WWE Roadblock 2016 Results live updates, 12/18/16

Roadblock: End of the Line comes to us from PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh
Updated: 19 December 2016 09:32 IST - Published: December, 18 2016 01:23 PM IST

We've had a blast covering this PPV, and we hope you've had fun following our coverage as well :) Until next time, SK out! \m/


Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for WWE Universal Title

Reigns is out to boos. Owens is out to cheers. Surprised? :p

Classic Owens to kick off the match as he rolls out of the ring right out of the bat; mind games galore as he refuses to engage Reigns immediately. He teases getting back into the ring and slides right back out again.

Roman has had enough, as he follows him outside and introduces him to a punishing right hand. He bounces Owens off the Announcers' table before sending him back into the ring.

Owens tries to keep Reigns under wraps by using a headlock, but is deposited on the mat for he efforts. He wisely chooses to slide out of the ring but Reigns is at his heels, sending him shoulder first onto the barricade.

He looks to set up the Announcers' table for a high-impact move, but that time is all that Owens needs to recuperate. They take it back into the ring and Owens goes right after Reigns with a senton and proceeds to attack his back with smacking kicks against it.

Whatever advantage he wrests, however, is momentary as Reigns levels him with a thudding clothesline. The fight spills over onto the outside where Owens snatches momentum from Reigns again with a well-timed counter on the barricade followed by an irish whip onto the steel steps.

He slides him back into the ring and hones in on attacking his ribs for a bit, before keeping Reigns grounded with a headlock. Just as the Big Dog stretches himself out back onto his feet, Owens hits a neckbreaker appended with an INSANE front somersault leg drop.

THAT WAS INSANE. Cover! Near fall!

Roman Reigns is stirring and is back up to his feet soon. They exchange blows in the centre of the ring, but there can only be one winner. Reigns sends Owens onto the turnbuckle before hitting a body splash.

It's Owens' turn to fight out of a predicament now, and fight he does, coming back with a nice reversal German Suplex on Reigns. That doesn't keep the Samoan down for too long, however, and he returns fire with a Samoan Drop. How poetic.

When he tries to hit a Superman Punch, Owens reverses a lands a neckbreaker that sends Reigns clawing to the bottom turnbuckle in search of something to prop himself up with. He utilizes the opportunity and comes crashing down on him with a Cannonball.

But hey, its Reigns. And he spectacularly no-sells it and comes leaping back up with a Superman Punch that levels Owens!

Cover! Near fall!

He then deposits Owens on top of the turn buckle, with a view to land a Superplex. Owens reverses with a Fisherman Suplex!

When he tries to capitalise with a frog splash, Reigns gets his knees up just in the nick of time, leaving Owens writing around in pain.

Owens is scrambling back up to his feet, and Reigns readies himself for the Spear!

Wisely, Owens rolls out of the ring to avoid the impending doom but is met with a Drive by instead.

When Reigns tries to hit it again, Owens reverses it and send him flailing onto the Announcers' table.

He climbs on top of the barricade and hits him with a frogsplash! The table doesn't break, and upon the behest of the crowd, he hits it again, this time successfully!

Owens makes his way back into the ring, and the 10 count is almost up but Reigns just manages to throw himself back into contention in the nick of time.

Owens tries to set him up for the Pop-up powerbomb, but Reigns reverses it to the Spear!

Spear! Spear! Thunderous Spear!

Just as he is about to go for the pin fall though, out comes Jericho. He looks at both men, who are on the mat, and decides to attack Owens!

Jericho hits the codebreaker on Owens! But it was all along the plan to do that, as it disqualifies Reigns!

Owens retains through interference from Jericho.

Result: Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns by DQ

After the match, Jericho and Owens hug it out, prompting wild cheers from the crowd. But Reigns just isn't happy. His face resembles black thunder, and wisely, Jericho and Owens look to hightail. 

