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WWE RAW Results, November 19th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 20, 2018 09:33 IST

What will be the fallout of #SurvivorSeries after RAW's dominant 6-0 victory?


09:33 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:33 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:32 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:31 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Ambrose is out in the ring and starts trashing the people and tells them how he doesnt feel sorry for themselves and how theyd turn their backs on him in a second. Rollins is still in the arena and he runs out and a brawl begins, splling over to the crowd. 

Ambrose changes things up when he low blows Rollins and then hits the Dirty deeds. The referees come to stop things but he runs back and assaults him, hitting a Dirty Deeds again. He starts talking trash to Rollins and walks triumphantly as RAW ends.

09:20 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:18 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:17 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Riott starts displaying her sadistic side. Natalya fights back and almost lands a sharpshooter before Morgan and Logan interject. Riott tries rolling Natalya up but The Queen Of Harts gets the roll-up pin instead, getting her revenge on Ruby Riott.

Natalya def. Ruby Riott

09:15 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:15 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Riott is in complete control of Natalya, splashing on her from the top rope. Natalya kicks out at 2!

09:10 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Ruby Riott vs Natalya

Natalya can't wait to get her hands on Riott and the numbers game seem to be quite effective as Riott is in control.

09:05 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Rollins appears to be leaving the arena

09:00 (IST)20 NOV 2018

09:00 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Dean Ambrose is an unknown area backstage and he says it's not about Roman but about brotherhood. He points out a "stench" and says it's from the people in the audience. 

08:58 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Bobby Roode pins the champion in an unexpected move! 

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable def. AoP! 

The champions were pinned in a non-title match

08:58 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:58 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:56 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Gable begins the match and starts getting pounded by AoP. His face is shoved against the ropes, where Drake Maverick starts trash talking. Gable locks Rezar in an armbar on the ropes and uses the opportunity to tag in Bobby Roode. Roode goes on a roll, attacking Rezar

08:55 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:47 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs AoP is next! 

08:46 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:44 (IST)20 NOV 2018

After the match, Nia Jax and Tamina come walking out. Nia Jax looks at her fist, blows it and states her down before walking away again. The champ gets a stern warning from her next challenger.

08:42 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Ronda Rousey hits what she calls The Piper's Pit. It's basically a fireman's carry position into a swinging slam. She hits two more of them and locks in the armbar. And still! 

Ronda Rousey def. Mickie James to retain the RAW Women's Championship

08:42 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:41 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Rousey throws James and begins a flurry of punches before the referee seperates them. Mickie James kicks Rousey's head and starts hitting her with a series of knee strikes before the ref once more interjects.

It's been all kicks from Mickie James before she begins chest slapping her. Rousey is far from a 100% and it's quite clear as she struggles

08:40 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Mickie James is the challenger.

Ronda Rousey vs Mickie James - RAW Women's Championship

08:37 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:35 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Corbin denies Rousey's request. She says she's had 17 fights and never pulled out of or postponed one despite having enough reason to. 

She then offered Baron Corbin a shot at the Women's title! 

Corbin says he'll find someone and that person will be the next RAW Women's Champion! Looks like a title defence is next! 

08:33 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:32 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Rousey says she wants to defend the title tonight and if she can't, she doesn't deserve to be champion.

Of course Baron Corbin comes out.

08:31 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Ronda Rousey says that she learned she'll be facing Nia Jax at TLC. She says after she finishes with Nia Jax, she's coming after Charlotte Flair

08:29 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:29 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:27 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Ronda Rousey is out. Somehow, she's still smiling

08:26 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Rollins is interviewed by Charly Caruso and interestingly, Ambrose was seen walking from behind casually.

08:20 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:19 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:16 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Lucha House Party vs The Revival

Graves seems to randomly mention that Lince Dorado is scared of dogs. What?

Anyway, The Revival begin getting dominated with the 3-on-2 advantage. Gran Metalik are carrying around a piñatas going on? Lince Dorado hits a 450 on Dash Wilder and it's over.  They used a freaking piñatas as a distraction.

I'm legit not able to process what happened.

Lucha House Party def. The Revival

08:15 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:14 (IST)20 NOV 2018

08:06 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Seth Rollins backstage is searching for Dean Ambrose and he kicks through a door which has some smoke in it. He scours the area only to find a door with it "BURN IT DOWN" written

08:03 (IST)20 NOV 2018

07:59 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Nia Jax lands a Samoan drop on Bayley and that's it.

Nia Jax & Tamina def. Bayley & Sasha Banks

07:59 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Bayley gets tagged in and takes out Nia Jax, only to turn back and eat a superkick from Tamina. Bayley seems out but Tamina doesn't pin her. Bayley begins to fight back and splashes on Tamina but isn't enough.  

Nia Jax comes in and domiantes Bayley, nearly pinning her before Sasha Banks breaks it up.

07:56 (IST)20 NOV 2018

07:56 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Tamina comes in and takes out Banks, nearly pinning her before tagging in Nia. They start isolating Banks and quickly team in-and-out.

07:55 (IST)20 NOV 2018

07:54 (IST)20 NOV 2018

Nia Jax is in control after the break but Sasha Banks fights back, taking her legs down and then smashing her face against the mat.
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