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WWE RAW Results, 8th January 2018, live results and commentary; John Cena gets called out in Royal Rumble

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 09, 2018 04:25 GMT

What is going to happen on RAW with just a few weeks to Royal Rumble?


04:25 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

That's a wrap for tonight folks! Here'(*s a recap of what happened on RAW(WARNING: SPOILERS)

Balor Club is now official
Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille 
WOKEN Matt Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins; Matt Hardy declared entry to the Royal Rumble match
The Miz made a triumphant return on Miz TV
Cedric Alexander defeated Enzo Amore by Count-Out in a Cruiserweight Championship match
Apollo Crews & Titus O' Neil(w/ Dana Brooke) defeated Cesaro & Sheamus
Samoa Joe defeated Rhyno, calling out John Cena in the Royal Rumble match
Balor Club defeated Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan

04:08 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

After the match, The Miz and The Miztourage come out and assault Jordan before laying the beatdown on Roman Reigns, hitting two skull-crushing finales to end the show.

04:06 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

The referee didn't see Jordan tag in and thus his legit tag was illegal. A Magic killer was hit on Rollins and Roman and Jordan had a tense moment.  Outside the ring, Gallows & Anderson got punched and speared by Roman Reigns. Inside the ring, Jordan tried to help Rollins up but instead moved when Balor hit a running dropkick. 

Balor used this to his advantage and hit the coup-de-grace. Jordan cost his team the victory!

Balor Club vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins& Jason Jordan

04:03 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Rollins tries to tag in Jordan but Anderson takes him out.

04:03 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Anderson and Gallows try to take out Rollins but Jordan helps him steer the trouble away. Although Jordan took out Gallows, Anderson hit a spinebuster of Rollins for a two count.

04:01 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

He lands the Falcon Arrow fro the 2-count.

04:01 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Rollins starts off with a suicide dive and then a slingblade onto Anderson

04:01 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Reigns lands a superman punch! Time for the tag, and Rollins it is! Jordan still hasn't been tagged in!

04:00 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

03:59 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Anderson has Reigns in a headlock. Although Roman hit a Samoan drop, Anderson tagged in Gallows and subsequently prevented Roman from tagging in.

03:56 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Rollins & Balor are back at it in the ring. Rollins sends Balor face first into the turnbuckles before tagging in Roman Reigns. A slight distraction by Gallows & Anderson sees Balor hitting a slingblade on Reigns before tagging Anderson back in.

03:51 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Rollins & Balor started the action. While the two had a back and forth exchange, a little cluster takes place as Gallows & Anderson are sent out of the ring and Reigns & Rollins take out Balor, only for Jordan to come in and jump in excitement with them.

03:49 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Corey Graves says Jordan is better than Dean Ambrose. Wooo now that's a statement!

03:43 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Asuka vs Nia Jax has been announced for next week!

03:42 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

03:39 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Our main event is next!

03:39 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

03:36 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

As Asuka makes her entrance, Nia comes out of nowhere and lifts Asuka on her shoulders and takes her down before hitting her with a senton.

03:35 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

It's time for The Empress Of Tomorrow!

Asuka vs Nia Jax

03:34 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

03:31 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

03:29 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Backstage, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss are talking and the champ says that Enzo is holding Nia back. Nia Jax declares her entry to the Royal Rumble. Alexa Bliss provoked Nia about something Asuka said and got Nia curious. She whispered in her ears and Nia asked if she spoke Japanese, because Asuka doesn't speak English

03:28 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

After the match, Joe declared his entry to the Royal Rumble and when Cena's name was mentioned by Charly Caruso, Joe said that John Cena is a name he'll never forget. He vows to eliminate Cena first. Seeds have been planted!

03:24 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Rhyno can only kick out but gets no offence on Joe. While Rhyno momentarily gets Joe on his shoulders, Joe goes down and and wraps a coquina clutch on the veteran for the win.

Samoa Joe defeated Rhyno

03:22 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Joe starts with the elbows onto Rhyno. Joe hits a stiff kick and when The Destroyer begins a chest slap barrage, Rhyno hits back. Joe still continues to squash him though.

03:17 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Joe obviously not pleased walks to the ring with purpose.

03:17 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Samoa Joe vs Rhyno

03:16 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Brock starts shouting "I don't wanna go" and "get me out of here" while in the ambulance. Heyman goes in and the ambulance leaves the arena while Kane walks away.

03:15 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

During the commercial, it was revealed that Brock Lesnar was stretchered out of the arena, while Kane somehow made it back to his feet, stumbling.

03:12 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Can we just PUT THE TITLE ON BRAUN already? 

03:10 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Strowman latches the steel structure backstage on to something and pulls it hard, with the entire structure falling on Lesnar and Kane! WHAT IS GOING ON! HOW AWESOME IS STROWMAN?

03:09 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

The two start brawling backstage and Strowman comes in and takes them both out!

03:08 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Kane attacks Lesnar from behind as he leaves.

03:07 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

For Lesnar, it's something more like "Will Lesnar pin Kane?" or "Will Lesnar pin Strowman"?. Heyman calls Lesnar the most dominant champion in WWE history and not a single person can take him down.

03:05 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

The old school way is simply challengers stepping up and challenging for the title. Now, it's more of a predicament, according to Heyman. The predicament being that "how can Brock Lesnar survive?"

03:04 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Heyman says he respect Old School, but he and Lesnar understand that the industry is progressive. He says that one old school way is going away and it's not for the betterment of the industry. 

03:02 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is out. 

02:56 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Brock Lesnar is NEXT!

02:56 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

02:55 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Apollo almost rolls up Sheamus and even sends him running into the ring post. Titus gets a hot tag and gets the better of Cesaro. A distraction from Sheamus lets Cesaro get the better of Apollo. However, a huge cluster leads to Titus O' Neil PINNING SHEAMUS! WHAT AN UPSET!

Titus Worldwide defeated The Bar

02:53 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

02:51 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Sheamus pulled down the ropes and Apollo fell over, seemingly injuring himself in the process.

02:51 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Titus O' Neil and Apollo Crews are getting controlled by The Bar. Cesaro & Apollo have an athletic exchange briefly.

02:49 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

The Bar are waiting for their surprise opponents.
It's Titus Worldwide.

The Bar vs Titus Worldwide(with Dana Brooke)

02:45 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

02:44 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Backstage, Asuka gets approached by Alexa. She tells her that her luck's about to run out, because when Nia heard what Asuka said about her(what?), she wouldn't want to be Asuka.

02:41 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

The Bar asked for a match later in the night. After they left, The Miz came in and talked to Angle about an "unscripted" series he and Maryse will be in. He asks Angle for an IC title rematch. He specifically requests it to be on the 25th Anniversary of RAW, two weeks from now!

02:39 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Kurt Angle is talking on the phone with a mystery person, telling her that "a star of her calibre" would be great for the Women's Royal Rumble match. Cesaro  & Sheamus come in, continuing to ask for their tag title rematch. Kurt Angle announces the RAW tag title rematch for the Royal Rumble!

02:38 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Enzo Amore seems to be injured, with doctors telling him that he needs an X-Ray. Nia Jax comes in to check but he just says he's been good.

02:37 (GMT)9 JAN 2018

Bella Twins, Dudley Boyz, APA and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN are announced for RAW 25!
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