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WWE Raw Results 15th January 2018, live updates and commentary; Banned finisher returns after 3 years

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 16, 2018 04:32 GMT

Will Nia Jax end Asuka's undefeated run?


04:32 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Here's a recap of what happened on RAW

Braun Strowman got fired by Kurt Angle, wrecked havoc backstage
Titus Worldwide defeated The Bar
Cedric Alexander defeated Tony Nese
Asuka defeated Nia Jax via referee stoppage 
The Revival defeated Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks
Roman Reigns defeated Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas in a handicap match
Sonya DeVille defeated Sasha Banks
Matt Hardy defeated Heath Slater
Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor via the returning curb stomp, now known as BLACKOUT

04:16 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

04:13 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Gallows & Anderson seem to be consoling Finn Balor after the match. Odd scene to finish RAW

04:10 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

There seemed to be a confusing finish as Balor had Rollins rolled up in what seemed like a 3-count. The referee insisted it was 2 however. The Bar came out and Jordan ducked them, causing them to brawl. Jordan assisted Rollins and tripped him, causing Rollins to hit  CURB STOMP! IT'S BACK! CURB STOMP IS BACK!!

Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor

04:07 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

04:07 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Rollins attempted a phoenix splash but missed it. Balor hit the running dropkick and even climbed to the top turnbuckle for the coupe-de-grace, but Rollins used his agility to suplex Balor and hit the Falcon Arrow! 

04:05 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Seth Rollins is on the move with a series of splashes, but the leader of the Balor Club hits a slingblade. His attempt at a dropkick was met with a superkick instead.

04:04 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Finn Balor elbows Seth Rollins, who tries to counter with a suplex. He starts to build some momentum with a double stomp.

04:02 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

04:01 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

04:00 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Oh on a side note, Samoa Joe has been removed from the Royal Rumble match card - more or less confirming that he's missing the Rumble.

03:56 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Finn Balor starts off strong. He has a hold on The Architect Seth Rollins, who gets up.  He reverses things but Finn Balor hits a dropkick onto Seth Rollins.

03:49 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Main event time!

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

03:35 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

03:35 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Goldberg's Hall Of Fame announcement video package is played.

03:34 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

03:33 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Matt Hardy finishes things up quickly with a twist of fate.

Matt Hardy defeated Heath Slater

03:32 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

"WOKEN" Matt Hardy vs Heath Slater

"WOKEN" Matt Hardy began with the ground and pound on Heath Slater. Matt Hardy started biting Heath Slater.

03:21 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Sasha Banks fights with her back against the wall. As she jumps onto Sonya, she gets hit with a wicked kick to the ribs. Straight, clean pin.

Sonya DeVille defeated Sasha Banks

03:20 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Sasha Banks looks for the Bank Statement right off the bat.  A slight distraction from Mandy Rose helps DeVille get the better of Sasha.

03:19 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

WWE confirms Paige's neck injury and says that she won't be appearing at the Royal Rumble.

03:18 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Sasha Banks vs Sonya DeVille

03:11 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Roman Reigns defeated Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas

03:10 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Roman Reigns began the comeback with a Samoan drop. Dallas tries to come in and interrupt but gets a superman punch. While The Miz is helping Dallas up, he gets hit with a superman punch by Roman. 

Reigns takes The Miz inside but he escapes. Reigns finishes the match fairly soon.

03:05 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The Miztourage are surprisingly in control. Of course that isn't going to last long.

03:02 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Roman Reigns vs The Miztourage 

Roman Reigns is almost distracted by The Miz, who constantly provokes him. Axel jumps him from behind and throws him into the steel steps.

02:59 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The Miz is talking about how RAW was missing something when he was there.

02:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Elias introduced The Miztourage and The Miz!

02:50 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:50 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Elias is out with his guitar doing his usual schtick. He's signing about John Cena and vows to throw him out.

02:46 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:45 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:45 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:42 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Charly Caruso interviewed Revival, even making reference to Cornette. They say they are students of the game. Charly Caruso asks them which team they're looking forward to meeting and they take a shot at DX, saying that they're the reason the business is a mockery. They claim they're the future and set the seeds to probably get buried next week.

02:39 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The Revival were victorious in no time.

The Revival defeated Local talent

02:38 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Dash and Dawson are squashing the team and make quick work, squashing the two enhancement talent.

02:37 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The Revival vs Local talent

One of the local talent is Bayley's boyfriend Aaron Solow.

02:37 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Nia Jax was backstage with Alexa,  who seems shocked that Nia didn't put Asuka away. Enzo comes in to check and Alexa tells her to scoot. Nia says Enzo's got this and Alexa goes.

02:27 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:27 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:26 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Kurt Angle is still looking through his destroyed office and Jason Jordan comes in and thanks, Kurt Angle for the opportunity. Kurt Angle doesn't seem to be paying much attention to what Jordan is saying, obviously. Jordan asks Angle to give Seth a match. Angle asks who he wants him to face, and he says Finn Balor.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor is official later on!

02:23 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:23 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Outside the ring, Nia pushes Asuka into the ring apron. She takes time to compose herself and when she steps on the steel steps, Asuka kicks her now-injured knee. Nia manages to make it back to the ring on time but she is barely able to stand up.

The referee stops the match due to injury. Asuka wins.

Asuka defeated Nia Jax

02:21 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Asuka soon manages to land a knee bar on Nia and nearly submits her, until she barely escapes by grabbing the ropes.

02:21 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Asuka hits spinning backfists onto Nia, only to get caught. She escapes but goes on to get hit with a powerbomb anyway. She doesn't go on time to pin her and only gets the two count.

02:19 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Jax tries to sit on Asuka face first but The Empress moves away and hits a shining wizard.

02:18 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

02:15 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Asuka has Nia locked in a triangle armbar. While Nia nearly submits, she uses her power to lift Asuka and smash her against the turnbuckles

02:13 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Asuka flips over and has an armbar on Nia Jax, who manages to escape. Asuka runs towards Nia but gets bulldozed down. 

02:12 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Asuka wastes no time, kicking Nia's legs stiff. The irresistible force Nia Jax flings The Empress Of Tomorrow across the ring.
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