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  • WWE RAW Results July 3rd 2017, live updates; Roman Reigns assaults Braun Strowman

WWE RAW Results July 3rd 2017, live updates; Roman Reigns assaults Braun Strowman

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 04, 2017 08:43 IST

RAW's last stop ahead of WWE Great Balls of Fire?


08:43 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Thank you for following Sportskeeda's live blog of Raw! Follow us tomorrow for the 4th of July edition of SmackDown Live, and the return of John Cena!

08:42 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:40 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:39 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Absolute carnage as both Reigns and Strowman are strewn on the floor!  

Strowman is back on his feet after getting speared by Reigns! There seems to be nothing that can stop the Monster Among Men! Incredible!

08:39 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Strowman taps on the ambulance to tell the driver to leave but the ambulance hasn't moved. Strowman looks through the driver's window and opens the door to find Reigns in the driver's seat. Reigns surprises Strowman with fists to the face, but Strowman throws Reigns onto the ambulance. Reigns puts Strowman through the LED screens and then spears him off the stage!!!

08:37 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Strowman is inflicting more pain on Crews as he takes him near the ambulance and throws him into the ambulance. Strowman is sending a strong message to Reigns.

08:36 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Strowman covers and almost gets the three count but pulls his opponent out of the cover. He wants to inflict some pain on Crews. Multiple body slams and finally covers for the three count. Titus looks distraught outside the ring. Strowman goes to assault Crews some more, but saved by Titus. Titus gets into the ring with Strowman and they see eye-to-eye. Titus goes with multiple hands to the face of Strowman, but Strowman clotheslines him and body slams O'Neill.

08:34 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Crews hits Strowman with multiple kicks on the face of Strowman and gets the big man on the floor. But Crews is kicked in the guts by Strowman.

08:33 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Strowman throws Crews out of the ring and the referee starts the count-out. Titus encourages his client and Crews makes his way back to the ring. Strowman grabs the Titus Worldwide wrestler by the neck and hits him with his massive hand, across his chest. Strowman holds him by the neck and hits him across the chest again. Titus O'Neill has a stare down with Strowman - The Monster Among Men throws Crews out of the ring again.

08:31 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Crews uses his speeds and gets a few punches in, but Strowman uses his strength and boots him with his size 15 boot!

08:30 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Titus says that he will send out someone from Titus Worldwide and introduces Apollo Crews. This is not going to end well. At all.

08:29 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Titus O'Neil walks out to the ring minus Apollo Crews. 

08:28 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Strowman gets on the mic and says that there are some things that he likes more than hurting Roman Reigns. Strowman warns Reigns that if he does show up at Great Balls of Fire, he'll end up the exact same way that he did last week - in the back of an Ambulance. 

Strowman demands that he be sent someone to compete against tonight.

08:24 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Braun Strowman is up next and holding true to the Ambulance Match gimmick, an ambulance is rolled into the venue.

It was earlier revealed today that Roman Reigns is not at the venue in Phoenix today. 

08:21 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:19 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:18 (IST)4 JUL 2017

The Hardyz and Balor are in the ring eyeing Samson and the Raw Tag Team Champions. The Hardyz will take on Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championship at Great Balls of Fire!

08:18 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:17 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Cesaro hits a running upper cut and another upper cut. Cesaro goes to the top rope, but Balor hits him with a knee to the head. Samson pulls Balor when the referee was distracted by Sheamus. All out brawl as the Hardyz join in and take on Samson and Sheamus. Finn Balor goes over the top rope and lands on the waiting party on the outside of the ring. It's mayhem outside the ring and there's chaos!

Balor and Cesaro get back in the ring and hits The Swiss Cyborg with the Coup de Grâce and gets the three count! Finn Balor wins!

08:14 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Balor is calling Cesaro to get up! What's this - Elias Samson comes by the ring and distracts Balor, and Cesaro almost gets the three count. 

08:13 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Both men down, here. Cesaro looks pumped up and go across to the turnbuckle where Balor is, Balor kicks him and takes control of the match and slide kicks him when Cesaro was outside the ring. Balor kicks Cesaro right in the teeth - that's loud and must hurt like hell! 

08:12 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Roll up cover by Balor; Cesaro covers now. Lifts him and throws him over and covers - just the two count, again. Cesaro's got Balor on an arm hold, working on his left arm, but Balor counters with punches. Cesaro throws Balor across the turnbuckle; Balor uses his athleticism with a jump from over the ropes, but Cesaro catches him and throws a vertical suplex.

08:07 (IST)4 JUL 2017

08:05 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Cesaro's turn to land some chops, but Balor counters again - and surprise, more chops. Trading chops here.

