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WWE RAW Results, November 5th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates; Kurt Angle In Huge Main Event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 06, 2018 04:08 GMT

The build to Survivor Series begins in the United Kingdom!


04:08 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Drew McIntyre makes Kurt Angle tap the ankle lock. Wow.

Drew McIntyre def. Kurt Angle

04:05 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

04:05 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

04:03 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Kurt Angle takes Drew McInytre to suplex city and as Angle charges at McIntyre, gets hit with a Claymore kick. McIntyre could have pinned Angle but he chooses not to. Angle doesn't even seem to know where he's at, showing heart.

McIntyre trash talks saying "This is it? This is the legenday Kurt Angle?". McIntyre holds his hands behind his back and then attacks Angle. He then continues to taunt him. Angle is badly hurt and tries to go for the takedown, but McIntyre hammers away on his back. Kurt Angle is crying! 

03:58 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

McIntyre is back controlling the legend. He's wearing Kurt Angle down while the crowd rallies Angle on

03:53 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Kurt Angle finally halts McIntyre's momentum with an Angle slam out of nowhere. McIntyre wisely rolls out of the ring as the RAW main event continues! 

03:52 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

The crowd rallies behind the legend Kurt Angle! 

03:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

McIntyre looks like a million bucks. He's described as a "Sports Entertainment hybrid".

He's dominating Angle, knocking him down time after time.

03:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle

The Olympic Gold Medalist doesn't even wait for the bell to start attacking McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath neutralises him with a brutal headbutt! 

03:49 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:49 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:48 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:48 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:46 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:45 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:45 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Lashley and McIntyre have a staredown and McIntyre seems to have some words for him. Lashley wisely leaves the ring and McIntyre lifts Balor up, seemingly teasing a face turn. But it's obviously too good to be true.  He hits Balor with a Claymore kick

03:42 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:42 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Lashley catches Balor but they start having a back and forth. Lio Rush tries to cause a distraction but fails, leading Balor to hit a sliding dropkick to him outside. He looks to charge and hit a running dropkick on Lio Rush, but gets caught by Lashley who slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, he hits a gut-wrench slam drop for the win.

Bobby Lashley def.  Finn Balor

Drew McIntyre is out, seemingly in a hurry. Lashley stares at him and his main event is next! 

03:39 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Bobby Lashley so far has been in complete control of Finn Balor.  Balor fights back after sticking his boot up and hen a slingblade before stomping on Lashley's chest! He follows it up with a knife-edge chop and he jumps over Lashley but gets caught. Balor then hits the slingblade and looks to gain momentum

03:37 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:34 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:33 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Finn Balor interrupts to a huge pop!

03:33 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor

Lio Rush is hyping up Bobby Lashley and making him show off his "glutes", which makes it look like he's showing off his backside. What

03:31 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:31 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:31 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:31 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:26 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Charly Caruso interviews Corbin again, who says that where she goes, Strowman follows. He says Kurt Angle's match has been changed and he's now facing Drew McIntyre

Corbin gets in the limo and Strowman chases after him. The Acting RAW GM has left the building! 

03:21 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:20 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:19 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

After the match, Tamina come out and confronts Nia Jax. 

Tamina takes Ember Moon while Nia Jax tells her not too, but doesn't actually resist. 

She hits a Samoan Drop and then a sharpshooter, while Nia Jax hits the leg drop on Ember Moon.


She hugs Tamina and they seem to have formed an alliance! 

03:17 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Ember Moon gains some momentum with a spinning elbow and a cross body. Ember Moon goes for a springboard and gets caught mid-air into a Samoan Drop. What a finish! 

Nia Jax def. Ember Moon

03:15 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:14 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Ember Moon tries bringing it to Nia Jax early on but Nia Jax plants her with a crossbody. She then flings her and is in complete control. Ember Moon unwisely tries to roll her up. Nia Jax lifts her with one hand and headbutts her.

03:11 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

I forgot to mention that Ronda Rousey said that her mom would wake her up and try to break her arm. Whaaat?

03:08 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:07 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:06 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:05 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:05 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Ronda Rousey cuts a pretty intense promo but the delivery isn't on point. But she did a good enough job for the crowd to cheer her. She's set to leave and gets interrupted by Nia Jax, her next title challenger.

Nia Jax tells her that she knows Ronda won't let the red brand down. Ember Moon's music hits and it seems like she's set to face Ember Moon...again.

03:03 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

03:02 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

The ROWDY RAW Women's Champion is out to address Becky Lynch. The crowd chants for Becky and she acknowledges. She praises Becky Lynch and says that a change of attitude isn't going to be enough to beat her.

02:59 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

02:54 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

02:54 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Ziggler headbutts Elias and goes for the Zig Zag but Elias clings on to the rope. Elias misses a knee and Ziggler hits a Zig Zag but Elias has his foot on the rope! 

Elias counters him and hits the swinging reverse neckbreaker. He pins the team RAW member! 

Elias def. Dolph Zigger

This could secure Elias a spot on team RAW at Survivor Series!

02:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

02:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

02:51 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

Ok this match really isn't living up to it. There were a few botches when they were going for freestyle moves. 

02:49 (GMT)6 NOV 2018

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