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WWE RAW Results November 12th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 13, 2018 04:10 GMT

Stephanie McMahon & Brock Lesnar return on the go-home RAW for Survivor Series 2018!


04:10 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

04:03 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

04:03 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

04:02 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Becky Lynch walks away with the team, looking like a complete star. What an end to RAW! 

Thank you for joining us. We'll see you for SmackDown Live! 

03:59 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:59 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:58 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Becky is busted open. RONDA ROUSEY COMES OUT but she's not a 100%! 

She isn't able to get through and Becky Lynch hits her with a steel chair. Asuka levels Ruby Riott and Lynch continues to attack Rousey with a chair. 

It's all chaos as the Women's Team walks through the crowd. Becky Lynch stares at Rousey, covered in blood and telling her what awaits this Sunday. WHAT AN ENDING! 

03:56 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Becky Lynch walks out, looking like a badass .But she's outnumbered! 


03:55 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

It's a double DQ as Nia Jax, Tamina and Mickie James attack them both simultaneously. 

The match ends in Double DQ 
Alexa Bliss laughs and announces Ruby Riott as the last member. 


03:53 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:49 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:48 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Bayley and Sasha continue their back and forth. Bayley stuns Banks on the ropes and they're both neutralized. The action is on the apron and Sasha ROCKS Bayley with a knee. Bayley catches her with A BAYLEY TO BELLY ON THE APRON! Whatt a match so far! 

03:46 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Bayley tries to hit a jumping slide tackle through the ringpost but gets caught by Banks

03:45 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Sasha Banks and Bayley start quick and Bayley even knees Sasha Banks to the outside. Sasha Banks sends Bayley inside and hits a jumping knee.

03:39 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Natalya is seemingly announced for the team, but was sent home to recuperate. 

Mickie James, Nia Jax and Tamina are announced too. 

The final member is going to be decided in what looks to be an incredible main event

Sasha Banks vs Bayley - Final spot on the RAW Women's Team!

03:34 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Alexa Bliss is out to announce the women's team

03:30 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:29 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

After the match, a dejected Elias attacks Lio Rush and avoids a charge by Lashley, who runs into the steel steps shoulder first. Rush goes back inside the ring but Elias grabs him by his pants and throws him at Lashley outside. 

03:28 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Elias takes Lashley outside and hits him on the ringpost before sending him in. He climbs up and Lio Rush holds Elias' legs, resulting in a count-out.

Bobby Lashley def. Elias to take the final spot on Team RAW

03:26 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Bobby Lashley vs Elias - Final spot on RAW Men's Team

The match starts off with a back and forth, with Elias hitting a series of strikes on Lashley. Elias knocks Lio Rush down and Rush hits the apron face first. Ouch

03:21 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:20 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Elias is hilarious. He's making the crowd laugh. Lashley shous and tells him to tell whatever he's saying to his face. 

03:19 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Elias interrupts Bobby Lashley. The crowd sings "Oooh walk with Elias". 

Elias is on his phone and calls Child Protection Service. He says Lashley kidnapped a 10-year-old

03:17 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:17 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Bobby Lashley vs Elias - Final spot for Survivor Series Men's Team

Lio Rush starts hyping Bobby Lashley's body. 

03:12 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:12 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:11 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Lesnar then destroys Mahal and the Singh Brothers before walking off. AJ Styles must be watching.

03:11 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Lesnar calls Mahal and The Singh Brothers in and Mahal tells him to channel his inner energy

03:07 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Jinder Mahal interrupts Brock Lesnar. WHAT? Remember that Jinder Mahal was supposed to face Lesnar last year?

03:06 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

03:06 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Paul Heyman starts cutting a promo, congratulating Braun Strowman on lasting as long as he did at Crown Jewel. He then praises AJ Styles too.

03:01 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Brock Lesnar is back! 

02:57 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:57 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:56 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:56 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Gable has Konnor locked in an armbar while hanging outside the ropes. Roode throws him over and they win!

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are the Survivor Series Tag Team Captains

02:55 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Battle royal to determine Survivor Series Tag Team captain

Heath Slater is the first to be eliminated, with Rhyno going as well. Dawson gets thrown out by Lucha House Party and B-Team throws out Dash Wilder. 

Lucha House party get thrown out and then the B-Team follow them out.

The Ascension and Roode & GAble are the last teams.

02:50 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:49 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are in action next! 

02:48 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:47 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:47 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Natalya has enough of Riott's ruthlessness and makes her entrance, but from behind, as she attacks Riott. She attacks the other 2 members before getting ambushed. The Riott Squad hits a Hart Attack to add insult to injury.

02:44 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:43 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Yeah it was a fake apology promo. Of course, it is.

02:43 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

02:43 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Ruby Riott talks about last week when she broke Jim Neidhart's sunglasses, resulting in backlash.

Oh it's another fake apology promo. Great.

02:41 (GMT)13 NOV 2018

Natalya vs Ruby Riott
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