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WWE RAW Results and Live Commentary 13th November 2017: Triple H returns and announces Jason Jordan's replacement for Survivor Series

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 14, 2017 09:58 IST

What will RAW put out on the go-home show of Survivor Series?


09:58 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Here is a recap of what happened on RAW tonight, in case you missed it:

The Shield laid down a challenge to The New Day
Bayley defeated Mickie James & Dana Brooke to become the final member of team RAW

Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak def. Kalisto and Akira Tozawa
The Miz had Miz TV with The Bar
Jason Jordan defeated Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman addressed AJ Styles
The Shield defeated The Bar & The Miz
Triple H returned and announced that he will be replacing Jason Jordan on Team RAW
Finn Balor & Samoa Joe defeated Gallows & Anderson
Kane vs Braun Strowman never happened as they destroyed each other before the match

09:40 (IST)14 NOV 2017

RAW just ended abruptly right there. It looks like Strowman sending Kane through the ring ended RAW. Interesting.

09:40 (IST)14 NOV 2017

09:38 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Storwman and Kane are now on the mid turnbuckles in position for a suplex. Strowman topples Kane down but the Big Red Machine tries to chokeslam him. The Monster Among Men outpowers him and hits a running powerslam AND THE RING TEARS! THEY GO THROUGH THE RING!!

09:36 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Kane takes a table from under the ring. He sets it up to a big pop. Kane hit Strowman with a steel chair. He tries to chokeslam him but Braun outpowers him and smashes the legend's back with a steel chair to the back!

09:35 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Outside the ring, Strowman continues his attack on Kane. The match hasn't officially started yet, just for the record. Kane drives Strowman into the steel steps!

09:33 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Kane slaps Strowman and The Monster Among Men kicks him down! Monster vs Machine has begun!

09:32 (IST)14 NOV 2017

09:25 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Braun Strowman vs Kane is next!

09:24 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Alexa Bliss cuts a backstage promo and says that it's unfair she didn't get time to prepare for her opponent. She starts burying SmackDown since she left. She teases going to SmackDown tomorrow for the title match between Natalya and Charlotte Flair.

09:21 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Gallows was all up against Balor after the break. Finn finally got the hot tag on Joe who steamrolled through Anderson.He takes out Gallows and hits a senton on Anderson. He tags in Balor and he then hits a suicide dive onto Gallows. Balor hits the coupe-de-grace on Anderson for the win.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe defeated Gallows & Anderson

Joe wastes absolutely no time and just walks away as Balor gets the pin!

09:15 (IST)14 NOV 2017

09:15 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Anderson pulls Balor and prevents him from tagging Joe in and hits him with a spinebuster and we go to commercial break...AGAIN. Why?

09:14 (IST)14 NOV 2017

After the break, Anderson and Balor were locking horns. Anderson was doing quite well and seemed motivated. 

09:10 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Remember that Finn Balor & Samoa Joe are teaming up for the first time since October 2015. This was when they won the annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in NXT!

09:09 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs Gallows & Anderson

Samoa Joe shoved Finn Balor in the start of the match. They soon get on the same page and look pretty good teaming up together for the first time in 2 years!

09:01 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:59 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The Game pedigrees Jordan as Angle looks helplessly!

08:58 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:57 (IST)14 NOV 2017

TRIPLE H tells Kurt Angle that if he won't make the announcement then The Game will. HE IS THE 5th  MEMBER OF TEAM RAW!

08:56 (IST)14 NOV 2017


08:56 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle is about to talk and TRIPLE H IS HERE

08:56 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Jordan says that he won't get a chance like this. It's the one time he gets to share the ring with his father and he begs him to not take it away from him. Stephanie comes out and tells Kurt not to consider it and tells him to name the replacement immediately. She walks away. 

08:54 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Oh yeah he's getting booed of course. He says that by Sunday he'll be fine. He tells Angle that he's gone through injured and Angle insists that it isn't worth it. Jordan says that he emulated Angle and idolised him. He's now crying but no one is buying it.

