rope on both of them. Alicia Fox almost pins the two ladies at once as they kick out. Sasha Banks overpowers Alicia Fox as Nia Jax looks like she is about to interfere.

Charlotte takes out Nia Jax, throwing her out of the ring while Sasha locks in a cross face on to Alicia Fox, making her submit and picking up the win.

Result: Charlotte and Sasha Banks defeat Nia Jax and Alicia Fox via submission

After the match, Bayley gets into the ring and raises both their hands. She hugs Sasha, but Charlotte denies her a hug.

22:07 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg confrontation

Back from the commercials, we see ten security officials stationed in the middle of the ring as Brock Lesnar makes his entrance with Paul Heyman. The entrance sees Brock Lesnar completely fired up as pyrotechnics go off. Brock pushes security aside and surveys the ring. They appear to be no match for the Beast incarnate. 

'Goldberg' chants break out in the crowd as he makes his entrance from backstage. Goldberg is sporting a sleeveless shirt as he walks through the pyro. He looks ripped and ready for Survivor Series! 

Goldberg gets in the ring and stares Brock Lesnar down from other side of the Security barricade. The two men continue to stare each other down as the ten-man security forms a human barricade between them, restricting them from accessing each other physically. Paul Heyman starts introducing himself but Goldberg cuts him off and tells him that this had nothing to do with Paul Heyman. 

Paul Heyman agrees and gets cut off by Goldberg chants, he urges Goldberg to consider his opinion. Goldberg cuts him off again and asks Heyman to get rid of the 'Rent-a-cops' (Security officials) out of the ring so that the only two real men could face each other. 

Paul Heyman says that he'll start over but Goldberg cuts him off again. Heyman then tells Goldberg that the "Brave men" in the middle of the ring were for Goldberg's protection and were not "Rent-a-cops", he gets cut off by the Goldberg chants from the crowd again. Paul Heyman introduces himself again and tells the crowd that the "Brave men" wouldn't be there at Survivor Series. 

Heyman then talks about how Brock Lesnar has defeated The Undertaker and John Cena in the past. Goldberg cuts him off and tells him that he isn't on that list. Goldberg then tells Brock Lesnar that he heard what Brock Lesnar said about his family last week and asks him to shove the list up his ass. 

Heyman expresses discontent over Goldberg's statement. Goldberg threatens to beat up Heyman the next time either Brock or Heyman mentioned Goldberg's family. Paul Heyman apologizes for raising his voice to Goldberg. 

Paul Heyman tells Goldberg that the superhero image that he had crafted for himself was 'fantasy', but that Brock Lesnar was very real. He promises that Goldberg was going to suffer on Sunday. He then proceeds to give an offer to Goldberg but gets cut off by the Goldberg chants from the crowd. Heyman tells the crowd that they were pissing off his beast. 

Heyman then asks Goldberg to go back to the fantasy world and says that he'll find a suitable replacement for him. Goldberg tears his shirt off in response, signalling that he was ready. Heyman reprimands Goldberg on getting too aggressive and promises that he would be beaten, victimised and conquered by Brock Lesnar. Brock then pushes a security official onto Goldberg. 

Heyman then tells Goldberg that his son would call Brock Lesnar "daddy" after the beatdown. This angers Goldberg as he takes out all the security officials in the ring one by one. The last three retreat on their own. Brock Lesnar in the meanwhile is standing outside the ropes on the apron, following a brief staredown between him and Goldberg, Brock tears his singlet off and teases getting back inside the ring, before walking off. Goldberg, who appeared ready to face Brock then and there, continues to stare a retreating Lesnar down. 

We cut to commercials.

21:47 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Backstage: Enzo and Cass with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Gallows and Anderson talk to Enzo and Cass about dropping the comedy routine in their 8-man tag team match later that night against Golden Truth and Shining Stars. 

Cass informs Gallows and Anderson that they better not stab their own teammates in the back because that would result in a loss for Raw at Survivor Series. Cass then tells them that they're dumber than they look, stressing that they looked "really, really dumb" as the two walk off.

Also, Mick Foley is shown elsewhere backstage, instructing a team of security officials as we cut to commercials.

21:43 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Sin Cara

Brian Kendrick makes his entrance for this Cruiserweight match as we cut to commercials.

Back from commercials, we see Sin Cara make his entrance as he immediately gets attacked by Brian Kendrick before the match could even begin. Brian Kendrick drives Sin Cara to the ringpost and subsequently tosses him outside, he continues to gloat in the middle of the ring.

Sin Cara finally makes it back in but looks worn out. He asks the referee to start the match and the bell is finally rung. Brian Kendrick wastes no time continuing to beat Sin Cara down. After a series of punches and kicks, Brian Kendrick gets Sin Cara in a headlock which Sin Cara attempts to power out by punching Kendrick in the gut. Kendrick lets go of the hold but continues to beat Sin Cara down some more.

