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WWE Raw Results 3rd October, 2016 live updates

Charlotte defends the WWE Women's Championship against Sasha Banks.
Updated: 04 October 2016 08:55 IST - Published: 04 October 2016 00:10 IST

Sasha Banks is your new WWE Raw Women's Champion. What a match between the women. The men on the roster should stand and take notice, the women's revolution is well and truly under way and they tore the house down tonight. 


Charlotte (C) vs Sasha Banks (for the WWE Raw Women's Championship)

The Queen reclaimed her throne at SummerSlam 2016, but The Boss is back tonight for her one-on-one rematch. Bayley and Dana have already had a scuffle backstage with Bayley sending Dana face first into some shipping crates.

The challenger, Sasha Banks, has already made her way into the ring but no Dana tonight for Charlotte. Dana's receiving medical attention backstage after what Bayley did to her.

This match has a big fight feel and I can just feel that something huge is about to happen.

Sasha and Charlotte lock up as the bell rings and Charlotte immediately overpowers Sasha. Charlotte then goes for the Figure-8 but Sasha kicks her in the face and sends her reeling to the outside. The Boss tries to follow it up by a tope suicide but Charlotte catches her with a forearm. Unfazed, Banks hits the ropes with speed and goes for another one, this time taking out Charlotte as we head into the commercial break.

We come back from commercial with Charlotte in-charge. Charlotte targetted Sasha's back during the break and is continuing the assault. Sasha tries to run to the ropes but Charlotte grabs her by the hair and pulls her down.

Charlotte's mean streak is on show tonight and she's pulling no punches. The crowd is going wild. The women's revolution is here.

Charlotte tries a modified submission hold but Sasha kicks her in the face. Sasha tries to break out of the corner with a clothesline but Charlotte hits her with a backbreaker.

Sasha takes punishment but hits back with a dropkick followed by a flying clothesline and a double knees for the nearfall. Banks then hits a hurracanrana which sends Charlotte outside follows by a dropkick.

Sasha then went for a double knees from the apron but Charlotte catches her and sent her flying into the bottom rope and back inside the ring.

Sasha somehow goes to the top rope but Charlotte catches her and sends her neck first into the top rope followed by an incredible sequence finished up by a big boot for just a nearfall.

Charlotte takes Sasha to the top rope for a superlex as the crowd chants "This Is Wrestling". Sasha throws Charlotte off the top rope ad hits her with the double knees.

Sasha goes for the PIN!

1-2-KICK OUT! Charlotte kicks out!

Sasha goes to finish Charlotte off with a backstabber but Charlotte grabs onto the ropes and sends Sasha out of the ring. Charlotte then goes to the rop rope.

Charlotte throws Banks back into the ring and hits her with a Natural Selection.

1-2-KICK OUT! Sasha kicks out!

Charlotte's getting more and more frustrated and she repeatedly slaps Sasha. Charlotte then Irish Whip's Banks into the ropes and Banks counters with a hurracanrana into a Banks Statement!

Will Charlotte tap??

Charlotte rolls over for the pin attempt but Sasha converts that into another Banks Statement.

Charlotte TAPS OUT! We have a new champion! SASHA BANKS!

Sasha Banks is your new WWE Raw Women's Champion!

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte to become the new WWE Raw Women's Champion


The main event is up next. Charlotte defends her WWE Raw Women's Championship against Sasha Banks. These two have been going at it for months and it doesn't seem like this feud will end anytime soon.


Cesaro and Sheamus vs Enhancement Talent

Cesaro and Sheamus take on enhancement talent again and the duo look like a fantastic team even if they don't get along. They just can't stop arguing but their opponents are no match for them.

This storyline looks awesome. The duo fight amongst each others, try to outshine each other and still take it to their opponents. The spot at the end with Cesaro stepping on Sheamus' back to jump over him and deliver a DDT was beautiful. Sheamus followed it up with a Brogue Kick for an easy victory. Very impressive.