They almost make it out safely but Rollins comes out to back them up. Owens runs right into a Spear from Reigns and Rollins knees Jericho in the face.

The former Shield brothers set Jericho up for the double powerbomb on the remaining Announcers' table at ringside first, before putting Owens through the table near the titantron.

Roman Reigns' music plays to close out Roadblock: End of the Line, amidst a chorus of boos.

At least, Kevin Owens is still the WWE Universal Champion.


Sasha Banks(c) vs Charlotte 30-Minute Ironman match

What ever else you can fault the WWE for, you can't take anything away from their vignette creating skills. An epic vignette airs before the match as Charlotte makes her way to the ring followed by Sasha.

While people complain about the fact that only these two women are spearheading the Women's Revolution, isn't this certainly a step up from what used to be the stale state of the division originally?

Anyway, this is the last time apparently and this match should be a cracker as well.

The crowd is firmly behind Sasha for this one as the clock starts ticking down from the 30 minute mark. They lock up and Charlotte does well in using her superior size and strength in out-grappling Sasha and pinning her down repeatedly.

Understandably, this match hasn't shot off at 100mph; 30 minutes is a long time to keep up intensity and output, especially on a stage this big.

They wrestle to try and glean a clear advantage and Sasha barrels into Charlotte coming off the ropes. That allows her a little bit of breathing room, which she tries to press by almost locking on the Bank Statement on the challenger.

Charlotte just manages to squirm away before returning fire with a roll-up that yields a 2 count. Charlotte taunts Sasha, signalling that she was "this" close to a pinfall.

The Champion replies in trademark resilient fashion, knocking Charlotte down, mimicking the "Woooo!", before telling her that "your father loves me more than you!"

That snaps something in Charlotte, who goes after Sasha with renewed purpose and vigour. This seems to be just what Sasha wants as she braces against the attack before nailing Charlotte on the outside with a double knee from the apron.

She sends the challenger back into the ring and locks in a straight-jacket submission, tying up Charlotte like a pretzel. She struggles for a bit but fights out before being forced to tap.

As she tries to find her footing, Sasha tries to go high, making her way to the top-rope. Just as she is about to climb the turnbuckle, Charlotte sends her face first onto the steel steps outside with a well-timed foot sweep.

That looked nasty.

Momentum firmly on Charlotte's side now, as she punishes the challenger with with repeated knee strikes. Just as it looks like she almost has Banks on the metaphorical ropes, the Champions fights back bravely. But it is all too brief as Charlotte regains control with a headlock, using her long legs to wrap around Sasha's head and slam it repeatedly on the mat.

Every time Sasha tries to rally and fight back, Charlotte goes back to targetting her compromised head and keeping her on the defensive. Out of nowhere, she nails Banks with the Natural Selection.

12 minutes on the clock. This should be the first fall of the match!

Cover by Charlotte! 1! 2! near fall! Sasha Banks kicked out of the Natural Selection! How did she do that?

Charlotte, however, isn't relenting and hits Sasha with a second Natural Selection, this time from the top rope! Cover! 1, 2, 3! Charlotte gets the first fall with 10 minutes left on the clock!

She tries to make the most of her dominance by trying to pin Sasha repeatedly, but one is all she will get.

Out of NOWHERE, Sasha Banks gets a roll-up variation on an unsuspecting Charlotte and manages to keep her shoulders onto the mat for the 3 count!

That was unexpected! Brilliant story telling here, and we're tied at one fall apiece with little under 7 minutes to go!

It's all happening here! Charlotte is still on the offence here but Sasha stole a pin fall out of nothing.

She levels the Champion in rage, with a huge boot to the face before setting her up for the moonsault.

Charlotte goes up top and hits the moonsault, but nobody home! As she lays face first on the mat, Sasha Banks locks in the Bank Statement and veers her away from the ropes.

Banks visibly torques the neck and back of Charlotte in the centre of the ring! Charlotte has no choice but to tap!