Kendrick then uses the ropes to choke out Sin Cara and gets him in a chokehold again. Kendrick grabs a hold of Sin Cara's neck and climbs the top rope but Sin Cara reverses it and gets a pinfall attempt on Kendrick instead. Kendrick remains dominant and chokes Sin Cara on the ropes again, but gets tossed over the top rope in a reversal by Sin Cara.

Sin Cara then connects with a suicide dive on Kendrick at ringside. Both superstars make it back into the ring, Sin Cara immediately throws Kendrick over the other side of the ring and attempts to go for another suicide dive which Kendrick reverses and drives a flying Sin Cara into the barricading instead. We cut to commercials.

Back from commercials, we see Sin Cara hanging upside down on the turnbuckle as Brian Kendrick works on his arm. Kendrick then gets back into the ring and drives a shoulder to Sin Cara's chest, which he connects. A second attempt by Kendrick to repeat the move sees Sin Cara move out of the way instead. Sin Cara then dives off the top rope and pins Brian Kendrick. Kendrick kicks out in two and gets a nearfall of his own instead that Sin Cara kicks out of.

Another pinfall attempt by Sin Cara fails as he connects with a sit-out powerbomb on Brian Kendrick. Kendrick kicks out of yet another pinfall attempt right after the powerbomb.

Sin Cara lands a series of chops across Kendrick's chest. He then connects with a springboard back-elbow on Kendrick. The two men go to the top rope with Sin Cara having the upper hand, but Kendrick throws him off the top rope and gets Sin Cara into a chokehold in the middle of the ring. Sin Cara taps out.

Result: Brian Kendrick defeats Sin Cara via Submission

21:26 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: Charlotte and Sasha Banks backstage

Sasha Banks accuses Charlotte of being 'faker than Miley Cyrus'. Charlotte tells Sasha Banks that Sasha was 'radiating jealousy', Sasha Banks reminds her of the rematch clause and tells her that they needed to work together for RAW, at Survivor Series. 

Charlotte tells Sasha that she was going to teach her a few things in the ring during their tag team match later in the night. Sasha tells Charlotte to pipe her ego down and leaves. 

21:25 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley backstage

Stephanie McMahon talks about how well the trio of Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman worked together. She called it a Raw to remember. Paul Heyman enters, applauding Stephanie and her spirit. Stephanie thanks Heyman and asks him about the Survivor Series match. Paul Heyman promises a "beating of a lifetime" on Goldberg this Sunday courtesy his client Brock Lesnar.

Heyman then tells Stephanie that the Smackdown team was looking pretty good with her brother on it. Mick Foley then makes a call on his phone and asks for extra security for the Brock Lesnar and Goldberg confrontation. 

21:17 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Tag Team Match: Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins vs. The New Day (Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston)

With New Day already in the ring after the previous segment. Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins make their respective entrances at ringside. Chris Jericho tells Seth and Braun that he's the captain and hence he'll start things off.

New Day's Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho start things off as Kofi begins to wear Chris Jericho out. Jericho lands an elbow to a face and a series of backhand chops across Kofi's chest as Kofi ends up rolling Jericho up for a pinfall attempt. Jericho kicks out but Kofi lands a dropkick instead. Another pinfall attempt sees Jericho kick out as Kofi tags Xavier Woods in.

Woods tries to go for a wristlock as Jericho quickly escapes it and tags a an amused Rollins into the ring. Xavier Woods' attempt at a wristlock on Seth is reversed by Rollins. A back and forth ensues which culminates in Seth Rollins getting Xavier Woods into a headlock. Jericho cheers his teammate on from ringside. Teh two men get back on their feet as Xavier Woods pushes Seth off, only to get clotheslined.

Another back and forth ensues and Rollins finally manages to get the upper hand on Woods as he tags Jericho in. Jericho lands a flying axehandle on Woods' back and gets a little cocky as Xavier Woods fights back. Woods tags Kofi in and the two land double team moves as Big E gets tagged in.

Big E lands a big splash on a downed Jericho and goes for a pinfall attempt that Jericho kicks out of. Kofi gets tagged in and attempts a pinfall attempt of his own that Jericho kicks out of. Jericho then manages to get the upper hand on Kofi in the corner. He then tags Strowman in with a chop across Strowman's chest, Jericho then shouts at Strowman to 'get in here' as Strowman stares him down. Jericho then rolls out of the ring to escape an angered Strowman as Kofi tries to capitalise on Strowman being distracted.

Braun quickly and effectively overpowers Kofi Kingston, however, as we cut to commercials.

