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WWE RAW Results September 3rd 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 04, 2018 03:14 GMT

What will happen when Braun Strowman introduces his new faction?


03:14 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

03:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

03:10 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

03:10 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Ambrose gets thrown facefirst into the entrance titantron while Strowman hits Reigns with a running powerbomb to the floor.

03:08 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Strowman repeated hits Reigns in the head with the steel steps while Rollins is tossed off the entrance and  into a window of the police vehicle.

03:07 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

The Shield are on their way down the ramp when a number of Superstars come from behind and start attacking Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.

03:04 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Braun, Ziggler and Ziggler set up Balor for a Triple Powerbomb nut the police sirens hit. The Shield are back.

03:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Strowman continues the assault after the bell and hits a second running powerslam.

03:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Strowman hits Balor with a powerbombs and follows up with a running Powerslam for a 3-count.

Braun Strowman def. Finn Balor

03:02 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Strowman gets back in the ring and Balor meets him with an enzeguiri. He goes for the Coup de Grace but Strowman is back on his feet. Balor locks a Triangle Choke and has Strowman down on his knees.

03:01 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Back in the ring, Strowman throws Balor into the corner and goes for a shoulder charge. Balor sidesteps him and Strowman goes shoulder-first into the corner. Balor hits Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre with a dive over the top rope.

02:59 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Strowman knocks Balor out of the ring and runs around the ring to pick up momentum. Balor hits Strowman with a slingblade.

02:58 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

We're back from commercial and Strowman is pounding Balor.

02:58 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:57 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:56 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:56 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:55 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor

Braun Strowman overpowers Finn Balor early on but missed a big boot and crashes out of the ring. Balor hits Strowman with a dropkick as we head to commercial.

02:50 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

It's main event time and it's Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman. No surprise in how RAW will end, right?

02:49 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:41 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:41 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:40 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Jinder asks Lashley to sit next him on the carpet. Lashley puts Sunil Singh's scarf around him and starts repeating everything Jinder says. Kevin Owens is BACK! He attacks Lashley from behind. He hits Lashley with a superkick before hitting him with an apron Powerbomb.

02:40 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:36 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Jinder Mahal is out next to provide counselling to Bobby Lashley.

02:35 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:34 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Dana tells Apollo and Titus that she's done with Titus Worldwide. Is this the end for Titus Worldwide?

02:34 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Brooke fails at tagging herself in. Apollo and Titus argue at ringside and  Dana, distracted her. Sasha rolls her up for the win.

Sasha Banks and Bayley def. Ember Moon and Dana Brooke

02:31 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:30 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:30 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:23 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke and Ember Moon

Bayley and Sasha look good as the work together on Dana Brooke. Brooke is forced to roll out of the ring as we head to commercial.

02:18 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:18 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Undertaker says that Micahels and HHH had a part of them destroyed when they lost to Taker. Michaels replies that he doesn't wrestle any more because he's a man of his word. Undertaker replies that it wasn't respect, it was fear.

02:13 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:11 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:11 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:06 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:04 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Undertaker is here to respond to Shawn Michaels' jab at Takerthat he doesn't have a lot left in the tank.

02:03 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

It's Undertaker! He's here! 

02:01 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

02:00 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

01:57 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Shawn Michaels is out next. We'll find out why HBK is on RAW tonight soon.

01:49 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

Authors Of Pain vs Enhancement talent

Drake Maverick announces that he's now AoP's new manager. The match begins and ends in no time when the team hit the Super Collider

01:43 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

01:42 (GMT)4 SEP 2018

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