Sasha Banks gets the second pinfall! Sasha Banks leads 2-1. 

Charlotte is enraged here! She deposits Sasha onto the ropes in the corner and almost breaks her knee with a vicious leg drop on it.

That's the exclamation point! Sasha's knee is severely compromised!

The clock is almost done, with just over a minute left! Charlotte locks up the Figure 8! Sasha is in mortal pain!

The clock winds down tantalising with the crowd urging Sasha not to tap. With just 3 seconds left, however, Charlotte arches into the squeeze and Sasha taps out of sheer duress.

2-2! And the clock is done! The referee announces for overtime! The winner will be decided by sudden death!

Before the bell can even ring to signal the beginning of the overtime, Charlotte goes back onto the injured knee of Sasha.

Sasha isn't quite done however! As soon as the bell tolls to kick off the overtime, Sasha Banks locks in the Bank Statement out of nowhere!

Charlotte doesn't tap, and somehow manages to reverse the hold and get Sasha's leg into the Figure 8 again.

Sasha is bleeding profusely from the nose, by the way, and to compound matters is helplessly caught in the submission by Charlotte.

The Queen bridges to put on the squeeze and despite all of the crowd begging Sasha not to tap, the Boss just can't deal with the punishment being dealt to her leg and is forced to submit.


Result: Charlotte def. Sasha Banks to become the new WWE Raw Women's Champion


No Disqualification Triple Threat Cruiserweight Match: TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann (c)

The match starts off with all three competitors getting into an all out-brawl. Rich Swann gets thrown to the ropes and laughs at Brian Kendrick before kicking him in the face. Rich Swann and Perkins brawl in the middle of the ring but Swann gets taken down with a shoulder tackle. Swann with some acrobatics at Kendrick pulls Swann out of the ring with his feet. Kendrick gets hit in the face yet again, this time with a Perkins drop kick.

Perkins drags Kendrick back into the ring and goes to the top rope. He then tries for a pin but modifies it into a toe-hold. Kendrick makes it to the ropes and kicks Perkins in the face. Swann makes it back to the ring and hits Kendrick with an Enziguri and then connects with a double hurricanrana on both of his opponents.

Swann then proceeds to wear down Perkins some more before getting Irish whipped. After a brief acrobatic display by both Perkins and Swann, Brian Kendrick connects with a dropkick on Swann and goes in for a pin on Perkins.

Swann connects with a missile dropkick on Perkins. Brian Kendrick locks him in a Captain's Hook. Perkins comes into the ring but Kendrick kicks him away. A knee-bar gets locked in by TJ Perkins on Brian Kendrick. Swann dives off the ropes on the locked in Kendrick and Perkins and connects with a splash.

Brian Kendrick attempts to go for a Sliced Bread but gets tossed to the outside by Perkins. Perkins then locks in the kneebar on Rich Swann. Swann struggles.

Swann finally makes it to the ropes but Perkins holds on for a bit as the match is a no-disqualification one. Perkins and Swann exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Brian Kendrick tries to interfere but gets double-dropkicked by both of his opponents. Rich Swann connects with a Spinning Rich Kick on TJ Perkins and pins him for the win.

Result: Rich Swann wins via Pinfall

After the match, Neville walks to the middle of the ring, looking like he was going to congratulate Rich Swann, but he takes out Rich Swann with a series of punches and kicks. 

TJ Perkins comes into the ring but Neville kicks him as well. Neville then throws Rich Swann out of the ring and drives him into the barricading before grabbing a hold of Perkins and doing the same to him as well. 

Neville then rolls Perkins into the ring, ignoring the downed Kendrick. He then gets into the ring himself and stares down both his downed opponents in Rich Swann and TJ Perkins and walks off. This was a heel turn, ladies and gentlemen!


Austin Aries is on commentary along with Cole and Graves, by the way. He says that he's happy to be in the presence of two of the greatest commentators of this generation - Graves and himself. 



Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

The two wrestlers lock up and go back and forth briefly, before Jericho assumes the upper hand with knees and forearm strikes to Rollins, who is pushed up against the turnbuckle.

Rollins fights back by taking Jericho outside and sending him shoulder-first into the barricade. He looks to pick up the pace on the veteran but Jericho displays his ring-smarts by reversing him and looking to wear him down, instead of going toe-to-toe with him.

Rollins tries to fight out and up the ante but he hardly gets anything substantial going as Jericho always seems to find a way to nip it in the bud. Just when it looks like Jericho has Rollins' number tonight, an attempted bulldog by the Ayatollah is reversed, sending the veteran jewels first onto the turnbuckle.

Corey Graves chips in with a timely quip about 'the gift of Jericho'. Dry.

But that's all the opening Rollins requires, as he rallies with a sling blade and a suicide dive through the second rope onto a downed Jericho. They make it back into the ring and Rollins attempts to go high-flying again with a springboard crossbody, that is manfully reversed into a Wall of Jericho!

Rollins makes it to the bottom rope just in time but the damage seems to be done. Jericho is up and running now, and hits a beautiful Lionsault that yields a near-fall!

They exchange offence for a bit before Rollins attempts to lock up Jericho's arms for a pedigree. Jericho isn't quite willing to lie down, however, and reverses it into an attempted Walls. Rollins converts that into a powerbomb attempt but nothing comes out of the sequence ultimately.

They break and Rollins hits Jericho with a flying knee. Ouch. But just as he lands a frog splash and tries to finish the veteran for good, Kevin Owens comes out and tries to get involved.

While that may have diverted the attention of Rollins for a bit, it still isn't enough to get Jericho the win by way of an opportunistic roll-up. The referee was late to start the three count there thanks to Owens; something that Jericho picks up on.

He shouts at Owens and tells him to leave, leaving Rollins enough leeway to gather his wits and hit him with a Pedigree when he turns. Cover! 1,2,3!

Result: Seth Rollins beats Chris Jericho via pinfall


Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman (10 Minute match)

Is it just me or does Sami Zayn looked petrified here? Braun Strowman is a monster. Anyone would be quaking in their boots.

However I, for one, love the logic behind this match. Gone are the days when Rey Mysterio-esque underdogs can beat huge Superstars like Big Show.

We get the whole underdog shtick, but this is much more realistic here. And fair enough, Zayn starts off by being hard to catch and elusive, but it is only a matter of time before Strowman manages to grab hold of him.

Let the ragdolling begin. Sami Zayn gets tossed around in the ring effortlessly, before eating a faceful of ring apron. A big splash by Strowman steals all the will to stand from underneath Sami's legs.

Cover! But Strowman himself pulls Sami up from the mat after the first count. He wants to inflict pain on him, and proceeds to do so with clubbing blows to his back. Suplex. Body slam. Clothesline that turns him inside out.

Sami Zayn is getting back to his feet every time, sheerly by the will of his heart, rather than the ability of his body. This is some serious beating he is taking here, and with around 3 minutes to go, Mick Foley comes down with a towel in his hand.

Just as he is about to throw it into the ring, Zayn grabs it from his hand and prevents him. He wants to gut it out, and the crowd gets behind him for it. Strowman loudly claims to Foley that "you could have ended this, but now, Sami Zayn's blood is on your hands" just so that a nearby mic can pick it up clearly and goes after Zayn like Juggernaut from X-Men.

Except, Zayn gets out of the way twice in a row, leaving Strowman crashing onto the ring post followed by the ringside barricade. The clock is ticking down as Strowman just beats the 10 count to make it into the ring.

Zayn, somehow, manages to scrap onto his feet and hit a cross body from the top turnbuckle followed by a Helluva kick as the clock winds down on the 10 minute time limit.

Sami Zayn survives Braun Strowman.


