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WWE RAW Results, August 28th 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; huge title match now on Raw

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 29, 2017 03:10 GMT

Sasha Banks takes on Alexa Bliss in a SummerSlam rematch for the RAW Women's Championship!


03:10 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

That's it for tonight's eventful edition of Raw. Join us tomorrow for SmackDown Live. Here are the results from tonight's Raw:

- Jeff Hardy becomes the No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship after winning the Battle Royal
- Enzo Amore defeats Noam Dar in his first match in the Cruiserweight division
- Cesaro defeats Seth Rollins
- Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus
- Emma defeats Mickie James
- John Cena and Roman Reigns defeat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
- Alexa Bliss defeats Sasha Banks to become the Raw Women's Champion

03:07 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

03:07 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

03:06 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Bliss tries to cover Banks, but Banks gets Bliss in a Banks Statement, but Bliss recovers and gets a roll-up cover, but just the two count.

Bliss lands a Snap DDT, covers and gets the three count!

Alexa Bliss is the new Raw Women's Champion. Nia Jax makes her way to the ring and congratulates her friend, and assaults Banks.

Nia puts Bliss on her back in their usual post-match celebration, but drops the new Raw Women's Champion! It looks like Jax now wants a shot at the title!

03:03 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Bliss lands a few right hands, but Banks recovers and hits a shining wizard, covers... but it's just the two count.

Banks throws Bliss to the turnbuckle and a huge elbow! She goes to the top, but Bliss comes back and lands a superplex from the top of the rope! That was a huge move! But both women are down...

03:00 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Bliss goes to the top rope, but Bliss fights back; Bliss tries a crossbody, but Banks moves out. Banks roll-up covers, but just the two count. Bliss lands a huge right hand and covers, but Banks somehow kicks out! Banks seems to be down and out right now!

02:59 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Bliss is now standing on the Raw Women's Champion and covers, but just the two count again. Bliss lands a few kicks and covers again. Just the two count. Bliss has Banks in a bow and arrow submission, but Banks gets back with a huge kick. Banks then lands herself a huge kick and then clotheslines and drop kicks Bliss. 

02:57 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

... back from the commercial break, Bliss is now in control of the match, as she has the champion in a hold and working on Banks' left hand. Banks fights back with a few huge hands, but Bliss throws her to the ground, and covers. Just the two count. 

02:55 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:52 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Sasha lands a huge blow to the back and then throws her face first to the ground. Bliss goes out, and Sasha lands a huge knee on the outside.

02:52 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Sasha throws Bliss into the turnbuckle and kicks her multiple times and gets her in an arm lock. Sasha works on Bliss' left arm, but Bliss counters; Sasha lands a drop kick which throws Bliss to the outside.

02:50 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

The main event of tonight's Raw will see Sasha Banks defend her Raw Women's title against Alexa Bliss. Bliss gets a quick roll-up cover and it's just the one count. Bliss throws Sasha to the floor and then tries to cover, but it's just the two count twice. 

02:49 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:41 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Sasha Banks, in an interview, says that she will successfully defend her title tonight and give Bliss a fight of her life. 

02:41 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

In a backstage segment, The Miz asks if one match is all that is needed to face him for the Intercontinental Championship, and walks off looking disgusted. 

02:37 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:34 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:34 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Pelvis has a few moves but Elias is not impressed with the interception and lands a cheap shot on him and a clothesline, and then a Drift Away. Elias walks away from the ring, with Pelvis on the floor. 

02:33 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Elias is in the ring and is to debut a new song tonight. He seems to have got a new pair of sunglasses! 

He calls himself 'The King' and says he has a song in mind and play a song, which, as usual, belittles the town the show is in, but Jerry "The King" Lawler, the hometown hero, interferes. Lawler says that Elias' song is not bad but has trouble relating to his audience. 

Lawler introduces Southpaw Regional Wrestling's Pelvis Wesley, a parody of Elvis Pressley.  

02:28 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:28 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:23 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

He lands multiple clotheslines and then two huge Superman Punches. Anderson is speared and gets the cover and the three count, while Gallows is given an AA by Cena.

Roman Reigns and John Cena win

02:22 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Anderson lands a huge Spinebuster after countering an AA. Gallows is now tagged in and lands a huge kick and then a few elbow drops. Gallows misses an elbow and Cena tries to get to his partner, Reigns, and Reigns is tagged in. 

02:20 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Gallows lands a huge suplex on Cena and covers, but it's just the two count. Gallows has Cena in a headlock and Cena looks to get to his partner, Reigns, but Reigns pulls his hand out before Cena can reach his hand. Cena gets out of the headlock and his clotheslined by Gallows.

Anderson is tagged in, and now he has him in a headlock on Cena. Reigns is still mockingly holding his hand out for a tag.

