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WWE Raw Results 5th September 2016, live updates

Kevin Owens begins his reign as WWE Universal Champion.
Updated: 06 September 2016 08:38 IST - Published: 06 September 2016 05:17 IST

That's all we have from Raw folks. Thank you for joining us and join us again tomorrow for our live coverage of SmackDown Live!


Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

The blood rivals are facing each other once again in the main event of Raw. The bitter rivals get ready to square up and this should be a damn fine main event.

Owens rolls out to take a breather as soon as the match starts. He takes advantage when Sami follows him outside hitting him with punches and kicks before driving him into the barricade. Owens has Sami back in the ring and hits him with repeated chops as he leans against the ropes.

Zayn throws Owens outside the ring  but Owens grabs his leg as he tries to go for the suicide dive, and pulls him to the outside. Owens them smashes Sami against the barricade. Owens tries to replicate that again but Sami counters with a moonsault off the barricade. Scintillating stuff as we head to the break.

We come back from the break to see KO hit a sweet running Senton on Sami before slapping him across the face, As KO went for another slap, Sami dodged it and hot back with an even more vicious slap. He followed that by sending Owens to the outside and hitting him with multiple Tope Suicida's followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb for the nearfall.

Sami Zayn is a man with nothing to lose right now, which makes him even more dangerous. Owens goes for a cannonball which Sami counters with an Exploder Suplex. As Sami goes for the Helluva Kick, Owens rolled out of the way.

The two men fight on the apron and KO hits Sami with a Guillotine Stunner which he follows up with a cannonball. This match has really picked up and the crowd are up for it.

Owens looks to follow it up with a Pop-up Powerbomb but Sami counters. Sami goes for his trademark top-rope tornado DDT but he lands awkwardly and rolls out of the ring. KO looks to take advantage but Sami somehow manage a half-Nelson suplex to Owens on the outside.

Sami rolls KO back in and goes for another Helluva kick but Sami's ankle comes back to haunt him. Owens takes advantage of Sami's ankle giving way and superkick's Sami into oblivion before hitting the Pop-up Powerbomb.

1-2-3! Owens wins.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns' music hits after the match and he makes his way down to the ring. Jericho follows Owens out and Owens and Jericho have Reigns outnumbered. 

Foley interrupts to announce that Roman Reigns will face Kevin Owens next week on Raw and if Roman wins, the match at Clash of Champions will become a triple threat match.

Jericho tries to cheapshot Roman as Owens was leaving but Roman spears him into oblivion.


Monstrous ovation for Sasha as she makes her way out to the ring to make her statement. What news could Sasha have in store for the WWE Universe?

Sasha promo has an ominous beginning as she speaks about how every journey has an end? Sasha can't possibly be talking about retirement, right?

Sasha's says that thanks to the women's revolution, the era of bra and panties matches are over. Women are finally called WWE Superstars. Sasha says that being in the ring is everything to her and tears roll down her face!

Sasha says that she was pushed beyond her limits at SummerSlam. 

Dana Brooke interrupts Sasha and says that she'll use Sasha's broken body to prove herself to Sasha. Dana fails once again as Sasha immediately has her in the Banks Statement and makes her tap out.

Sasha reveals on the mic after making Dana tap, that the bad news she had was for Charlotte and she would come back for her title after Clash of Champions.



Braun Strowman vs Sun Cara

Sin Cara says that he'll avenge fellow luchador Americo for what happened to him last week when he faced Braun Strowman. Strowman not only obliterated Americo but also removed his mask after the match.

Stroman had a longer match with Sin Cara than usual but Sin Cara out up quite a fight against someone so much bigger than him before losing by count out.

Braun Strowman def. Sin Cara


Darren Young vs Titus O' Neil

It looks like we'll see another boring Darren Young match next as he takes on glorified jobber Jinder Mahal. Oh god, Titus is on commentary. Someone please wake me up when this is over.

Is it weird that I actually think Jinder is more interesting than Darren Young? Wow, and Titus is terrible on commentary, spewing the same garbage about Darren Young never been great.

Titus makes his way down to the ring a little bit into the match. Jinder tries to roll up Darren Young, but Young counters and wins with the Gut Check.

Darren Young def. Jinder mahal

This match was worse than Darren Young's match with Titus O'Neil last week.


We come back from the commercial to see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in the ring. They say that they're retirement specialists and after retiring the Dudley Boyz, they're setting their sights on The New Day at Clash of Champions.

Gallows and Anderson tell the crowd that they will send The New Day to the Gallows and Anderson Old Farts Retirement Home and are about to show us a preview.

Without further ado, they introduce us to 'The Old Day'. Three people pretending to be older versions of the New Day come out and this looks like it'll be parody gold.

