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WWE RAW Results 4th December 2017, live updates; Shocking end to main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 05, 2017 09:55 IST

Will The Shield complete their championship trio when Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose take on The Bar?


09:55 (IST)5 DEC 2017

A recap of what happened on RAW tonight:

Roman Reigns defeated Jason Jordan to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Paige defeated Sasha Banks
Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali to earn a #1 contenders match for the Cruiserweight Championship
Braun Strowman destroyed Elias and Kane challenged him to a match next week, making it official.
Asuka defeated Alicia Fox
Finn Balor defeated Bo Dallas
Sheamus & Cesaro defeated Rollins & Ambrose to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships, thanks to Samoa Joe.

09:50 (IST)5 DEC 2017

A pretty decent episode of RAW overall. Hope you have a good night, morning, afternoon, evening from wherever you are! Cheers everyone and see you tomorrow for SmackDown Live!

09:46 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:44 (IST)5 DEC 2017

After the match, they fled to the crowd entrance along with Samoa Joe and the trio stand tall from the corner while The Shield looks on, frustratingly.

09:43 (IST)5 DEC 2017

SAMOA JOE COMES OUT AND ATTACKS Rollins & Ambrose! What's happening? Roman comes in for the save and Joe fleds. Roman also gives Cesaro a superman punch while he's at it. All this commotion causes a distraction and Sheamus hits the brogue kick and Cesaro makes sure they get the pin on Ambrose, retaining the titles.

Cesaro & Sheamus defeated Rollins & Ambrose to RETAIN the RAW Tag Team titles

09:42 (IST)5 DEC 2017

While the two head back in the ring, Rollins and Ambrose hit the suicide dive. They take out Sheamus and Cesaro as well. They get a nearfall and were getting ready to finish it, but Samoa Joe came in and attacked Rollins and Ambrose. 

09:41 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Sheamus purposely got his team DQ'd. And they seemed happy to be getting the DQ. While they walk away, Kurt Angle comes out and gives them a chance to prove that they ARE THE BAR. He restarts the match and makes it NO DQ

09:40 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Rollins is about to go for the Kingslayer but Cesaro hits him with an uppercut. He tries the neutralizer but Rollins escapes and hits the Kingslayer. Sheamus breaks it up and starts assaulting Rollins. Since he's the illegal man, the team got DQ'd. 

09:37 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Sheamus and Cesaro get ready to take Ambrose out completely. Ambrose escapes. Rollins manages to tag in and hits a superplex on Sheamus but The Swiss Cyborg Cesaro saves the match for his team in the last second!!

09:36 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:36 (IST)5 DEC 2017

A superkick on Sheamus manages to buy Rollins some time. Ambrose gets up. Despite an attempt at isolation from Cesaro, Rollins evades him and tags in Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe sends Cesaro packing outside the ring but when he tries to go for a suicide dive, he is met with an uppercut. 

09:33 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Ambrose gets taken out and Rollins is unable to make the tag. A pop-up uppercut isn't enough to put The Architect away.

09:32 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Ambrose is eagerly anticipating the tag. Rollins managed to take down Sheamus and both are on the ground. Sheamus is closer but Rollins isn't fast enough to make the tag. He pulls Rollins closer to his corner and isolates him from Ambrose. 

09:31 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:30 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Sheamus has control over Seth Rollins. He hits those fists on the chest, but once the crowd starts counting, he stops. Great way to get good heat.

09:26 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:25 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Rollins jumped over the top rope but the champs moved away. While Rollins did attack Cesaro, Sheamus shoved him into the ringpost!

09:25 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Cesaro took advantage of Sheamus' distraction when he pulled his head against the ropes. Rollins tagged in and managed to take out both the champion. 

09:23 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Ambrose and Cesaro began the tag title action. Sheamus was tagged in and Ambrose took the fight to him as well. Cesaro took a cheap shot at Seth Rollins when he pulled his leg from underneath the ring.
The crowd begins the "You look stupid" chants.

