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WWE RAW Results, September 10th 2018 , Live Updates and Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 11, 2018 03:09 GMT

What will happen when 2 legends returns & Ronda Rousey returns to the ring on RAW?


03:09 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

03:08 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Strowman removes the cover off the announce table and places Reigns there. As he's about to dish out more punishment, Roman lifts Strowman up and hits a Samoan drop OFF the announce table! The Universal Champion stands tall before HELL IN A CELL. He says "My yard" as RAW ends.

03:06 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Braun Strowman seems frustrated but Roman Reigns music hits. He baits Strowman to come to the ramp and he's waiting at the announce table. Reigns runs and hits a superman punch but Strowman begins the decimation,  slamming Roman against the screen on stage

03:05 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

03:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

03:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

In the ring, he demands that Roman come and face him like a man.

03:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Braun Strowman is about to be interviewed by Charly Caruso. He stops her and says he asks the questions. Of course the question happens to be "Where is Roman Reigns". Charly suggests he goes out to the ring and calls Roman out. He agrees and makes his way out.

02:59 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:59 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:58 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

In a segment from earlier in the day, 205 Live sensation Lio Rush is in the gym where Lashley's working out. He's hyping Lashley up, running his mouth non stop.  Lashley at first seems disturbed but once he realizes it was Lio Rush, seems happy. He requests that Rush hype him up and the 23-year old sensation does that while Lashley does some push-ups.

It seems like they're teasing Lio Rush as Bobby Lashley's new manager

02:54 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

The momentum continues to switch back and forth and after missing a coupe-de-grace, rolls Elias up to get a small package victory on him!

Finn Balor def Elias

02:52 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Elias has the advantage as we're back from the break but he seems frustrated with Balor constantly kicking out.

02:47 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Elias vs Finn Balor

Elias starts strong against Finn Balor, throwing him against the turnbuckles.  Balor makes his come back and even stomps Elias on the chest, following it up with a slingblade

02:45 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Meanwhile, Braun Strowman is backstage and still searching for Roman Reigns. He's kicking and throwing whatever he can.

02:43 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Mick Foley tells Elias that he was allowed to make one match, so he put him up against Finn Balor. The match is next!

02:39 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Mick Foley is going to be special guest referee for the Hell In A Cell MAIN EVENT! 

02:38 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Foley talks about how he had to find something within him in his legendary match against The Undertaker despite almost dying. He wanted to know how he can feel like how he felt 20 years ago. 

02:36 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Foley says he's talking about the near future, i.e, Hell In A Cell. Despite his differences with Stephanie McMahon, he lives a ferry ride from Connecticut. He requested that he play a role in Hell In A Cell.

02:35 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:35 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

He compares Foley to an old song that's been playing over and over again. Foley says that he didn't come to talk about the past, he came to talk about the future. Elias says he's looking at the future

02:34 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Foley says that Elias lacks sincerity in his voice. Elias shoots back at him saying that he witnessed Foley falling of the Hell In A Cell as a child.

02:32 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:32 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Elias is out doing his usual schtick, insulting people and New Orleans. But he's interrupted by none other than WWE LEGEND MICK FOLEY!

02:31 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:31 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:28 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Backstage, Charly Caruso asks Rousey how her ribs are. She says that she's never pulled out of a fight and that even at her worst, she's the best.

02:27 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Backstage, Elias spits tea at a worker who made it for him. Braun Strowman storms int he same area trying to find Roman Reigns. He even lifts a backstage worker up and demands to know where Reigns is. He puts him down and tells him to get out of his sight.

02:26 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:22 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:21 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

She stares and points at Bliss before putting James in the armbar. The WWE legend taps in seconds.

Ronda Rousey & Natalya def. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

After the match, Alexa Bliss kicks Rousey in the ribs and runs away as quick as she can

02:19 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Mickie James then goes for the ribs of Rousey, who fights back. She gets ready for a flurry of punches and she does so, much slower due to her ribs.

02:18 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

She sends her slamming into the barricade and the ring, hurting her ribs. She then kicks her ribs and back in the ring, works on her ribs with her legs by stretching her arms

02:17 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Mickie James and Alexa Bliss are doing everything they can to prevent Rousey from tagging in. She does eventually tag her in and Bliss finds a new way to get to Rousey

02:12 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Rousey and Natalya hitting The Hart Attack was quite surreal. Though The Revival did it better, this looked cool too! 

02:12 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:12 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:11 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Rousey chases Bliss back into the ring and Natalya lifts her, with Rousey and her then hitting the legendary HART ATTACK!

02:11 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Natalya and Mickie James go at it and Bliss gets tagged in. She dominates Natalya and like a fool, SLAPS Rousey!

02:08 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Natalya and Alexa Bliss start the action. Natalya outpowers Bliss and steps on her head. She tags in Rousey and Bliss fleds to the corner and tags in Mickie James. Rousey dominates Mickie James and throws her around a bit before tagging in Natalya

02:04 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

It's time to get Rowdy! 

Ronda Rousey & Natalys vs Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

02:03 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

02:02 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

01:56 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Gable manages to make the tag and he's taking out Viktor. He hits a spine buster and then the glorious DDT for the win.

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable def. The Ascension

01:54 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Konnor hits Gable with a big boot and The Ascension gain momentum, double teaming Gable.

01:53 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Chad Gable and Viktor start the action. Gable attacks Konnor and then hits a suplex on Viktor, all with relative ease

01:52 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs The Ascension

01:49 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode are back as a team and are in action NEXT!

01:46 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

01:46 (GMT)11 SEP 2018

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