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WWE RAW Results, November 6th, 2017 Live Updates and Commentary; Huge title match announced for main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 07, 2017 04:10 GMT

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04:10 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

04:09 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle looks in shock as to what happened. There's a lot of chaos and confusion. Corey Graves voices his displeasure as SmackDown got the best of Kurt Angle again!

04:08 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The RAW superstars start running up to chase The New Day but they escape. Back in the ring, Sheamus nails Rollins with a Brogue kick!! Ambrose tries to stop it but gets held back by Cesaro. WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS!!

Cesaro & Sheamus defeat Rollins & Ambrose to become the NEW RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

04:07 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

New Day applauds Manchester for standing through this "B-show"  that is RAW. Backstage, Kurt Angle gathers the RAW roster, male, female and tag team and they're getting ready for another siege!

04:05 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

04:05 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

It takes time for them to come out but the record-breaking champions come through the crowd! What's happening?

04:04 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

They look to go for another doomsday device but Ambrose makes the save again! The champions superkick the challengers and almost pin Sheamus but Cesaro makes the save. We hear THE NEW DAY's INTRO! WHAT?

04:03 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Cesaro and Sheamus hit a Doomsday Device onto Rollins in the ring but only got a 2-count!

04:02 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The former champions land a double cruicifix onto Ambrose on THE BARRICADE! That looked nasty!!

04:02 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Cesaro & Rollins go at it and The Swiss Cyborg eventually gets control. Sheamus & Cesaro look to be going for a double crucifix but Ambrose makes the save. The Shield then neutralise The Bar. They get ready for a suicide dive but they both get caught!

04:00 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Ambrose then hits a vicious clothesline onto Sheamus but Cesaro uses the numbers game to attack The Lunatic Fringe. Cesaro and Ambrose go at it in the ring and Cesaro kicks Seth Rollins away. This prevents Ambrose from getting the tag but the hot tag finally does tag Rollins, who goes beserk!

03:58 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The Bar are in control now. Cesaro and Sheamus tag in and out as they both hit vicious kicks on Ambrose's mid-section.  Sheamus began slamming Ambrose's chest but stopped when the crowd was counting.

03:52 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:51 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Until the break, the champions remained in complete control.

03:51 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The champions start off on the aggressive. They take out Cesaro and Sheamus from the top post when they jumped on them. Ambrose is chest slapping the living hell out of Cesaro until he eats a vicious uppercut

03:42 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The Shield vs The Bar - RAW Tag Team Championship

The Bar comes out and they're wearing Liverpool FC jerseys! What a brilliant way to get heat. In case you're not familiar, Liverpool are considered bitter rivals of Manchester United and are disliked in Manchester, a city which they currently are in!

03:41 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

A video package of Jinder vs Brock was shown hyping up the match. Still not sold on it.

Charly is interviewing Alexa Bliss backstage. It's a little banter about Alexa supposedly "running away" from SmackDown Live. Alexa denies it and says that she was a 2-time champion on SmackDown and she's a 2-time champion on RAW.

03:30 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:30 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:29 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Back in the ring, Dunne begins with the joint manipulation as he bends his fingers and kicks him in the mid-section. Enzo gets control when he stuns him against the ropes. Back inside the ring, he slams Dunne's face on the ring as he holds his chin twice. 

Enzo then delivers a kid to the mid-section and again focuses on Kalisto. Dunne takes advantage and hits a nice enziguri. Enzo tries to cheat and use his foot on the ropes to pin Dunne, but Kalisto makes sure the referee notices it. Dunne sends Enzo into the turnbuckles and then hits his finisher, the bitter end on Enzo for the win.

Pete Dunne defeats Enzo Amore

Kalisto lifts Dunne's hand, congratulating him. Hopefully this is a one-and-done for Dunne in the Cruiserweight division.

03:26 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Enzo starts to talk trash to Dunne's face, and Dunne struck him with a hard forearm right away. Enzo went outside the ring and was busy looking at Kalisto. He realised his mistake soon as Dunne sent him back first onto the apron.

