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WWE SmackDown Live Results 20th March 2018, Live Updates & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 21, 2018 07:29 IST

Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to the ring.


07:29 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Kevin Owens hits Daniel Bryan with a powerbomb on the apron. Owens is absolutely losing it. Here's a tip for future GM's - don't fire Kevin Owens.

07:27 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Sami Zayn hits Bryan with the Helluva Kick. Things just heated up ladies and gentlemen.

07:27 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Yes Kicks to Kevin Owens in the middle of the ring before Zayn blindsides Bryan. Owens hits Bryan with a superkick.

07:26 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Daniel Bryan is fighting back. Kicks to Owens in the corner. German Suplex to Zayn. Running dropkicks to both men in the corner. Daniel Bryan IS BACK!!!!!

07:25 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Kevin Owens attacks Daniel Bryan, well, of course he does. Zayn joins in on the assault. Looks like we'll get Owens and Zayn vs Bryan and Shane at Mania,

07:24 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Daniel Bryan informs Zayn and Owens that they are hereby fired.

07:23 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Bryan says that Shane gave Owens and Zayn a chance to face each other at WrestleMania but that wasn't enough for them. Shane said he was leaving. It wasn't enough. They assaulted Shane anyway.

07:22 (IST)21 MAR 2018

However, Bryan says that what happened last week was more than getting a little carried away. Zayn looks like he's in school as Daniel Bryan reprimands him.

07:21 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Owens and Zayn laugh at the footage and tell Bryan that Shane deserved it. Bryan isn't pleased. He says that Owens and Zayn are two of the best of their generation and he's known them for 15 years.

07:19 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Bryan said he appreciated Sami and KO's words but he had a different reason for having them out in the ring. We got footage from last week of Owens and Zayn DESTROYING Shane McMahon.

07:18 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Daniel Bryan confronts Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens congratulates Daniel Bryan for getting cleared to wrestle. He says that they got later because a cop pulled them over. Sami adds that when everyone was against them, Daniel Bryan was still with them.

07:10 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her out of nowhere. Logan came in and looked to break it up Naomi hit her with the rear view. Sarah Logan taps out.

Becky and Naomi def. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

07:08 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

The Riott Squad are all over Becky Lynch as this match starts, especially Sarah Logan. Despite what Corey Graves is saying on commentary, Logan is indeed a pretty good technical wrestler and she shows it as she keeps Becky down. 

07:06 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Next week on SmackDown, we will get Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh vs Randy Orton and Bobby Roode. Sure, that match isn't one sided at all.

07:00 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Jinder Mahal leaves Sunil Singh high and dry and leaves the ring. Roode and Orton attack Singh. Orton and Roode face-off and Orton tries for an RKO but Roode pushes him off. An interesting standoff.

06:58 (IST)21 MAR 2018

US Champion Randy Orton comes out to a big pop. Sunil Singh looks like he'll have to take another scary bump soon.

06:58 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Bobby Roode's music hits. He says that Jinder doesn't deserve any respect and the only thing Jinder deserved was to lose to Jinder.

06:56 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is in the ring. Jinder says that a man of his wealth can choose to holiday anywhere but instead he chose to hone his craft and made SmackDown Live the show to watch. Yet, he says, he never got any respect as the fans preferred to maintain status quo with older stars like Randy Orton.

06:49 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Both Usos hit Harper with a superkick but he kicks out at 2. Harper sends Jimmy Uso face first into the steel ring post. Harper follows it up with the Discus Clothesline, almost knocking Jimmy Usos head off his shoulders.

Harper def. Jimmy Uso

06:48 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Uso is still in the corner. Harper goes for a boot but crashes over the top rope and to the outside. Jimmy Uso looked for a suicide dive but Rowan got on the apron and interfered.

06:47 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Harper hits another thunderous chop before hitting Uso with a running elbow in the corner.

06:46 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Jimmy Uso vs Harper

As we come back from the break, Harper and Uso are brawling at ringside. The fight goes back into the ring as Harper chops the living daylights out of Jimmy Uso.

