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WWE RAW Results and Live Commentary 20th November 2017, huge title change

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2017 04:22 GMT

Will we see Triple H explain why he double-crossed Kurt Angle?


04:22 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for joining our live coverage of an action-packed episode of Monday Night Raw!

04:21 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

04:20 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

04:20 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

04:20 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Samoa Joe def. Finn Balor
Asuka def. Dana Brooke
Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins) def. Sheamus (with Cesaro)
Alicia Fox vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Mickie James (Raw Women's Championship eliminator) ended in a no-contest due to interference from Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille
Braun Strowman def. Jason Jordan via DQ due to interference from Kane
Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa def. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar and Arya Daivari
Roman Reigns def. The Miz to win the Intercontinental Championship

04:14 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

All three members of The Shield celebrate inside the ring to close out the show. 

04:12 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins come out to even the odds, allowing Reigns to hit the Spear and win the Intercontinental Championship!!!

Roman Reigns def. The Miz to win the Intercontinental Championship

04:11 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

The Miz takes to the top rope and looks for an axe handle, but he's interrupted by a Superman Punch! It's only good for 2.  As Reigns sets up the spear, he's distracted by Sheamus and Cesaro, allowing The Miz to strike with a skull-crushing finale. Reigns kicks out! 

04:09 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

The Miz misses a running strike in the corner, allowing Reigns to land a few strikes. The Miz lands a few"it kicks" before Reigns connects with a Samoan drop for 2. Reigns fails to connect with a Superman Punch on two occasions, and the second attempt results in a kick to the head from The Miz. 

04:07 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Another DDT connects inside the ring, but it's only good for 2. The Miz is in control of the match here. He connects with a backbreaker that is followed by a kick to the back of the head. Two dropkicks connect in the corner, but Roman Reigns nearly reverses the third into a Samoan drop. The Miz slips out and rolls him up for two. 

04:02 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Roman Reigns is selling a snap suplex when we return from commercial, but the Big Dog isn't going to sell too much on television. He goes after the Cleveland native with a series of lariats and sets up the Superman Punch. The Miz rolls out of the ring and intercepts Reigns with a DDT when the latter gives chase. 

03:59 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:58 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Roman Reigns vs. The Miz (c) — Intercontinental Championship match
The Miz begins by retreating outside the ring and stalling. He is greeted by an uppercut and a sit-out powerbomb as we cut to commercial. Well, folks, it looks like the end of Monday Night Raw could be pretty interesting. 

03:52 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Elias is out next, and he gloats about defeating Matt Hardy at Survivor Series. Hardy comes out to interrupt and drives Elias out of the ring. 

03:40 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Renee Young requests Kurt Angle for an update on Braun Strowman. He says that the Monster Among Men refused medical attention and left the building. He then goes into the trainer's room to check on an ailing Jason Jordan. 

The Miz seeks out Angle and begs him to the cancel his match against Roman Reigns. The Olympic Gold Medalist refuses and tends to his son, who says that Strowman is truly a Monster Among Men. 

03:36 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:35 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar and Arya Daivari vs. Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa
When the cruiserweights come out, the crowd checks out, and this match is certainly no exception. Mustafa Ali pins Drew Gulak as the members of the audience took a toilet break. With the exception of this match, the show has been pretty good.

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa def. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar and Arya Daivari

03:26 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Enzo Amore is out with the Zo Train, and he cuts a cringe-worthy promo, heaping praise on his lackeys. Rich Swann is out to interrupt, and he's joined by Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa. 

He's out to demand a title shot for him and his band of merry men. Enzo Amore warns them not to cross him before a brawl breaks out. 

03:16 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:14 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Just as Jordan leaves the ring, Kane sneaks up on Strowman and assaults him with the steel chair. He then uses the chair to jam Strowman's windpipe, leaving the Monster Among Men a wheezing mess.

Braun Strowman def. Jason Jordan via DQ

Very underwhelming segment. WWE just made its breakout star look like an asthmatic 13-year-old who can't stand up to his bully. 

03:12 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Braun Strowman vs. Jason Jordan
Jordan slaps Strowman and slips out of the ring to begin proceedings. However, he is in big trouble as the Monster Among Men goes after him with the fury of an enraged behemoth. Strowman goes for the running powerslam right away, but Jordan slips out and seemingly aggravates his injury. 

03:08 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Paige, Rose and DeVille are backstage when Renee Young attempts to interrupt them. Alexa Bliss steps in and sends Young away before congratulating the new faction on destroying the stale babyfaces. Paige introduces her new comrades to Bliss before all three of them destroy the Raw Women's Champion. 

03:03 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:03 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

03:01 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Paige picks up the microphone and announces that she's back. However, she didn't come alone!!! Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille ambush the competitors in the ring!!! Paige, Rose and DeVille basically destroy the Raw Women's division Nexus style!!!! Ram-Paige on Bayley for good measure!!! Paige is well and truly back!!!!

