WWE Raw Results 17th October 2016, Live Updates; Goldberg returns

Goldberg Returns!
Updated: 18 October 2016 08:47 IST - Published: 17 October 2016 23:01 IST

Goldberg Returns!

Michael Cole is in the middle of the ring and runs us through developments that have happened in the last 2 weeks that have led to this momentous occasion.

They take us to the backstage area, where everyone is applauding Goldberg even as his music starts playing. He makes the patented walk to the ring, as the audience chant in unison 'Goldberg!'

He looks visibly overcome with the occasion, as the audience alternate between 'Holy sh*t' and 'This is Awesome!'. Michael Cole hands him the microphone and says that the stage is his.

He launches into an emotional rhetoric about how the past 12 years have been, and that this is the first time that his wife and his son are watching him live inside the ring.

He recounts how he thought that he wouldn't ever want to wrestle again, but that Brock Lesnar's challenge has brought him back. He cuts an epic promo that gets the crowd going into a frenzy, and accepts the challenge saying that "not only is Lesnar next, but he is last!"

He walks over to the crowd, and celebrates with his son and other kids as Raw goes off air! 

My oh my. What A MOMENT!


Up next. Goldberg! He's Back!


TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann vs Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

3 on 3 Cruiserweight action here as 6 of the Cruiserweights that took part in the CWC are out to strut their stuff. The heels are out first, followed by the babyfaces. Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins gets the loudest cheers, predictably.

Gulak and Swann lock up in the centre, with Gulak looking to impose his physicality on the highly athletic showman that is Swann. The action that ensues is breathless. 

*Blur* tag! *Blur* tag! * Blur* as Kendrick and TJ Perkins end up as the active men. I was sure that there were a couple of picture perfect dropkicks in there somewhere.

Perkins goes for the kneebar, but Kendrick manages to break the hold by getting to the ropes. They exchange blows before Nese and Swann get tagged in. Swann has the upper hand, but not for long as he is floored by Nese, who follows it up with a 450 off the turnbuckle.

Kendrick tags himself in opportunistically and locks in the Captain's Hook on Swann. Gulak holds TJ Perkins off from breaking the submission and Swann has to way out but to tap.

Result: Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann


Lita's interview with Sasha Banks

The Boss seems to be chipper, as she promises that she will make history at HIAC against Charlotte. She says she respects Charlotte and the journey that they have been on together, right from their NXT days.

Lita asks about the Hell in a Cell structure, but Sasha shoots down any doubts over her back, or the pressure associated with performing inside the Cell. 

This should be a rollicking match when it comes around.


Karl Anderson (w) Luke Gallows vs Big Cass (w) Enzo

Anderson has his hands full with the power and size of Big Cass, who picks up a pretty straight forward victory by dispatching him for a 3 count. Enzo and Cass stay in the ring, so as to see out the segment standing tall


Lana, Rusev and Roman Reigns segment

Lana with the usual introduction, before inviting Rusev out. Rusev grabs a microphone and starts talking a big game about how he is going to crush Reigns at HIAC.

He goes on to talk about families, before showing us all pictures of his family members. First up, is Rusev's mother, who is revealed to be a 2-time national Rowing Champion and the 'backbone' of the family.

This is followed by Rusev's father, who is revealed to be a strong man. Lana : We love you Papa Rusev! -.-

Rusev's random brother is shown, along with his grandmom as well, as the Bulgarian Brute unearths a family picture of himself. This is getting unbearable, and almost on cue, Roman Reigns is out!

The audience almost pops. Almost.

Reigns goes after Rusev, who cheapshots him with a Superkick. Rusev seems beside himself as he unlocks the steel steps and pushes it onto the ring. He slams Reigns against the steel steps, and locks in the Accolade on top of it.

Statement. Made.


Braun Strowman vs 3 Jobbers

Strowman comes out to take on 3 jobbers at the same time. Squash, squash, splash, toss, missile drop kick (yes, you read that right), slam, front chokeslam.

Strowman pins 2 men at the same time. 

Result: Strowman def. 3 jobbers

He goes on the mic and calls out for Mick Foley for more competition, saying that he would have to get it himself. Wait! It's Sami Zayn! The crowd pops big as the consummate Underdog comes face to face with the monster heel.

Strowman shoves Zayn out of the ring and makes his way to the back, as Sami looks on.


Dana Brooke vs Bayley

Bayley is cheered wildly coming in, but Brooke doesn't seem up for the fight. They play cat and mouse for a while before Bayley's patience runs out and she plants Dana with a facebuster.

She follows up by slamming Brook's head on the turnbuckle repeatedly, but is haeded off by a strong right hand. That turns the momentum of the match and Dana runs roughshod over Bayley.

This lights the fire under Bayley's bottom, as she responds in like, with vicious punches to the back of the head. She sets up Dana for a high-risk move off the turn buckle, but Dana Brooke capitalises on the situation and takes Bayley down.

Pin! 1-2-3! Huge upset! Dana Brooke beats Bayley!

Result: Dana Brooke def. Bayley via pinfall

We cut to a Paul Heyman interview, who encourages Goldberg to NOT accept Lesnar's challenge. He says that video game is different from reality, and that Goldberg doesn't stand a chance against Lesnar.


Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo Dallas has come unhinged here, as he opens up at a frenetic pace against Neville, with vicious knees and elbows to the Brit. Nevilli however, counters the assault with nasty kicks to the mid section followed up with an Enzuigiri.

Bo rolls out of the ring, but Neville goes after him with a moonsault off the ropes, before taking the match back into the ring again. He sets Bo up for the Red Arrow, but is countered and nailed by Dallas.

1-2-3! Bo Dallas wins! He then attacks his friend, Curtis Axel, who accompanied him to the ring. He slams him against the barricade before kneeing him in the face. Nasty.