Cesaro and Sheamus def. Enhancement talent


Rich Swann vs Tony Nese

More cruiserweight divison action and this match should be great. Rich Swann takes on the 'Premier Athlete' Tony Nese as Swann toys with Nese in the opening stages. Nese hits back with a devastating combo of knees and strikes.

Swann irish whips Swann into the corner before the refree asks him to back off from Nese. Nese takes advantage and kicks Swann in the back of the head, nearly knocking him out.

Nese tries multiple pins on Swann who kicks out before going to the top rope but Swann hits back with a sweet hurracanrana. As Swann went for a springboard stunner on Nese, the Premier Athlete catches Swann in mid air and lands him in a guillotine drop on the top rope.

Nese follows it up with a brutal Michinoku Driver!

NESE GOES FOR THE PIN! 1-2-3! Nese wins!

Tony Nese def. Rich Swann


The New Day vs Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are on commentary for this one. Owens starts the match off strong and is really taking it Woods. He delivers a senton and works on Woods in the corner as the latter tries to fight back.

Woods finally tags Big E in and Owens immediately kicks him in the face. However, Big E soon takes control with a shoulder charge. E then goes for a spear in the corner but Owens moves away and Big E runs into the corner as Jericho gets tagged in. BiG E is having none of it and he slaps Jericho around before eating a dropkick.

Jericho tags Owens in who hits Big E with a senton for the near fall as we head into a commercial.

Big E tags Xavier Woods as we come back from commercial. Woods comes in with fire and hits Owens with a running knee and a clothesline before taking out Jericho. Owens catches woods and delivers a modified gutbuster before mocking Woods.

Woods gets some momentary relief with a crossbody lateral press for a two count, but KO shuts him in his tracks. Just as KO looked to wrap things up, guess who turns up? Seth Rollin's music hits and out comes the Architect.

The distraction leads to KO getting caught by an Enziguiri from Woods. Woods tags Big E in while Jericho comes in for KO. Big E goes on a rampage with a couple of clotheslines to lay Jericho out. He looks nearly flatten out Jericho with a monstrous splash but gets caught by KO with a superkick.

KO is taken out by Woods, who pops the crowd with a jaw-dropping somersault on the Universal Champion. Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho, but Rollins comes to the apron and causes a distraction.

The New Day take advantage and lay Y2J out with the Midnight Hour. 1-2-3! New Day retain the tag team titles!

Seth Rollins makes a statement with a pedigree on a lifeless Jericho as a retreating KO watches on. And just like that, the seeds of the KO-Y2J feud have been planted.

The New Day def. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens via pinfall 


Enzo and Cass are out next promoting the fight against Breast Cancer. Great stuff from the certified G's. Tonight we celebrate survivors and their journey.

Enzo and Cass award the three women replica belts as they are champions for battling breast cancer and surviving. Cass adds that the word SAWFT certainly does not describe these women. 


Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs The Golden Truth

Golden Truth are in control early in this match as they work on Karl Anderson before Anderson powers Goldust into their corner and just kicks him in the head before tagging Gallows in. The big man has Goldust in a headlockbefore driving him into a corner and delivering a powerslam as Anderson and Truth get tagged in.

Truth comes in with speed and delivers a censor kick for the nearfall but Gallows comes in and kicks Goldust off the apron and away as The Club set Truth up and hit him with the Magic Killer. Game Over.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. Golden Truth


Sami Zayn vs Titus O' Neil

The match starts off quick and Sami is the overwhelming favourite so far. It's so clear that Sami Zayn is destined for greatness that even Titus' awful signing can't distract from it. Titus hits Zayn with a sitdown backbreak that looks vicious as Titus plays up to the crowd. As Titus non-chalantly runs at Zayn, Zayn hits him with a clothesline! He follows it up with a snap exploder suplex!!!!

Titus is reeling in the corner.......HELLUVA KICK from Zayn!

1-2-3! Zayn wins.

Sami Zayn def. Titus O' Neil

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