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WWE RAW Results, September 17th, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 18, 2018 08:45 IST

How will The Undertaker respond to Triple H on RAW?


08:45 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:44 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:42 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns stand tall in the ring while Ziggler, McIntyre and Strowman retreat! 

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08:41 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Reigns looks to jump on  Strowman but gets caught by Corbin. He hits him with a spear outta nowhere and retains! 

Roman Reigns def. Baron Corbint o retain the Universal title

08:40 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Ziggler & McIntyre are out to help Strowman and Rollins & Ambrose come to help him.  After all three are cleared on the outside, Rollins & Ambrose hit a suicide dive. Strowman, however, is back to his feet!

08:39 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Strowman assaults Roman and tries to hit a running PowerSlam but gets pushed into the ringpost, sending him out. Corbin once more blindsides Reigns and hits a Deep Six, only for Reigns to kick out

08:38 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Reigns looks at the steel chair and picks it up slowly, only to be interfered by Braun Strowman. Reigns shifts his focus to Strowman and the Acting RAW GM blindsides him from behind

08:37 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:36 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Corbin then uses a steel chair and as he's about to hit him with it, he eats a Superman Punch. Corbin kicks out, much to the shock of the champion

08:36 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Corbin then smiles and tells Jojo to announce that the match is now restarted as a NO DQ MATCH! 

08:35 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Corbin then hits a Superman Punch to Corbin outside and Corbin continues to slide outside the ring. Good strategy. Reigns runs towards Corbin, who throws a steel chair to the face. He gets DQ'd like an idiot.

Roman Reigns def. Baron Corbin by DQ

08:34 (IST)18 SEP 2018

He hits an awesome boo to Corbin's face and seems to be regaining his confidence. He's feeding off the energy of the WWE Universe and Corbin escapes the ring when he gets ready for a superman punch

08:32 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Reigns then strikes Corbin and the tables have turned. He bulldozes Corbin and hits him with a series of strikes to the corner as WWE fans cheer him on! 

08:31 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Corbin has Reigns in a sleeper and the champ seems to be fading.

08:29 (IST)18 SEP 2018

It's been a surprisingly one-sided affair. Corbin edges closer to pinning him and taunts him, raising his hands the way The Big Dog does.

08:29 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:25 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:25 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Reigns stays alive despite viscous attacks from the Acting GM! 

08:24 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Corbin tires to end the match as quicky as possible. He tries pinning him but fails. Reigns is clearly not 100% but that doesn't stop him from sending Corbin out of the ring

08:22 (IST)18 SEP 2018

As Reigns makes his entrance for his match, the commentators are busy arguing whether Corbin is abusing his power or not. Michael Cole & Renee Young certainly seem to think he is

08:19 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:14 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:14 (IST)18 SEP 2018

It's main event time.

Roman Reigns (c) vs Baron Corbin - Universal Championship! 

08:12 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Mickie looks the other way and gets caught by an eclipse, with Ember sending her out. Nia Jax hits a Samoan drop on Alicia Fox and picks up the win! 

Nia Jax & Ember Moon def. Alicia Fox & Mickie James

08:11 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Jax starts ragdolling Fox and even takes James out. Fox tries a sunset flip but has no power to lift her. She bulldozes through Fox, only for Mickie to break things up. 

08:10 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Moon backflips and escapes Fox's reach to tag in Nia Jax! The crowd erupts! 

08:10 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Fox hits Moon with a big boot and tries pinning her, albeit unsuccessfully. 

08:09 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:09 (IST)18 SEP 2018

The crowd is ready for Nia Jax to tag in but James and Fox keep preventing that from happening. The 7-time Women's Champ is even showboating and trash talking a little bit

08:08 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Alicia Fox pushes Ember Moon from the top turnbuckle and subsequently takes control of her.

08:08 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Ember Moon takes out Mickie James and Alicia Fox with a viscous suicide dive. You can't convince me that she doesn't have the best suicide dive in WWE! 

08:07 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Ember Moon and Alicia Fox then start things off. The hometown hero starts hot, kicking Fox's legs from under. She has her trapped in the arms and tries to tag in Jax but Fox outpowers her and whips her into her corner. Mickie James is now tagged in

08:06 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:06 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Mickie James and Nia Jax start things off. 

Mickie James does NOT want to get in the ring with Jax. She happily tags the hometown hero Ember Moon in!

08:05 (IST)18 SEP 2018

08:05 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Her partner is none other than the former Women's Champion - NIA JAX!

She's back! 

08:04 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Ember Moon & A mystery partner vs Alicia Fox & Mickie James

07:59 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Lio Rush is now Bobby Lashley's official new manager! 

07:58 (IST)18 SEP 2018

That was so awesome. Lashley hosts Rush up and they stand tall!

07:57 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Kevin Owens gets a hold of him and is about to hit an apron powerbomb but Lashley lifts Rush and saves him after which he lifts and throws him onto Owens and Elias! 

07:57 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Lashley has all the momentum but gets caught with a knee. Kevin Owens comes out and goes straight for Rush! The young sensation escapes like Spider man and flips and avoids any attack. He dropkicks Elias, causing a DQ.

Elias def. Bobby Lashley by DQ

07:54 (IST)18 SEP 2018

07:54 (IST)18 SEP 2018

07:54 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Elias vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley starts strong while Lio Rush is in commentary. 

07:47 (IST)18 SEP 2018

He re-introduces himself to the WWE Universe. Elias says he'll call the security and blames "irresponsible" parents for letting him in.  He then introduces "his man" Bobby Lashley! 

07:46 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Lio Rush says that Elias looks like a rockstar but plays the same diss track every time. Elias hilariously asks "Who's kid is this?"

07:46 (IST)18 SEP 2018

07:45 (IST)18 SEP 2018

205 Live superstar LIO RUSH interrupts! 

07:44 (IST)18 SEP 2018

Elias says Bobby Lashley looks great but he's a constant disappointment. He never gets it done and never wins when it matters. Kinda reminds him of the Dallas Cowboys. Nuclear heat! 
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