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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results: January 30th, 2018, Live Updates & Commentary; Star-Studded Tag Match As Main Event, Massive Match For Next Week's SD Announced

WWE SmackDown Live Results: January 30th, 2018, Live Updates & Commentary; Star-Studded Tag Match As Main Event, Massive Match For Next Week's SD Announced

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 31, 2018 03:09 GMT

The Road to WrestleMania begins for Styles and Nakamura


03:09 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

That's it for tonight's show of SmackDown Live.

Here are the results of all matches:

- Rusev defeats Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Jinder Mahal to become No. 1 Contender to the United States Championship
- Bludgeon Brothers defeat jobbers
- Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger
- Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeat Tyler Breeze and Fandango
- Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

03:03 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

03:03 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

03:00 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage and says that his friendship with Owens is not over and that it is all about opportunity and nothing else, and vows to become WWE Champion at Faslane. 

02:59 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Owens grabs Styles and lands a gutbuster and then covers, but Styles once again kicks out. Styles lands a Pele Kick and tags in Nakamura, who lands a huge boot to the face of Owens and then another kick to the back of the head of Owens.

Nakamura teases a Kinshasa but Owens rolls out; Styles throws Owens back in, and this time, Nakamura lands a Kinshasa and the three count.

Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

02:57 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Zayn is tagged in and Owens continues to mock and disrespect his partner; Zayn now tags Owens and tells him to "go ahead". And the two continue to bicker and Styles to take advantage with a push which pushes Owens into Zayn and a roll-up cover which almost leads to a win.

Zayn isn't happy about being pushed by Owens. 

02:55 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Zayn is tagged in and lands a few big blows on Styles and then covers, but Styles kicks out. Zayn tags in after Owens demands to be tagged in. Owens lands a Senton on Styles and covers, but the WWE Champion kicks out. 

02:54 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Owens is left to fend for himself as Zayn is at the top of the ramp, not helping his tag team partner and 'friend'. Styles lands a few kicks and lands him face first and covers, but Zayn runs into the ring and disrupts the pinfall. 

02:51 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:49 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Nakamura lands a few punches which throws Owens outside, and Owens and Zayn argue and bicker on the outside. Zayn isn't happy with his tag partner and he walks back to the locker room, as we head to the break. Is this signalling Zayn turning face once more?

02:48 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Zayn is now tagged in and goes to work on Nakamura with multiple punches and kicks; Owens is then again tagged in and lands a huge kick to Nakamura's chest, but Nakamura retaliates with a few kicks of his own. Zayn tries to help out his tag team partner, but is thrown out of the ring and Owens takes advantage. 

Owens then asks Zayn - who is on the outside - if he's his partner and tells him to "get back here".

02:45 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Styles then dropkicks Zayn and pulls Zayn away from Owens; Nakamura is tagged in and Owens is also tagged in, who lands multiple kicks on the Royal Rumble winner.

02:45 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Before the start of the tag match, Owens and Zayn are bickering in the ring. Zayn is tagged in by Owens and Styles tags in Nakamura. 

Zayn goes to work on Nakamura's left hand but Nakamura acrobatically counters and gets into the head of Zayn with his "come on" shout. Nakamura then lands a knee on Zayn; Styles tags but Zayn puts the WWE Champion in a headlock. 

02:40 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:36 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Gable gets in a rolling kick on Fandango and then the cover, but he kicks out.

Gable goes to work on Fandango's hand; Fandango spears Gable and then tags Tyler Breeze, who lands a dropkick and then kicks Benjamin in the head.

Breeze lands a kick on Benjamin, but Benjamin and Gable double team on Breeze and get the three count.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeat Tyler Breeze and Fandango. 

02:35 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable face off against Breezango now, who return to in-ring action on WWE TV after almost two weeks. 

Benjamin and Fandango start off the match, and Benjamin lands a huge spinebuster before tagging in Gable. Gable goes to work on Fandango's hand.

Fandango does some impressive work and a chop, but Gable quickly moves out of the ring and pulls Breeze off the apron. 

02:29 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:29 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:26 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Backstage, Zayn and Owens are in a sombre mood after the announcement of the match between the two for next week. 

The two start off on a positive note, but take shots at each other, before they take on Nakamura and Styles in a tag team match.

02:23 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Dillinger puts Corbin over his head for a Tye Breaker, but the former US Champion drops him to the floor and lands a Chokeslam Backbreaker, followed by the End of Days.

Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger

02:22 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Corbin has Dillinger in a chin lock; Dillinger once again counters and side steps which results in Corbin's head hitting the post. 

Dillinger looks pumped and lands a bicycle kick and then drops Corbin to the floor. 

02:18 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Dillinger tries to counter with a kick, but Corbin throws him over the top rope after landing a few punches, as we head into the commercial break. 

02:17 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:17 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The match between Corbin and Dillinger starts off with a huge superkick by the latter. Dillinger then throws Corbin into the barricade on the outside and then a huge punch. 

Corbin lands a huge knee on Dillinger and then follows it up with a few punches. 

02:15 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:13 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:12 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

02:08 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Carmella kicks Charlotte, who inadvertently falls into the referee, and the referee falls outside of the ring, injured, and doesn't have the opportunity to ring the bell. 

Carmella retreats to the locker room and shouts "not today, not today".

02:07 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Carmella, Ms. Money in the Bank, enters the ring with her Money in the Bank briefcase, looking to encash on a beaten Charlotte! This is incredible! 

02:05 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

But the 3-on-1 advantage of the Riott Squad over Charlotte shows as they outmuscle her and attack her... 

02:04 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The three Riott Squad members circle Charlotte in the ring. Charlotte only has a "Woo" as reply. And the three attack the SmackDown Women's Champion, but Charlotte clears the ring. 

02:03 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

A montage of the Women's Royal Rumble is aired before Charlotte Flair is interviewed in the ring. 

Charlotte says that she was proud of the Women's Royal Rumble and wanted to be part of the Rumble and beat all the women in the Rumble. She continues her promo before being interrupted by the Riott Squad. Ruby Riott isn't pleased about Charlotte wanting to pick her own opponent for WrestleMania. 

Ruby calls Charlotte "a cheap imitation of your father"

01:55 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:55 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:53 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Backstage, Tye Dillinger is speaking to Vince McMahon, who isn't happy about not being part of the Royal Rumble.

Then, Baron Corbin interferes and isn't pleased about Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens getting another opportunity. Words are exchanged about Dillinger and Corbin, and Shane McMahon announces a match between the two for tonight. 

01:51 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Could the Bludgeon Brothers be the next contenders for The Usos' tag team championship? It certainly seemed that way after tonight. 

01:51 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:50 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The Bludgeon Brothers tag quickly, and manhandle the two - tossing them, splashes and a huge kick. After a huge double chokeslam, the Bludgeon Brothers get the three count and the victory. Carnage!

Bludgeon Brothers win. 

01:49 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The Bludgeon Brothers are in action against what appears to be two jobbers.

01:48 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:46 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

And after finishing their passionate promo, they begin to leave but the Bludgeon Brothers - Luke Harper and Erick Rowan - make their way to the ring. But it's not what we expected - they don't attack or even make any sort of eye contact with The Usos. 

01:44 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The Usos then talk about their 'struggles' and how it makes them stronger and announce that they're the best tag team in the WWE. 

01:42 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

The SmackDown Live tag champions, The Usos, make it to the ring and list out all the tag teams they've beaten and on 'lockdown'. 

01:39 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Another hilarious edition of Fashion Files commences but they're interrupted by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, who aren't happy about the Fashion Files. Gable and Benjamin challenge Breezango for a match tonight and they accept!

01:35 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:33 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

01:33 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Jinder goes for the Khallas but Rusev throws him over, then a huge kick to Ryder's head and then lands an Accolade on Kofi Kingston, and Kingston taps out.

Rusev wins the match and is the No. 1 Contender to Bobby Roode's United States Championship

01:31 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Kingston returns to the ring now and then lands an SOS on Ryder and the cover, but Mahal breaks the count. He clotheslines Ryder, but Rusev throws Mahal out of the ring. He lines up Kingston on top of Ryder and then goes for the Accolade but is disrupted by Mahal, who goes for the roll-up cover. 

01:30 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Ryder now goes to the top rope and lands a missile dropkick on Rusev followed by a kick to the head, before Mahal enters the ring and lands a huge kick of his own, and covers Ryder first and Rusev, and both kick out. 

01:29 (GMT)31 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Mahal throws Kingston into the steps and then throws Rusev into the post. The former WWE Champion throws Ryder into the ring and covers, but the former Hype Bro kicks out.

Mahal continues to go on the offensive and now punches Rusev, who retaliates, and then lands two vicious kicks to the chest. Rusev looks pumped as "Rusev Day" chants go around the stadium. 
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