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WWE Raw Results 31st October 2016, live udpates

Hey everybody, and welcome to our coverage of Monday Night Raw: Halloween Special! Also, keep tabs on all of the fall-out from the Hell in a Cell PPV that took place last night at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts!
Updated: 01 November 2016 08:49 IST - Published: 31 October 2016 14:25 IST

That's it from us today. See you tomorrow for SmackDown folks. SK Out \m/


Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho for the US Championship

The match is a to-and-fro affair, with both Reigns and Jericho getting in offence. Predictably, however, Jericho comes up short when he eats a Superman Punch from nowhere followed by a Spear!

Roman covers him, but the pinfall is broken up at 2 by Owens, who decides that his friend would rather take the disqualification loss than being pinned clean.

They begin beating down Reigns, and hit a Pop-up Codebreaker on him, even as the crowd chants for Rollins. Almost on cue, Rollins runs out and makes the save, going after Owens with 2 suicide dives and a flying knee to Jericho.

The 2 former Shield brothers close out Raw, silently looking at each other as though to acknowledge that they are on the same page now.

Result: Roman Reigns def. Chris Jericho via disqualification


Sheamus and Cesaro vs Shining Stars

Sheamus and Cesaro come out, both trying to one-up each other. I'm starting to like this dynamic. And they're against the Shining Stars. What's not to like?

I'm usually not for squash matches, but boy, would I love this one to be quick and clean.

Shining Stars come out, and the bell rings. Sheamus kicks off with Primo, as he nails a rolling Senton while Cesaro tags himself in. Cesaro goes after Primo, but Epico gets involved and tags himself in.

Minor shift in momentum as the Shining Stars get in some offence on Cesaro, even double teaming him in the corner. Not for long though. And not for nothing is he called the Swiss Superman.

Cesaro braves the punishment, sidesteps the on-rushing Primo and tags in Sheamus. Epico enters the fray meanwhile, only to eat 10 nasty forearm shots to the chest from Sheamus.

Primo looks to intervene but Cesaro interjects and cuts him off with a huge uppercut, as Sheamus locks in the the half Cloverleaf on Epico. Epico taps. Sheamus and Cesaro close out the segment, again, trying to outdo each other by trying to get the crowd to pop.

Haha, I'm certainly digging this dynamic.

Result: Sheamus and Cesaro def Shining Stars via submission


Bayley vs Nia Jax

Bayley tries to get Nia in some form of lock first up, but nothing seems to work. Nia just seems way too powerful, waving Bayley around like a toothpick.

The main attraction in this match, however, is Charlotte in commentary with her protege, Dana Brooke, standing by her side. The narrative of the match, meanwhile, is something that we have seen time and again.

David vs Goliath. The behemoth vs the underdog. As much as the underdog tries to buck the odds, at some point even getting Nia Jax down to one knee, size prevails at the end.

Nia nails Bayley with a Samoan Drop and covers her. 1,2,3! That was a straightforward victory. Bayley gave it her all, troubling Nia more than she has ever been, but it wasn't quite enough.

Result: Nia Jax def. Bayley via pinfall


Charlotte and Bayley segment

Charlotte Flair enters much the same way as she did at Hell in a Cell, upon the shoulders of 4 plebians like a Queen should. Hah.

And she's playing up the whole 'Queen' persona, what with referring to the audience as peasants. She puts each and every one of the SmackDown Women on blast, warning them not to get in her way.

While she's at it, she also calls out the 'weak link' in her team, ushering in Bayley to the ring. Oh, did I forget to mention? It would seem that Charlotte is leading Team Raw at Survivor Series.

Bayley does the ultimate babyface thing by congratulating Charlotte on her 'incredible' victory at HIAC, but Charlotte is classless in victory, goading Bayley that she will never achieve that level of success.

She then puts Bayley in a match against Nia Jax. That match is next!


6 Man Cruiserweight Tag Team Match: Lince Dorado, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari

The action is fast paced, needless to say perhaps, but the story of the match involves Cedric Alexander heavily. The heels isolate him and take turn in piling on him in trademark Cruiserweight fashion; with slick, smooth and quick-hitting offence.

Alexander, however, manages to engineer some separation with a backbody drop to Gulak before tagging in Rich Swann to a pretty decent pop. Swann goes after Nese, but Lince Dorado and Cedric Alexander make it easier for him by incorporating a couple of high flying spots to take out Gulak and Daivari.