03:25 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Pete Dunne vs Enzo Amore it's time!

03:21 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

What is happening? Kurt Angle comes out and announces The Cruiserweight vs Bruiserweight. 

The Bruiserweight, the United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne is here!!

03:20 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

He takes a seat ring side. PETE DUNNE'S MUSIC HITS!  IT's the UNITED KINGDOM CHAMPION! 

03:19 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Is there a commentary botch? Enzo was going on and on and on and on while the commentators were murmuring something. Perhaps to Mr. McMahon's ear?

Anyway, Kalisto came out and interrupted Enzo a little too late. Enzo really wasn't shutting up.

03:17 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Enzo tells Manchester that should be grateful to be graced with his presence. He starts his usual trash talk after this.

03:15 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:14 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:12 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:09 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Backstage, The Shield were being interviewed by Renee Young. Ambrose says that they didn't win the titles not to defend it. They also sent a message to The Usos and vowed to retain their tag team titles.

03:07 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:07 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

03:06 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Kane tries to chokeslam Strowman but The Monster Among Men removes his hands and then powerslams The Big Red Machine instead. Kane sits right back up but Strowman sends Kane over the top rope to the outside. The Miz and Bo Dallas try to weasel their way and attack him from behind but he hits the Intercontinental Champion with a powerslam to stand tall!

03:04 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

KANE IS HERE! The arena turns red and walks towards Strowman as they go face-to-face! Strowman shouts and says that he's the only monster on RAW. A DQ is called as Kane strikes Strowman.

Braun Strowman defeats The Miz by DQ

03:03 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

He pulled The Miz by his hair from the outside to the apron an sent him running into the ring post.  He went outside the ring and THREW The Miz inside the ring. He flipped him face first inside the ring. He went outside and struck Bo Dallas on his chin with a loud thud. He sent a scared Axel into the barricade. He proceeded to throw The Miz outside onto The Miztourage.

03:01 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

The Miz went outside the ring as soon as the match started. He tried to use The Miztourage as distraction while he entered the ring but that didn't work. He re-grouped with The Miztourage but even that strategy didn't work. He began to fling The Miz across the ring.

02:56 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

02:55 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

02:48 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Braun Strowman faces The Miz..NEXT!

02:48 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

02:48 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Alicia Fox says that she wants Sasha Banks on the team. Why didn't she select Bayley. We have 4 members of the RAW women's team.

02:47 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Bayley knocks Nia off the apron and slams Alicia Fox to the turnbuckles. She finally gets the hot tag in and hits Fox with a hurricanrana and even a stomp to the midsection. Nia Jax breaks up a pin but Bayley(with assistance from Sasha) knock Nia out of the ring. Back inside the ring, Alicia Fox tries to take advantage for a roll-up pin but The Boss counters it into a Bank Statement for the win!

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeat Nia Jax and Alicia Fox

02:45 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Oh snap! Nia slams Bayley face first onto the turnbuckles. She tries to take down Sasha but The Boss evades. 

02:43 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

It's been long and the heels are still in control. When is the comeback coming?

02:39 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Nia Jax gets tagged back in and is in complete control of things before we head to commercial break.

02:38 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Alicia Fox & Nia Jax

Bayley is still Manchester's girl!  She's pumping up the crowd and Alicia Fox tags in Nia Jax without getting in on any action. Nia threw Bayley aside and The Hugger tagged in on Sasha Banks. Sasha wasn't able to get the job done against Nia  Jax either, so Nia tagged in Alicia Fox, who had a headlock on the weakened Sasha Banks.

02:29 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

02:27 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Sasha Banks and Bayley are backstage and talk about not yet being selected on Team RAW. Very bad promo. Sounds unnatural.

02:26 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Jordan and Angle embrace and Jordan vows not to let him down.

02:25 (GMT)7 NOV 2017

Kurt Angle talks to Jason Jordan backstage and praises him for his recent stride on RAW. He says that he needs people he trusts since his job on the line and that there's no one he trusts more than his own son. He picks him as the FIFTH AND FINAL MEMBER of the Survivor Series men's team!
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