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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Commentary & Highlights, March 4th 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 05, 2019 09:34 IST

Will Batista return on the first RAW of March?


09:34 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:34 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Thank you for joining us on RAW in what we felt was a fantastic go-home show! We'll see you tomorrow night for SmackDown Live!

09:28 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Ronda Rousey tires to break her arm. What is going to happen this Sunday at Fastlane?

09:27 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:27 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Rousey decimates Becky Lynch and has seemingly cemented her heel turn with her face over Becky Lynch's face. She continues the assault on Lynch, who has a match this Sunday. Charlotte Flair may be more than happy with what's happening!

09:26 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:26 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Rousey says that Stephanie McMahon values her wallet more than Becky or Charlotte. She says that she can do what she wants because she's too valuable. She's angry and even talks down to the fans for booing her at the Staples Center.

She attacks Becky and Charlotte, teasing a heel turn. She lands the armbar on Becky and unloads her shots on Lynch.

09:24 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Ronda Rousey makes her way out! She asks Stephanie what she's doing. Stephanie tells her that she left her no other option.

Rousey asked her to include Becky, not exclude herself. Stephanie hands the title but makes a stipulation for the Fastlane.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair is no longer for the RAW Women's Championship, but if Becky wins, she gets added to the WrestleMania main event.

09:18 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:18 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Both superstars are out and Charlotte tells Stephanie that she can just hand her the title. Becky says they can go at it right now but Stephanie refuses to let that happen, telling that this has to go through the legal department.

Just as the contract is signed, Ronda Rousey is shown walking into the arena!

09:17 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:15 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:15 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:11 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Stephanie McMahon is out with the RAW Women's Championship.

Becky Lynch needs to sign the hold-harmless agreement for her Fastlane matches.

09:08 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:08 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:06 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:06 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:05 (IST)5 MAR 2019

09:04 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Roode & Gable go after the Revival and it's an instant DQ. WHAT!

Aleister Black & Ricochet def. The Revival by DQ

Therefore, The Revival are still RAW Tag Team Champions. After the match, Gable & Roode and Black & Ricochet go at it. The new team stand tall.

09:03 (IST)5 MAR 2019

The Revival are stil lgoing after Black but he sweeps both their legs underneath and Ricochet is tagged in. He uses his phenomenal pace to take them down and nearly gets a roll-up pin. He goes after another but Wilder kicks out for the second time. He sends Dawson flying and goes after Wilder with a springboard uppercut.

08:59 (IST)5 MAR 2019

The Revival start off strong, with Dawson and Wilder going after Aleister Black. Gable & Roode the former champions make their way out.

08:53 (IST)5 MAR 2019

It's time for the RAW Tag Team title match

Dash Wilder has an appearance change!

The Revival (c) vs Aleister Black & Ricochet - RAW Tag Team Championship

08:51 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:51 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Colin Jost gets confronted by Braun Strowman. There's a lot of tension and Colin Jost asks if "any of this stuff is even real". He gets choked and lifted up.


08:44 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Sasha fights back and uses her pace to try to outdo the power of Tamina. She evades a major superkick and also another charge.

She rolls her into the Bank Statement but Nia Jax pulls Tamina out of the way. Bayley tries to get involved but gets thrown away by Nia.

Sasha Banks hits the flying knee on Nia Jax and then Tamina throws her into the ring, only for Sasha to spin and kick her face. Nia once again interferes when the ref isn't looking and Tamina hits a superkick for the win.

Another champion has bene pinned!

Tamina def. Sasha Banks

08:42 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Tamina vs Sasha Banks

Tamina goes after one half of the tag team titles and dominates her in the early going.

WWE also confirmed that the tag titles will be defended on BOTH BRANDS!

08:41 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:41 (IST)5 MAR 2019

WWE seems to have finally acknowledged Ambrose not renewing his contract.

The Shield vs McIntyre, Corbin & Lashley is official for Fastlane.

They'll reunite one.last.time.

08:33 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:32 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:32 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Reigns and Rollins put their fists together in unity, waiting for Ambrose to do so. He does it and it seems like the band is officially back together again.

The Shield has reunited

08:31 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:31 (IST)5 MAR 2019

The crowd chants "Shield". Rollins tells Ambrose that they've only got one shot to do this the right way. Ambrose strolls around and shoves them both away and walks outside the ring, only to go ringside and then goes out through the crowd, somewhat symbolic given that they would enter through the crowd.

The notorious trio Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley come out. Corbin tells them that they're pathetic. McIntyre calls them 3 stray dogs fighting for the scraps on their table. They threaten to end them right now an they surround the ring and the attack begins. Ambrose looks on, torn as to what to do . He runs back in and evens the odds! He goes right after all 3 of them and it doesnt take long for the three brothers to get the better of them.

08:23 (IST)5 MAR 2019

After the match, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins come out to confront Dean Ambrose. Another attempt at reconciliation?

08:22 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Elias goes for a roll-up pin but Ambrose kicks out. Ambrose then hits a back-breaker and goes to the top turnbuckle but screams and realizes that it isn't as easy to do so as he thought, because of the injury.

Elias hits the drift away for the clean win.

Elias def. Dean Ambrose

08:19 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Elias goes for The Old School. He drives Ambrose out of the ring with a dropkick. He tries to splash on him but misses, and Ambrose runs in to get the suicide dive.

08:15 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:15 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Dean Ambrose vs Elias

Ambrose finally gets his hands on Elias. He wastes no time in going right after him.

08:13 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:12 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:12 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:12 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:09 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Charlotte says that Becky Lynch is an arrogant one-leggend competitor with arrogance. At Fastlane, the WWE Universe will witness a beatdown of all sorts, according to her.

Backstage, Seth Rollins tells Dean Ambrose that despite all that's happened, Ambrose is his "wrestling soulmate". He asks for a Shield reunion, but Ambrose says "no can do", because he's preoccupied. He thanks Rollins for his help last week, but says he needs to do it on his own.

08:06 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:05 (IST)5 MAR 2019

08:02 (IST)5 MAR 2019

The SNL weekend update hosts are backstage and talking about their role for WrestleMania. They think that nothing can possibly surprise them, but they run into EC3 cleaning...something, Titus O' Neil and No Way Jose's congo line. They clearly have no idea what they're in for.

07:57 (IST)5 MAR 2019

07:54 (IST)5 MAR 2019

07:54 (IST)5 MAR 2019

Hawkins goes after Otis right away and Ryder splashes on him after the tag. Hawkins and Ryder hit the Russian Leg Sweep but Tucker saves the match for his team. He sends Ryder out but goes out himself. Otis throws Hawkins in the air and slams him. He gets the caterpillar splash and wins!

Heavy Machinery wins the Gauntlet match
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