08:05 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Cesaro bounces his opponent off the ring, pins him, but it's just the one count. Balor counters with a dropkick to the face and loud chops across the chest of Cesaro. More chops continue - heard all around the stadium. Sheamus disrupts and causes the distraction; Cesaro lands multiple kicks on Balor. 

08:03 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Balor gets the match underway with a headlock and then takes down Cesaro with a knee to the Swiss Cyborg. Balor continues with headlock, but Cesaro catches his opponent and lands elbows to his face. 

08:01 (IST)4 JUL 2017

What's this? The Hardy Boyz make their way to the ring as well! And the brothers make their way to the commentary panel.

07:55 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Finn Balor is now to face one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro, in a singles match. Cesaro demanded Kurt Angle for this match earlier tonight. 

Cesaro makes his way to the ring with his tag team partner, Sheamus.

07:53 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:53 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:52 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Bray Wyatt's vignette is aptly set in a barren desert. Wyatt speaks about how he's lost friends since his move to Raw. He sends a chilling message to Rollins, that he will burn, this Sunday, at Great Balls of Fire.

07:49 (IST)4 JUL 2017

A quick recap for those just joining us: The Hardys will face Cesaro & Sheamus at Great Balls of Fire in a 30-Minute Ironman match.

07:45 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:45 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:45 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Ali tries to fight back with a fist to the face of Neville. Neville runs into the turnbuckle but he recovers to put a clothesline and make his opponent tap out with the Rings of Saturn. Neville Wins!

Neville looks like a man possessed to hold on to his title. 

07:43 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Neville is sending a message to his opponent at GBOF with this malicious attack on Ali - Ali is hurting right now.

07:42 (IST)4 JUL 2017

The referee begins the count-out as Ali is outside the ring. Neville steps out - holding his head - and brings him to the ring. Neville gives vicious kicks to Ali's face and looks to assault Ali. Ali may be out! He took some brutal blows to the head. 

07:40 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Neville drops his opponent and grabs him with a headlock, Ali reciprocates with a headlock of his own. Ali dropkicks the Cruiserweight Champion and goes with a crossbody and almost gets a three count! Ali climbs on top of the rope for an Inverted 450 splash but Neville hits him and climbs to the top but can't land a move. Ali hits a tornado DDT and almost gets another three count. Ali is pushed off the top rope by Neville and Ali is struggling here.

07:34 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Cruiserweight Champion Neville to take on Mustafa Ali right now! Remember, Neville will fight Akira Tozawa at Great Balls of Fire for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. 

07:33 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:32 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:32 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman give an interview ahead of Great Balls of Fire. Lesnar calls Joe a coward; Joe and Lesnar list out names that they've defeated, and Joe says that Lesnar's next. Joe leaves his seat angrily and goes in search of Lesnar! Lesnar and Heyman look very relaxed!

This is getting heated up!! Joe looks up for it and says he's 'done talking' and wants to fight Lesnar today. Kurt Angle and the WWE security hold back Joe after he finds Lesnar in the building! We can't wait for this contest this Sunday at Great Balls of Fire!

07:23 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:23 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:23 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Rollins gets on the mic and calls Bray Wyatt out and tells him that there will be a 'cleansing' at GBOF of Wyatt's 'mystique'. This should be one hell of a match-up when the two take on each other at Great Balls of Fire this Sunday!

07:21 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Up next, Seth Rollins takes on Curt Hawkins in a singles match now! Before the start of the match, Hawkins says that he should be facing Braun Strowman right now and not to Rollins. Hawkins asks the crowd if the fans think that he's going to lose tonight and the crowd yell 'Yes' in unison! Rollins hits Hawkins with a right and the match begins. Rollins hits Hawkins with a knee to the face, covers him and gets the win! That was quick!!!

07:15 (IST)4 JUL 2017

07:13 (IST)4 JUL 2017

The camera pans backstage where Angle is meeting up with the tag team champs, Cesaro & Sheamus. Angle proposes a 30 Minute Ironman match between the Hardys and Cesaro & Sheamus at Great Balls of Fire! Cesaro wants a match tonight and while Angle proposes a match against Braun Strowman, Cesaro wants to fight Finn Balor tonight! 

07:11 (IST)4 JUL 2017

THIS IS A SURPRISE! R-Truth is in the ring and right behind Goldust and ambushes his former tag team partner! This is certainly not the end of this feud!

07:10 (IST)4 JUL 2017

Goldust is in the ring to present his latest film, The Shattered Truth. He thanks a lot of people, especially R-Truth. He says that he will make R-Truth a star with this film, and the film is played, starring The Goldust and R-Truth! The film chronicles the feud between the duo and shows how Goldust has beaten his former tag team partner.
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