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WWE RAW Results 26th March 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 27, 2018 03:11 GMT

The latest updates from Monday Night RAW.


03:11 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Thank you for joining us for this episode of RAW. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for live updates from SmackDown. Till then I'm signing off, goodbye and goodnight.

03:05 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena looks really frustrated as he walks away, Nothing Cena does is getting a reaction from the Undertaker. 

03:02 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena calls Taker a coward. He says that the fans chant for him night after night but he can't be bothered to show up.

03:01 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena is upset that Undertaker didn't show up. He asks Taker, "Where are you?"

03:00 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

03:00 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Kane sets up a table as he looks for a chokeslam of his own. Cena reversed and hits Kane with an AA through the table. It's over.

John Cena def. Kane

02:58 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

John Cena sets up a table in the middle of the ring. He goes to AA Kane onto the table but Kane flips it over to save himself. Kane leans the table against the corner and tosses Cena into it.

02:56 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena sits up like the Undertaker and sends Kane into the exposed turnbuckle. Cena follows it with a 5 knuckle shuffle before mocking the Deadman again and chokeslamming Kane. 2-count.

02:54 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Kane leads Cena back to the ring.

02:53 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena and Kane are fighting in the tech area. Cena smashes a barricade into Kane's elbow. Cena now sets up the barricade and it ends up working against him as Kane suplexes Cena onto it.

02:49 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Cena goes for an AA but he can't get Kane up. Kane replies with a right hand as Cena looks stunned.

02:47 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

John Cena vs Kane (No DQ)

Chants of "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" break out as soon as the match begins. Kane is on top early as he boots Cena out of the ring. He drives Cena head-first into the barricade. Chants of Undertaker break out as the action heads back into the ring.

02:43 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

John Cena vs Kane is next.

02:29 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Elias hits the Drift Away to pin Rhyno for the win.

Elias def. Rhyno

Elias attacks Heath Slater as he checks on Rhyno and hits him with a Drift Away.

02:28 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Elias vs Rhyno

Elias and Rhyno go back and forth but the younger Elias has the upper hand early on. Rhyno hammers back with chops before taking Elias down with a shoulder tackle. 

02:23 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Elias is out with his guitar. He says that he sold out MSG last week so coming to Cleveland was a big disappointment and he was truly embarrassed.

02:16 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Anderson heads to the top rope and hits a diving neckbreaker and tags in Gallows. Magic Killer! That's it. Big win for Gallows and Anderson tonight.
Gallows and Anderson def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

02:14 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Luke Gallows get the hot tag and clears house. He hits Axel with a kick to the head before hitting a pumphandle slam. Gallows follows up with a big splash and tags in Anderson. They follow it with the Boot of Doom but Dallas breaks up the cover.

02:12 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Luke Gallows and Kurt Angle vs Miztourage

Karl Anderson started off in control as he hit his trademark high knee in the corner. Axel and Dallas double-team Anderson to wrest control of the match. Dallas locks in a headlock before Axel comes in off the tag.

02:07 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

The Good Brothers are out next to face Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

02:05 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

02:02 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Ronda hits Mandy with a suplex, sending her flying into Sonya Deville before locking the armbar on Mandy Rose. Mandy screams as Kurt implores Ronda to let go.

02:01 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Obviously, Ronda refuses the offer. Paige tells her that her choice wasn't a good one and left as Sonya and Mandy entered the ring,

02:00 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Paige tells Ronda that going against Stephanie was career suicide. She tells Ronda that she could become the fourth member of Absolution.

01:58 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Absolution's music hits. Paige greets Ronda and says that she needs friends to succeed in the WWE. Paige added that Absolution wanted to formally welcome Ronda to RAW.

01:57 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey are out next. Kurt tells Ronda that she's ready for WrestleMania. He adds that Triple H and Stephanie may make the rules, but they need it. Angle adds that it won't be easy. Ronda replies that she didn't come for easy before saying that Steph may talk tough but she's trust fund tough.