New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

New Day are out and Pittsburgh is grooving with them. They cut a promo on the "Shameful Swingers" and a couple of other creative metaphors to kick off the main show, and await the entrance of their opponents.

Needn't wait too long, as Cesaro and Sheamus stride out with a sense of purpose about them. Will they relieve the New Day of their Tag Team Titles? Or will the record-breaking reign of Positivity continue?

If the beginning of the match is any indication to go by, then this isn't going to be too long of an encounter. Cesaro and Sheamus are out of the blocks like freight trains, taking the attack to Kofi.

New Day don't know what's hit them here! Uppercut barrage followed up with a big splash that would have rattled Kofi's ancestors! Before they can capitalise, however, Big E gets tagged in finally and that changes the momentum of the match for a bit.

He barrels Sheamus over outside the ring with a spear through the second rope, and comes in to nail Cesaro with the Big Ending! Cover! 1-2-near fall!

Looks like the New Day aren't in any mood to allow their momentum to slip by, as they pile on Sheamus now. With a bit of help from Xavier Woods, Kofi hits the SOS on Sheamus! Another near fall!

Cesaro and Sheamus, meanwhile, regroup sufficiently to crop up with a bit of skulduggery, pretending to tag in each other. Kofi Kingston, who is active for the New Day, falls for the tactic and hits the Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro.

Sheamus, who is actually the active member, capitalises and rolls Kingston up for a quick pin. 1, 2, 3! New Day lose!

Result: Cesaro and Sheamus def. New Day to become the New WWE Raw Tag Team Champions


Rusev vs Big Cass

Rusev is out with Lana by his side, and is greeted by a pumped up Enzo Amore along with Big Cass. Enzo cuts a scathing promo on Rusev and about how he made a mistake in leaving him alive after Lana lured him into a hotel room.

Nice introduction to the match.

Would have been good had the match followed suit, however. Cass comes out swinging, with every intention to punish Rusev but no sooner did it seem like the match was gaining some measure of momentum, does it come to an abrupt end.

Cass sends Rusev flying over the barricade into the fans, and while Rusev manages to make his way back into the ring to beat the count, the big man can't make it back in time thanks to Lana suckering Enzo in again.
Result: Rusev def. Big Cass via countout


Hola, hi, what's up and good morning/evening, depending on which part of the world you're joining us from. Buckle in and get ready for the ride It's the end of the line. WWE would be looking to end the year on a high note, and that means that this promises to be a rollicking show.


Latest betting odds:

WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens(c) +180 vs Roman Reigns -260

WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks(c) -540 vs Charlotte Flair +360

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Rich Swann(c) -350 vs Field (Both TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick) +250

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day(c) +135 vs Cesaro & Sheamus -175

10 Minute Time Limit

Sami Zayn +130 vs Braun Strowman -170

Seth Rollins -400 vs Chris Jericho +280

Big Cass +205 vs Rusev -285

To sum it all up, Roman Reigns is the favorite to become the double champion. 


Preview and Predictions

Big Cass vs Rusev

The feud started off with Enzo Amore encountering Lana naked. The feud has left many bewildered as to why Rusev is positioned as the heel when he has been "defending the honour of his wife" Lana. Lana and Rusev trapped Enzo into thinking he had a chance at Lana, and The Bulgarian Brute gave a beatdown on The Certified-G.

This did not sit well with Big Cass, and the two are set to face off on the pre-show of Roadblock: End Of The Line. It has been clear since their call-up that Vince McMahon and WWE officials are high on Big Cass and plan to set him off as a singles star down the line. This is one of his first tests as a singles competitor, and WWE will likely want to establish Cass as a dominant character who can have a great singles run. The 7-foot tall superstar looks to be getting the win in this one.

