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WWE Raw Results August 21st 2017, main event of No Mercy confirmed

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 22, 2017 03:24 GMT

Follow all the Monday Night RAW results and live updates here with us.


03:24 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Thanks for joining Sportskeeda Wrestling's coverage of Monday Night Raw. We hope you'll join us tomorrow for SmackDown Live. 

03:23 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

03:17 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Cena and Reigns stand tall as we go off the air. Vince McMahon is in love with the prospect of Cena vs. Reigns, but the Big Dog is just not over at the level. 

03:15 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Joe shoves Reigns in the corner and nails him with a flurry of strikes before tagging The Miz again. Reigns fights off The Miz and his cronies before making the hot tag. Cena sets up a five knuckle shuffle when Joe catches him in the Coquina Clutch.

Reigns tries to interfere and hit the Superman punch, but he inadvertently nails Cena instead. Joe sends Reigns outside and attempts the suicide dive but is intercepted by a right hand. The Miz tries to take advantage of the fallen Cena, but the Massachusetts native manages to connect with an AA for the win.

John Cena and Roman Reigns def. The Miz and Samoa Joe

03:09 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Cena connects with a lariat, but he gets carried away and joins in with the crowd's Mexican wave. The Miz nails him with a DDT for a nearfall. The heels isolate Cena and keep grinding on him. The Miz misses a running knee into the corner and Cena makes the tag to Reigns while The Miz tags Joe. 

Reigns tries to run wild on Joe, but the former TNA standout counters a Superman punch with an uranage slam for two. The Miz gets the tag and starts attacking Reigns with the yes kicks. Reigns then powers out of an armbar before Joe tags in again.  

03:03 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

John Cena and Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe and The Miz with The Miztourage
John Cena and The Miz start things off. Cena is on fire; he hits The Miz with a running bulldog and watches as Samoa Joe gets the tag. In the midst of all this, the beach ball starts getting thrown around. Cena gets on the second turnbuckle and looks at the crowd in amusement. Joe knocks Cena down and makes the tag to The Miz. 

02:52 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

It's main event time, folks. Hope you're ready. 

02:49 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

02:45 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Jordan picks up Balor but is flattened and almost pinned. Jordan hits a massive forearm but receives an overhead kick from Balor. The Demon's feeling it. He hits a slingblade followed by a couple of running drop kicks in the corner and a Coup de Grace for the victory.

Finn Balor def. Jason Jordan

02:43 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

When we return, Balor's in full control. He's working on the left leg of the former NCAA standout but eats a drop kick for his troubles. Butterfly suplex for two. Jordan then grabs a butterfly lock and grinds on  WWE"s inaugural Universal champion. Balor blocks another butterfly suplex and hits a drop kick. He pummels his opponent and follows up with two drop kicks outside the ring. Finn throws Jordan back inside the ring, but Jordan gets a huge slam.   

02:36 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Finn Balor vs. Jason Jordan
Balor is taken down a couple of times. Jordan grinds on him and offers him a handshake. However, Balor responds with a strike followed by a thunderous drop kick. Jordan rolls out of the ring as we cut to commercial. 

02:28 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Finn Balor faces Jason Jordan next.

02:26 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Both Superstars agree to have a rematch on next week's episode of Raw. 

02:25 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Banks says that she's from Boston, but she's left her heart in Brooklyn over the last three years. She pays tribute to Ric Flair and says that the world needs the Nature Boy. However, she says that the world doesn't need a wannabe Goddess. 

Just as Banks starts to gloat, Bliss comes out and mocks her for never successfully defending her title. Banks retorts by saying that everytime Bliss has never achieved anything of note against her in singles competition.   

02:20 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The new Raw Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, is out to celebrate her win at SummerSlam.

02:16 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

02:15 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

It's official, folks. Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman at No Mercy. 

02:14 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Matt Hardy knocks Rollins down and tries to isolate Dean Ambrose. The dirty deeds is countered by a side effect for two. Matt ascends to the top rope but is foiled by Ambrose. Jeff tags in and attacks Seth Rollins. He goes for the Swanton but Dean Ambrose gets his legs up. Seth Rollins tags in and hits the ripcord knee; this is followed by Dirty Deeds and a pinfall. 
Ambrose and Rollins def. The Hardy Boyz

02:08 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Ambrose works on Jeff's arm and exchanges tags with Rollins. Ambrose cuts off an attempted tag, but Jeff nails the whisper in the wind and makes the hot-tag. At the same time, Ambrose tags Rollins. Matt runs wild on Rollins and gets a near fall. The creator of the Broken Gimmick appears to be in pole position, but Ambrose and Rollins nearly get the fall with a mounted slingblade. Ambrose and Rollins clean house and follow it up with a double suicide dive. 