09:21 (IST)5 DEC 2017

It's main event time.

The Bar vs The Shield(Rollins & Ambrose) for the RAW Tag Team Championship

09:14 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:13 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Bray is saying something about the fire and something. His promos don't really matter much anymore do they? They're the same thing, basically. Matt Hardy though. He's going crazy, he's laughing maniacally and subjects Bray to DELETION!

09:12 (IST)5 DEC 2017

The camera switches back and forth between Bray and Matt. 

09:11 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Bray Wyatt is in the "Spooky Room" as I call it. The camera switches to Matt Hardy and he seems "BROKEN"(or WOKEN, as WWE calls it). He's back with the accent. He's back, ladies and gentleman!

09:03 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Bo Dallas has Balor in a resthold for a while but Balor rebuilds some of that momentum with a double stomp to Dallas' chest. Finn's selling his chest. The momentum is finally on his side and he hits the running dropkick. He's going up, it's time! 


Finn Balor defeats Bo Dallas

09:02 (IST)5 DEC 2017

09:00 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Balor goes for the Coupe De Grace but Curtis Axel causes a distraction and Dallas takes advantage. He traps Balor between two ropes and kicks him in the mid-section.

08:59 (IST)5 DEC 2017

08:59 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Balor is manhandling Dallas, kicking him left and right. Dallas gets some offence in with a kick and almost sunset flip pins Balor, but he ends up eating two boots to the face instead.

08:57 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Finn Balor is up against Bo Dallas! The Miztourage are out with The Miz's music.

08:56 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Finn Balor is in action!

08:48 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Mandy Rose hits a running knee to Fox while DeVille hits a vicious sliding knee.

08:48 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Paige approaches Alicia Fox and says that she doesn't want to hurt Alicia Fox. So she's being set up of course. She says Fox was the only one nice to her a year ago. She says that she doesn't think Sonya and Mandy feel the same way. She slowly takes a step back and her two henchmen go right after Alicia Fox.

08:47 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Absolution is out again! Paige, Mandy and Sony DeVille surround the ring while Asuka and Alicia Fox is sitting in the ring. Asuka gives them a nod of disapproval and leaves again and Absolution leaves her alone...again.

08:46 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Asuka evades a scissor kick and hits a kick of her own, before landing a roundhouse kick on Fox. She gets her into an armbar and taps her out.

Asuka defeated Alicia Fox

08:44 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Alicia Fox flings Asuka away. Soona after, Asuka tells her to bring it and tricks her into a running hip attack. Fox floors Asuka with a nice big boot. Fox has control with the knee to the back. Fox ticks off Asuka, which isn't really a good thing to do. Or wise.

08:42 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Asuka vs Alicia Fox. RIP Foxxyy

08:40 (IST)5 DEC 2017

It's time for The Empress Of Tomorrow Who is ready for Asuka? NOBODY!!

08:40 (IST)5 DEC 2017

08:39 (IST)5 DEC 2017

08:37 (IST)5 DEC 2017

After her record-breaking 4-second match last week on RAWThe Empress Of Tomorrow Asuka is in action next!

08:37 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Rollins says that New Day aren't at sight, they're going to regain the titles which they shouldn't have lost in the first place. Ambrose seemingly forgets that he has a title match, but turns out he's just messing with Rollins. He says he smells gold!

08:35 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Reigns is backstage with Rollins and Dean Ambrose. He tells them that he kept the IC title and now it's their job to regain the tag titles.

08:32 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Kane is on the screen. He says that Braun forgot what it's like to be a monster among monster. He says that he's going to step into the ring with Strowman next week and only one monster will emerge!

08:31 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Strowman continues steamrolling through Elias. He goes outside and tosses not one but two steel steps into the ring. Kane's music hits! Where is he?

08:30 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Elias smashes his guitar over Strowman but nothing happens! Crowd is chanting "You F'd up". And he did alright. He did, big time!

08:30 (IST)5 DEC 2017

Strowman is now steamrolling through Elias. 
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