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WWE Raw Results 22nd August 2016, live updates

Finn Balor relinquishes the WWE Universal title due to an injury sustained to his shoulder during his match at SummerSlam.
Updated: 23 August 2016 08:56 IST - Published: 23 August 2016 05:39 IST

And that's it folks. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Big Cass would go up against each other next week on RAW to determine the next WWE Universal Champion. While Balor's injury was heartbreaking, WWE still can do so much if they choose the right man to carry the belt. 

Thank you and tune in tomorrow for the live updates of Smackdown Live! 


Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns (For a spot in next week's Fatal Four-way For the WWE Universal title match)

The match to determine the final contender in the fatal our-way match is underway and it stars off with Reigns trying to press himself on Y2J. Th veteran, though, takes control of the match with the classic rake in the eye. Y2J exercises control in the match as he has trapped Reign in a headlock.

Reigns tried to rally with a few headbutts, but Y2J gets him into another headlock. Reigns breaks it up and sends him into the corner. He unleashes ten clotheslines and looks for the Superman punch next. Jericho moves out of the way and knocks him down with the enziguri for a two count. The fans at Barclays Centre don't like Reigns a bit and are quite vocal about it.

Reigns gets one over Jericho and connects with a huge right. Jericho stations himself on the ropes for a drive-by. He comes back in and gets a superman punch in for a nearfall. Reigns gets him back up and sets him up for the spear, but Jericho blocks and tries to go for the Walls. KO runs out to distract Reigns and Jericho takes advantage to roll him up for for a close 2.

Jericho then locks the Walls of Jericho in, but a resilient Reigns grabs the ropes. Wile Reigns's was recuperating on the ropes, KO kicks the living lights out of him, and Y2J connects with a codebreaker for a very close fall. Owens is livid and comes up to the apron, and becomes a victim of Reign's superman punch. Y2J tries to sneak another roll-up win, but Reigns kicks out at 2 again.

The sequence ends with Reigns getting up and running in with the spear on Y2J. Pinfall, 1-2-3! Reigns gets the win and is the fourth man in the fatal four-way next week.

Roman Reigns beats Chris Jericho to book his spot in next week's match


The Dudley Boyz call time on their WWE career

The most decorated tag team in pro wrestling history are calling it a day. They make their way to the ring as Dudley chants echo around the arena. Bubba shakes hands with the commentary team as both make their way to the ring.

Bubba starts off by saying he doesn't get emotional that often, but today would be a little different. He revisited the past, the night when the duo made their debut in the very same ring in Brooklyn 20 years ago. He says the past year has seen many ups and downs, wins and losses, sometimes the fans loved them, but sometimes they hated them, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it, creating history for 20 years.

D-von takes the mic and cuts a very passionate promo on WWE being his home and that the Dudleys wouldn't have been what they are without the WWE Universe. He spoke about traveling with Bubba on the road, creating history, apart from being the inceptors of legendary matches such as the TLC match with the likes of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz.

Bubba says that the fans deserve all the applause and tells them all to stand up and clap for themselves. Just as they wrapped up, Primo and Epico come out to go through a table most probably. After all the trash that the shining stars spewed out, Bubba just shut them up after things went overboard.

In the midst of the 'we want tables' chant, Bubba and D-von showcase their iconic moves with the 3-d, and the diving headbutt low-blow by D-von. Bubba and the fans call for the tables and D-von obliges. Just as some furniture was about to be broken, The Club assault the Dudleys and take the legendary tag team out. They spoilt the send-off party by sending D-von through the table with the Magic Killer.

Will the Dudleys retract on their statements and try to get one back on the Club? We'll have to wait until next week.


Braun Strowman vs Johnny Knockout

It's time for some poor enhancement taken to get squashed by the mountain himself and this time, it's Mr.Knockout is all set to get knocked out. A monstrous clothesline and a reverse chokeslam, pinfall, 1-2-3! Strowman, for some reason, pins him again! 

Well, the referee just pins again as he wouldn't want to become an enhancement talent himself for the monster.

Braun Strowman beats Johnny Knockout


Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Bayley's first match on RAW is underway and she starts off with being on the top. Bayley gets a pinfall attempt in early after smashing Dana's head on the turnbuckle ten times in a row with the crowd chanting along. She follows it up with a deep arm drag, but Dana sends her crashing to the outside.

Dana takes control as she works on BAykey's abdomen with a stretch. Bayley, though, feeds off the fans and turns the tables on Dana with a splash in the corner, followed by a flying spinning elbow.

She connects with the Bayley-to-belly and pins Dana. 1-2-3! Baley comes out top in her debut. Everyone's hugging in Brooklyn as Bayley gets her main roster journey going with a solid outing and an infectious smile

Bayley beats Dana Brooke


Bayley makes her debut on RAW

The new Women's Champion is out in the ring, and she's showing how great a heel she is. Dana Brooke starts off by screaming you deserve it, but the fans don't sing along. 

The fans in Brooklyn want Bayley, we want Bayley, and we might get her on RAW by the way things are going.

Charlotte claims Sasha is all flash and no cash and that she is the money of the division. She wraps up her promo and just as she was about to leave the ring, Mick Foley cuts her off and reveals that he's signed the hottest free agent, Bayley.

Bayley gets a huge reception with hugger section signboards seen all throughout the arena. Bayley says she can't believe this is happening. You deserve it chants break out and it's just so perfect!

Bayley hugs Mick Foley and challenges Charlotte to a Women's Championship match. This is what the fans want and they've made it known by the voracious yes chants that would induce goosebumps.

Foley then goes on to book Bayley's debut match against Dana Brooke, and it is up next. A memorable debut indeed, all thanks to the Brooklyn fans, who looked prepared for it all along.