02:04 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

When we return from commercial, the Hardys are attempting to isolate Rollins. However, he creates separation and tags Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe runs wild on Matt and attempts a suicide dive. Ambrose and Rollins end up outside ring to take a Poetry in Motion from Jeff Hardy, The Charismatic Enigma misses a moonsault on Rollins, resulting in the former Shield Brothers reclaiming control.   

01:59 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

All four men stand in the middle of the ring and have a stare down. The Hardy Boyz show their experience and gain the upper hand on the former Shield members. They launch Ambrose and Rollins outside the ring, hit an aerial manoeuvre and taunt them from the middle of the ring. 

01:57 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. The Hardy Boyz — non-title match
Ambrose and Matt start things off. They exchange a series of holds until the Hardys double team Ambrose. Seth Rollins gets tagged in and  hits a dropkick for two. The Architect has things in control, but the Hardys hit a double back suplex on him. Seth Rollins drives Matt face first into the turnbuckle and tags in Ambrose. 

01:52 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

01:51 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The Hardy Boyz challenge Ambrose and Rollins to a match while making subtle Broken references in the process. Ambrose and Rollins appear to be hesitant because they idolised the Hardys during their youth. Matt says that the Hardys have revolutionised tag match for a quarter of a century and promises to do so again. We have a match on our hands.  

01:48 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, the new Raw Tag Team Champions, are out next. They talk about how great it feels to be the new title holders and say that they are eager to celebrate. They also say that they will defend their titles against any team on the roster. They expect to see Sheamus and Cesaro walk down the ramp, but it's the Hardy Boyz who will take this stage. 

01:46 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

01:43 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Kurt Angle runs into Jason Jordan backstage. Jordan asks for a match with Finn Balor. Angle is taken aback at first, but he makes the match official. We're getting Jason Jordan vs. Finn Balor tonight. 

01:38 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Neville is backstage for an interview with Charly Caruso when Titus and Tozawa interrupt him and announce that Tozawa will get his mandatory rematch on this week's 205 Live. 

01:36 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The heels take turns working on Swann, but Swann manages to create some space and tag in Cedric Alexander. Meanwhile, Nese gets the tag. Cedric clears house and has Nese beaten when Dar breaks up the pin. Metalik runs in and does a backflip off the top rope onto the heels who are outside the ring. Meanwhile, Alexander hits the Lumar Check on Nese to win the match.

Gran Metalik, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann def. Drew Gulak, Arya Daivari, Noam Dar and Tony Nese

01:31 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Drew Gulak, Arya Daivari, Noam Dar and Tony Nese  vs. Gran Metalik, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann 
Gulak and Metalik start proceedings. Gulak lands a few strikes, but Metalik soon takes control. Ali and Daivari receive tags and Ali hits a top rope crossbody. Swann then enters and retains the upper hand for his team. Dar refuses to get tagged in, so Nese comes in and assumes control as we head to commercial.   

01:24 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

It looks like John Cena and Roman Reigns will face The Miz and Samoa Joe in tonight's main event. 

01:21 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

01:20 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Samoa Joe announces that he will team with The Miz to take on Cena and Reigns. He then goes straight after Cena and even locks in the Coquina Clutch at one point. However, Reigns and Cena clear the ring and stand tall. They're buffeted with chants of, " You both suck." 

01:19 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The Miz is clearly aggrieved that he isn't pushed as much as Cena or Reigns. He demands that he get a moment of significance. Cena proposes that he and Reigns have a tag-team match with The Miz and one of the members of the Miztourage. However,  The Miz isn't pleased with this proposition when all of a sudden, Samoa Joe comes out to the ring!!! What is going on?

01:14 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The crowd starts to chant for The Undertaker. John Cena remarks that the Raw audience can hold a grudge. He says that he isn't at Raw to talk and removes his shirt. 