Result: Bo Dallas def. Neville via pinfall


Sheamus vs Big E 

Sheamus comes out with Cesaro by his side. Sheamus doesn't seem too happy to see him there, but Cesaro is there nonetheless to support his tag team partner. I like this dynamic.

New Day are out next, and they rip apart both Sheamus and Cesaro, claiming that they will show both of them at HIAC why they have been WWE Tag Team Champions for the last 420 days. Wow. What a reign. No seriously.

Meanwhile Sheamus and Big E are intent on wiping each other off the face of this earth. Cesaro is content focussing on his Facebook live feed, while he tries his hand at commentary. (which is still better than Byron Saxton, might I add)

The fight spill on outside, as Sheamus levels Big E with a rolling senton off the ring apron. However, we resume from the break inside the ring, with Big E in control.

He hits a belly-to-belly on Sheamus, who reverses with an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Back and forth action here in the match, as Cesaro is still busy mouthing off to the Facebook live feed from his phone.

Sheamus, meanwhile, is powerbombed by Big E. Near Fall! Sheamus returns fire with White Noise. Big E kicks out at 2!

Cesaro goes into the crowd and gets the fans excited, even as Sheamus thumps Big E's generous chest with 10 beats to the barrell. He momentarily stuns Big E, and goes after Cesaro, attempting to take his phone away from him.

Big E capitalises on the distraction and rolls up Sheamus from behind. 1-2-3!

Result: Big E def. Sheamus via pinfall


Golden Truth and Mark Henry vs Shining Stars and Titus O'Neil

Goldust kicks off the action against Primo, but very soon gets isolated in the opponents' corner. Primo, Epico and Titus take turns in tagging in and inflicting punishment on Goldust.

The legendary Superstar manages to fight them off, before tagging in Truth, who goes after Titus like a freight train. The action breaks down as both members of Shining Stars also get involved.

Mark Henry is tagged in amidst all this confusion, and finishes the match with a World's Strongest Slam to Titus O'Neil.

Result: Golden Truth and Mark Henry def. Shining Stars and Titus O'Neil


Lita's Interview with Charlotte

Lita asks the Queen where her head's at going into the Hell In A Cell match against Sasha Banks. Charlotte, in typical Flair fashion, exudes confidence that borders on cockiness.

She claims that she is The Woman, and that she is genetically superior compared to every other performer in the WWE. She also says that she is unbeaten in 12 straight PPVs and that come HIAC, she will again be the woman to beat.


Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

Jericho starts off strong, slamming Rollins on the ground before taking the attack to the turnbuckles. Rollins, however, fights back with chops but is prevented from generating any real momentum due to a backbreaker landed by Y2J.

Jericho looks to take the fight outside the ring, and drops him a couple of times on a barricade. Seth, however, manages to defy him and make his way back into the ring. Jericho, who is following not far behind, is tucked up for the pedigree.

He fights out of it and lifts Rollins over the ropes, as we head to a break.

Back from the break and Jericho is still on top.Y2J goes for the knees to the back, but Rollins moves out and he crashes into the ropes. Y2J follows it up with a missile drop kick followed by a chin lock. Rollins breaks out of the hold and takes Jericho down with a slingblade.

Near fall!

Rollins picks Jericho back up onto his feet and hits him with a couple of chops, before Irish whipping him onto the ropes. Jericho evades and decks Rollins with an elbow, before following up with a Lionsault. Near Fall!

Rollins recovers, however, and nails Jericho with a flying knee followedup with a Falcon Arrow. Another near fall! Rollins looks to finish off the match, by going up to the top rope, but out comes Kevin Owens.

He distracts Rollins enough for Jericho to lock in the Walls, but the referee sees that Kevin Owens is pulling the bottom rope away from Rollins, to ensure that he taps.

While the referee tells Owens off, Rollins takes advantage and hits Jericho with a Pedigree. 1-2-3!

Has Kevin Owens just cost his best friend, Chris Jericho, the match against Seth Rollins?

Result: Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho via pinfall


Kevin Owens opens the show, accompanied to the ring by his 'best friend' Chris Jericho. Let's see what the WWE Universal Champion has to say. We get a recap of what happened to close out the show last week, with Kevin Owens is shown bailing on Jericho, as Michael Cole plugs the HIAC encounter between him and Seth Rollins in two weeks.

Owens claims that Foley has a personal vendetta against him, for 'forcing' him to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Rollins at the PPV. Jericho chips in saying that he should have been in the match, to make it a triple threat.

He reminds us of the time when he beat The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night, and claims that the only reason why he lost to Rollins last week was due to suspect officiating.

Rollins has had enough of this bravado and makes his way out to confront the duo. He asks Jericho to enter his friendship with Kevin Owens on the list, saying that he stood by for two weeks in a row and watched him eat a pedigree.

Chris Jericho says there is a reason why he is the 'GOAT', and claims that he can beat Rollins whenever he wants. Rollins challenges him to a match then and there, but asks what is to become of Kevin Owens.

Owens wants to stay at ringside, but Jericho says he has it covered. Owens leaves as Rollins and Jericho are preparing to kick off the night's in-ring action with a match.


Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Raw!


By the way, the below is a clip that Goldberg posted on Instagram, training with world-famous MMA trainer Duane Bang Ludwig. To fight a legitimate competitor like Brock Lesnar, he needs all the training he gets.


Snooze fest alert! Shining Stars with Titus O'Neil will take on the Golden Truth with Mark Henry in 3 on 3 action. The stipulation? A couple of watches that the Shining Stars are trying to peddle off. 


Goldberg posts video of him arriving in Denver for RAW

Goldberg is doing his bit in hyping up his much-anticipated return on RAW in a few hours. Check out this awesome video he posted on Twitter:

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