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WWE SmackDown Live Results, 24th April 2018, Live Updates & Commentary; Top superstar gets a new theme song

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 25, 2018 02:06 GMT

A contract signing, a big debut and so much more is going to take place on SmackDown's new era!


02:06 (GMT)25 APR 2018

***Warning: The following contains spoilers for SmackDown Live

Here's a recap of what happened tonight on SmackDown:

Miz TV returns on SmackDown
The Iconics def. Asuka & Becky Lynch
Jimmy Uso def. Rowan
Carmella and Charlotte sign Championship rematch contract
Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton
Rusev Day & Shinsuke Nakamura def. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (The Club)

02:02 (GMT)25 APR 2018

02:02 (GMT)25 APR 2018

This is Jojo signing off another exciting episode of SmackDown Live!

02:01 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Gallows takes out English and Rusev but Nakamura takes Gallows out with a kinshasa. Shinsuke goes for the pin and it's a three-count! AJ attacks Nakamura as soon as the bell rings but the King of Strong Style hits him with a low blow before setting up for the Kinshasa. Anderson steps in the way of Nakamura's knee. Shinsuke follows up with another Kinshasa on Anderson and on that note, the night ends.

Rusev Day & Shinsuke Nakamura def. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

01:57 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Rusev is back in the ring and sends Aiden into AJ who is in the corner. Aiden follows with a headlock but AJ replies with a dropkick. Rusev is tagged in again and is hit with a Pele kick before AJ tags in Luke Gallows.

01:55 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Nakamura is tagged in and he attacks AJ with vicious knees before delivering a big kick to the face of the World Champ. 

01:54 (GMT)25 APR 2018

We return to see Styles take a Machka kick from the Bulgarian Brute. English is legal now and continues the assault on AJ.

01:50 (GMT)25 APR 2018

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Rusev Day & Shinsuke Nakamura

Styles and Nakamura start the match off but Aiden English is tagged in early. Team AJ is in control as they knock Rusev out of he ring with a big boot to the face after sending English flying ringside. We break for commercials yet again.

01:44 (GMT)25 APR 2018

01:38 (GMT)25 APR 2018

01:38 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Daniel Bryan steps out of the Trainer's Room with serious injuries and announces that Big Cass blindsided him from behind and that he will be fit to fight on Friday at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

01:32 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Backstage we see The Club reunite with AJ Styles as we cut for commercials yet again. 

01:31 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Randy sets up for the RKO and Benjamin escapes the ring. The Viper sends Benjamin into the announce table as a masked wrestler takes out Jeff outside. Randy catches the culprit in the lucha mask, unmasks him to find Sunil Singh, whom Orton delivers an RKO to. Shelton takes advantage of a distracted Orton and hits him with his finisher. Shelton gets the pinfall and the match is over.

Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton

01:27 (GMT)25 APR 2018

We return to see Orton in a headlock from Shelton trying to escape but takes a big spinning kick to head. Shelton fails to capitalize and goes for another submission move. Orton catches Shelton with a Suplex and then a snakeyes DDT.

01:23 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin takes control early but Randy tries for the RKO and misses. The two are very evenly matched. Orton takes a few big kicks from Shelton who is on the apron and falls to the outside as we cut to commercials.

01:18 (GMT)25 APR 2018

01:18 (GMT)25 APR 2018

01:11 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Charlotte's entrance music cuts off the video package and she makes her way to the ring. Mella mocks Charlotte and the Queen pretends not to notice the nonsense. Flair glares at Carmella with the death stare before signing the challenge contract, shouting 'WOOOOO!' and smashing Mella's head into the table. Charlotte makes her exit as we head into commercials.

01:07 (GMT)25 APR 2018

The video ends and only Corey Graves is standing. Mella is not happy and wants to play the video again and again till the audience gets it right. The video starts playing again...

01:05 (GMT)25 APR 2018

01:05 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Carmella is introduced by Renee Young and she is mad at Renee for introducing the SD Women's Champion first and Charlotte, the challenger, second. She wants to grab the spotlight away from Charlotte and asks for her highlight reel to played. She tells the audience to give her a standing ovation as we cut to the video package.

00:57 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Rowan has Jimmy on his shoulder as Naomi's music hits. The Bludgeon Brothers are confused as Jey takes out Harper with a suicide dive and Jimmy gets Rowan with a roll-up pin and gets the three count!

Jimmy Uso def. Rowan

00:54 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Jimmy goes up to the top rope but Rowan knocks him off into the barricades outside. He follows up by steamrolling Jimmy outside.

00:53 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Jimmy Uso vs Rowan

Rowan is in control early but Jimmy sends him face first into the post.

00:52 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:46 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Backstage, we see The Usos and Naomi in the locker room. Jimmy asks Naomi not to interfere with his match with Rowan.

00:41 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:40 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:39 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Our main event is a 6 Man Tag Match with Rusev Day & Nakamura on one team and AJ Styles with two mystery teammates. He says it'll be "Too Sweet". I'm calling Gallows and Anderson as AJ's mystery team.

00:36 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Lynch is legal now and delivers a leg drop on Royce followed by an uppercut. Royce sends Lynch head first into the corner post and gets the pinfall according to the referee although Becky's leg was on the bottom rope.

The Iconics def. Asuka & Becky Lynch.

00:35 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Lynch is in trouble as Kay holds her in a submission move. Asuka yells for the tag. Becky catches Kay with a big boot and makes the tag. Asuka takes Royce out with a dropkick before administering a standing ankle lock. Asuka follows up with a suplex and a rear end.

00:33 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Peyton Royce and Becky are in the ring as we return from commercials. Becky hits a few big moves on Royce before mocking her. Billie Kay is tagged in and she takes control of the match by double teaming Becky. 

00:28 (GMT)25 APR 2018

The Iconics vs Becky Lynch & Asuka

Asuka puts the hurt on Billie Kay during the commercials before tagging Becky in. Becky delivers a few arm drags before catching Kay in an arm bar. Asuka is tagged in.

00:27 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Becky's music hits and she makes her entrance followed by Asuka's entrance as we cut for commercials.

00:26 (GMT)25 APR 2018

The Duo starts mocking Becky Lynch and Asuka. They say they're better than Asuka because they ended the title reign of Charlotte who in turn ended Asuka's undefeated streak.

00:24 (GMT)25 APR 2018

We return to see the Iconics in the ring. They emphasize how good they look. 

00:18 (GMT)25 APR 2018

A few more threats later, Cass exits the ring and we head into commercials. Backstage we see Asuka and Becky Lynch run into an injured Daniel Bryan lying on the floor.

00:17 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Cass is tired of living in the shadow of Daniel Bryan.

00:17 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Big Cass says Bryan reminds him of when he was a little guy. He wants to destroy the former GM of SmackDown.

00:15 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Cass mocks Daniel Bryan endlessly; looks like it might not be a match after all.

00:14 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:14 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Cass and Miz get into it as they try to prove who's more important one. Cass looks angry.

00:13 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Cass says The Miz is missing a guest and he's filling in. He proceeds to trash talk about Daniel.

00:11 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:11 (GMT)25 APR 2018

Daniel Bryan is nowhere to be seen but out comes Big Cass in a suit. Looks like we may have our first match of the night.

00:10 (GMT)25 APR 2018

The Miz invites Bryan to come out and punch him in the face like he had promised.

00:09 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:09 (GMT)25 APR 2018

00:09 (GMT)25 APR 2018

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