Back from commercials, Strowman is still in the ring with Kofi Kingston and continues to beat him down. He grabs a hold of Kofi's trapezoid and breaks him down. Kofi holds Strowman's beard and gets out of the painful looking hold. Seth Rollins tags himself in. Rollins then gets Kofi in a headlock that Kofi powers out of, Seth quickly gets back into it but Kofi lands a "Double D's" on him instead. With both men down, Seth manages to tag Strowman in.

Chris Jericho tags himself in as Xavier Woods gets tagged in on the other side. A back and forth takes place in the ring culminating in Woods landing a DDT. Braun Strowman gets tagged in and proceeds to nearly take out the Big E and Kofi Kingston. Kofi gets tagged in.

Kofi Kingston connects with a dropkick on Strowman that rattles him. Big E takes him out over the top rope. A tag team move by Big E and Kofi Kingston fails as Strowman catches Kofi in mid-air and slams him down, he then takes Big E out as well, only to get kicked by Elijah Woods. Back in the ring, Seth Rollins unleashes a barrage of offence on Xavier Woods and sets him up for a pedigree as Chris Jericho tags himself in.

After Rollins gets tossed out ringside, Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman work together on Elijah Woods. A kick by Jericho gets connected with a Running Powerslam by Strowman on Elijah Woods as Braun gets the pinfall.

Result: Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins defeat The New Day via Pinfall

After the match, Braun Strowman points out to Elijah Woods and signals to Seth Rollins how Seth did nothing to help achieve the outcome. Braun then leaves as Jericho angrily shouts at Seth, Seth Rollins connects with a pedigree on Chris Jericho as we cut to commercials.

20:57 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: New Day on the entrance ramp

The New Day make their entrance. Xavier woods introduces the "New Day Socks" from their Survivor Series 'Survival Kit' after talking about their championship reign. 

Kofi Kingston throws a box of "Booty O's" cereal in the crowd as New Day throw out several pieces of New Day merchandise into the crowd out of a shopping cart and urge the crowd to rally behind them at Survivor Series as they walk towards the ring. We cut to commercials.

21:35 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Segment: Cruiserweight Division backstage

Brian Kendrick addresses the Cruiserweight division backstage and tells them that their futures rested on his match with Kalisto at Survivor Series. He calls himself the standard bearer of the Cruiserweight Division. 

TJ Perkins reminds him that he still owed him a rematch. Rich Swann tells TJ Perkins about the two victories that Rich now has over Brian Kendrick and stakes his claim to a championship shot instead. Sin Cara appears and tells Brian Kendrick to 'save himself' and to not worry about the rest of the division.

The segment ends with all Cruiserweights arguing with Brian Kendrick.

20:42 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Match: Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn

Back from Commercials, we see Bo Dallas in the ring as a backstage video is shown where Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn are talking. Sami Zayn tells Bo Dallas that he should earn his shot in the ring just like Sami earned it himself. Sami Zayn then makes his entrance. Bo Dallas tells him to be careful.

The two start things off with Bo Dallas getting Sami Zayn in a wristlock, which Zayn gets out of. Sami then gets Dallas' arm in a standing hold of his own and the two go to the turnbuckles with Dallas unloading a barrage of kicks and elbows on Sami. Back in the middle of the ring, Dallas lands a diving knee on to Sami Zayn's back and Zayn kicks out in two. Dallas then gets his head into an inverted chokehold.

Zayn powers out and suplexes Dallas into the corner. Zayn successfully lands a Helluva Kick to finish things off as he pins Bo Dallas for the win!

Result: Sami Zayn defeats Bo Dallas via Pinfall

Sami Zayn gets interviewed by Byron Saxton in the ring after the match. Sami Zayn reaffirms his intentions of winning the Intercontinental championship. He calls Dolph Ziggler a guy who looks like he's in a 'Poison' cover band, calls Miz a hack, and says that he's hell bent on bringing the Intercontinental Championship back where it belongs, on Monday Night Raw. He walks off as we cut to commercials.

20:33 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Backstage segment: Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho reiterates that he is the captain of the team and tells Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins that all of them should be working together despite their issues as a team. 

He then gives them both a 'token of appreciation' in the form of two gifts. Seth Rollins opens up his package to find a 'scarf of Jericho' inside. Rollins says that he wasn't a scarf guy and that he'd have raided Lady Gaga's closet if he wanted to dress up like Chris Jericho. He then leaves. 

Braun Strowman asks Jericho for Jericho's own scarf instead. Jericho tells him that the scarf cost $750 but that he'd give it to Strowman in the spirit of team unity. Strowman then proceeds to tear up the scarf and tells Chris Jericho that he doesn't like scarves and he doesn't like Jericho.

Jericho expresses bemusement at his teammates as we cut to commercials.