Predicted winner: Big Cass

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The New Day(c) vs Cesaro & Sheamus - Raw Tag Team Championships

The New Day walk into this bout as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history, surpassing Demolition's record reign of 478 days. Many fans have criticised the title reign for dragging out the way it did. While it may look like this would spell the end of New Day's title reign, WWE likes pulling surprises and unexpected moments. The New Day will further establish their reign as champions and will go into Royal Rumble as champions, where they will likely drop the belt in the big event.

Predicted Winners: AND STILL Raw Tag Team Champions - The New Day

Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman - 10 minute time limit

Sami Zayn is a massive underdog going into this bout against the undefeated Braun Strowman. Zayn has had a good feud with Mick Foley and their intense interactions led to Foley tricking Zayn and the WWE Universe that he had traded Zayn to SmackDown Live for Eva Marie. However, this was a test to see Zayn's desire and fighting spirit. After much reluctance, Foley granted Zayn's request, stating that he has a ten-minute time limit to beat Strowman.

This is an excellent matchup that can protect both Zayn and Strowman. While Strowman most definitely will not be losing this early on, Zayn can come out looking like a million bucks as well.

Prediction - Draw after 10 minutes

Rich Swann(c) vs T.J. Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick - Triple Threat Match for the Cruiserweight Championship

Rich Swann has undoubtedly had the most momentum among all the Cruiserweights in the division. He won the title on the first episode of 205 Live. Swann has been positioned as a top, loveable babyface, a role T.J Perkins did not fare well at. The Brian Kendrick remains in the picture, and a Triple Threat should help spice things up.

Rich Swann has a momentum that WWE will want to continue to capitalise on. They will want Swann to hold the lead babyface role for a while to come, so Perkins and Kendrick won't be able "to handle this".

Predicted winner - AND STILL Cruiserweight Champion,  Rich Swann

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

This feud has been set up as the start of Seth Rollins' path to get to Triple H, who double-crossed him nearly 4 months ago. Rollins said that to get to Triple H he needed to get Kevin Owens. But to get to Kevin Owens he needed to get through Chris Jericho, Owens' "Former" best friend. Interestingly enough, this will be the first Pay-Per-View match that Seth Rollins has been in since Wrestlemania 31 where he will not be competing for the world title.

Expect The Architect to pick up the victory over Chris Jericho, who he has had quite a few throwaway matches on Raw with in the past. This is Rollins' first step towards getting to Triple H.

Predicted winner - Seth Rollins

Sasha Banks(c) vs Charlotte - 30-Minute Iron Man Match for the Raw Women's Championship

The historic feud is set to come to a conclusion at Roadblock: End Of The Line. The two women began feuding at the end of June and it has been 5-and-a-half months since. In the feud, they have made history main eventing Raw multiple times, headlining a Pay-Per-View,  having the first Women's Falls Count Anywhere match, and the first Hell In A Cell women's match.

One of the criticisms of this feud is the quick exchange of the title between the two every month. As a result of the "hot potatoing" of the title, both women are now 3-time Women's Champions. The reason why Sasha Banks always won the title on Raw was so that they could protect Charlotte's undefeated Championship match streak on PPVs. The original plan was to set up a Charlotte vs Bayley match for the title at Roadblock: End Of The Line, but it looks like plans changed. This was likely to ensure a definite blow-off to the feud.

Expect the streak to continue, and Charlotte to begin a program with Bayley right after.

Predicted winner - AND NEW Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte

Kevin Owens(c) vs Roman Reigns - Universal Championship

WWE have a chance to make Roman Reigns a "double champion" by defeating Kevin Owens. The feud overall has been very lacklustre, shadowed more by Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens' friendship tensions. However, it is likely all to set up a swerve where Jericho helps The Prize Fighter to get a victory over The Big Dog. Owens is likely to remain Universal Champion atleast until Royal Rumble, if not longer. That does not mean that Reigns won't be in the Universal title picture at Wrestlemania 33. It just means that he will have to wait longer to become the Universal Champion.

Predicted winner - AND STILL WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens

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