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WWE RAW Results, December 24th 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 25, 2018 04:04 GMT

It's the final RAW of the year on Christmas Eve!


04:04 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Thank you for joining our coverage of RAW. We'll see you again for SmackDown Live! Have a good night! 

04:02 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

04:01 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

04:01 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Rollins has Corbin in a vulnerable position and hits the stomp. Rollins wins!

Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin

04:00 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Baron Corbin catches Rollins with a body shot on the top turnbuckle, but Rollins kicks him and jumps on the ropes, going for a springboard knee. Corbin catches him and hits a chokeslam to the knees.

03:59 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Rollins rallies for the crowd to chant "Burn it down". He hits a superkick to the midsection and looks to seal the deal, but is caught with a Deep Six from Corbin.

03:58 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:58 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Rollins starts to fight back and hits a few punches and chops. Corbin reverses and throws him against the ropes but Rollins hits the slingblade. Corbin eats a boot to the face and Rollins powers him into a Falcon Arrow! 

03:55 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Baron Corbin is in complete control after the commercial break. He slows the match down and stars kicking Rollins' back and elbowing his shoulder.

03:50 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Corbin sends Rollins into the barricade and apron but Rollins soon does the very same thing. He sends Corbin back into the ring and starts talking trash.

03:49 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Seth Rollins starts off on the aggressive against Corbin. He's not been the same person since losing the IC title. He sends Corbin out and hits a suicide dive.

03:41 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

It's time for the main event! 

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin

03:32 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:32 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

IT's RHYNO! The fired RAW star is back! Rhyno hits the gore and embraces Heath Slater! They're back together!

03:31 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Jinder Mahal outpowers Heath Slater. Meanwhile on commentary, Renee Young is outraged over Corey Graves insulting Heath Slater's integrity. Funny little banter.

Jinder Mahal has him in a haedlock and Santa claus appears in the crowd throwing presents. Jinder Mahal is shouting at Santa and Slater gets a kick on him but The Singh Brothers break up the pin, DQing Mahal.

Heath Slater def. Jinder Mahal by DQ

Santa comes to the ring and is ready to take the three on. Santa chantes echo throught he arena as the Christmas runs through Jinder. Santa gets ready for a....GORE?

03:28 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Heath Slater is back in action! 

Heath Slater vs Jinder Mahal

It's two former 3MB members facing each other! 

03:26 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:25 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:20 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:20 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:20 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

After the match, Natalya raises her arm in a show of respect.

03:20 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Why doesn't Rousey want to put Natalya away? This is a typical WWE babyface move.

Natalya counters Rousey and goes for the sharpshooter but takes too long, as Rousey kicks her away. Rousey hits the piper's pit and takes Natalya's arm. She hesitates and takes too long and Natalya counters her into a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring!

Rousey crawls but Natalya pulls her in the middle. Natalya is smiling and seems certain that the end is near for Rousey but the champion rolls up and counters her into an armbar. Natalya taps and Rousey lets her go even earlier than usual. After the match, Rousey seems regretful and consoles Natalya. They embrace after the match.

Ronda Rousey def. Natalya to retain the RAW Women's Championship

03:17 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:16 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

The story of the match has been Rousey holding her back. She hits a big suplex and a naive Rousey can't believe that Natalya is punishing her (but why? It's a competitive match, after all)

Rousey hits a flurry of strikes on Natalya and then a jumping knee, but it's still 2!

03:14 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Natalya is in control after the break. She has the champion locked in a leg scissors, with her arms locked back. Rousey lands a simple elbow and knocks the challenger off balance.

Natalya suplexes Rousey and has her in a Rear Naked Choke-like position. The match is clearly going in Natalya's pace and Rousey's face is turning red as she somehow fights out. Natalya's been dominant and  right now, there's no friendship.

Natalya has Rousey locked, pulling her leg and hyperextending her knees.

03:08 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Natalya has Rousey pinned to the mat and tries to pin her but Rousey just lightly lifts her shoulders to break it up.

Natalya brawls with Rousey on the ground and it's been quite even so far. Rousey kicks Natalya hard and sends her outside, and looks a bit in concern before realizing that she's in a competitive title match.

03:07 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:06 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Rousey gets her own share of takedowns and tries to lock the triangle in. Natalya has it sufficiently blocked and she escapes momentarily.

Natalya's slowing the match down but Rousey once again answers her with a judo throw.

03:06 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:05 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Natalya starts off on the offensive, getting a takedown. Rousey tries to counter but Natalya has her in a headlock. Ronda Rousey gets up and a clean break. Rousey holds Natalya's hands and gets a takedown again. It's stalemate #2.

Natalya once again has Rousey on the mat, and the champion breaks it again.  This is the first time Rousey is working a really technical match-up.  She counters Natalya on the ground as the crowd has duelling chants for both stars.

03:04 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

03:01 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

It's RAW Women's Championship time! 

Ronda Rousey (c) vs Natalya - RAW Women's championship

02:58 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

02:53 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

02:52 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Heyman begs Strowman, saying he's just an advocate. Strowman puts the red nose and the reindeer antlers on Heyman. Strowman has a message for Heyman to take back to Lesnar. He says that he will be healed up by Royal Rumble and that Lesnar will GET THESE HANDS!

02:50 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Braun Strowman comes out and the moment his music hits, Paul Heyman's facial expression completely changes. 

02:49 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Heyman starts doing his usual Lesnar hype. Honestly, it's basically the same thing as usual.

02:47 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

The crowd is incessantly booing him. This is hilariously dumb

02:46 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Paul Heyman is singing a Christmas Carol. And he sucks at it

02:46 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

02:41 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

02:40 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Mickie James is tagged in but Bayley continues her onslaught. Sasha perfectly times her tag in and hits a flying knee to the veteran James. Alicia Fox breaks it up but Ember Moon sends her packing with an eclipse.

Sasha hits the backstabber and Bayley lands the Bayley-to-Belly. What a win!

Sasha Banks, Ember Moon and Bayley def. Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Mickie James

After the match, the Riott Squad jumps the tree from behind.

02:38 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

02:38 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Ember Moon is being controlled by Dana Brooke, who goes to the other side and knocks Sasha Bnaks off the apron. Bayley gets tagged in and starts knocking Dana Brooke down following it up with a back suplex

02:32 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Ember Moon starts things off with the veteran Mickie James. It's the past vs the future.

Mickie James gets driven outside and Ember Moon hits her picture perfect suicide dive.  A little distraction sees the heels go back in control

02:31 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Mickie James, Alicia Fox & Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks, Bayley & Ember Moon

02:29 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

Vince Claus makes 3 announcements:

>Women's Tag Titles will be introduced in 2019
>John Cena returns to both brands
>Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre in a steel cage match next week! 

02:28 (GMT)25 DEC 2018

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