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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results 23d January, Live Updates, Winners and Commentary; Top Star Possibly Injured In Co-Main Event

WWE SmackDown Live Results 23d January, Live Updates, Winners and Commentary; Top Star Possibly Injured In Co-Main Event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 24, 2018 03:05 GMT

Will AJ Styles fall victim to the Yep Movement?


03:05 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

That's it for tonight's coverage of SmackDown Live! Sportskeeda Wrestling's live commentary will return for Royal Rumble, this Sunday!

Here are the results from tonight's matches: 

- Chad Gable defeats Jey Uso
- Naomi defeats Liv Morgan
- Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin ends in no contest
- The New Day and Bobby Roode defeat Jinder Mahal, Rusev and Aiden English
- AJ Styles defeats Kevin Owens
- Sami Zayn defeats AJ Styles

03:02 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

03:00 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Back in the ring, Zayn takes advantage of the situation and lands a Helluva Kick followed by a Blue Thunderbomb. Zayn covers and gets the three count and a victory over WWE Champion, AJ Styles!

This is the first time on the main roster that Sami Zayn has won a match after using the Blue Thunderbomb as his finisher. 

Sami Zayn defeats AJ Styles

02:58 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Zayn once again counters and lands a michinoku driver on Styles, but Styles once again kicks out. Zayn takes Styles to the top turnbuckle but Styles pulls out Zayn's leg whose face hits the turnbuckle. 

Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Zayn somehow gets out of the move and goes out of the ring. Styles once again attacks Owens who was on the gurney.

02:56 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Zayn tries to capitalise but Styles counters with a Pele kick and covers, but Zayn just about kicked out! This is incredible!

02:55 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The top trade blows; Styles landed a neck breaker on Zayn and covered, but Zayn just kicked out.

Styles went for a Styles Clash but Zayn countered and landed a huge tornado DDT! 

02:53 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Zayn is in control of the match and is taunting Styles. We're seeing an aggressive, heelish side of Zayn tonight!

Zayn has Styles in a headlock and Styles counters with a few punches and elbows on Zayn, but Zayn lands an elbow of his own and goes to the second rope, but Styles lands a punch and goes to the top rope and landed a hurricanrana-like manoeuvre from the top.

02:48 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Zayn throws Styles chest first into the turnbuckle and covers, but Styles kicks out at 1. Zayn then talks some trash and clotheslines WWE Champion, and Styles kicks out once more. 

Zayn then puts Styles in a headlock and the WWE Champion counters with some incredible, quick offence. Styles then throws Zayn over the top and then a huge forearm on Zayn on the outside. 

Owens is been looked at by medical personnel on ringside. Styles then attacks Owens and lands huge kicks and forearms on the injured Owens. Zayn takes advantage of the situation and lands a huge clothesline on Styles!

02:43 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The match finally begins between Styles and Zayn, and the latter goes on to land lofty blows on Styles. 

Meanwhile, Owens is injured on ringside and hasn't gone back to the locker room as demanded by Shane McMahon. 

02:40 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:38 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The match between Zayn and Styles hasn't started yet but Zayn goes on to assault the WWE Champion as he throws him into the stairs. Zayn wants to damage Styles as much as possible before his match begins. 

02:37 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Zayn attacks Styles as the WWE Champion tries to inflict damage on Owens. Zayn lands a few more shots on Styles even before the match begins and Styles is down on the floor. 

02:36 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The match kicks off between Styles and Owens with Styles going for huge shots and then a dropkick on Owens. He then lands a huge right; Owens takes advantage and clotheslines but misses a cannonball as Styles moves away and Owens is selling an injury to his leg.

Styles takes advantage of the situation and puts a Calf Crusher on the injured leg and Owens almost immediately taps out.

AJ Styles defeats Kevin Owens

02:33 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:31 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Before the match between Styles and Owens can begin, Shane McMahon makes it to the ring and tells Zayn that if he's anywhere near the ring during Styles' match against Owens, he will be fired on the spot tonight and the same goes for Owens!

Owens and Zayn argue with Shane and tell him "Daniel (Bryan) said it was fine".

02:26 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Roode lands a Spinebuster on English after tagging Xavier Woods, who landed a huge elbow on English and covered.

He covers and gets the three count.

The New Day and Bobby Roode defeat Jinder Mahal, Rusev and Aiden English.

02:25 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Rusev has Kofi Kingston in a headlock of sorts and then drives the side of his thigh into Kofi. Kofi counters with a bulldog and both men are down. Kofi tags Bobby Roode while Aiden English is tagged in. 

Roode goes to work on English and lands a few kicks, a Blockbuster, and then a spinebuster on Jinder Mahal. 

Rusev lands a huge kick to the back of Roode's neck and English covers, but the US champion kicks out. 

02:18 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:17 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:17 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The New Day announce that they will be entering the Royal Rumble match! And then introduce their tag team partner for tonight and new United States champion, Booby Roode.

