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WWE RAW Results, October 8th 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 09, 2018 08:39 IST

Will the Brothers of Destruction retaliate on RAW?


08:39 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:38 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Strowman gets up and Reigns takes him out with a Spear. Ambrose is in the ring and McIntyre hits him with a Claymore Kick. 1-2-3! Drew McIntyre wins it for his team.

Braun Strowmanm, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler def. The Shield

08:37 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:37 (IST)9 OCT 2018

It's bedlam in Chicago. Dean Ambrose tries to hit Strowman with a suicide dive but he catches Ambrose. Ambrose hits a tornado DDT.

08:37 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:33 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Braun isn't happy with McIntyre and Ziggler. He catches Dolph by the throat and Drew pulls him away. Rollins pushes Drew into Braun and tries to roll him up but only gets a 2-count.

08:32 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:30 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:26 (IST)9 OCT 2018

All three members of The Shield then attack Strowman and clothesline him out of the ring. Rollins and Ambrose then hit suicide dives. As Strowman gets up, Roman follows it with a running dive of his own.

08:25 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Rollins is all over Ziggler and McIntyre. He takes out Ziggler before dodging a clothesline and hitting McIntyre with a suicide dive. He tries to follow it up with a Curb Stomp to Ziggler. He misses but goes to follow up with a Buckle Bomb which Ziggler counters into a roll up. Rollins kicks out and hits a Buckle Bomb.

08:23 (IST)9 OCT 2018

We're back from the break. Dolph Ziggler is all over Roman Reigns and goes for a splash in the corner. Roman catches him with a right hand. Ziggler tags in Strowman who crashed shoulder-first into the corner. Roman finally hits the Samoan Drop to Braun and tags in Rollins.

08:21 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:19 (IST)9 OCT 2018

The Shield are on top for the time being and Strowman looks frustrated as we head into commercial, yelling at McIntyre and Ziggler to get their act together.

08:18 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Roman goes to hit Braun with a Samoan Drop but can barely get the big man off his feet. Strowman knocks Reigns down with a shoulder charge and tags in McIntyre. 

08:18 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:17 (IST)9 OCT 2018

The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

McIntyre and Rollins get us underway. McIntyre and Rollins reach an impasse and tag in Strowman and Reigns.

08:16 (IST)9 OCT 2018

08:07 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Heyman's promo is long and winding and he basically says that Brock will win at Crown Jewel. If you've heard any of Heyman's  promos this year, you've heard this one already.

08:05 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Paul Heyman is out next. He's hyping that match at WWE Crowl Jewel and adds that Brock is not watching RAW tonight because he was asleep.

07:54 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:53 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:51 (IST)9 OCT 2018

The Authors of Pain run out as soon as the bell rings. They flatten Konnor before entering the ring. The dispose of Roode first before hitting Gable and Viktor with the Super Collider.

07:50 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Gable tags Roode in and he's all over Viktor. Blockbuster from the top rope to Konnor. He tries to hit Viktor with a Glorious DDT but Viktor counters. Gable tags himself in and pins Viktor after a rolling German Suplex.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable def. The Ascension

07:48 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Viktor repeatedly tries to pin Gable but can't keep his shoulders down. He hooks in a modified arm wrench but Gable gets back to his feet.

07:47 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:47 (IST)9 OCT 2018

The Ascension vs Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

Before the match, Konnor boasts about beating both Roode & Gable. 

Once the match starts, the Ascension look strong. They dominate Gable and isolate him in one corner, quickly tagging in one another

07:40 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Lita's music hits and she runs down into the ring. Lita and Trish clear the ring as Bliss and James scurry back to the back.

07:39 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Mickie James asks Trish how she'd feel if she teamed up with Bliss at Evolution, an idea Trish was surprisingly open to and she says that she already has a partner in mind.

07:38 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:38 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:38 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:36 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Trish warns Bliss and James that at Evolution, they would learn what a Hall of Fame beatdown felt like.

07:36 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Bliss and Mickie James head into the ring to confront Trish Stratus. James says that their confrontation wouldn't happen in Chicago because nothing good happened in Chicago.

07:34 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Alexa Bliss' music hits and she interrupts Trish Stratus. Stratus says Bliss' math from the previous week's promo was off before cracking a short joke.

07:31 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:31 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:31 (IST)9 OCT 2018

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is out next. She addresses Alexa Bliss, her opponent at WWE Evolution.

07:26 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:25 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:25 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:25 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Nia Jax tries to hit a Gorilla Press Slam at ringside but Moon breaks free. Jax charges at her but she ends up going shoulder first into the side of the ring. Ember barely beats the 10-counts as she runs back into the ring and wins by countout.

Ember Moon def. Nia Jax

07:23 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Ember Moon follows it up with a hurracanrana that sends  Jax rolling out of the ring. She follows it up with a suicide dive but Jax is still on her feet. 

07:22 (IST)9 OCT 2018

Ember Moon vs Nia Jax

Nia Jax uses her size and power to the fullest extent in the early stages of the match as she tosses Ember around the ring. Ember goes for a sleeper but Jax tosses her off. 

07:22 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:21 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:21 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:20 (IST)9 OCT 2018

It's time for a friendly competition match! 

Ember Moon vs Nia Jax

07:20 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:19 (IST)9 OCT 2018

07:15 (IST)9 OCT 2018

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