02:18 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Back from the commercial break, Gallows and Cena are at it. Cena drops a five knuckle shuffle, before Gallows lands a huge boot! Reigns laughs at what just happened to his partner!

02:15 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

02:14 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena says that Reigns should be ashamed that he's a part-timer and that he could never do it better as a full-timer. Cena points to the fans, who are cheering, and asks him to hear that. 

Reigns signs the contract and then throws the table aside... The Club, Anderson and Gallows' music hits. The two say that they've not been good brothers, and calls them 'nerds'. Angle interrupts and announces a match-up - John Cena and Roman Reigns are to tag-team -- after their venomous segment -- and face off against The Club right now! 

02:11 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena says that he's done a lot to push young WWE Superstars, and tells Reigns that he took his US Title as a demotion and that he can't do his job properly. 

02:10 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena calls Reigns a fool, and says that he gives the same excuses that every other WWE Superstar has given previously. Cena asks Reigns to listen to the fans because it's they who makes someone a superstar.

02:08 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Reigns also says that Cena will only make it to WWE events if he's paid much. He also says that Cena buries talent and will do anything to get to the top, and says that he can't bury him. Reigns says that he is the one guy in the WWE that John Cena cannot see! 

He asks Cena why he has to try to be another John Cena when he can be the one-and-only Roman Reigns.

02:06 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Reigns says that it blows his mind that people boo him not because he's a bad guy, but because he sucks. Reigns says they boo Cena because he's a phoney and calls Cena a 'fake bitch', and goes one further by saying he's a 'part-timing, fake-a** bitch'.

02:04 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena says that if he fails to defeat him, his 'Roman Empire' will fall!

02:03 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena says he's right that he doesn't need to fight him and calls him a polarising figure. Cena calls Reigns a 'cheap-ass, corporately created John Cena rip-off'. He says he's trying desperately to fill shoes that he can't fill. 

02:02 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Reigns stares menacingly at Cena and then looks at the contract before picking up the mic. Reigns asks Cena if he thinks he's scared to fight him, and tells him he's not 'as big of a deal as you think you are'. 

Reigns says that Cena did something he'll never be able to do and says that he retired The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and says he doesn't need to fight him.

01:58 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Cena begins on the mic by saying that Cena vs Reigns is WrestleMania worthy but praises Kurt Angle for making this match. Cena says that Reigns has been protected like a 'blue-chip prospect' against anyone and everyone. 

Cena says Reigns doesn't want to fight him, before Reigns makes his way to the ring.

01:55 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Raw GM Kurt Angle is in the ring to make the match between Roman Reigns and John Cena at No Mercy is made official.  

01:53 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

01:53 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

01:50 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

James lands a few huge right hands and a huge kick to her face. Emma gets a roll up cover out of nowhere and the cover, and gets the three count!

Emma beats Mickie James

Emma then gets on the mic and says that she started the women's revolution multiple times... 

01:49 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Emma gets Mickie in an armdrag and throws James to the floor. Mickie lands a drop kick and tries to take advantage, and lands a neckbreaker. Covers and it's just the two count.

01:47 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Mickie James is to take on Emma in singles action now, and Emma enters the ring with a new theme song! Quite catchy, this!

01:42 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

01:41 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Emma is with a Mickie James backstage and Emma proudly speaks about her match against Nia Jax last week. James' disregards that match and says that she was beaten and embarrassed last week. 

The two will face off tonight in Singles action.

01:39 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Ambrose dodges it and lands a huge clothesline. Rollins enters the ring and while Sheamus has Ambrose to land a White Noise, Rollins interferes and Ambrose gets a Dirty Deeds to get the three count and victory.

Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus

01:37 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Ambrose looks to have hurt his back, but he fights back and goes to the top of the ropes, but Sheamus disrupts that, and lands a rolling Senton. Sheamus covers and it's just the two count - Ambrose just about kicked out!

01:35 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Ambrose somehow recovers and lands a DDT to get back in the match; Ambrose lands a few punches and then clotheslines Sheamus. Sheamus gets a huge leg, but Ambrose recovers and gets a backbreaker, and the cover, but it's just the two count out. 

01:34 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Back from the break, Ambrose is at the top of the ring and Sheamus tries to suplex him from the top. Ambrose lands a few shots to push Sheamus off the top rope. 

Sheamus lands a backbreaker and the cover, but just the two count. Sheamus has him in a hold and then powerbombs him, and the cover but Ambrose kicks out of the count.  

Sheamus now has Ambrose in the Clover Leaf, but somehow gets to the ropes and the hold is broken.

01:30 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

Sheamus gets on the mic and calls it 'beautiful' and challenges Ambrose to a match now. Ambrose goes at it from the start, and clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring.

01:29 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

01:28 (GMT)29 AUG 2017

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