02:13 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:05 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

02:04 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Nakamura goes to the top rope but Corbin follows him and then quickly returns into the ring and lands huge clothesline that JBL would be proud of, but Nakamura kicks out once again, much to the frustration of Corbin.

Corbin goes for the End of Days, but Nakamura counters with an arm bar.

Nakamura readies himself to finish off Corbin, but OUT OF NOWHERE Randy Orton enters the ring and lands a huge RKO. He then follows it up with an RKO on Baron Corbin! Incredible!

Orton, who is a two-time Royal Rumble winner, is sending a huge message to the rest of WWE roster!

02:01 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Corbin battles back with a kick and tries a suplex but Nakamura once again lands a few knees and drops him face first into the mat. Nakamura readies himself for the Kinshasa but Corbin counters with a Deep Six.

He covers, but Nakamura just about kicks out!!

02:00 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Corbin has put Nakamura in a chin lock and the Japanese Superstar's attempts to break it with a few kicks and knees, and then kicks to the sternum of Corbin and then a kick to the back of Corbin's head. 

Nakamura puts Corbin on the top of the rope and lands another kick, covers but Corbin kicks out. 

01:56 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:54 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Outside the ring, Nakamura lands a few knees but Corbin throws him into the apron, but Corbin tells Nakamura he's leaving the match and Nakamura follows him, but Corbin throws him into the post, as we head into the commercial break. 

01:53 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The two lock up, and Nakamura then shows athletic ability and then shouts his trademark 'Come on!' followed by a knee to the face of Corbin. 

01:50 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Tye Dillinger announces his entry into this Sunday's Royal Rumble!

01:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:45 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:45 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

And all the women attack each other with Naomi and Becky Lynch the only ones in the ring. Lynch throws Naomi out of the ring, even though they're good friends, but Naomi looks at her disapprovingly!

The women are joined by SmackDown Live Women's Champion Charlotte, who says friendships and alliances are thrown aside during the Royal Rumble and wishes them good luck, especially the winner.

01:43 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Morgan now has Naomi in a headlock, and the Riott Squad are joined by Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella, and Lana, ringside.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Naomi gets a roll-up cover on Liv Morgan and gets the victory.

Naomi defeats Liv Morgan

01:41 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Naomi lands a huge kick on Morgan at the start of the match, followed by a slap and a cover... but just the two count. The two trade covers and then show some incredible athleticism. 

Morgan throws Naomi face first into the turnbuckle and then flattens her with a kick to the back. 

01:35 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Next, WWE SmackDown Women's Championship, Naomi, will face off against the Riott's Squad's Liv Morgan, who will have her first singles match on SmackDown Live!

01:33 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Shinsuke Nakamura who is asked how he's going to defeat the rest in the Royal Rumble and only replies with 'knee to the face'.

He's interrupted by Baron Corbin who hypes up his Royal Rumble entry and asks Nakamura what he's done, who replies by saying, "Let's Rumble, tonight."

01:31 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Back from the break, Gable with a bridge cover, but Jey kicks out at two. Gable is then thrown out, and Jey tries to capitalise with a suicide dive, but Gable lands a huge right. 

Jey goes to the top for a splash but Gable moves away, but he then lands a Samoan Drop. 

Gable somehow recovers and lands a Northern Lights suplex and then covers for the three count.

Chad Gable defeats Jey Uso.

01:25 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The match kicks off with Gable taking down Jey Uso and holds him down to the floor. He then drags him down once more and uses some of his Greco Roman wrestling moves... Jey uses his strength to throw Gable out of the ring and then lands a huge right hand. 

01:22 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:22 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Backstage, Shane McMahon isn't happy with Daniel Bryan about Styles facing back-to-back matches days before his title defence. 

Before Shane can leave, Bryan asks Shane if he's questioning Styles ability, but Shane says that he's not questioning Styles' ability, hinting at questioning Bryan's ability. 

01:18 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:17 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

01:15 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Owens then asks for a match between Styles vs. Owens one-on-one and Styles vs. Zayn one-on-one, and before he can reply, Daniel Bryan's music hits. 

Bryan calls Owens and Zayn two of the best Superstars to have stepped in the ring and teased his heelish side. But before he can go on, Styles cuts him off and accepts the demand put forth by Owens. Styles will face Owens and Zayn in back-to-back one-on-one matches tonight. 

01:12 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Owens calls Styles phenomenal but also predictable. He then riles the crowd by saying ignorance is the official language of Washington DC, the venue of tonight's SmackDown Live. 

Zayn and Owens replay the demand put forth by Styles three weeks ago to make the handicap match, but says that Styles immediately backtracks after demanding for the match. Zayn asks Styles if he's going to be true to his word and now plays video footage of Styles saying that he will face both Zayn and Owens separately on the same night.  

01:08 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Styles dismisses their confidence, to a chorus of 'Nope' comments on several questions. Styles says he's annoyed by the 'Yep Movement' but the duo say that they will be hearing a lot more 'Yep's' in the future. 

01:06 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

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