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  • WWE Royal Rumble 2018 results, live updates, New Champions, Rey Mysterio Returns, SmackDown Superstar Wins Royal Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 results, live updates, New Champions, Rey Mysterio Returns, SmackDown Superstar Wins Royal Rumble

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 29, 2018 04:13 GMT

Live coverage of the 2018 Royal Rumble


04:13 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Ronda points to the Mania sign and walks to ringside to meet Stephanie and shake her hand. Stephanie shakes her hand and Ronda walks back away.

04:12 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Ronda goes to clasp Asuka's hand but she slaps it away.

04:11 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

She heads down to the ring and faces off with all three women.

04:10 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Ronda Rousey is HERE!

04:09 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Both Royal Rumble winners are from Japan this year. Both Alexa and Charlotte are in the ring as Asuka's turn to choose which title she wants to challenge for is here.

04:08 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nikki and Asuka teeter on the apron. Nikki almost knocks Asuka off the arpon but Asuka knocks Nikki off after a low kick.

04:06 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nikki hits Asuka with a disaster kick as both women go down.

04:06 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nikki turns on Brie and knocks her out of the match with a cheapshot.

04:04 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Sasha slaps Asuka across the faces adn goes for the knees in the corner but The Bellas toss her out.

04:03 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Asuka and Sasha face-off and Sasha hits Asuka with a forearm. Sasha and The Bella twins go after Asuka.

04:02 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Trish and Sasha go face to face and Trish goes for a Stratusfaction but Sasha throws her over the top rope.

04:01 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Natalya locks in a Sharpshooter but Trish breaks free. Trish eliminates Natalya with a boot to the face.

04:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

6 women left - Asuka, Sasha, The Bellas, Natalya and Trish.

04:00 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Sasha throws Bayley out of the ring. Bayley is eliminated!

03:59 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nia flattens Stratus before all the remaining women go for her. Nia pushes them all away before Asuka and Trish hit her with boots before all the Superstars eliminate Nia Jax.

03:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Mickie and Trish go face to face, back and forthm before Trish eliminates Mickie James.

03:58 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Trish hits Bayley with a hurracanra before facing off with Mickie James, 12 years after their infamous 'Mania moment.

03:57 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Out at #30 is Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus. Trish takes it to the Bellas and hits a double Stratusfaction.

03:55 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Bayley is out at #29. She stunguns the Bellas before hitting Natalya with a flying elbow. Asuka knocks Bayley's lights out with a spinning heel kick and looks to eliminate her.

03:54 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

The Bella work together as the countdowns starts.

03:54 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

#28 is Brie Bella. Looks like Brie is out of retirement. Brie hits Natalya with a running knee followed by one to MJ.

03:53 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nikki Bella is out at #27. Nikki is in good form as she enters the match, clearing the ring. Carmella hits a distracted Nikki with a side kick. Nikki has Carmella in the electric chair positing and Nikki eliminates Carmella.

03:51 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Mickie James is out at #26. She hits a meteora from the top rope to Sasha bfore turning her attention to Natalya.

03:50 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Asuka eliminates Ember Moon.

03:49 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Asuka clears house before Ember Moon joins her in the ring. Asuka laughs in Ember's face but Ember hits her with a hurracanrana before hitting Asuka with the Eclipse.

03:48 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Out at #25 is Asuka. Game on.

03:48 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nattie and Beth Phoenix hug nefore Nattie tosses her over the top rope.

03:47 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Beth looks to deadlift jax but doesn't manage. She tries again and does it for a few seconds. Natalya attacks Nia from behind and the two women send Nia out through the middle rope.

03:46 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Beth Phoenix is out at #24. Beth faces off with Nia Jax who slaps her across the faces.

03:45 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Naomi leaps at Nia who catches her in the air and tosses her out.

03:45 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nia ragdolls Nia annd tosses her across of the ring as Naomi acrobatically gets back into the ring.

03:44 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Ember hits Jax with a running forearm before hitting Jax with a Springboard dropkick.

03:43 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon is out at 23.

03:43 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nia Jax almost eliminates Naomi but she holds on to the barricade.

03:42 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nia deadlifts Ruby Riott and tosses her onto the top turnbuckle before tossing her out.

03:42 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Nia Jax is out at #22. Nia flattens Sasha and Carmella before tossing Jacqueline and Kelly Kelly and eliminating them.

03:41 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

03:41 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Jacqueline is out at #21. Jackie pounces on Sasha before taking trying to eliminate Kelly Kelly along with Natalya. 

03:40 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Naomi is out at #20 and she ran through Natalya, Kelly Kelly and Becky. She followed it with a nasty kick to Sasha. Becky hits Naomi with a dropkick. She follows it up with a Bexploder to Natalya. Ruby Riott eliminates Becky Lynch.

03:38 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Kelly Kelly returns at #19. She almost gets thrown out already but holds on. Kelly then hits McCool with a hurracanrana before Natalya eliminates McCool.

03:37 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

She follows it with a superkick to Ruby Riott. Becky hits Carmella with a Bexploder.

03:36 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Natalya is out at #18. Nattie walks to the ring with purpose and dumps her ring gear on Carmella who was down at ringside. Carmella takes Natalya down and gets into the ring, hitting Michelle McCool with a superkick.

03:35 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Carmella is out at #17. Vickie Guerrero attacks Carmella with the Money In The Bank briefcase before leaving.

03:33 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Vickie screams "Excuse Me" into the mic as she walks to the ring. She brings the match to a standstill as she screams into the mic.

03:32 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Out at #16 is Vickie Guerrero!

03:32 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Sasha's hanging by the thread but she almost holds on.

03:32 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Ruby Riott is out at #15. She heads straight for Banks and almost gets eliminated. There are 4 women in the ring now and Sasha and Becky are still in there from the beginning.

03:30 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

4-time women's champion Michelle McCool is out at 14. She takes Morgan down with a boot before whipping Deville into the corner. Running knees from Michelle McCool followed by uppercuts to Deville which leads to Deville getting eliminated. McCool then eliminates Morgan and Molly Holly. McCool eliminates Lana too.

03:29 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Deville and Morgan gang up on Lana as the "Rusev Day" chants grow louder. Lana knocks Deville down with a slap and tackles Morgan.

03:28 (GMT)29 JAN 2018

Out at #13 is Lana. Pretty sure she won't last long in this match. She's greeted by chants of Rusev Day.
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