06:45 (IST)21 MAR 2018

The Usos are out and they are in no mood to play. They said they will fight no matter how broken they were.

06:33 (IST)21 MAR 2018

06:33 (IST)21 MAR 2018

CARMELLA's MUSIC HITS! She's back out to try and cash in her Money In The Bank but she fails again. Charlotte catches Carmella with a boot to the face, ending her hopes.

However, Natalya rolls Charlotte up for the win.

Natalya def. Charlotte

Since the bell never rang, Carmella still has her Money In The Bank briefcase to try and cash in again.

06:31 (IST)21 MAR 2018

The Queen heads to the top rope but Natalya is ready. She stops Charlotte and hits a beautiful Superplex.

06:30 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Charlotte looks to lock in the Figure-8 but she's sent packing out of the ring. Charlotte attacks Natalya as she leaves the ring and takes her down. Back in the ring, Charlotte locks in a Figure-4 on the side of the ring near the LED board.

06:28 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Charlotte shows incredible resilience and Natalya piles on the pressure with a powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Natalya goes for the cover but Charlotte doesn't stay down. Nattie applies the Sharpshooter but Charlotte reaches the ropes.

06:21 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Natalya vs Charlotte

Natalya wants to prove that she's as big a challenger as Asuka. Charlotte and Nattie have faced each other many times before and know each other well. The Queen starts off in control but the experienced Natalya wields it back. As we get ready to head to the break, Charlotte hits Nattie with a neckbreaker, sending her rolling out of the ring.

06:20 (IST)21 MAR 2018

06:13 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

These two will probably be in the ATGMBR at Mania. Dillinger looked in good form till he leapt off the middle rope at Baron Corbin. Corbin made a big botch and fails to hit him with the End of Days. He's forced to call an audible and toss Dillinger out of the ring.

Corbin regrouped and finally hit the End of Days for the win.

Baron Corbin def. Tye Dillinger

06:00 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Rusev goes for the Machka kick but Nakamura catches him with the armbar, or tries. Rusev breaks out of it but Nakamura rolls Rusev up to pin him.
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev

Aiden English attacks Nakamura after the match. Rusev joins in. Styles looks like he'll come in for the save but Nakamura drives them off himself.

05:58 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Nakamura counters looks to be back in it but Rusev hits him with a nasty kick to the head. a 2-count off that, Rusev looks like he's getting ready to finish this.

05:53 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev

Nakamura and Rusev face each other in a Fastlane rematch tonight. Rusev starts off strong, hitting Nakamura with a spinning wheel kick. Nakamura gets back to his feet as we head to commercial.

05:50 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Charles Robinson congratulates Daniel Bryan for getting cleared. Bryan thanks him and tells him to ask Owens and Zayn to meet him on his office.

Dolph Ziggler then congratulates Daniel Bryan for being cleared and says he wants a match with Bryan, saying he can't wait to be the first one to beat him. Bryan replies "You can certainly try".

05:43 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Bryan moves on to the business of his in-ring return. He says that he doesn't know when he will return to the ring but the fans start chanting "WrestleMania". A WrestleMania return clearly seems on the card for Daniel Bryan.

05:40 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Bryan adds that every doctor he'd seen had said the same thing to him,"you are cleared". Bryan says that the prospect of being cleared seemed impossible to him at one point but today it was real. Bryan thanks WWE and it's doctors for taking care of him and for looking at his case once again. Bryan then thanks the fans for supporting him all this time.

05:38 (IST)21 MAR 2018

Daniel Bryan thanks his wife Brie Bella for standing behind him and for reminding him that he was Daniel Bryan, a man who fought for his dreams.

05:36 (IST)21 MAR 2018

SmackDown Live kicks off with GM Daniel Bryan who has just been cleared to wrestle. Bryan says that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn aren't there yet and he will discuss them later. Bryan then says that he was grateful for amazing family, friends and fans.
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