Reigns and Cena get ready to throw punches when they're interrupted by The Miz who says that Cena and Reigns are gifted more opportunities than they deserve. He gets the crowd to chant that they don't want Cena on Raw. Meanwhile, the announcers are attempting to play up the magnitude of Cena and Reigns being together. This feels so forced and means nothing to anyone other than Vince McMahon. Flashpoint: Roman Reigns isn't over. 

01:10 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Cena says that Roman Reigns is exactly who he was looking for. The Big Dog calls out Cena for "running his mouth" on Twitter and reminds the 16-time-World Champion that this is his yard. Roman Reigns and scripted verbiage go together like ice cream and moose urine.  

01:07 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Cena asks the crowd if they weren't expecting him, and they respond with the infamous duelling chants. John Cena says that he's back on Raw because he wants to stand face-to-face with a certain WWE Superstar. 

Just as he is about to finish his sentence, Roman Reigns comes out to the ring. You can literally hear crickets chirping when the "Big Dog" comes out to the ring. In case you needed more proof, this guy cannot be the top babyface of WWE

01:02 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Kurt Angle is out next. It's a pity that the GMs of Raw and SmackDown Live are more over than the actual Superstars. Angle introduces John Cena — who is now a free agent. 

00:59 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Just as we cut to commercial, the announce team says that Kurt Angle is bringing back a celebrated Superstar. Could it be John Cena?

00:57 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Elias Samson vs. R-Truth 
Elias cuts a heel promo before the match, but he is interrupted by R-Truth. There isn't a whole lot to this encounter as Elias quickly picks up the victory with the Drift Away.

Elias Samson def. R-Truth

00:48 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

00:46 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Emma vs. Nia Jax
Emma comes out of the gates with a flurry of strikes, but Nia Jax quickly seizes control of the match. Even though Emma attempts to resist, a Samoan drop spells the end of her night.
Nia Jax def. Emma

00:39 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Our featured columnist Billi Bhatti, who is in attendance, is reporting that this is a legitimate injury. Apparently, Cass is slapping the floor in pain off-camera. 

00:38 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Cass shoves Amore into a corner and nails him with a flurry of strikes and a splash. Amore manages to connect with a right hand, but Cass continues to dominate. Amore escapes to the apron when Cass misses a superkick and injures his knee.

Enzo Amore attempts to pick up a chair but Cass cuts him off and attempts an Empire Elbow. However, his knee buckles and Cass cannot continue this match. Enzo Amore is declared the victor. What an upset!!!

Enzo Amore def. Big Cass by forfeit

00:30 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

00:29 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The Big Cass vs. Enzo Amore — Brooklyn Street Fight
Enzo Amore comes out and cuts a promo where he makes Cass look like a villain for attending NYU. So, you're now a hell if you have an education, in the world of WWE? Amore continues to babble on and Cass looks at him in disbelief. He then promises to end this rivalry and brings out a shopping cart full of weapons. Amore then starts flinging the weapons at Cass as the latter makes a beeline for him. 

Cass manhandles Amore, throws him inside the ring and stalks his prey with a steel chair in hand. Surprisingly, he hands the chair over to Amore. However, the New Jersey native is flattened by a big boot before he can do anything of note. 

00:23 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The Brooklyn Street Fight is up next.   

00:19 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

00:15 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

Just as Lesnar is about to leave the ring, Strowman comes out to interrupt. Looks like the main event of No Mercy is taking shape. The Monster Among Men wastes no time and picks Lesnar up for a chokeslam, but the Beast Incarnate reverses and goes for a clothesline. Big boot from Strowman!!!! The Monster Among Men follows up with two running powerslams and poses with the belt. 

00:13 (GMT)22 AUG 2017

The reigning Universal Champion is greeted with chants of "Suplex City" and he is just lapping it up. Paul Heyman tells the audience that Braun Strowman's assault on Lesnar was premeditated and reminds them that it was the first time that the former UFC standout had to be stretchered away from the ring. 

He then goes into full-blown babyface mode and pontificates about Lesnar overcoming adversity and annihilating his foes. He brings up the fact that Lesnar pinned Roman Reigns. Like that's not going to be brought up in the build up to WrestleMania 34. Heyman concludes by saying that there's no one in UFC or WWE history who can defeat Lesnar. This is a Superstar, ladies and gents. Pity that he has to get pinned by the charisma vacuum that is Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34. 
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