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WWE RAW Results 27th November 2017, Live Results & Updates; Top faction gets new name

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 28, 2017 09:48 IST

Who will answer Roman Reigns' Intercontinental title open challenge?


09:48 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Here's a recap of what took place on RAW:

Roman Reigns announced his Intercontinental Title open challenge and it was answered first by Elias
Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro
Samoa Joe defeated Titus O' Neil
Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille beat down Sasha Banks and labelled their faction as "ABSOLUTION"
Bray Wyatt defeated Matt Hardy
Rich Swann defeated Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari in a #1 contenders qualifier
Roman Reigns defeated Elias to retain the Intercontinental Championship; Samoa Joe choked him out after the match
Kane defeated Jason Jordan by countout
Finn Balor defeated Kane by DQ
Braun Strowman returned and destroyed Kane

09:36 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Kane fleds away as quick as he can, struggling as Braun Strowman stands tall in the ring! That's a wrap folks!

09:34 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Strowman once again takes the steel chair and places it around Kane's neck. He gives The Big Red Machine a taste of his own medicine when he smashes it against the steel steps. Kane is struggling and clutching his neck.  He does it to Kane the second time! The crowd chants "This is awesome!" 

09:32 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Strowman isn't letting Kane escape! He hits the powerslam on Kane ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd is chanting "One More Time!"

09:32 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Strowman drives Kane down with the steel steps. He takes it in the ring and takes the steel chair, smashing Kane with it!

09:30 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Strowman clutches his neck as he enters. Kane hits Strowman with a steel chair but it's to no avail! Kane seems to be backing away and as he goes for a chair shot, he gets hit with a big kick. Strowman starts bulldozing the Big Red Machine!

09:30 (IST)28 NOV 2017


09:30 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Kane continues the assault on Balor. Back inside the ring, he smashes Balor's back with a steel chair and follows it up a second time. He gets hit a third time and places the steel chair around his neck.  Kane starts climbing to the top rope, ready to end Balor's career. Is it Braun time?

09:28 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Finn Balor escapes a big right hand from Kane and hits a step-up enziguri. He takes out Kane by launching himself over the top rope onto the outside. He hits a running dropkick of Kane onto the barricade. Kane hits Balor with a steel chair and gets DQ'd

Finn Balor defeated Kane by DQ

09:25 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Finn Balor escapes a chokeslam early on. He takes Kane's knee down but gets outpowered by the Big Red Monster

09:22 (IST)28 NOV 2017

09:21 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Balor is doing his flashy entrance. It's a match? 
That was random. Oh well. Finn Balor vs Kane is next!

09:20 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Finn Balor comes out for the save! He's over alright! 

09:20 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Back in the ring, Kane hits Jordan with a boot and throws him outside once again. He goes outside and slams him against the barricade and continues the assault. He works on his injured knee and worsens it.

09:19 (IST)28 NOV 2017

The crowd is behind Kane here. Jordan attempts to lift Kane up and he does, driving Kane into the tunrbuckle. He drives him into the other turnbuckles and spears him. He tries liting Kane again but Kane hammers him with his fist. He throws him onto the outside and Jordan hits his knees. He struggles to get back in and fails to, getting counted out.

Kane defeated Jason Jordan by count out

09:16 (IST)28 NOV 2017

He says thanks to WWE's world class medical facilities and rehabbing he is back to a 100%. He said he'll do what Strowman couldn't. Put away The Big Red Machine.

09:16 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Jordan starts talking about the social media reaction to his knee injury and people accusing him of using it to get out of his match against Braun Strowman. He clears the air while the crowd chants "WHAT?"

09:14 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Jason Jordan vs Kane is up next!

09:14 (IST)28 NOV 2017

09:12 (IST)28 NOV 2017

09:10 (IST)28 NOV 2017

By the way, Asuka won in FOUR seconds! Shortest match ever!

09:09 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Paige said the same thing she did to Sasha. Asuka slides out of the ring and gives her notorious smile!

09:09 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Asuka is surrounded by the ABSOLUTION. 

09:08 (IST)28 NOV 2017

That has to be a record for the shortest match in WWE history. Right?

09:07 (IST)28 NOV 2017

The Bell rings. Asuka lock. Game Over.

09:06 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Dana Brooke vs. Asuka

09:06 (IST)28 NOV 2017

It's going to be Dana Brooke. Brooke claims that she has figured out a major flaw in Asuka's gameplan. Yeah right! 

09:05 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Moving on, the Empress of Tomorrow makes her way to the ring for a match. Someone is about to job! 

09:03 (IST)28 NOV 2017

A recap of Joe's vicious attack on Reigns aired as the commentators stressed on the Samoan Submission machine's sadistic ways. 

08:57 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Joe goes after Reigns again but is forced out by the referees and Finlay! 

08:56 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Roman Reigns is on the ramp, triumphantly going away. He turns his back to the screen for a second and SAMOA JOE comes out and traps Reigns with the Coquina clutch. THIS IS INTENSE! It looks like Samoa Joe is Roman Reigns' next IC title challenger! 

08:54 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Roman goes for the spear but gets caught with a boot. Roman tricks him in the run-up and manages to land a SPEAR! #Andstill

Roman Reigns defeated Elias

08:53 (IST)28 NOV 2017

08:52 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Elias is frustrated. He tries to go for the Drift Away but Roman goes for a small package. Elias escapes and as he runs into Roman, he eats a superman punch, it's only 2! 

08:52 (IST)28 NOV 2017

08:51 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Roman goes for a Samoan drop but Elias outpowers him. Roman is resting against the turnbuckles and Elias lifts him up with the shoulders. He LITERALLY CHANGED HIS DIRECTION MID-AIR and hit a sit-out powerbomb. Roman kicks out at 2.999! THAT WAS AWESOME! 

08:50 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Axel tries to make the distraction but Roman hits him with a spear. Elias throws Roman into the ringpost and quickly back into the ring. Elias hits an elbow drop from the top rope. It's only 2!

08:49 (IST)28 NOV 2017

After the break, Roman is gaining some control again. Roman hits two boots and shoves Elias outside the ring. Reigns slides out himself and hits the drive-by.

08:46 (IST)28 NOV 2017

08:45 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Elias continues to stay on Roman, having him in the headlock. The Big Dog finally makes the comeback, hitting a series of clotheslines. He then strikes Bo and attempts a strike on Axel but misses. Elias hits Roman with a knee and the commentators scream to make you think that a title change could happen. Of course it didn't and of course it won't! Roman kicks out at 2

08:41 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Elias is going at Roman as fast as he can, staying on Roman. He even shoves the champion into the ring post.

08:39 (IST)28 NOV 2017

The crowd is in full "Let's go Roman! Roman sucks". Only the cheers are louder. Interesting. The champ has Elias locked up and shoves him down!

08:37 (IST)28 NOV 2017

08:35 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Roman shoves the Intercontinental title in Elias' face. A big title match is up NEXT!

08:35 (IST)28 NOV 2017

08:34 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Now that I think about it, I doubt he ever competed for the NXT Championship in NXT.

08:33 (IST)28 NOV 2017

This is Elias' first title shot of ANY KIND in WWE!

08:32 (IST)28 NOV 2017

Elias says nobody wants Roman more than him. He tells the Miztourage to sit and the crowd as well. He's about to sing about Roman Reigns and how the IC title walks with Elias. Roman is FINALLY out!

08:31 (IST)28 NOV 2017

The crowd is chanting "We want Roman!". Maybe this was by design. Large portion is also chanting "No we don't!"
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