The three people cosplaying The New Day aren't very good and are really tanking this promo. Gallows and Anderson have one or two okay jokes but the crowd are now dead and don't care at all. 

Thumbs down on this segment.

Wait! The real New Day are out! This might help save the segment.

The New Day confront their 'older selves' and say that of the Old Day are them from the future, then they should not touch each other because that would cause the WWE Universe to explode.

Could this segment get any weirder?

The segment ends with New Day chasing off The Club. As the New Day celebrates one of the 'Old Day' tries to take Big E out, rather unsuccessfully. The segment ends with New Day taking out the 'Old Day'.


Nia Jax vs Ann Esposito

Nia Jax takes on Ann Esposito tonight. Esposito is no match for Jax's power and immediately gets slammed into the turnbuckles. Esposito tries to lock Nia Jax into a bear hug but Nia recovers from a tricky situation.

Jax looks shaken from the bear hug and takes it out on Esposito with repeated kicks followed by running hits to Esposito as she lay in the corner.

Jax easily finishes off Esposito.

Nia Jax def. Ann Esposito


Brilliant promo backstage from Sami Zayn before his match against Owens. Sami admits that he's jealous that Owens is the Universal Champion. Owens shows up and tells Sami that even though Sami began in WWE first, he crossed the finish line (winning the Universal Championship) first.


Enzo and Cass vs The Shining Stars

We come back from the break to see The Shining Stars in the ring. They begin a promo but are thankfully interrupted by Enzo and Cass almost immediately.

We get a usual, but nonetheless awesome, promo from the 'realest guys in the room'. Enzo's right, no one's buying any Carribean stuff from the Shining Stars. Also, I'd never thought that watching Enzo and Cass re-enact childbirth could be this entertaining. THIS WAS GOLD!

The match starts with Primo and Cass in the ring. Cass easily overpowers his opponent and sends his scurrying to ringside. He then tags in Enzo who hits a suicide dive on the Shining Stars as we got into commercial.

We come back from commericial to see the Shining Stars in control. Epico has Enzo down as he mocks him before repeatedly punching him in the head.

Epico tags in his partners who continues the beatdown. He has Enzo in the corner and misses a running splash which give Enzo the chance to tag in Cass. Cass comes in with fury and easily lays out the Shining Stars with an Empire Elbow followed by a running splash. As Cass tags in Enzo for the Air Enzo, he gets pulled out of the ring.

Epico took advantage of the situation to roll-up Enzo from behind and pick up the 3-count after grabbing Enzo's tights.

The Shining Stars def. Enzo and Cass
 (Yes, really)


Cesaro vs Sheamus (3rd match in the best of 7 series)

Sheamus leads the series 2-0 and walks into the third match with a chip on his shoulder, having made Cesaro tap out last week.

Some of us are already bored of this series even as it is just 2 matches in. However, this match has started off faster that their other matches. Cesaro begins on top but is clearly favouring his back. Cesaro hits Sheamus with uppercuts and a crossbody and sends him reeling to the outside before Sheamus gains the advantage and targets Cesaro's back relentlessly.

The "You look stupid" chants begin right on cue.

Sheamus hits Cesaro with repeated Irish Curse Backbreakers and Cesaro looks down and out. Cesaro kicks out at two but Sheamus looks on top of his game. He picks Cesaro up for a Celtic Cross which he modifies into a backbreaker. As the referee asks Cesaro if he can continue, Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick. This one is probably over.

Sheamus goes for the pin and gets the 3-count. This one was brutal.

Sheamus def. Cesaro


Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho

The match starts at a furious pace with Rollins taking out his fury on Jericho. Rollins is all over the veteran in the early stages of the match and him reeling to the outside. Rollins follows it up with a beautiful suicide dive.

The babyface turn of Seth Rollins has well and truly begun.

Rollins has Jericho on the outside and he has Jericho under control and hits him with chops and  punches before rolling him onto the apron where he hits him with a running kick. As Rollins made his way to get into the ring, Jericho distracts Rollins by pushing the referee in the way and hits Rollins with a springboard dropkick as we go into the break.

We come back with Jericho in control. He sends Seth's head crashing into the turnbuckle. Jericho runs towards Rollins who counters and sends Jericho face-first into the corner turnbuckle. Rollins follows it up with a series of strikes and kicks followed by a Slingblade.

Jericho kicks out at the near-fall and put Seth in the Walls of Jericho. Just when it looked like Rollins would have to tap out, he managed to reach the ropes. Jericho goes to Irish Whip Seth Rollins but is met by an Enzeguiri.

