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WWE RAW Results, May 29th 2017, live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 30, 2017 08:36 IST

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08:36 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:36 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:36 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:35 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Rollins drags Reigns by the hair and then climbs to the top rope. He attempts the Pheonix splash but misses as Roman evades. He counters Reigns' subsequent attack with a kick. Reigns replies with a superman punch and then Rollins lands an Enzuguri. He looks to lands his finishing move but Roman evades just in time and whips off the ropes to connect with the spear.

Reigns wins.

08:32 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Rollins rolls out of the ring and Reigns chases after him but finds the steel steps instead. Rollins hits a block buster and then a frog splash off the top rope. He screams in pain before covering Reigns who kicks out.

08:31 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Rollins, however, works out of it and carries Reigns across the ring, only to slam him on the turnbuckle. Reigns, however, lands a superman punch right after he bounces off the turn buckle.

08:30 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Reigns goes for the spear but is greeted with a side kick to the face. Rollins then heads to the top rope but is stopped by Reigns who gets to his feet. Seth looks like he's out on the top rope and Reigns joins him on top on the hopes of planting him with a slam. 

08:28 (IST)30 MAY 2017

He then bounces off the ropes but dives right into the Superman punch. Rollins barely kicks out of the subsequent cover. 

08:27 (IST)30 MAY 2017

He then kind of connects with a drop kick after missing on the slam. Reigns is then sent out of the ring. Rollins dives after him through the ropes.

08:26 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Rollins stops it with a kick to the gut and backs it up with a sling blade. He then hits Reigns with a running forearm in the corner.

08:25 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Reigns continues to target Rollins' ribs. We are shown that Reigns gained control by launching Rollins over the top rope. The crowd seems to actually be behind Reigns as he whips off the ropes to smack Rollins in the face. A mixture of boos and cheers ring through the stadium as Reigns goes for the Superman punch.

08:21 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:20 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:20 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:20 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Reigns looks for the spear but is instead greeted by a boot.

08:19 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Roman misses as he whips Rollins of the ring and isn't able to connect on the Samoan Drop after. He then connects on a hard upper cut as Rollins tries to mount an attack. Reigns then places Seth near the ring post on the apron and then hits a drop kick that has Rollins screaming.

08:17 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Reigns then isolates Rollins' arm, however, Rollins works out of it and hits a standing Moonsault in a fantastic display of athleticism. 

08:16 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns:

Reigns displays his strength by flinging Rollins to the corner. Rollins then goes after Reigns' back and then transitions into the quick cover.

08:13 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Sasha Banks will be on 205 Live tomorrow night.

08:11 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:10 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:10 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:10 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:08 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Next up we have Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns.

08:08 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Goldust, who has returned to his old gimmick talks about how R-Truth held him down and says that Golden Truth will come to a crescendo soon. He adds that the culmination will not be happy or sad but golden. 

R-Truth has a reply to Goldust this week around and says that he will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. 

Is Goldust gonna get got???

08:04 (IST)30 MAY 2017

A flustered Neville refuses to answer any questions as he is backstage.

08:03 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:03 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:02 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:02 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:02 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:02 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:02 (IST)30 MAY 2017

08:01 (IST)30 MAY 2017

The Big Dog tells us yet again that this is his yard when he is interviewed and adds that he doesn't care about the past between him and Rollins. Reigns seems to have transitioned to more of a stern-faced tweener from that of a crowd-pandering face. This has been happening over the last few weeks and it continues.

07:58 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Aries limps to the top rope but misses on the subsequent dive, and Neville does the same right after. This allows AA to lock in the Last Chancery for the victory.

Aries  and Gallagher win

07:57 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Aries is about to his the discuss five-arm when he is stopped by TJP who is then tripped by Jack off the apron. Aries then hoists Neville over the third rope and onto TJP and Gallagher. He follows it up with a suicide dive after which he tweaks his knee.

07:55 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Gallagher lands a head butt to turn things around as both men are down and make the tag. AA begins with a shoulder to the gut and a slaps to the chest. However, he is stopped by a kick to the stomach. Neville then tries to follow it up with another kick AA counters.. AA then goes for the last Chancery but is foiled.

07:54 (IST)30 MAY 2017

TJ is then tagged in and he launches himself over the rope and onto Gallagher. TJ then has Jack in the centre of the ring in a submission hold. Gallagher tries to separate but is slammed to that mat with a kick. Aries stops the subsequent cover. TJP then continues to control Gallagher with a hold in the centre of the ring.

07:51 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Neville dominates until a headbutt to the mid-section stops him. Jack tries to make the tag but Nevile just slams him face-first into the mat.
 He then kicks Jack repeatedly to the gut.

07:50 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Neville dominates as we return from the break and we are shown a vicious drop kick that got him this momentum. 

07:49 (IST)30 MAY 2017

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher vs. TJP & Neville:

AA and TJ kick things off after Neville refuses to start. A kick to the midsection starts things off for AA. Gallagher clears house once he gets the tag and ragdolls TJ until Perkins manages to get the tag. The king of the Cruiserweights then takes control until he eats a boot in the corner. Aries is tagged in but Neville wants nothing to do with him as he rolls out.

07:43 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:42 (IST)30 MAY 2017

It's time for Cruiserweight action as the purple ropes come out.

07:42 (IST)30 MAY 2017

We return from the commercial to see Enzo on the floor just as he was last week. The EMTs ask him if he's alright and Cass demands to know what happened. Cass then tells Kurt that it has to be the Revival who did this. Kurt insists that it isn't and adds that he is as enraged as Cass. 

07:38 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:38 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:38 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:37 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:37 (IST)30 MAY 2017

07:37 (IST)30 MAY 2017

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