20:43 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Roman Reigns and Cesaro start things off in the middle of the ring with Roman Reigns putting Cesaro in a headlock. Cesaro powers out of it and hits Roman Reigns with a dropkick. Kevin Owens looks disinterested at ringside. A big boot from Roman Reigns followed by a clothesline sends Cesaro to the mat.

Roman Reigns tries to go for a tag but Kevin Owens simply walks away. Reigns gets overpowered by Cesaro and pushed to his corner, where both Sheamus and Cesaro get into a tagging contest and pummel their respective uppercuts on him. The duo inevitably get into an argument, which is followed by Reigns almost getting back into the match with an uppercut of his own to Sheamus. Cesaro quickly overpowers Reigns again, which is followed by a barrage of uppercuts. Reigns kicks out in two!

After Reigns throws Sheamus out of the ring, he gets knocked over the top ropes by Cesaro. Owens walks up to Reigns at ringside and questions his performance. Distracted, the two get hit by a diving Cesaro off the top rope.

Back from commercials, Kevin Owens and Cesaro are in the middle of the ring. Cesaro attempts to go for a tag but Owens hits a DDT on him and stops any such attempts. Roman Reigns asks to be tagged in but Kevin Owens doesn't want any of it. A pinfall attempt by Kevin Owens after a Cannonball sees Cesaro kick out in two.

Cesaro takes Owens out and tags Sheamus in. Sheamus unleashes a flurry of offence as Owens attempts to retreat ringside. Sheamus catches him midway, lands 10 of his punches to Owens' chest and subsequently gets thrown out of the ring by Owens. Owens quickly tags Roman Reigns in, much to Reigns' surprise.

After Sheamus attempts to take Reigns out from ringside, Reigns finds his own footing and starts beating him down ringside. Back in the ring, Reigns connects with a Superman punch on Sheamus. A nearfall gets broken up by an interfering Cesaro who gets superkicked by Owens instead.

Roman Reigns lands another superman punch, this time on Cesaro and powers up for a Spear from his corner. Kevin Owens tags himself in before Reigns could go for the spear and the two get into an argument in the middle of the ring. Owens gets taken out by a Brogue Kick by Sheamus but Reigns connects his spear anyway and pulls a downed (and legal) Owens over Sheamus for the pin.

Result: Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns defeat Sheamus and Cesaro via Pinfall

20:34 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Opening Segment

Raw kicks of with the members of the Raw Survivor Series team on the entrance ramp as Stephanie addresses them, calling them the best in WWE today. She reminds everyone that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will be at Raw tonight.

Foley adds that he believes in Raw Superstars. He says that no one believed in them the way he had, as Raw GM. Stephanie proceeded to make the first match of tonight's Raw - Sheamus and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

19:58 (EDT)14 NOV 2016

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw. Raw comes to us live tonight from Buffalo, New York.

16:58 (EDT)14 NOV 2016


Will Goldberg and Brock Lesnar clash before Survivor Series?

The confrontation between Goldberg and Lesnar is the focal point of tonight's show, and it will be interesting to see whether WWE books an all-out brawl between the two, which would be reminiscent to Undertaker and Brock Lesnar's showdown that involved the WWE roster coming out to break up the two.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come to Raw

The SmackDown authority figures would be the special guests on tonight's RAW with a special debate addressing the WWE Universe set to take place. Shane McMahon's inclusion in the Survivor Series match has given this segment a must-watch feel to it. 

Can Team Red form a united front against SmackDown LIVE?

With the explosive subplots, the Survivor Series teams of RAW are all on the cusp of imploding. Last week's fatal 5-way main event exposed the unconvincing unity of the team. When it comes to the women, team captain Charlotte faces the monumental task of getting her teammates to follow her directions. Will the RAW teams stay on the same page on the final episode of RAW before SmackDown Live? We'll have to wait and see.

Is Sami Zayn about to bring the Intercontinental Title to Team Red?

One of the inter-brand matches for the Intercontinental Championship would see the Underdog from the Underground take on either Dolph Ziggler or Miz, depending on who wins on SmackDown.

Zayn's push into the IC title scene is a breath of fresh air for the oft-neglected superstar. Whether he gets the title back to RAW is another thing to ponder over, but as for tonight, a strong booking for Zayn on RAW is what's expected from the WWE.

Can The Brian Kendrick keep the Cruiserweight division under the Raw banner?

The second cross-brand title match would also see a storyline push on RAW. Brian Kendrick would certainly be distraught over the fact that he is conferred with the task of keeping the cruiserweight division on RAW.

The Wizard of Odd would face the high flying Luchador Kalisto at Survivor Series for the title and tonight's RAW would give us a good indication of the possible plans for the division's future.

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