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WWE RAW Results, January 29th 2018, Live Updates and Commentary; John Cena surprises fans in main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 30, 2018 05:10 GMT

In the aftermath of Ronda Rousey's shocking WWE debut, how is it going to change things of RAW?


05:10 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Here's a quick recap of what happened on RAW:
Braun Strowman vs Kane ended due to referee stoppage; Strowman qualified for Elimination Chamber
Elias defeated Matt Hardy to qualify for Elimination Chamber
The Miz(c) defeated Roman Reigns to retain the Intercontinental Championship
The Revival defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno
Asuka defeated Sasha Banks
The Bar(c) defeated Titus Worldwide to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship
John Cena defeated Finn Balor to qualify for Elimination Chamber

04:13 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

04:08 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Shout out to the newest RAW commentator, Jonathan Coachman. He did awesome and had great chemistry with the others.

04:07 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Cena is going for the super AA and he lands it. Cena wins. That was...odd. Probably because it seemed like Balor was going to win.

John Cena defeated Finn Balor to qualify for the Elimination Chamber

04:06 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

John Cena seems frustrated. He stands on the apron and tells the crowd "I just want to go to WrestleMania" in a sad tone. He goes for a drop kick but Balor gets him down and hits the running drop kick onto the corner. A coupe-de-grace attempt misses and Cena goes for the STF. Balor gets the ropes but Cena holds on for a couple of seconds longer. What?

04:04 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

John Cena isn't himself. He lands the AA on Balor, clean and hard. BALOR KICKS OUT!!

04:03 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

04:02 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Balor's exchanging blows with Cena, with the crowd doing the "Boo-YEAH!". Cena goes onto land the 5-knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA but Balor escapes and hits an overhead kick.

04:01 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

John Cena seems to be letting the crowd get to him. His attempt at the five-knuckle shuffle misses and Balor elbows him down

04:00 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

John Cena, still seemingly a little frustrated sends Finn Balor running into the corner. Cena has Finn where he wants them

03:55 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

The crowd seems to be completely distracted by something. Wonder what could distract fans from a dream match of this calibre! 

03:53 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

John Cena seems to be a little frustrated with Balor getting the better of him. He takes his own time to get in the ring.

03:51 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:50 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Finn Balor vs John Cena - Elimination Chamber qualifier

The crowd is obviously behind Finn Balor. They start off slow

03:47 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Doesn't it feel like ages since John Cena has main evented an episode of RAW?

03:41 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:31 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:31 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:29 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Unfortunately for Titus Worldwide, it still wasn't their night. The Bar used their big match experience to isolate Crews and finish him, retaining their titles.

The Bar defeated Titus Worldwide to retain the RAW Tag Team championship

03:29 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Apollo has momentum on his side, but despite being power bombed by the champions, he popped right back up and also hit a moonsault onto Sheamus.

03:28 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Inside the ring, Titus clotheslines Sheamus and finally tags Crews in.

03:26 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Titus is tangoing with Cesaro, who tags in Sheamus. Titus tries to go for a tag to Apollo, but he gets knocked down. Titus steps out to take a breather and while Sheamus interacts with the referee, Cesaro tries to get in a sneak attack, only to eat a big boot. 
Sheamus tries dragging Titus in but he slaps and prevents all his attempts!

03:20 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Titus O' Neil began to manhandle Sheamus, be he eventually takes control.

03:18 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Apollo Crews went for the quick-roll-up victory right away. Sheamus escaped and took a breather outside the ring. Apollo once again tried rolling him up and it seemed like Apollo has his number.

03:14 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:10 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:09 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

The RAW Tag titles are on the line, next! 

The Bar(c) vs Titus Worldwide - RAW Tag Team Championship match

03:08 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:06 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

03:05 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Asuka tries to hit a running hip attack, but Sasha moved out and Asuka fell down. Sasha hit a flying knee to the face but it wasn't enough. Sasha had Asuka locked in the Bank Statement and looked to be winning, but Asuka slickly moved and countered into an Asuka lock. Sasha had no answer.

Asuka defeated Sasha Banks by submission

03:03 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Asuka hits backfists and a missile dropkick before nearly submitting Asuka with an armbar! The 4-time champ escapes!

03:02 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Sasha counters Asuka's strikes into a bank statement. Asuka counters that into a pin but Sasha kicks out. Sasha Banks tries to hit the suicide dive but Asuka kicks her and Sasha NEARLY lands neck first. That was scary. Back in the ring, Asuka pops her up and hits a knee RIGHT to the face. That looked brutal!

03:00 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Sasha is in complete control. She dominates, acts too cocky and then does the dumbest thing by slapping her and shoving her face.

02:58 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:54 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Asuka starts with some joint manipulation onto Sasha, slowing things down. Sasha kicked Asuka's head and then hit the double knees. She continues to act more and more heel-ish by the minute.

02:53 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:52 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Asuka arm drags Sasha down and Sasha counters it into her own. Asuka let her presence known with her kicks to Sasha, knocking her off the apron.

02:51 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:48 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:47 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:45 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Sasha says it's her time, and she's ending Asuka's 2 and a half year undefeated streak! 

Sasha Banks vs Asuka - NEXT!

02:43 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Finn Balor and The Club's Twitter video is shown, where Balor was talking about his Royal Rumble appearance, where he lasted over 57 minutes. He vows to step up against John Cena, the man who cost him the Royal Rumble.

02:39 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

The Dudley Boyz Hall Of Fame induction is mentioned and a video package is played.

02:34 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:34 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Titus Worldwide for the RAW Tag Team titles TONIGHT! 

02:33 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

The Revival trashes the crowd for trying to get themselves over with ECW chants, saying that they learnt from the past while the people can't get over it.

02:32 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

02:32 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Rhyno is tagged in and they're getting the better of Rhyno. A chop block right to the knee sees a shatter machine by The Revival!

The Revival defeated Slater & Rhyno

02:30 (GMT)30 JAN 2018

Wilder starts working on the body of Heath Slater. The Revival are isolating the former champion and he's not doing well
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