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WWE Raw Results June 12th 2017, live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 13, 2017 03:11 GMT

What is in store for Samoa Joe?


03:11 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

03:11 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

03:10 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

03:10 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

03:09 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

The two teams work each other outside the ring until they are counted out.

Sheamus and Cesaro win (via countout)

Matt slams Cesaro onto the ringpost and Jeff dives off the third rope but it's too late as Sheamus and Cesaro retain.

03:08 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Matt works out of it and Jeff Hardy clears house and almost gets the victory when Cesaro breaks the pin. Jeff eats an upper cut after being launched into the ropes by Sheamus, after which Matt is thrown into the barricade. Jeff sidesteps Sheamus and lands a Swanton bomb. Cesaro makes the save but is hit with a dive from Jeff right after.

03:05 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Hardy takes to the top rope but eats an uppercut. Cesaro makes the tag and Sheamus slams both the brothers. He then hits Matt with a jumping knee after which Cesaro and Sheamus double team Matt. Sheamus then bundles Jeff out of the ring after he breaks the subsequent pin. Cesaro looks to attempt a move but is reversed. He soon reverses into a quick pin and then the sharp shooter. 

03:03 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Jeff struggles in the centre of the ring until he kicks Sheamus out of it. Sheamus stops Jeff from getting to his brother but both men finally make the tag. Chants of delete fill the arena as Matt bounces Cesaro off the turnbuckle but he is then countered on a running bulldog. Matt then takes Sheamus out on the apron as he tries to interfere and then hits the twist of fate to gain a pin fall.

Hardys gain a pin  

03:00 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Sheamus has Jeff in a headlock and then whips him into the ropes only to slam him to the mat. 

02:55 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

The Hardyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus:

Hardy ducks a Brogue kick as things start quick. Matt and Jeff double team on Sheamus with a Poetry in motion after which Jeff connects on a splash. Jeff Hardy is about to attempt a Twist of Fate when Matt is dragged off the apron. Sheamus then connects on a kick to the mid-section, which gives him the three-count.

Cesaro and Sheamus gain the first pin fall.

02:50 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:45 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

In an interview backstage, Joe says that Brock and Heyman are playing right into his hands.

02:36 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:35 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Cass makes it regardless of his beatdown and the match begins.

Cass and Enzo vs. Gallows and Anderson:

Cass stumbles around but continues to pummel Anderson with shoulder checks and an Empire elbow. He then tags Enzo in, who begins furiously but is planted into the mat. Gallow sends him crashing to the mat yet again with a big boot despite Enzo side stepping the previous bout of offence. Gallows and Anderson then seal the win with the Magic Killer.

Gallows and Anderson win.

Gallows and Anderson sets Enzo up for another magic killer but is saved by Big Show much to the displeasure of Big Cass.

02:30 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

When it's time for Cass and Enzo to make it out to the arena, we are shown that Big Cass has been beaten up backstage yet again. Enzo tells Cass he doesn't have to fight, after which Gallows and Anderson mock them in the ring.

02:23 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:20 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Neville takes the mic and tells Rich Swann to get out of his ring, after which he kicks him out of it. He then asks how many more contenders he will have to obliterate to receive the respect. He then tells Tozawa to tread carefully, unless he wants to be forced to kneel.

02:19 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Neville vs. Swann:

Neville smacks Swann as he dances in the ring. The King then drags Rich outside the ring and slams him into the apron and the barricade. He then throws him back in and locks in the Rings of Saturn, which forces Swann to tap out.

Neville wins by submission.

02:13 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:13 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:13 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:12 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

02:10 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Maryse, who is on the apron, tells her husband to turn around. When he finally does, the Miz backs away from Ambrose and into his wife, knocking her off the apron. The Miz then walks into a Dirty Deeds, after which Slater covers Miz for the victory.

Heath Slater and Rhyno win

02:07 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Rhyno saves his team-mate after which the Miz is tagged in. The Awesome One, however, has different plans, as he beats the snot out of the bear only to find out that it isn't Ambrose. Rhyno then tosses the Miz back into the ring and Slater makes him eat the canvas. The bear then comes to the Miz's rescue and even takes out Slater with the Dirty Deeds as the Miz has his back turned. 