02:57 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

The two women lay each other out with clotheslines when a familiar them hits. It's Paige!!!! Paige is back!!!!!!

02:56 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Mickie James vs. Alicia Fox — fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for the Raw Women's Championship
The match is already underway when we return from commercial. Bayley works on Banks in the corner, but the Boss escapes, hitting a backstabber and Banks Statement on Fox. Mickie James hits a neckbreaker on Banks. 

02:53 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle interjects and makes a fatal four-way match between Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickey James and Alicia Fox to determine the number one contender for the Raw Women's Championship. 

02:51 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Alexa Bliss is out next. She claims to still be the Goddess of WWE despite losing at Survivor Series. She is then interrupted by Mickie James who demands a title shot. Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia all come out to make a case for a shot at Alexa Bliss. 

However, The Champion, who has decisively beaten Banks, Bayley and James in the past, walks away, claiming that none of them is worthy of a title shot. 

02:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

02:45 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Jason Jordan is backstage with Matt Hardy. Hardy tells Jordan that this just won't be his night against Braun Strowman. 

02:44 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

02:39 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Ambrose finally connects with a lunatic lariat, but he is distracted by Cesaro. Sheamus capitalises with a rolling senton from the top rope. Ambrose kicks out. Rollins then hits a suicide dive on Cesaro for retribution. This allows the Lunatic Fringe to hit the Dirty Deeds and pick up the win.

Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus

02:36 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

When we return from commercial, Sheamus is working on the knee of Ambrose. He delivers a powerbomb for 2 before attempting to work on the arm. The Irishman puts Ambrose on the backfoot and starts playing to the crowd. The Lunatic Fringe comes back with a right hand before throwing Sheamus shoulder first into the post. 

Ambrose hits a couple of clotheslines before knocking Sheamus off the top rope. The Irishman takes another spill outside the ring before another suicide dive. Cesaro looks to do something about this situation, but Rollins thwarts him. However, the Architect is levelled by the Swiss Cyborg. Sheamus nearly takes advantage with a roll-up.  

02:29 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
Headlock takeover from Sheamus after the customary exchange of holds. Ambrose is on the worse end of a striking exchange. He rolls out of the ring after his attempt at the lunatic lariat is intercepted by a huge kick to the shoulder. 

02:24 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Roman Reigns will officially challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship tonight. The Big Dog's chasing that Triple Crown!

02:23 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Strowman's backstage with Charly Caruso and he says that Jason Jordan will die "braver than most."

02:22 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

02:14 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Reigns levels Dallas with a right hand and Axel eats the Dirty Deeds. As Bo Dallas gets back to his feet, he's surrounded by three former WWE Champions who beat the daylight out of him before sending him crashing to the mat with a triple powerbomb. 

02:13 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

"This is awesome," chant the fans as Seth Rollins says that The Shield's merchandise is selling like hot cakes. Reigns says he's never heard this chant. Well, that's because you're not as good at professional wrestling as WWE presents you to be. 

The lights go out all of a sudden, and it looks like we have a botch on our hands. After some more bickering, Roman Reigns expresses a desire to take the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz, potentially teasing his next program. The A-Lister looks like he's just seen a ghost when his goons step in to defend him. 


02:08 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

The Miz says that he asked for Roman Reigns, not The Shield. The Hounds of Justice proclaim themselves the greatest 3-man unit in the history of professional wrestling, stating that they're unbeatable. The Miz suddenly has a fit of anger and says that they should thank him for being the catalyst responsible for The Shield reunion.  

02:04 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

The Miz takes a dig at Baron Corbin before inviting Roman Reigns to come onto the set. No response. Crickets. Sierra, Hotel, India... The Shield invade Miz TV, surprising the show's host. 

02:01 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

It's time for Miz TV with Roman Reigns. 

01:58 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

01:56 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke
It's squash match time, folks. Asuka immediately goes after Brooke with a flurry of strikes, sending the bodybuilder crashing outside the ring.

The Empress of Tomorrow no-sells Brooke's strikes and just kicks her in the head!!! A cannon just went off in the Toyota Center. Game over for Dana Brooke.

Asuka def. Dana Brooke

01:49 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

01:48 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle is backstage when Jason Jordan asks him to cancel his match tonight. He says that he still isn't 100% healthy. Is this cowardice a sign of an impending heel turn? After Angle hesitates, Jordan convinces himself that he will beat Braun Strowman. Unfortunately for Jordan, this match will be scripted. We all know he'd win in an MMA fight. 

01:39 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

01:38 (GMT)21 NOV 2017

We get a video package promoting WWE's relationship with New Orleans ahead of WrestleMania 34. Booker T calls it a "tag-team that will never lose."
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