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  • WWE RAW Results, Live Commentary, Updates & Highlights, February 18th 2019

WWE RAW Results, Live Commentary, Updates & Highlights, February 18th 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 19, 2019 09:33 IST

This RAW will see the fallout from Elimination Chamber and the build to Fastlane!


09:33 (IST)19 FEB 2019

09:32 (IST)19 FEB 2019

09:32 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Ronda Rousey def. Ruby Riott to retain the RAW Women's Championship

After the match, Logan and Morgan try to attack her but she clears the ring. It's a successful title defence for Ronda Rousey as RAW ends! Thank you for joining us! See you tomorrow night for SmackDown Live! 

09:31 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Rousey heads up top and Logan and Morgan cause the distraction and Ruby Riott then catches her and hits the Riott kick from the top. A NEARFALL AGAIN! Riott misses a senton and nearly gets the armbar but The Riott Squad pulls her away. Rousey splashes on Logan and Morgan and back in the ring, flings Riott into the turnbuckles.

From there, it's smooth sailing as she gets the armbar and the win

09:28 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Ruby Riott is close to becoming champion. Logan smiles, knowing that Rousey could be closing in on becoming RAW Women's Champion. Ronda catches her with a gut-wrench slam. 

09:28 (IST)19 FEB 2019



09:27 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Rousey gets her judo throws in and then hits a running elbow. Riott catches her and slams her against the turnbuckles. Now THIS is what we're talking about! She even gets a nearfall.

09:26 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Ruby Riott ambushes Rousey and spears her as soon as she re-enters the ring. This is a far better match thn last night. Riott slaps Rousey's chest and gets kicked an punched down.

09:22 (IST)19 FEB 2019

No high fives on the way to the ring. The RAW Women's Champion is all business and we're under way

Ronda Rousey goes right after Riott, taking her down and then launching a series of strikes.  Riott takes a breather and when she's back in the ring, tries to get the better of Rousey. The action goes to the ground but Rousey once again sends her packing

09:18 (IST)19 FEB 2019

09:18 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott - RAW Women's Championship

09:13 (IST)19 FEB 2019

If you've seen NXT, you know that the vicious Black Mass kick can come out of nowhere. This is exactly what happened to Elias.

Aleister Black def. Elias

09:12 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Aleister Black starts taking control. He jumps on the ropes and flips over and onto Elias. He kicks Elias down and eats a knee to the face, but it's only a nearfall

09:11 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Elias has the better of Aleister Black and tries to go for an early pin, but doesn't get it. He has Black in a headlock and is trying to make him fade to black

09:07 (IST)19 FEB 2019

09:06 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Aleister Black says if silence is what he's seeking, then to allow him to help.

Aleister Black vs Elias

It doesn't take long for Black to send Elias out of the ring. He bounces against the ropes and hits his signature sit-down pose.

09:03 (IST)19 FEB 2019

He's interrupted by former NXT Champion ALEISTER BLACK!

09:02 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Elias is about to start playing but says he's sick of how he's been treated. He's the most talented and charismatic superstar there is, and he's too hygenic for a dirty town like Lafayette. He says he's going to sing a song for HIMSELF.

08:56 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Seth Rollins says that he's going to be Universal Champion, despite what Paul Heyman says. Dean Ambrose confronts him and asks where he was out there. Rollins, bewildered, asks if he's completely lost his mind. Ambrose shrugs and walks away. It looks like he's forgotten the last few months.

08:50 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:50 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:49 (IST)19 FEB 2019

He eats a Calymore kick in no time but McIntyre waits before getting the pin. He hits another Claymore and basically squashes Ambrose.

Drew McIntyre def. Dean Ambrose

08:49 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Dean Ambrose goes right after McIntyre and eats a Glasgow kiss. McIntyre starts talking trash and Ambrose fights back. He sends McIntyre outside the ring and hits a suicide dive.

08:47 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:47 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:47 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre is next! 

08:40 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:39 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:38 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Nia Jax starts talking trash and they go in the ring to prepare an assault but the champions clear the ring!

08:36 (IST)19 FEB 2019

The champions reveal that they intend to defend the titles on RAW, SmackDown and even NXT. There's no connection bigger than the Boss 'N' Hug Connection!

They're interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina. It looks like we have their first challengers

08:34 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Sasha Banks says that it feels like a dream but isn't. She says that everyone did this together and that they were born to do this.

08:33 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:33 (IST)19 FEB 2019

The new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions are out - Sasha Banks and Bayley! 

08:27 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:24 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Backstage, Finn Balor and Ricochet are having a friendly conversation. They get interviewed and Balor says that while his 24 hours have been great, it's all about the man next to him - Ricochet.

Ricochet says that once you achieve your goals, it feels way better than you would think. He says that we've only seen the beginning of him

08:22 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Dawson's charge gets stopped with a slingshot spear. We see old DiY and we see a combined superkick and knee.

Ciampa gets the pin. The champions have been pinned!

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa def. The Revival

08:21 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Dawson and Wilder continue quick tags in and they nearly get a shatter machine, and Ciampa escapes while Gargano disrupts it. Gargano plants Wilder with a DDT.

Scott Dawson sends Ciampa into the barricade and Gargano uses different ways of escaping The Revival's onslaught. His slingshot spear gets caught and he nearly gets finished by The Revival, but Ciampa breaks up the pinfall

08:18 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Back in the ring, Gargano hits a DDT on Dawson while kicking Wilder away. Ciampa is tagged in and he hits a big boot and a BIG German Suplex. He hits #3 and takes Wilder out. 

Wilder manages to get the tag in and they nearly getting a pinning combo on Ciampa.

08:16 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:14 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:13 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:13 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Tommaso Ciampa goes in and chest slaps Dash Wilder. Gargano sticks his feet out and Wilder runs into his boot.

Wilder takes control and soon tags in Scott Dawson. Gargnao sends both of them out and goes for a suicide dive. Wilder tries to attack Gargano outside but runs into Ciampa's boot.

08:11 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Johnny Gargano starts with Dash Wilder. He starts getting the better of him quickly, covering him on top. 

08:08 (IST)19 FEB 2019

The Revival vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

08:08 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are confronted by Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. 

Gable & Roode wonder why those two are getting the opportunities. Gargano says they've been running NXT for the last two years. Ciampa says they're there to make an impression. The Revival walk through and Gable wishes them luck. They say they don't need luck.

08:03 (IST)19 FEB 2019

08:03 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Heavy Machinery are being interviewed. They say they're blue collar guys, and love getting it done inside the ring and training.

They're soon interrupted by Lacey Evans, and she once again walks out and walks back to the ramp. Suddenly, Heavy Machinery struts to the ring and struts back. What is this even?

07:59 (IST)19 FEB 2019

07:59 (IST)19 FEB 2019

07:58 (IST)19 FEB 2019

Curt Hawkins starts showing some great offence and when he almost ends his losing streak, Grand Metalik saves the day. Metalik gets taken out of the ring but Dorado manages to get a pinning combination, pressing Hawkins' legs against him.

Lucha House Party def. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
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