Rollins goes to the top turnbuckle where he's met by Jericho. Rollins sends Jericho face first into the mat but misses the dive which he follows it up with. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker which Rollins tries to counter with an Enzeguiri. Jericho dodges it and follows it up with one of his own.

As Rollins is reeling, Jericho runs at him, probably looking for another Codebreaker. Rollins transitions that into a PEDIGREE!

Rollins hits it and goes for the cover! Rollins wins.

Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho 


Bo Dallas vs Jobber

Bo Dalls is back! He made his way to the ring and it looks like he's gone back to a modified version of his BO-lieve gimmick. He tells the jobber he faces that he reaps what he sows and to believe in BO.
Bo's is ferocious from the moment the bell rings and this is a side of Bo Dallas that we've never seen. He delivers stiff knees to his opponents before swiftly finishing him off with his new finisher - a modified version of the Queen's Crossbow,

Bo Dallas def. Jobber


Charlotte vs Bayley

Charlotte comes out with her protege Dana Brooke, who's there to 'take notes', of course. Huge reaction for Bayley from the crowd as usual.

Bayley and Charlotte lock up to begin the match. Charlotte immediately shows off her superior strength. Charlotte has Bayley on the ropes as she sends her headfirst into the turnbuckle. Bayley's comeback is very Hulk Hogan-esque.

Bayley goes for her trademark mid-rop ringpost dropkick but she botches it a little but immediately covers it up by making it look like she tweaked something in her leg. We go into the commercial break with Charlotte firmly in control.

We come back from the commercial break with Charlotte still in complete control. She has Bayley in a modified triangle hold as we come back. She continues to punish Bayley but also shows the beginnings of frustration. Charlotte looks to continue working on Bayley's knee but Bayley counters with a running crossbody. Bayley goes up to the middle rope but Charlotte catches her and sends her spine first into the turnbuckle. Charlotte then continues the assault on Bayley's injured leg outside on the ring post.

Charlotte throws Bayley back into the ring after sending her leg against the ring post a number of times. She then puts Bayley in a Half-Boston Crab. Bayley somehow manages to fight out of the submission and manages to hit Charlotte with her trademark spinning middle rope elbow.

Bayley goes for the running elbow with Charlotte in the corner. Dana helps Charlotte get out of the way but is rewarded with a kick to the face from Bayley. Charlotte rolls Bayley up but Bayley kicks out at 2, sending Charlotte face first into Dana who was beginning to climb onto the apron.

Charlotte looks livid but Bayley catches her off guard and hits her with the Bayley-To-Belly and goes for the pin!

1-2-3!! Bayley did it! She wins!

Bayley def. Charlotte


We return from the commercial to see Foley and Stephanie backstage. Owens interrupts them to confront Foley, but Foley puts Owens in a match with Sami Zayn. When Chris Jericho shows up to defend his best friend, Foley puts him in a match with Seth Rollins.


Kevin Owens' Championship Celebration

Raw kicks off with Stephanie and Mick Foley in the ring. Balloons stream down as we go live - all part of KO's championship celebration. Owens makes his way down to the ring, looking dapper in a suit and refuses to shake Foley's hand. Owens poses with the belt on the turnbuckle as the fireworks go off.

Owens looks genuinely happy with his celebration as Stephanie congratulates him. Owens begins by saying that he agrees with the crowd that he deserves it but  he feels that the crowd hijacked his moment by chanting "You deserve it". He says that he doesn't need the crowd to reaffirm whether he deserves it or not, he's felt like he's deserved it for a while.

Owens continues to say that he could have won the match last week without Triple H's help and this was the beginning of 'The Kevin Owens Show'. 

Seth Rollins' music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Seth is still livid as he interrupts KO's celebration. He addresses Stephanie and tells her that he couldn't believe she conspired against him, something that Steph still denies.

Even though Rollins says this wasn't about KO, Owens is livid. Owens tells Rollins that he was the blueprint for failure as an irate Rollins attacks Owens.

Stephanie responds by calling for Rollins' suspension by Foley disagrees. He makes a match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins at Clash of Champion.

So it's official - Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins at WWE Clash of Champions for the Universal Championship.


Raw unofficially begins with a backstage segment between Stephanie and Mick Foley who are discussing Triple H's return next week. Foley accuses Steph of being in cahoots with Triple H, something that Stephanie repeatedly denies.


Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Raw comes to us live from the Sprint Center in Kansas, Missouri. It's a big night for the 'Kevin Owens show' as KO begins his reign as WWE Universal Champion. Sasha Banks also tweeted that she will be on Raw tonight. We also see what's going on with Roman Reigns also, more on the WWE Women's title scene. The third match of Sheamus and Cesaro's best of 7 series is also on tonight. Join us for live coverage and commentary!

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