08:53 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle is in the ring and says he's about to make one of the toughest decisions. He says that he can't allow Jordan to compete at Survivor Series. Jordan comes out limping and distraught, begging his father not to take it away from him.

08:51 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:46 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:46 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:42 (IST)14 NOV 2017

He goes for a spear but eats an uppercut instead. Cesaro tags in The Miz and goes for a springboard uppercut but eats a superman punch. The Miz then eats a knee from Rollins. The champ is then surrounded and takes a spear from Roman. The Shield goes for a Triple Powerbomb and The Shield win!

The Shield defeat The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus

08:41 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The Miz distracts Roman Reigns but Ambrose takes him out. Cesaro distracts the referee and Sheamus attacks him. Cesaro then hits a pop-up uppercut for the pin, but only gets a 2. Ambrose takes out Sheamus and Roman lands a superman punch onto Cesaro!

08:39 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Seth rags in Roman and Cesaro is tagged in as well. Roman is a KICK-ASS Hot Tag! Don't ever forget that. He's laying Cesaro out with a series of strikes. He even eats a boot from Cesaro but gives a boot RIGHT BACK and hits the Samoan drop!

08:38 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The commercial break ended in bad timing. The Miz was SUDDENLY back in the ring as soon as the break ended. Anyway, he tried pinning Rollins but only got a 2-count.

08:34 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:33 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The Miz starts running away from The Shield and The Mizoutage gets taken out. The IC champion fleds the arena completely!

08:33 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The Shield use their teamwork to clear the tag champions from the ring. The Miz is now one on one with Roman Reigns!

08:32 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Sheamus gets tagged in and so does Ambrose. He distracts the referee and The Miz takes advantage of it and pulls Ambrose's hair. Sheamus starts to dominate the beaten down Ambrose. 

Meanwhile Booker T starts rambling on about how SmackDown started in 1987 and Michael Cole and Booker T are laughng at him pointing out that it started in 1999. Booker T and Corey graves have hilarious chemistry.

08:30 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Rollins tags Ambrose in and he starts chest slapping the hell out of Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg has his turn chest slapping Ambrose and The Lunatic Fringe ASKS Cesaro to chest slap him and the two then take their turns. He tags Rollins back in and The Architect chest slaps Cesaro.

08:28 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Seth Rollins starts things off against The Swiss Cyborg Cesaro.

08:26 (IST)14 NOV 2017

While The Shield makes their entrance, a man in the blue shirt was behind Ambrose. The security pulled him an tugged him away. That was kind of funny.

08:24 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:20 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The Shield vs The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro is up NEXT!

08:19 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:19 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Heyman says that this is no Rocky movie. Selling point number F-5: He cannot survive the conquerer, he cannot survive the F-5!

08:18 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Paul Heyman played it off really well. He gets back to the promo and praises AJ Styles as the best possible opponent. He says that some could argue that Finn Balor could also be considered the best in-ring performer of the generation, but he'd let them two fight it out among themselves. 

He puts over AJ Styles more but still praises Lesnar more. He calls AJ Styles a "Rocky" movie and the crowd chants "AJ Styles".

08:16 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Paul Heyman says that it's probably going to be the only time that Brock & AJ Styles ever face. Paul Heyman starts promoting the WWE Network, pointing at Brock Lesnar as the selling point number one. Selling point number two is the dream match between Styles and Lesnar. 

He starts putting over Styles as a dichotimy. He starts praising Styles and the crowd seems to be looking away. They start chanting "She said yes", which meant that someone proposed! Congratulations to the couple!

08:11 (IST)14 NOV 2017

The crowd is duelling "Suplex City"  "AJ Styles" chants but the crowd is clearly more pro-Brock!

08:11 (IST)14 NOV 2017

08:10 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Brock Lesnar addresses AJ Styles

08:10 (IST)14 NOV 2017

Backstage, Jordan is being tended to and Angle says that he can't let him compete at Survivor Series. He says that he's seen his father work through all sorts of injuries and tells him that it's his big break, begging him not to take it away from him.

08:08 (IST)14 NOV 2017

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