01:50 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Strowman hits Sheamus with a running powerslam for the win.

Braun Strowman def.  Sheamus

01:49 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Strowman charges at Sheamus but crashes into the ring post instead. Sheamus hits Brain with a running kick to the gut. Cesaro gets on the apron looking for a cheapshot but the ref catches him and Strowman knocks him off.

01:48 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Braun is back on his feet and takes Sheamus down with a shoulder charge, making Sheamus roll out of the ring. Braun follows him out and charges at Sheamus, wiping him out. It looks like Braun may have tweaked his knee a little.

01:46 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Back from commercial, Sheamus is going after Strowman's knee and that could be a good strategy. Sheamus turns his attention to work on Strowman's arm,

01:42 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Braun Strowman vs Sheamus

Sheamus started off strong but it quickly devolved. Braun hit Sheamus with a shoulder tackle sending him flying into the barricade as we head to commercial.

01:40 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Braun says he will tell them who his partner is if Sheamus comes into the ring and beats him. Braun laughs as the crowd chants "get these hands". Braun replied that there was a chance Sheamus would get an answer but Braun also guaranteed that he would "get these hands".

01:39 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Braun Strowman is out in the ring. He is followed out by The Bar who come down to the ring. They say they want to prepare for their WrestleMania match and want to know who Braun's partner is.

01:36 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

01:35 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Has Sasha Banks finally turned heel?

01:33 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Sasha tells Bayley she's a 4-time women's Champion and Bayley replies that Sasha couldn't keep it. Sasha then attacks Bayley as she goes to leave and the two brawl till referees pull them apart.

01:32 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Bayley and Sasha are backstage. Bayley tells Sasha that she will be in the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royale too. Sasha says she has to do what she needs to for her career so people don't think she's a loser, unlike Bayley.

01:30 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

01:27 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Matt Hardy appears. He says the Great War is now over and at WrestleMania, he will be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

01:21 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Asuka vs Jamie Frost

If we are to believe, this is Jamie Frost's first professional match. She says Asuka has never seen her wrestle and that will help her. Frost slaps Asuka across the face. Big mistake. Asuka takes her out with a single kick and pins her. What was Jamie thinking? You don't slap the Empress!

Asuka def. Jamie Frost

01:12 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Balor picks up the IC belt but Rollins takes it away from him to raise it himself. Finn pushes Seth out of the way and takes out Miz who was looking to make a sneak attack. Balor then hit Seth with a cheapshot and raised the IC belt.

01:11 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

The Good Brothers come out to Finn's aid and drive away Bo and Axel. Miz is now alone in the ring with Balor. He goes to hit Balor with the IC title belt but Balor dodges and hits a slingblade. Seth looks to follow with a Curbstomp but Miz rolls away.

01:10 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Bo and Axel don't let Miz leave the ring. The fans chant "Yes" as it looks like Bo and Axel could turn on Miz. It was a brilliant ruse as Bo and Axel attack Seth and Finn. That was brilliant.

01:07 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Miz slaps Bo across the face. Axel gets in between Bo and Miz. Miz says he is 34 days away from being the longest reigning IC Champion - better than Macho Man Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect. Now Axel isn't happy either.

01:06 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Finn Balor's music hits and we walks down to the ring to rub further salt into Miz's wounds.

01:04 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Will the Miztourage break up after all this?

01:04 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Bo takes a shot at  Miz saying he's a "phony A-lister who can't fight".

01:03 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Rollins asks Miz when the last time he said thank you to Bo and Axel because without them Miz wouldn't be IC Champion. Seth then leads Miztourage chants as Bo and Axel look really happy with themselves.

01:01 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

Miz asks Axel and Bo if they were having fun in the Miztourage before telling them off for repeatedly failing him. Rollins' music hits and he says that he normally hates Miz TV but this was gold.

01:00 (GMT)27 MAR 2018

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