Rusev vs Big Cass (For a spot in next week's Fatal Four-way For the WWE Universal title match)

The only man who can have Lana goes up against one of the realest guys in the room, Big Cass. The match begins with Cass going straight after Rusev's bruised ribs, courtesy of Roman Reigns's beatdown last night. Cass kicks Rusev onto the mat on the outside as RAW goes into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Rusev working on Cass's head with a headlock. Cass fights out of it and creates some momentary separation. He follows it up it up by dropping two elbows, but Cass rolls out of the third one.

Cass gets his act going as he Irish Whips Rusev to the corner and connects with a monstrous splash. A power slam on Rusev followed by an attempted Empire elbow, which Rusev escaped by going to the outside. Cass whips Rusev straight into the steel steps, inflicting pain on his battered ribs.

Back in the ring, Rusev superkicks Cass, but Cass answers with a big boot of his own to send Rusev to the outside again. Rusev doesn't look motivated to continue and the ref counts till ten as The Bulgarian Brute clutches his abdomen in pain. Cass gets a huge win and earns a spot in next week's Championship match.

Considering how over Enzo and Cass are, this is a very smart move as Cass can get the rub off being with seasoned stars of the roster in a Championship match next week.

Big Cass beats Rusev via count-out


Titus O'Neil lays out Darren Young and Bob Backlund

O'Neil's  getting some heat here, and I think it's not because of how good a heel he is, but because he's way too uncharismatic at the moment. He cuts a promo on Darren Young, Bob Backlund, during CM Punk and 'we want Slater' chants rung all throughout the arena.

He calls Darren Young out, but instead, the legendary Backlund ran out after he couldn't take O'Neil's insults. O'Neil makes quick work of Backlund and Young who came out for the save to end the segment.


Big E vs Karl Anderson

New, New! Brooklyn loves them just as much as we do as the longest reigning tag team champions dance their way to the ring. Big E grooving to the New Day chants is pure gold. The preachers of positivity begin by reminding us all about their tag team title reign.

It was only about time until they started plugging in the Booty O's and this time, Woods asks the crowd as to what the White Pinata had in. No prizes for guessing, Booty O's baby! The Club cut them off and cut a generic promo, while also dissing the Brooklyn crowd.

RAW goes into a commercial break and the match is underway as soon as we return. Big E returns to the ring after a while and it's great to watch his  belly to belly suplex on Anderson. Classic New Day follows as Big E spanks Anderson's rear while locking him in an Abdominal stretch to the rhythm of the New Day rocks chants. Anderson takes control for a brief moment in the match with a headlock and even caught Big E with a knee while he charged to take him out.

Gallows tries to get involved, but Kofi and Woods intervene and connect with the Trouble in Paradise and Lost in The Woods . In ten meanwhile, Big E reverses Anderson's clothesline into a Big Ending, Pinfall, 1-2-3! Big E picks up the win on his return.

Big E beats Karl Anderson


Kevin Owens vs Neville (For a spot in next week's Fatal Four-way For the WWE Universal title match)

The familiar foes kick off their match with Neville using his ariel abilities to his advantage to take send Owens out of the ring by ducking at the right time. A 450 splash no the outside followed by another splash to dominate the proceedings early on. KO's partner Y2J comes out screaming, 'he's my partner', and Neville doesn't look too impressed with the blatant interference. 

RAW goes into commercial as Neville goes to confront Y2j as he comes down the ramp. Back from the commercial break, and as expected, Owens takes over the reigns of the match by attacking Neville on the back due to a distraction. Owens with a headlock on Neville, who breaks it up, but KO takes him down. He goes up top for the frog splash, but Neville moves out of the way. 

Neville goes to the second rope himself and connects with a beautiful spinning corkscrew moonsault for a near fall. Neville looks to rally, but Owens blocks, Neville connects with the enziguri to lay KO out. Neville goes up top again for the Red Arrow, but Y2J is doing his job by getting in Neville's way. Neville connects with a running missile dropkick on Y2J on the outside, but KO recuperates by the time and out comes the pop-up powerbomb.
Pinfall. 1-2-3! KO picks up the win and books his spot in next week's fatal-four-way. The tried and tested combination resulted in a short but solid match.

Kevin Owens beats Neville


Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn (For a spot in next week's Fatal Four-way For the WWE Universal title match)

Rollins's is at is sneaky best as he blindsides Zayn to get the upper hand even before the match started. We come back from the commercial break and the action spills outside. Rollins goes for the powerbomb onto the barricade, the move responsible for Balor's injury, but Zayn blocks and backflips off the barricade onto Rollins.

Back in the ring, Rollins takes control of the match as he continues to wear Zayn down. In another concerning moment, Zayn is seen landing awkwardly on his feet resulting in what seems to be a twisted ankle. The ref check on him and Zayn continues. JBL's quote on commentary says Rollins is greatness is in the fact that he injures his opponents.

Back from another commercial break, the underdog of the underground gets some offense over Rollins, but Rollins takes him down. Rollins places him on the top turnbuckle for a suplex, Zayn kicks him off and excutes an insane sunset flip powerbomb to send Rollins crashing into the mat for a close near fall.

Rollins regains consciousness with a Pedigree attempt, but Zayn reverses and kicks him straight towards the corner. Zayn sees the opportunity for the Helluva Kick, but Rollins stuffs it up by sweeping his feet and locking in an ankle hold to aggravate Zayn already battered ankle. Zayn  fights out of it, and goes for the Michinoku Driver, but Rollins counters it into a Pedigree. Pin, 1-2-3! Rollins is one step closer in having the gold around his waist.

Seth Rollins beats Sami Zayn

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