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WWE RAW Results, May 22nd 2017, live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 23, 2017 03:09 GMT

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03:09 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:09 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:09 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:08 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:08 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:08 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

03:07 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Balor confronts Joe about being left out of the action and asks him not to let that happen next week. Kurt says that Balor will get what he wants and more before and then says that he will face Bray and Joe in a Triple threat match next week, while Rollins will face Reigns.

Oh, it's true, it's damn true.

03:05 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail but Roman's superman punch changes things. Joe is then hit with a Roman uppercut and an enzuguri from Rollins. Things look good for the faces until Reigns misses with a Superman punch and finds Rollins instead. Wyatt then pulls Reigns out of the ring during the squabble that followed. This allowed Samoa Joe to lock in the Coquina Clutch for the victory.

Joe and Wyatt win.

03:02 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Rollins clears house and hits Wyatt off the apron after dealing with Joe. He then slams Joe with a slingblade and cements his dominance with a suicide dive through the ropes. Rollins takes to the top ropes but is crotched by Wyatt. The heels then double team on Seth but he's able to fight them off and then connects with a cross body.

03:01 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Wyatt dumps Roman out of the ring and distracts the officials as Joe goes after Reigns. Reigns counters however and slams Joe into the barricade. Wyatt tries to pick Reigns up but eats the rope and Reigns hits Joe with the drive by soon after. He then bundles Wyatt out of the ring and makes the tag.

02:59 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Wyatt, who is tagged in, goes right after Reigns' shoulder. Wyatt then squeezes Reigns' shoulder with a submission hold that looks like an arm triangle. 

02:58 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Joe then crushes Reigns outside the ring onto the barricade and then brings him back in and nearly twists his head off. Reigns struggles to work to a vertical base and finally does so with a right hand but Joe uses his sheer strength and speed to whip him into the corner, slam him and hit him with an Enzuguri.

02:56 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Wyatt whips Seth off the ropes and is hit with a drop kick. Rollins makes the tag and Reigns slams Wyatt with clotheslines, a kick and a Samoan Drop as the crowd continues to boo and jeer. Reigns is about to go for the spear but Wyatt's iconic creepy pose distracts him and Joe tries to take him out.. Reigns evades but can't do the same as Wyatt goes after him.

02:51 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:51 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:50 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Joe distracts Rollins for just enough time to allow Bray to send him flying off the apron onto the barricade.

02:48 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:46 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Interestingly, Rollins' music plays for a second before Joe's. Botch or mind games? Regardless, it seems to have been ignored by the announcers and that indicates it was most likely a botch.

Bray Wyatt & Joe vs. Rollins & Reigns:

Rollins and Reigns argue for a bit about who's going to start, but Seth takes control and flings Wyatt out of the ring to start things off.

02:45 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:40 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:39 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

After such a rushed segment, let's hope the main event turns things around as two-thirds of the Sheild reunite against Joe and Wyatt.

02:38 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Bliss then reaches for the Kendo stick under the ring and makes an example of James by smacking her across the back with it. Bayley runs to James' rescue and picks up the kendo stick but Bliss rolls out of the way just in time. 

02:36 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Bliss lands a right and then pants James with a DDT. This is surprisingly enough to put James down for three seconds.

Bliss wins after almost no offence at all.

02:35 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

James fights back and lands a kick to the gut, followed by a neck breaker. She then takes Bliss' back and slams some wicked cross faces home. She then underlines her dominance with a vicious kick to the face.

02:34 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss:

James begins by taking Bliss' back and the two trade holds until Bliss grabs the ropes and says she's had enough. The Goddess of the WWE as Corey so rightly calls her chokes James and flings her into the corner.

02:29 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:28 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:28 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:28 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:27 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:27 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:27 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Aries dives off the second ropes but is greeted by an elbow to the chest. Nese attempts the vertical suplex but AA transitions into a deep modified guillotine. Aries then transitions into the Last Chancery as Nese tries to work out of it, leaving Nese no option but to tap.

Aries wins

Neville then enters the ring, attacks Nese and locks in the Rings of Saturn to prove a point.

02:24 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

The action spill out of the ring and Nese gets the better of AA when it returns to the squared circle by targeting his knee. 'CM Punk; chants begin but a majority of the crowd boos it out of the building. Aries lands a few chops after which Nese replies with one of his own.

02:22 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Nese vs Aries:

Nese spears Aries into the corner but AA is able to fight him off and slam him with a clothesline in the corner. Aries then trips Nese as Tony tries to create space and then transitions into a submission hold and can't get the Last Chancery twice. 

02:15 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:15 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:13 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Matt then re-enters the ring and makes Sheamus kiss the mat with a Twist of Fate, which is enough to keep him down for the three count.

Matt Hardy wins.

Matt Hardy then announces that they will compete in a steel cage at Extreme Rules.

02:11 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Sheamus lifts Matt onto his shoulders but Hardy counters with a slam of his own. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but then is forced to eat a huge knee right after. Hardy reaches for the ropes in the subsequent cover. Sheamus then looks for the Big Boot but Matt rolls out of the ring. Cesaro is about to take Matt out when Jeff jumps from the apron onto him. 

02:09 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Sheamus then hosts Matt onto the top rope but Jeff distracts him. Matt then plants Sheamus with the tornado DDT. 

02:08 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Sheamus has Matt in a headlock as we return from the break. He then hits the White Noise, but it isn't enough to put Matt away.

02:06 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:06 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:05 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:05 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

02:04 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

It's all Sheamus until Matt sidesteps Sheamus' slam in the corner. He then hits Sheamus onto all three turnbuckles repeatedly to chants of 'delete'. 

02:03 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Sheamus brings the action back to the ring and plants Matt with a clothesline of the third rope.

02:02 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Hardy sends Sheamus out of the ring with a clothesline and attempts the Twist of Fate but Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Matt chases after Sheamus but ends up with his spine impaled on the apron. Sheamus continues to target the back and knocks Matt off the apron after whipping himself off the ropes.

02:00 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus:

Matt tightens a headlock but Sheamus fights out of it by attempting a slam but it isn;t enough to get Matt off him. Sheamus finally whips Matt off the ropes and slams him with his shoulder. 

01:51 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

Crews vs. Kalisto:

Kalisto begins strong but things changes after a sudden drop kick. Kalisto is dominated with a side headlock until he eats another dropkick. Crews is about to set him up for a move when Kalisto counters into a quick roll-up. However, Crews regains control soon after but Kalisto hits the Salita Del Sol out of nowhere to take the victory.

Kalisto wins.

01:48 (GMT)23 MAY 2017

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