02:04 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

He then tags Rhyno in and the two clothesline the Miz after which Rhyno does the same after running the ropes. He tags Slater in and Heath connects with an elbow off the top rope. Heath flings the Miz into the corner and the bear tags himself in. The ridiculous puns continue as the bear smacks Slater across the face and then traps him in a bear hug.

02:02 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

The Miz & a bear (?) vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno:

Before the encounter can begin, a bear similar to the one that the Miz beat last week, walks down the ramp. Heath goes for the quick cover but the Miz kicks out. 'We want bear' chants fills the arena as Miz tries to strike a deal with Slater. Slater shakes his hand but the two then trade punches. 

01:56 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:54 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

When asked what is next for her, Bayley says she still wants to be the best and that she wants to recapture the belt. Bayley says she'd like to end the interview with a hug but Corey isn't too interested and ends by saying that he needed a cigarette after that.

01:52 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

In the interview with Bayley, Corey asks the former Champ what happened at Extreme Rules. Bayley says that she's here to put smiles on faces not bruises on backs. 

01:48 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:47 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:47 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:47 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:46 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:45 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Jax breaks the subsequent pin but has to deal with Mickie who she flings off her back. Jax, however, eats a kick soon after and rolls out of the ring. James follows her with a jump off the top rope. Meanwhile, Emma tries to roll Sasha up with the quick pin but is reversed into the Banks statement.

Banks, James and Brooke win

01:42 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Dana tries to create some separation with a boot in the corner. She fails at first but finally tags Sasha who smacks Emma with a kick and then takes Nia out. Emma tries to make the tag following some offence but Bliss wants nothing to do with the match and walks away. Banks takes advantage of this and slams Emma. 

01:40 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Bliss, Jax and Emma vs. Banks, James and Brooke:

Bliss is in total control as she stomps Dana onto the ropes. She then chokes her in the corner with her boot and then tags Emma in. Emma pummels Dana before a running dropkick sends Brooke crashing to the mat. 

01:36 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Emma announces that she's returned and as Bliss tells her off for ruining her celebration when Banks joins the fray. Banks receives a pop massive enough to interrupt her promo but she waited for the crowd. She tells Bliss to stop whining about her celebration and then jumps right at her. All the women in the ring then begin to brawl as we head into a commercial break.

01:33 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Nia demands a shot and says she earned it. Alexa tries to turn things around by saying that her shot was ruined by James and Brooke, which is their cue to come out. James, her new look and Brooke inform Bliss tht Jax has now become her problem and as Bliss tells everyone to calm down, Emma returns. 

01:29 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

The Queen of Mean takes centre stage and complains about having to defend her title last week. She refers to SD's historic MITB match on Sunday, and as she continues to toot her own horn, Nia Jax walks out.

01:24 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:24 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:23 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:23 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

01:23 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Rhyno informs Miz that he has a partner and then challenges him to a tag team match after telling him to find himself a partner.

01:22 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

The Miz invites Heath to join his entourage and tells him he can ask for anything he wants. Heath says that before he had kids, he wanted to be IC Champ. Miz looks straight at him and promises him a shot some time in the future, 

01:20 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

As he tries to attack Kalisto on the apron, Kalisto springboards off the ropes and connects, sending Crews flying. Crews goes for the quick cover when Kalisto is distracted and eventually plants Kalisto with a powerbomb for the win.

Crews wins.

01:18 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews:

Crews attempts a takedown but eats a kick and a tornado DDT instead. A snap suplex gives Crews control, after which he latches in a head lock. He then lifts him up and smacks him onto the mat. 

01:11 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

He then dares Wyatt to prove him wrong. Wyatt just laughs and says that his confidence will be his downfall. He then says that he may have found the will to slay a king, and the lights go off. When the lights come back on, Wyatt is on the Titantron and tells Seth that he may found the will to slay the king but Gods live forever.

01:08 (GMT)13 JUN 2017

Rollins begins by saying that calling him a false prophet is the truth, not blasphemy. He then says that Wyatt works only in the shadows, which makes him a coward. 
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