Swann, meanwhile, hits a nasty kick to Nese's face before covering him with a Jacknife pin! 1,2,3!

Rich Swann wins it for the babyfaces!

Result: Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander and Lince Dorado def. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari


Backstage segment with New Day

Big E is dressed like Kama Mustafa, Xavier Woods like Papa Shango and Kofi as Godfather.

Anyway, they announce that they will captain Team Raw in the Tag Team Survivor Series match.

That's pretty much all that was of any importance in that promo. Oh yea, and New Day rocks! *dances without any coordination*


Battle Royal
There are so many Superstars involved in this Battle Royal (like duh right?), that I'm going to have to try my best to list all of them. R-Truth is eliminated before I can even finish typing this sentence.

Cesaro and Sheamus are in, as well as Sami Zayn. Strowman is an unmissable presence and the remaining Superstars are basically just names making up numbers.

They seem to include Jinder Mahal, Curtis Axel, Neville, Goldust, Darren Young (Is he great again now?) and Titus O'Neil. Will list out more if I discover that I've missed out on anyone.

Anarchy reigns to kick off the match, but before we can blink, the numbers are reduced drastically, with O'Neil, Young, Mahal and Axel all eliminated in quick succession.

Sheamus tries to pull a fast on on his Tag Team partner Cesaro, but hey, you know what they say about Karma. Cesaro reverses and sends Sheamus careening out of the ring. As he mouths off at him, Strowman reunites them outside by sending Cesaro out as well.

Neville is the next to be eliminated as he meets his long lost friend gravity, before it is just Zayn and Strowman left in the ring. They scuffle for a bit, before Zayn almost, almost pulls Strowman over the top rope ala how The Rock eliminated Big Show in the 2002 Royal Rumble, but Strowman manages to fight out and sends Zayn over.

Well executed spot, and earns Strowman a spot on the WWE Raw team for Survivor Series along with KO, Jericho and Reigns.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Oh, and lost in between the blink of an eye and a commercial break, Bo Dallas was eliminated too. :p


Mick Foley, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns segment

Foley is out and plugs the Hell in a Cell PPV that took place last night, but professes his disappointment at the manner in which JeriKO double teamed Rollins to screw him out of the Title.

Cue, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

Owens starts off saying that he was the one who made history last night by becoming the first man to defend the WWE Universal Title inside Hell in a Cell, but Foley cuts him off saying that he emerged the victor when he could have walked out a legend.

But Jericho and Owens are having none of it, as they continue to rib Foley for needing them to be on Team Raw despite the stunt that they pulled at Hell in a Cell.

Foley accepts as much, saying that he requires them on the team, but also needs someone who he can trust. Enter Roman Reigns! And he's got jokes, reeling off blatantly scripted lines at JeriKO that barely make us crack a smile.

Anyway, Jericho responds by challenging him for the US Title, and Mick Foley makes it official! We've got ourselves a US Championship match tonight, ladies and gentlemen!


Cruiserweight Championship Match: Brian Kendrick (c) vs TJ Perkins

Perkins is out next, with a resolute look on his face. But after hearing the stellar promo that Kendrick cuts on his way to the ring, about how his cerebral approach will ensure that he preys on Perkins' sympathy to retain his belt, it turns to rage.

Perkins wastes no time once the bell rings and goes right after Kendrick, forcing the veteran to seek asylum by clutching to the ropes for dear life. The referee breaks up the offence momentarily.

That doesn't faze Perkins one bit, as he hits a beautiful bulldog on Kendrick, before setting the Champion up for a high risk move with a scoop slam. Perkins executes an poetic hurricarana over the top rope, taking both himself and Kendrick out of the ring in the process.

Wow. What a move!

The referee, meanwhile, starts counting both of them out. Perkins makes it in just in the nick of time, but Kendrick purposely gets himself disqualified by staying outside for the 10 count. Ring smarts from the canny veteran.

But TJ Perkins gets incensed and goes after a retreating Kendrick and locks in the kneebar near the ramp. Too little, too late.

Result: TJ Perkins def. Brian Kendrick via disqualification

We cut to a backstage segment where Braun Strowman tells Foley that he wants in on Team Raw for Survivor Series. Foley says there is a Battle Royal tonight, and that the winner will get a spot on the team! Hell yea!

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